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happiness is….

eating the rainbow.


to ease my guilt of how honestly UNhappy i was that it was the last day of school…
i made a cake to help them celebrate.
i had seen versions of the rainbow cake and decided "today's the day!" to make my own.

it's not too difficult.
but it does take some time.

i just used TWO white cake mixes.
following the instructions on the box.
then i divided it up into 6 bowls evenly which turned out to be 1.5 cups in each bowl.
i had all these Wilton Icing colors already…from all the other birthday cakes i have done in the past.
(find them at walmart, hobby lobby, micheals in the cake decorator isle but not the CAKE MIX isle)
also you could use the gel colors in the cake mix isle…i think it's the same thing.

the drop kind of food coloring will NOT work for these bright colors…your rainbow would be pastels.

and if you only have five eggs…you can call your neighbor for one more.
even if you JUST went to the store to buy the cake mix ten minutes before.

add a teaspoon of color into each bowl and stir.
it's so easy a four year old can do it.

i used 9" round cake pans.
make sure you grease them well with shortening or baking spray.
this is a crucial step in making fancy cakes that i think some skimp and then you are screwed stuck.

my cakes were done in 12 minutes.
flip them out on to cooling racks and let them sit till they are completely cool.

it is pure happiness to make.
even the dishes are happy.
just keep baking & don't think about the kids will be home for three whole months in two more hours…

i made the cool whip frosting i have shared before to frost this.
when you make a layer cake you have to cut your cakes to make them flat….but you knew that.
i don't have a picture though.
you take a big knife (or even a tool that is made just for flattening cakes) 
and you cut off the round part of the top of the cake that rises in the oven.
you can let your kids or husband eat that so they leave you alone while you frost the cake.
(you stay away from that turkey…you'll get worms!….name that movie)

then you layer it up…rainbow style.
spread frosting in between each layer.
then around the whole thing.
(do you know the trick about putting a skim layer of frosting first to seal in all the crumbs…
stick it in the refridgerator to harden…
then another coat after that of thick frosting?  yes, you did?  ok…sorry)

i didn't show the other kids so when we cut it they were so surprised.
the lighting makes my purple layer look weird.
but it was purple…i promise.

we had lots of other kids here playing and it was a hit.
i heard sean say "do you want some cake?  my mom made it for the end of school!"

cake can solve the world's problems.

#69 – Bake a rainbow layer cake | Scarlet Words - […] been wanting to make a rainbow layer cake for theΒ longestΒ time, ever since I first laid eyes on Meg Duerksen’sΒ beauty way back in 2009. Β I can’t imagine that anybody could look at these happy colours […]

Jen - I love this rainbow cake! Awesome and perfect for the kids! I really like the ingredients used and how the color appears. We did a Raibow Cake just like this. You should check it out! πŸ™‚ Rainbow Cake

Bianca - Question: I just bought the three primery colors expecting it to be enough, but now I’m not to sure anymore…
What do you think? How much did you use of the Winsor Colors to get this result?!?

Tayza - Happy birthday!In lieu of cake I was thinikng of getting you something else. But your blog will probably filter out comments with links in them. So do a YouTube search of walrus and fellatio. (Although I’d be shocked if you haven’t already seen this one.) You know, maybe cake would have been a better idea

Anna - Congratulations! Since Jesica doesn’t have a facebook page, and I know that you know her, plesae post a comment on her blog and give her a call. I can give you her number if you need it:) Congratulations!! This would be PERFECT for your little girl’s 1st Birthday coming up!!

Tum - i think that one of the smath guys was going to put his seatbelt on and tha suns rays hit the meteal making the rainbow aperre on the car.did you know that the suns rays are white its just that the rainbow colors alltogether makes a white color

Carina - But Mom I am reading! NOT But mom just five more meintus of this tv show! By the way I agree why do people have to socialize so much? Urgh tiresome. Look the week has been enough do we really have to do something else we are obligated to on our day off? I want to chill with my family.

Sutisno - I completely share your extenimect! I love these stands. I actually saw something similar at an Anthropologie and have been admiring it every time I visit the store. I particularly like these — they look like they’ve made from plates and cups that have been found and pieced together. Actually, that’s not such a bad idea for a project…

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Darnell - The colorful cake with rainbow color, that’s great! Teaching our children to make this kind of cake is really happiness. I am sure that our children will be pleasurable making this rainbow cake.

kat - Dear Meg – An aussie imitation!~ What else is this cake perfect for but a ZUMBA party for Miss 6!! It rocked!

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - I made this cake a couple of years ago for my DD’s 3rd birthday. I agree with you that its not hard to make. But the directions I was given to make it were totally backwards which was such a pain in the rear!(For instance, they had us making the layers in the wrong order so we had to wait until all were done to be able to move on…grrrr)Anyways, it took us forever and I was really crazy about getting “vibrant, real colors” for each layer. My sister in law was teasing me about it but its true…Ive seen others do this cake and the colors are just blah. I didnt want that.
It was a huge hit and Im already wanting to make it again. Do I need a special occasion to make it? Or do you think I can get away with a “just because” rainbow cake?:)

Jordan 1 - cake is a nice dessert, but it’s easy to get fat, so try to eat less…

Anne - I love Rainbow cake. this is great recipe. I tried it on Monday evening. I hope my daughter will enjoy this recipe. thank you so much.

Edyta - This looks amazing,, so beautiful and delicious,, Maybe one day I shall make some πŸ™‚
Thanks for sharing

The Zhush - woe…you just blew me away….those lucky lucky children!

kamagra - It doesn’t matter is the rainbow is on a poem, a cake , a draw in the wall, in our hair , in the sky or in any other place is always beautiful to see all those colors.

Tali - My almost two year old is obsesses – OBSESSED – with the Muppet Movie, and Kermit’s Rainbow song. So this is the PERFECT cake for him – thank you!! I promise to send pics whn it’s done (if i can do a not-completely-embarassing job). Would this cake freeze well, or do I haev to make it the day before? (Can you tell I’ve never – ever – baked?)

Flo - Someone showed me your blog and it inspired me to have a go at my own rainbow cake…
Flo - this is so awesome! I’m going to try and make one this weekend!! πŸ™‚ thanks!

Amy @ All The Little Things - thanks so much for sharing! i just did a post on rainbow cakes and linked to you..hope that’s ok!

ellen - heheh so I tried baking this cake.
and it wasn’t you. or the cake. It was definitely (and honestly!) me! πŸ˜‰ lol…you can read all about it at the link below!
but I will try again for my son’s 1st birthday party! πŸ™‚
thanks for the great tutorial!

chicago property management - Fantastic cake! It sure looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try making one next week. Btw, I like your “whatever” … its one of my favorite verse..

camille - thanks so much for this! i made it for my 18th birthday and it was a hit among my friends.
i frosted the outside white and they were all surprised to see all of the colors on the inside :]

Jools - This cake is fabulous I plan to have it for my 50th birthday party with some ruby slippers on the top. Thank you for being so kind and sharingthe recipe. Joolsx

Shini - 5 months later and you have comments, I LOVE THIS. You’re some sort of genius or whatnot, what an idea.

Lennie - Amazing, just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing … and your photographs are awesome!

Rachel - this is so beautiful! this cake looks excellent and i could imagine it was a great time making and eating.

m. heart - This cake would bring a smile to anyone’s face I think. I really need to buy 4 more 9″ cake pans and make this for somebody…

Muffin - this is the most awesome cake ive seen! what a wonderful and fun thing to do for the kids. πŸ™‚ I want to try this now.

Pera Chapita - Loooooooved the cake, already made it myself! Congrats on such a great blog πŸ™‚

Holly - yummy! I am definately gonna try and make this today!

DreamGirlLisa - Thank you so much for such a wonderful idea! I really love this, I’ve got to make it one of these days!

Melinda W. - Just saw this linked and linked again from a friend’s blog. I made it today for my family- thanks for the inspiration!!!

Marcela - I am SO in love with this cake. I hope you don’t mind that I featured your pic on my blog. Thanks!

Colleen - Haven’t made this cake yet, and already I feel happier! Thanks for sharing!

Amy - I love this! My daughter is having her 5th birthday soon and while looking for ideas I came across this! Now I don’t have to look any more! Thank you so much for the great idea. I am going to do this. When I have finished and post it, I will definetly link back to your site! Thanks so much!

Tiffany - I can’t thank you enough for posting this cake. I saw it in May & have saved it for this Saturday (7/11). My little man is turning 2 & we’re having his party at Gymboree. The bright colors in this cake match the brightly colored Gymboree location. I also took the cake idea & made invitations with color strips. Because of this one post a party was planned.

michelle johnnie - I AM making this for my daughter’s birthday! Thanks for the idea. I linked to it at

LisaC - I love this cake. I need to find a reason to make it.

Lisa K in FL - Oh My Goodness! I must have this cake!!

Frugal Carol - What an awesome cake!!!!

Emilie - I just made this for my sons robot party and it was a hit! I am going to link to you blog on my post later tonight πŸ™‚

naomi - I have a few major events coming up. 3 birthdays, an Anniversary and a Baby Shower. I’m making this cake for all of them!

Patty - I made a rainbow cake several years ago for my daughter’e Wizard of Oz birthday party. The outside of the cake was vanilla frosting with chocolate swirled through it to signify how the movie started out black and white and the tornado came through. The inside of the cake was rainbow layers. The colors were achieved using KoolAid mixes of different flavors. It was pretty cool – even Grandpa liked it! Hmmm, I think a cake might be in order for the last day of school here, too!

Shannon - I made it…with the kids help…GREAT SUCCESS!!! πŸ˜‰

Lesley - This cake is AWESOME! My sister has the funniest story about making this!

Shari - You TRULY inspire me!! This is my first comment ever but this cake is totally comment worthy. You inspired me to make this for my girls last day of school,which was today. I have NEVER made a cake before but thought this would be fun. MY GIRLS WERE IN HEAVEN and it looked good too! I feel so domesticated today and the thanks goes to you. Thanks for the step by step directions and hints and pics!!! I also used your icing and everyone LOVVVVVEEDD it! You are awesome!!

Dana Maxfield - Meg, LOVE your site and this cake. Going to try to talk Kate out of the “Barbie” cake for her birthday next month and make (or try to make) a rainbow cake!! Hope to talk to you soon. Have fun in California.

pam - was there rainbow poo too the next day? πŸ™‚
(that’s the nicest way i could think of putting it.)

Randi - Great cake!!

Mrs. - Okay, you convinced me, I will make this cake for the neighborhood kids and have it waiting on a card tale on the last day of school (June 3). I will be a big hit, and I will give all the kudos to you. When you are mentioning with distain that you are “that kind of mom”, try to take a minute to remember that you are also “this kind of mom”.

Trina McNeilly - Wow that is something wonderful. Just as yummy to look at as eat. My 3 year olds eyes just bugged out when he saw the picture! I just might have to attempt this sometime this summer! So I’ve FINALLY done a new post and you’ll see why I’ve been MIA. I have been peeking in on your fabulous posts though.. they always add a smile to my day!
xx Trina

Kate - I didn’t know that trick! Keep it coming πŸ™‚

Jennifer P. - hey….remember me? from back when you use to get like 16 comments :)?
I just saw this recipe on another friends blog, but she never showed a picture of it cut. It is so pretty! Like a cake a unicorn would have at it’s birthday :).
Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll come up with an occasion to make this!

Kelli - Love the cake…it makes you SMILE! I talked to you at church today and we would love for you to take pics of our family. Just let me know works best…Thanks!

jana - I love this idea; I do not think I could execute it with the grace you have shown. Please send me a bit of your talent…this is a darlng blog.

jimaiemarie - i have seen this cake all over the blogsphere and i so desperately want to make it! My son gets out of school/graduates kindergarten on the 5th so I think i’ll make it for him then, soo fun!!!

Jess - great! my 4 year old just walked by as i was drooling over this cake……she has birthday on her mind..” thats the cake I WANT” great…can i send you a plane ticket in July…you might need a break by then! and there is no way i can pull that off! thanks for the inspiration!

lilyhaven - That cake is fantastic!!! I LOVE IT!

meaghan easterhaus - that is THE cutest cake EVER!!!! i can’t wait to try it!

Elisa - Good Lord Meg! Mother of the Year award!

wendy - Love it. Will do it on June 4th!

Jennifer - This is great! I JUST made a rainbow/tie-dye cake for my mom’s birthday last night! Mine turned out fabulous, and I love how you layered yours!
I read your blog all the time, but don’t always leave comments, but I felt this was comment worthy!
Good luck having the kids home all summer!

Nancy Hood - totally delightful! hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared this post with my readers!! yummy!!!

TJ Kuehn - My friend sent me a link to your page. I’m so impressed with the cake! My sister wants me to make her one for her birthday!

Erin - Christmas Story…one of my favorites!
I love this “my mom made it for the end of school, smile”.
You are such an inspiration!

tonya - you are amazing!

duchess.of.reel - This cake put a smile on my face! Fund just to look at. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

Aby - You just ROCK. I never knew what a bad Mom I was until I started following your blog. Thanks! LOL!

Jen - I have never seen a cake like that before. How clever! And it looks yummy. You are such a sweet mom!

Dawn - That cake is AWESOME! My daughter’s birthday party is next weekend, and I am soooo making that cake for her! You are such an inspiration!

Vera - JOY!

Joanie @ The Bright Side - What a cool idea! Such a nice mom! We’ll have to try this for our last day of school. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristy - ok i am so not the cook/baker but that is the coolest, cutest cake ever! the colors are so bright. i love it!!!!!

Christina - I have never in my life seen that, or seen such a fun cake. It totally kicks the confetti cake’s, um, bum. You are one rockin’ mom.

Beth - I love that cake. I want to make it too. And I am soooooo happy school is out. I’m sorry it makes you sad because it makes me jump up and down with happiness πŸ™‚ Although I know my kids will make me crazy in no time!

amy - color me impressed!
(ba, dum, dum!)

Amber - Yum…I want a piece of your happy rainbow cake!

Sara - Wow, that looks ssssooooo yummy and fun for summer! You have me wanting cake now!

Carmen - Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful cake. I am going to make one for my kids. They will love it! I was planning a little surprise for them for the last day of school and this will go perfect with it. I am going to decorate the house with banners and give them a basket with books, craft items, a couple of new movies and little toys to keep them busy during the summer.

paula - the name of the movie is A Christmas Story….you’ll shoot your eye out πŸ™‚ love the cake..i am soo doing that soon…the girls will love it…

Ashley - I love it and I agree with you, Im not thrilled either… I think a cake is in order here too. Love your ideas and Annie’s outfits and so much more!

Courtney - I’ve been meaning to make one of these FOREVER, but haven’t found a good excuse to yet. I’m making a promise to myself here and now, the next baby shower cake I have to make (shouldn’t be too long, our Sunday School class has been having baby’s like rabbits for the past two years, and I think I’ve made at least half the cakes for the showers).

deb - thanks for the good vibes. there’s still a hint of hope that we might end up out there…TOGETHER! and that cake is fabulous!!

Dawn W. - Love the cake. You are a great mom. I’m jealous we still have another we and I teach so everyone is looking forward to the end of the year. Hope you have a great summer!!!

Allikayes Mama - You are going to win awards for that cake, girl!! Totally Awesome!!

Lee Ann - You’re such a good mommy to celebrate the last day…even when that’s not really what you were doing inside πŸ™‚ I can’t get over how early you get out of school! Most kids here aren’t out until almost the end of June. But that gives me time to get ideas from the rest of you as to how to “celebrate” the day!
Fabulous cake!

A pocket full of posies... - Oh my goodness!!!!! that is SO stinkin’ ca-ute!!! I’m singing “somewhere over the rainbow” now…must go make cake! πŸ™‚

Hannah - I love the Rainbow Cake! I bake it all the time, and you’re right, it eases the worries of the day. I’ll be making Rainbow cupcakes this weekend! We’ll see how it goes.
Love the blog, Meg! It looks like you had a great time baking with your family. I’m sure they’ll enjoy eating it!

Susan - Oh, my daughter is sooo jealous! That cake is awesome and such a great way to celebrate the end of school. Yeah for summer!

Trish - Ummm… It’s only from my all time favorite movie A Christmas Story πŸ™‚
LOVE that cake! I’m going to have to try that this summer. Such a fun idea!

Anna@Boogers,Bibs,Books&Bubbles - Aaahh…love it! You know why didn’t I think of that? I made it last month but I only used 2 pans and just layered the colors in there. It came out all hippie-looking and my husband made fun of me. (But later he told me it was cool!) I will have to try it this way next time.

Anna@Boogers,Bibs,Books&Bubbles - Aaahh…love it! You know why didn’t I think of that? I made it last month but I only used 2 pans and just layered the colors in there. It came out all hippie-looking and my husband made fun of me. (But later he told me it was cool!) I will have to try it this way next time.

Melanie - It makes it all worth it when you hear your child say something like that:) Glad that Sean liked it and wanted to share it. Meg, something is crazy with the RSS feed. Every time you update your blog I go to it from the feed and it locks my computer up. I have to actually turn the computer off. Has anyone else had this problem? It only does it with your blog. I don’t know what the deal is.

Kelly - I saw someone called you Supermom… I made rainbow/tie-dyed/playdough/whatever you call them cookies for the end of school last year to celebrate my son’s summer birthday and a mom – to my face – snidely called me an overachiever. I didn’t take it as a compliment at first but it makes me laugh now so seeing that Supermom comment made me laugh too. πŸ™‚ My kids would love the rainbow cake. We go to year-round school so they’re only home for 3 weeks at a time instead of 3 months. Is that reason enough for a cake? πŸ™‚
Oh and A Christmas Story is the movie.

CherryTreeLane - That is stinking brilliant!

Donna - Love it. I love the whimsical ways that you live your life – thanks for being so generous and sharing your ideas with all of us. I think I will make that cake the night my daughter has her graduation ceremony – I will do blue and gold – her school colors. thanks for the idea.

Kacey - That is the coolest cake I’ve ever seen! I’m so making that for my son’s next birthday. Awesome!

Kathy - Awesome you are the nicest mom, I bet their tongues looked pretty scary!

Sophie - Such a cheerful cake, Meg!
I’ve decided I’m going to make myself one for my birthday. Who says a seventeen year old can’t have a rainbow cake, eh? πŸ˜€

Wendy - Do you have a cape and tights, SuperMom? That really is a cool cake… I think I might just have to try that one. And not getting worms is an added benefit.

Joni - It’s a REALLY HAPPY CAKE! Never saw that done before, thanks so much for sharing! YOU ROCK, obviously!

carissa... brown eyed fox - you are so cool… my girlies weren’t so lucky!
such a pretty cake & way fun to boot!
impressed once again!
the first day of summer… i still haven’t wrapped my brain around that doozy!
wishing you lots of sane days! πŸ™‚

Nicole Milkie - The movie you are referring to is A Christmas Story…absolute classic.
Love your blog. May i ask? What type of camera do you use? I love your pictures and want to get one for personal use. Would you recommend the one you have?

Christel - That is an awesome cake. You rock.

Sharla - Ok, I made a “similar” rainbow cake last night and you’ve put me to shame – it looks like I stacked caked on top of each other instead of one big cake. What’s the secret of connecting the cakes – having them be flat? Because I didn’t cut mine flat before I stacked. πŸ™

pve - eat cake first! πŸ™‚
you are the best MOM!

adrienneK - omg you are so awesome!!! that cake is GORGEOUS!! i wanna make one!!!

Julie K. - holy cow. that is awesome. not only does cake solve the worlds problems, but it makes you look like the worlds most awesomest mom! yeah! whatever it takes right? it’s so totally awesome.

chasity - you are the queen of cakes!
all hail! the queen is here…

Jeana - i was going to do this next week (end of school for us…i know) with cupcakes. like someone has alreagy mentioned the cake looks a little ambitious for me, but one day! happy summertime=]

Kelly - love this!!

Kelly O. - I’ve done this for cupcakes but hadn’t tried my hand at a cake. I like that you made individual coloured cake layers as opposed to layering it all in one or 2 cake pans.Gives a cleaner look and more frosting in between each layer.
Looks amazing!
Cake does make everything better. Especially rainbow cake.

gina - THAT is the BEST cake ever!! So going to give it a try this summer!!! And I was thinking even the dirty dishes would make me happy, they’re so colorful… then I scrolled down and read the same thought. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the weekend!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Oh I wish you were my mom!! I’m gonna have to give that a try someday.

adrienne - you are a wonderful, really wONDERfully rEAL mom!!! it’ll be okay πŸ™‚

Rach - Despite the fact that if I actually make this cake I need not eat it but simply apply it directly to my thighs, I think I might still try it!! Brilliant idea!!!!

Jill Jones - First of all… A Christmas Story. Anybody who doesn’t know this shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Christmas. It’s a classic. Second… you are one of my all time FAVORITE blogs. I have a list of 60+ blogs that I like, but I check yours daily. Without fail. Third… that cake couldn’t be any more cheery! I love it. I want to make it. I want to eat it. The whole thing. By myself. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

Keri - This cake has been on my “need to make” list for awhile, too! I think the end of school may just be the *perfect* reason to make it.
You know you’ve just created a tradition at your house, right?? =)

anna - when i saw the cake on google reader, my jaw dropped! how cute! what a neato freato idea! i want to do that!
so then i clicked over to your blog to leave a comment, and all my warm fuzzy feelings left. you HAVE to change your banner. why? because i hate frogs. i’m sitting on my bed as i type this, but when i saw the frog, i looked over my shoulder to make sure there wasn’t one back there. why would there be one on my pillows? i don’t know. i keep shuttering thinking about frogs. the one part of the bible that i have trouble reading is the plague of the frogs. can you imagine?!?!?! frogs everywhere. i would have died a hundred deaths if i lived back then!!! when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and i were dating, we almost broke up because of a stupid frog. OH I HATE THEM!!!!!
but back to the cake, good job!!! πŸ™‚

shb - Years from now, your children will still be saying, “Mom, remember that rainbow cake you made for us on the last day of school? That was awesome!” What a great memory.
Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

erica - ohmygoodness… that is amazing… and so happy! i need to try that sometime!! thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

kristin - you. know. i. am. going. to. make. this.
oh my my my my my

Heather - I LOVE THIS! I am going to make one! I did not know about the skim layer of icing. Love to bake but never knew that. That would explain my crumby issues. LOL!! See how much I am learning from you? πŸ™‚
My kids will go crazy over this. Thanks for another great idea!

Katie Gonzalez - this is so beautiful. i love it. i want to make one with just shades of orange and pink and yellow. thanks for sharing! your kids are lucky πŸ™‚

Laura - this is the second cake I have seen today that I want to make…and this is my BUSIEST cake week ever…so.the rainbow may have to wait.
Want another tip? Make a simple syrup…boil 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar…cool it a bit..then, using a squeezy bottle, pour it onto each layer BEFORE you frost them….then frost, stack, and decorate.
This WILL be the moistest cake you have ever had. EVER.
And yes. Cake DOES solve many a problem.

Casey - What a GREAT idea! I love it!! You are such a thoughtful mommy.

Kellie - AWESOME!

Crystal - Love it. Knew that movie quote. You are fabulous. πŸ™‚

traci - that is an AWESOME cake. How did you get the layers to stay so straight? I might only do looks kinda

LeAnne - Hey! I found your site by accident and then noticed you were a photographer. I enjoy checking in from time to time to see what images you have taken. I am a sucker for good photos and hopefully will be purchasing a new camera soon so I can experiment with the whole blurred background thing – which I love! πŸ™‚ I have found your honesty so refreshing! The rainbow cake looks fun – I’ll have to try it. Anyways…enjoying your blog from Andalusia, Alabama…

Nicole Q - It’s on my list for this week now . . . looks happy!! My kids actually have school through next week so I’ve got a LONG list of things to do before the change hits! I didn’t know about the “first layer of frosting and then sticking it in the fridger thing” so that tip was just for me! THanks!

Lori - We quote from A Christmas Story all year long. A classic! Love the rainbow cake, but way more than I would attempt. I’ll take your word for it that it was easy-but-time-consuming. My kids are teenagers and I still have some dread of the summer break (our last day of school isn’t until June 12th, but then we don’t go back to school until after Labor Day). I don’t have to entertain my kids much anymore, BUT the summer means too little alone time for me.(And isn’t it all about me?..kidding!)

Jess - mmmmmmm. just added this to my list of things to do.
…wishing i was your neighbor!

Charee - Ya… a Christmas story but I see that just about everyone knew that πŸ˜‰ A classic for sure.
Sweet cake, I would have to do a pink layer for my daughter!

Ruth - love it! what a sweet mum you are – happy summer!

Amanda - This is beautiful Meg!! i LOVE it! And am defiantely going to try it out asap!!
God bless-

Jen Christians - OMG… I am making this NOW… I am going to Dillons NOW… BYE… Oh wait, I can’t just GO… I have four kids to gather up and get in the car now, and the baby is napping, and I NEED a lot of things at Dillons and i don’t have a list ready or coupons, and now that the kiddos are home I have to buy one billion times more groceries… Plus two of the kids are still in PJs… So MAYBE I will make it tomorrow, MAYBE???…And when I do, I will definately give you the credit… MAYBE??? πŸ˜€

pam - fun, fun, fun!!! i’ll have to do the same in a couple of weeks!!!

Sandy - Why does this not surprise me?! You are amazing and I want to be your child (preferably the youngest so I can stay home and play with you while the big kids go to school)!!

Sarah - That looks so good!!! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I’d eat the whole thing before the kids got home…wait, what a good idea! I’ll make one for ME…a stress-reducing, end-of-school, summer vacation, (sniff, sniff…will I make it?) rainbow of emotions CAKE!

Mrs. G - That cake is awesome! No kiddos for me to try it out on… If I get brave enough it would still be great for a “just because” reason!

Allison - I Looove “A Christmas Story!” “Fra-gee-lay…must be Italian.” By the way, I think it’s perfectly okay to be sad that the school year is over…

Lori Danelle - Your cake looks so pretty! I did a rainbow cake for Charlie’s 2nd Birthday ( ). It was such a huge hit and Charlie loved helping me mix the colors the day before!!

Starnes Fam - I was going to guess Christmas Story or Home For The Holidays. Two of my favorites.
Great cake. Don’t you love to overhear them bragging or announcing something cool you did? All the validation I need.
Happy Memorial Day and good luck this summer! (ours started a month early due to the move…..Colorado schools let my son pass the 2nd grade and be done rather than starting in Kansas for just a few weeks). So, it could be worse!

brooke - a christmas story…whaddo i win?
this cake is amazing…and it definitely makes me happy…may just have to do this as a “welcome home ladies” cake…just fun!
even though icing coloring makes me nervous…i over did it one time to get the right color and it ended up making the entire cake taste like it came direct from a chemical plant!

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