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rainbow cupcakes

i hope it didn't seem like i was complaining in the previous post…
i wasn't.
it just seemed like a really full day…physically/emotionally/mentally.

many of you asked how i made the cupcakes.

it is easy!
but time consuming…halfway through i thought "why did i decide to do this?"
they are so pretty it is worth the time. 
i saw these made somewhere…and i can't recall who made them…so smile if it was you…you are smart!

i used white cake mix made according to the box.
(i was making these for school treats too so i used three boxes of cake mix…)
then split the batter into 6 bowls.
then added icing colors to each bowl seperately. 
you could buy them here….or walmart or hobby lobby or michaels.  
gel colors are different than the little droppers…much deeper and a more true color is achieved.
next i lined my cupcake pan with paper liners….(wishing i had these…)

i used my small scooper to add batter to each cup. 
i started with purple and did less than a scoop in each one…then i did the same with blue…then green
and so on.

it used up all the batter and it worked doing it that way.
i wasn't concerned about it being centered or perfect…just did it in order and figured it would work 
out to look like a rainbow or at least like tie dye.

they took 15 minutes in my oven.

frosting recipe is in the sidebar…and so is the rainbow cake.  :)

happy baking. 

carro - OMG this is so beautiful and thx for the ide, i will make my gayfriend some rainbow cupcakes on his b day! love from sweden!

Katie - These are the most beautiful and fun cupcakes I have ever seen! I can’t wait to make them sometime. Thank you for the recipe 🙂

kamagra - It doesn’t matter is the rainbow is on a poem, a cake , a draw in the wall, in our hair , in the sky or in any other place is always beautiful to see all those colors.

marli - those are freaking awesome. i starred the recipe some time ago on my reader and have been meaning to make them. thanks for the tips and pics.
i heart your blog.

Heather @ Cookie Mondays - my favorite liners! we have pink, but i want every color!

Lucy Buller - how do you make them????????
Love You Lucy 🙂

Liz - wow….sorry about the double posting! My pc is going all kinds of crazy lately.. 🙁 I also doubt I was the one you saw….lol..

Liz - LOL I made rainbow cupcakes for my birthday on the 2nd (but doubt I’m the one you…)! 😀

Liz - LOL I made rainbow cupcakes for my birthday on the 2nd! 😀

Kristy - A.W.S.O.M.E.
that are so cool!
the cake. now cupcakes…… em’

Sarah - AWESOME!

Kacey - Ooh, the rainbow cupcakes are awesome! Now I have to decide which to make for my son’s birthday at the end of the month: rainbow cake (my original plan, thanks to you!) or rainbow cupcakes.

Gratsia - they look sooo good im going to make them for my niece and nephew thanks

Lacy Brauner - …and my 4 yr old saw the cupcakes and asked if I was making them for MY birthday because today is my birthday..and I told her, I just might have too;]

Lacy Brauner - You are awesome and I look at your blog every day or ever other day when I have time. i dont look at it like complaining, your venting to a world of blog friends…just like you would to your close friends you could touch, over a cup of coffee or…a glass of wine. I dont think you should ever feel like you have to explain yourself. your human and YOUR A MOTHER OF FIVE(did i mention how awesome you were?) go on girl! Go girl. You are my inspiration. Im a young mother of two and feel like im drowning half of the time! Vent if you need to vent! I do!!

amy wade - you do such special things for your children. they are going to have such wonderful memories of you as they get older. 🙂
PS~Maybe Santa will bring you some of those polka dot cupcake liners. 🙂

Liz - I’ve always wondered what a rainbow would taste like!

Kathy - Thanks for sharing ! They look almost to nice to eat!

jody - Those cupcakes are gorgeous!
I made some orange and black swirled (a springboard from your rainbow cake) for our family Halloween party and they were a hit…especially the frosting.
I adore your frosting…I will never go back to plain buttercream. The coolwhip makes it just light and heavenly!

Ashley Ann - Saw you added the My Life Rocks shirt on your sidebar. I bought it a couple of months ago! Every time I wear it someone gives me a dirty look as if to say, “Who is she to wear a shirt claiming her life rocks?” I have gotten the strangest responses from people in public for it…odd. I love it though. I have a pic of me in it with all the kids, I should post that sometime!

linda@LimeintheCoconut - Ok….big question of the day. And be completely honest…please.
Did those cupcakes taste ok?
We tried it with a cake….and it was terrible…strong tasting food dye taste (particularly the dark purple, red and blue)
Just wonderin’.
They LOOK amazing, however.

dawn - I love your blog. Really, I do. You’re real. I feel overwhelmed often — and I only have one kid (but two high maintenance dogs, if that counts!)

Jennifer - I recently made some rainbow cupcakes. You should try the neon food coloring next time. The colors are amazing!!
ps. you’re blog still amazes me

meaghan - yippee! i KNEW you would post how you did those!!! thanks!

Pineapple Princess - Those are absolutely amazing!
Thanks for posting the steps with pictures!

Michelle - We made those for my nephew’s birthday last March. He loved them! They’re such a fun surprise. We even gave one to the waitress and the manager of the restaurant asked if he could have one also because they were so cool looking.

Beth - I want to make some. I can’t wait! Seriously, rainbows have always been my favorite thing. I LOVE those. And, didn’t seem like complaining. We all know what days like that are like! Full of lots of feeling and emotion!

tami reed - I am soo making this yum! Too fun!

Jennifer - You weren’t complaining! You are one of the most positive, upbeat people I know and I love coming to your blog each day! These cupcakes are fabulous! I’m going to make them for both my son’s birthdays in December! Can’t wait and neither can they!

adrienneK - GUSH!!! i sooooo wanna make some!!!

Jenn - I am so excited — finally going to try your chicken enchilada recipe tonight! I have been drooling over it for months 🙂

No.17CherryTreeLane - these are freakin’ awesome. I can’t get over it.

Erica - That is so fun! I made those about a month ago!
Aren’t they so fun to make!? =)

Julia - oh no you didn’t. WHY are you doing this to me??? I just got rid of the Halloween candy! 🙂

Heather - I did the samething this weekend except Red and Black for our tailgate! You are right…its easy but SO time consuming!
Here is the finished product (in case you were wondering what on earth red and black turns out to look like)

kathryn - love the cupcakes! i’m saving the idea for st. patricks day. 🙂 and the polk-a-dot wrappers are way cute – have you seen these kinds of wrappers?? so cool!!
happy sunday 🙂

your cool friend Cheryl - I didn’t think you were complaining…
I LOVE this recipe! Your pictures of them are so gorgeous. Mine look like a 1st grader took them. Delicious either way, though. 🙂

Kelly - It didn’t sound like complaining at all. Just a day in the life of. I know how it goes. 🙂
I’ve made the rainbow cake a couple times and always get big “ooohs & aahhs”! I did a post on it a week or two ago and linked back to you. Hope that’s okay. Although I suppose it’s too late if it’s not. 🙂

Jen - COMPLAINING?? Nope–that’s just A Day in the Life and it’s like a lot of things–the things that are the most annoying (having too much to do/too many people to care for) are often the things you also love the most (so much to do!/big wonderful family!).
Believe it or not, it actually makes me miss being home full time, with little ones to take to school and Barbie/Lego messes….

Kyleigh - Meg – 1 question, isn’t it just as easy to make the cake mix from scratch? …not being cheeky, it just surprised me is all. I love them still though.. Also… what lens do you use? Ooop! that’s 2 questions isn’t it? I’m really craving a 50mm f1.8 (or something) and wondered what was your favourite lens.

Lorilee - Rainbow Cupcakes are definitely on my to do list! Today, I am going to try Pioneer Woman’s Bread Pudding.

Kristine - i think they turned out pretty perfect. wish i could eat one. they look so yummy and i love frosting with sprinkles!

se7en - I am loving your Phil 4:8 on the right – so very cute!!! And promise I will never ever go to the effort of making these cupcakes!!! Have a great week!!!

heather - you are just SO COOL. just so you know. we all think it. i’ve been thinking it for a while. it was time i told you! 🙂

Amnah - Crazy! I just came over here to find your recipe for the rainbow cake you made a while back. Today is my daugher’s 3rd brithday and I wanted to make her something special. Thanks for sharing. Those cupcake are adorable!

adrienne - megan- i made these (idea from one of your earlier post) for my daughter’s b-day and she loved them… so did her friends! i also froze the left over icing (from your recipe). Yum!! thanks for sharing 🙂 btw, because you are a mom, you are entitled to feel like a tired mommy every once in awhile! hugs!

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