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crescent chicken


this recipe has 5 ingredients.
that’s it.
it’s so easy….and i bet your kids will eat it.
and maybe you even have the ingredients in your cupboard right now.

you will need about 2 cups of cooked chopped up chicken (ingredient #1)
IMG_0004put the chicken into a mixing bowl
then add 1 cup of shredded cheese. (ingredient #2)
(sometimes i add some minced garlic into this)

ingredient #3 is a can (or two) of refrigertor cresent rolls.
not even the fancy kind.
we have seven mouths to feed remember?  you are free to use pillsbury…but these were on sale.
so i got them.
(and i used 2 cans to make a bigger amount)

open each triangle…
place about a 1/3 cup of the chicken/chesse mixture to the center of the triangle.


then you pull on the dough till it closes…kind of.  it doesn’t have to look pretty.
the dough is wrapped around your chicken and cheese.


this evening at our house it was silent.
it was kind of weird.
i had christmas music on pandora…talby was reading, annie and sean were painting, the older two were gone….it was oddly quiet for about an hour.  BLESSINGS.

ingredient #4 is cream of chicken soup…whatever brand you want.
this is what we had.


 mix it with 1 cup of milk with a whisk.

pour it over your chicken/dough bundles….
then bake it for about 30 minutes at 350.
you want it to be really done so the dough is all baked.

it’s really good.
i served it for dinner and literally 10 minutes later…


hope this helps make your dinner planning a bit easier this week.
and i hope you don’t like left overs…because you won’t have any.     


Hogfarmerwife - My boys love this! I usually throw in a bag of frozen peas & carrots and just use whichever cream of soup I have on hand! Their friends have started requesting it now when they come over! Thanks for sharing!

Susan - Thanks for sharing. Made this tonight and it was sooo easy and tasty!

Laura Mann - I made this tonight and my husband said, “This is ridiculous,” (as in, ridiculously delcious why haven’t you fixed this before)! LOL. Thanks for the recipe(s). I’m making the lasagna later this week. I love the pictures…makes easier to know exactly what to purchase. Thanks again…(and keep em coming…I am new stay at home mom to a 2 and 4 year old who needs recipes!)

Sarah Alsey - When I made this my husband said, “Wow, this is the best thing you’ve made in awhile!” ::Thanks, Megan!:: I’m making it again tonight.

Jessica/littlepumpkingrace - Stumbled upon your blog from Ashley Ann’s Under the Sycamore. LOVE all your craftiness and fun posts!!! On my last minute pre-Christmas grocery run I grabbed some extra crescent rolls so I could make this for dinner tonight. Oh, my it was DELICIOUS!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try something else 😉 Merry Christmas!

Lindsay - This was amazing, I made double so we could have leftovers. just posted a blog about it 🙂 check it out!! thanks for sharing the awesome recipe!!

Morgan - Yum! I think I may try this tonight! I already have cut-up cooked chicken defrosting. The recipe looks delicious! Thank you!

Amy - Oh my!! This looks delicious. I think I will be making this for my roommates tonight!!

Lisa - Finally fixed this last night… Delish! Thank you so much for the recipe. Even my 3 year old like it and she doesn’t like anything that’s not nuggets or a hotdog. So really, THANK YOU!!

Tegan and Tage - I clicked over from Julie (Joy’s Hope) today and after spending WAY too much time looking at all the gorgeous pictures, I got to this recipe and was sold. I had to start following. 🙂
And I’m making this tonight. YUM. So thanks!

tami reed - Meg that looks awesome thanks so much!

Shannon - This was totally delicious! I had too much chicken to fit into one can of crescents and used the leftover mix rolled up inside of flour tortillas, and it was good that way, too. I just put some of the cream of chicken on top of the tortillas and baked it next to the crescent rolls like enchiladas — it was a good substitute, but the crescent rolls were superior 🙂

Miss Em - Made this and blogged about it in my first real blog post!
In the post, I linked back here a bunch of times. The boyfriend said it was too much. Who writes the rules on these things, anyway?
Thanks for sharing!

kim smart - this sounds great! will fix it tomorrow night….im sure they will like it, thanks for the recipe!

Lisa - I made this last night for the troops from memory after seeing it on your blog – obviously my memory isn’t great because I used twice as much cheese as I was supposed to and didn’t mix my soup with any milk. They scarfed it down none the less – will be making again! 🙂 Thanks, Meg!

monique - absolutely delicious! We loved it! thanks so much

rebecca - Meg- I made this for Sunday big lunch today and it was a BIG hit!!! Thanks for sharing!

Tricia - Hi Meg.
I’m making this for dinner tonight. It sounds fantastic! I’m adding this to my Inspire My Saturday feature today.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Carolyn - My mom used to make (and still does) chicken crescent squares…for all 7 of us kids! It was something we ALWAYS asked for. IT’s a little bit different as I think you use cream cheese instead of cream of soup. Ummm..yum!

Stacie - Yummy … AND my whole family ate it w/o complaints!! Your beautiful pics of the recipe made it that much easier to make. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Karen - we made it–vegetarian–and it was delicious! i used carrots, corn, peas, and green beans! and we used cream of celery!
we will make this again! thanks!

rhonda - This was RIDICULOUSLY delicious!!! will be adding this to our routine!

adrienneK - had this last night!!! I added broccoli it’s all gone!!yummy!!!

Courtney Walsh - I have a similar crescent chicken recipe…just enough different that you might like it (it’s got cream cheese in it. Yum. Oh how I love cream cheese.) 🙂 Let me know if you want it!! 🙂 mmm. Now I’m hungry. I’m going to try this recipe sooooon!!!!

Timalee - I made this for dinner Tues night, and we finished it up for lunch yesterday. Last night my DH came home and was actually upset that it was all gone and he would have to have something else for dinner instead! Thanks alot, it is definitely a keeper at my house!!

Diana - This was AWESOME!! The only thing I didn’t have was the canned refrigerator crescent rolls… so I subbed by making a batch of Bisquick biscuits and used my largest biscuit cutter. And you were right… NOTHING leftover! LOL! Thanks for this recipe, Meg! 🙂
I linked to your recipe. Gonna start a craze with this one, for sure!

Cat - I made this today! Great recipe!! I got your blog from
Check out my post!
Thanks for the yummy recipe! My family approves! 🙂

Cat - I made this for lunch today and it was DELICIOUS!!! 🙂 I’m about to write a blog about it!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Meredith Salmon - Loved it. We added chopped spinach and stove top to our mix and it was delicious.

Cathy - I want to try this tonight, BUT… Is it just regular boneless chicken? OR is it the canned stuff? The chicken you have cut up there looks so much better then my cut up chicken so I had to ask LOL

sherry - making it right now:). Thanks for always supplying me with good ideas:)…You are so GREAT!

Shivaun - I could not stop thinking about this post since I saw it…
I made it tonight and we LOVED it!! I ate FOUR.
Thanks, Meg! I really enjoy your “sunny side” blog. It’s a joy. Keep it up, please!

ashley chandler - I made this last night and my hubs and I loved it; 3 year old daughter not so much. Oh, well. And since it’s just the 3 of us, I ate leftovers tonight and I just may have liked it even more! I made one slight change we are basically on a spending freeze until payday (which is Christmas Eve- ugh!), so I used canned chicken. I had all the ingredients- yea! It was great even with the sub-par chicken.
Your blog is one of my favorite. I follow you and when I click onto my Google Reader I always scroll down to see if you’ve got a new post. I’m filled with joy if you do!

Elisa - gonna have to try this!

jennykate - My friend Carrie posted this on her blog…sounds so YUMMMM!!
Thanks for the recipe!

Shannon - Ah. A 5-ingredient recipe where I ACTUALLY have all 5 ingredients on hand. Perfect for this snow day. Trying it tonight!! Thank you.

Sara - I made this last night- but I mixed the soup in with the chicken and cheese and stuffed it into the rolls…YUM. I ate three! They were delicious!! Thanks for the EASY recipe!

Lorilee - This looks really yummy. I make something similar and my family loves it. In my recipe, you combine the chicken with cream cheese wrap it in the crescent roll and pinch all the edges close. Dip in butter and then bread crumbs and bake for the time it says on the crescent roll package. While it is baking we make the Cambells cheddar cheese soup and pour over each crescent roll after they come out of the oven.
I’m going to have to try your version soon, it sounds so good! - ohhh i made this and we had it last night and it was SO DELICIOUS!!!

Sharon - I made this tonight for my family. They loved it…and that’s an understatement!!!
Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

Michelle - Thanks for the recipe! Just made it tonight and everyone loved it!

kat - That looks simple and delicious! I’ll definitely be making it sometime this week! I love all your recipes that I’ve tried so I am positive this one will be a big hit as well!

pam - That looks YUMMO! 🙂

gina entz - Thanks for the recipe. I used left-over thanksgiving turkey and added some green pepper and onion and a clove of garlic too. And I only had one can of cream of mushroom (I had to double it for our family of 6) so I used one can of cream of celery. I rarely follow a recipe exactly. Yummy!

CK - Made this tonight… Everyone LOVED it! Thanks for something new to add to our rotation:)

Kelly - I always have all those things on hand so I made it for dinner tonight and it got thumbs up from everyone! Even my pickiest eater asked for seconds and thirds! Thanks for sharing! Oh & I linked this up on FB…hope that’s okay. 🙂

Jennifer - I love your recipes! I’m going to make this tomorrow night and I do have all the ingredients. Perfect! Meg, your house/family/life looks so fun!

Abby Reed - Mom just made this and it was delicious – it is now in the rotation!
ps – Nathan is a big brother – Tyler was born on Nov. 30th 🙂 we will be in touch to schedule pictures for when we come home in the spring!

jennifer - You could spice it up a bit by adding a little drained Rotel to the chicken mixture. Sounds Yummo!

Melissa Gruber - thanks…this looks really good…i am adding it to my meals this week…thanks so much!

Sarah @ Clover Lane - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Amanda - This looks so good! It reminds me of your chicken and biscuits recipe. I’ve cooked that several times and I always love it!

julia - aaaugh, I only bought one can of crescent rolls….it’s really bad to start a new recipe when you feel like you’ve already messed up…..there are 5 of us…riddled with self doubt but going for it anyway…

Trina McNeilly - my hubby will love this.. I’m trying it tonight! You always have such great ideas!
xx Trina

Staci - We are SOOOOO having this for dinner tomorrow night….tonight is a free night for me…hubby has a meeting and my kids will be hot-doggin it…me, I might just have cereal 🙂 THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Sharlette - Thank you so much for always posting such yummy recipes! I have a family of 5 and then lots of times other family members are over so it may make it larger! I can’t wait to try this! 🙂

Kirbey Broome - I just bought the ingredients at the store, thanks for sharing! You made my dinner easier tonight!!

Jennifer - I picked up everything at the store today after I read this last night! Thanks!

purejoy - this looks delicious. i think it’s amazing what you can make with a can of cream of chicken/mushroom soup. i could probably serve up a chicken and dirt casserole and my family would think i’m a rock star (might be an indication of how much i actually cook. . . sad, i know)
this looks/looked deee lish. trying very, very soon!!

Jilly - I just made a double pan of this for my Junior League girls last Wednesday and it was a HUGE hit! Super good recipe!

Jenn Thomas - These are great to make and freeze – easy to pull out and add the cream of chicken soup.

Whitney - Seriously I was looking for a easy quick recipe for the chicken I just roasted. Awesome & I have all of the ingrdients, score!!! Thanks a bunch!

No.17CherryTreeLane - Right up my alley–yummy, gooey and fattening! Love it!

traci in virginia - Thank you for the recipe. I used to make this years ago and forgot about it. I am so happy for the reminder b/c I know my kids will eat it! I also appreciate that you use the store brands! I do too, especially when I know they are just as good.
Merry Christmas!

Candy - I always love your recipes!!! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

Laura Phelps - should have read this BEFORE I went to grocery store
I have everything BUT the crescent rolls
and well…I think that is a pretty BIG ingredient ya know, with the word CRESCENT in the name of the dish and all
next week…
and my kids better eat it…I am holding you to it
and by the way…I really need your kitchen…seriously…that kitchen should be mine

A pocket full of posies... - Goodness in a pan!!!- dough, cheese, sauce and a little chicken…yummm! have everything! making tonight!- darn on the “no leftovers!”- then again, we never have leftovers anymore…

Melisa - Thank you so much! I always agonize over what to make for dinner. I can’t wait to make this, you are a lifesaver! :o)

Toni :O) - Awesome recipe and I can’t wait to make it cause I’ve been looking for a quick and easy chicken recipe…thank you! :O)

Courtney - I HATE recipes with every fiber of my being, but this, my friend, is my kind of cooking 🙂

Renee - I LOVE it when you post recipes. Your chicken enchilada recipe is to-die-for. I’m making this tonight. My kids may not be interested, but fast and easy looks delicious to me! xoxo

Elise - Yummy!! Looks delicious!! May have to feed this to my peeps tonight!!
Oh, my friend tried your rainbow cake for her daughter’s birthday party and it was GOOD!!

Anna Marie - Thanks! Making this tonight 😉

pve - You are a good MOM!

Blanca - Wow, this looks so easy and yummy. I’m gonna have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

traci - yum!!! i am making this TONIGHT!!!
LOVE your new banner meg!

Jainatina - This looks fantastic. I will probably make it for my roommates next year when we are trying to find something good to eat.
I love that you show that generic items, not name brands, are what’s for dinner. That’s how Martha Stewart would do it if she was cooking normally with an average household budget and a lot of mouths to feed.

elma riedstra - Oh thank you I am going to try it!! Tell me is the great value taste like the name brand?? With eight kids I am all about saving $$$$

paige - yummy
gonna have to try this tonight!

Dawn - Super yummy looking recipe – thanks! I love your blog – check it all the time. Just thought of something I’ve been wondering about….do you have a kitchen/dining table? Or do you just use your fabulous, huge island. I love your island and am considering one for my kitchen remodel

Lisa K in FL - Yummy – it’s only 7 am and I want this NOW for breakfast! Will definitely try them for dinner tonight – creamy, chickeny, crescenty, my faves. Thanks for real life stuff. {we’re feeding 7, too!)

Meredith - This recipe looks amazing Meg. It would be right up my culinary alley….apart from the fact that we can’t get refrigerator crescent rolls in a can in Australia. Next time you make it, think of us poor ones down under and say “Ner ner nee ner ner”. We also can’t get Miracle Whip, Monterey Jack cheese or anything pumpkin related in a can. Can you believe the injustice?

Heather - This looks SO good! I love quick and easy and I do NOT like leftovers. PERFECT!!! Thank You!

dawn - MILK! I forgot to count the milk…forget my last comment!!!

dawn - I love easy and good. We’ll be trying it this week! And I only noticed because I was making a grocery list — but isn’t there only 4 ingredients?!? Its easier than you thought! 🙂

Barbie - I make something similiar to this and it is a HIT! We first had it 21 years ago when someone brought it to us after we had our first baby. Now it is what I always make for new mommies.

Tonya McDaniel - those look yum-o!!! looks like i’ll be picking up some cresent rolls this week.
ok, i’ve gotta know where you got your glass canister that holds your apples? i’m looking for a LARGE glass canister for flour.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - OH my goodness that looked good. I think I could actually do this too. I believe I even have all the ingredients on hand…yippee:)

lora - thanks! and keep them coming. menu planning is so hard!!

Amber - mmmm i may put bacon in this bad-boy.

sandy toe - I wrote this one down…it is right up my “alley”!
sandy toe

Candace - We DO have all of those ingredients right now! Hmmmm, maybe on Tuesday. yay!

eds - Whoa, this looks so delicious! Have you ever made pig-in-a-blankets with crescent rolls? Sooo much better than with biscuits or regular pig-in-a-blanket dough.
P.S. I know it was way past when it was written, but I left you a confession comment on your last “q&a answered” post. Since it was originally posted so long ago, I don’t know if you would have seen the comment.

Tanya - Mmm that looks delicious

layla bb solms - great minds think alike 🙂
i cooked up some chicken earlier today, shredded it, then wrapped it along with shredded cheese–in: wait for it….. crescent rolls!
i like your idea with the creamed soup and baking in a 9×13
i just rolled mine up on a baking stone and sprinkled the tops with more cheese
but our favorite around here is nutella baked in a crescent roll or pb, banana, and 2 segments of a hershey bar rolled and baked
yummy for your tummy!

adrienneK - awesome!!! i am doing this THIS week for SURE!!!

Nancy - Done. I am making this. Anything doughy and soupy and I am in love.

janet - Love quick, easy and YUMMY recipes. I have 5 hungry boys and always looking for something that they will actually eat!
Thanks so much! Your blog is great…..

julie - trying this.
you had me at crescent rolls.
perhaps halley won’t act like I am trying to poison her when I serve it.
wish I hated food as much as she did….
thanks for always having the best recipes.
the best.

Angela - Oh my goodness!!!! All I need is a can of crescent rolls, and I’m good to go! You rock. 🙂

Beth - making this tomorrow for sure! great dinner for sports nights.

Melanie - I have been making your baked french toast for a while and it is really good. I might have to try it. My picky 15 yr. old might eat it.

carol - love the picture proof that your kids ate them. To bad I didn’t see this before I started dinner

Sara @ Queen of the House - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have all those ingredients on hand…I’m making this for dinner tonight. You are awesome.

meaghan - this looks awesome and EASY!!!! thanks for sharing! i can’t wait to try!

Mindy - I make this often. I roll my dough back into crescents but I don’t get as much meat/cheese into mine. I spinkle more cheese over the top about 5 minutes before done. My kids are beginning to like it too but they are 5 and 2 so still in the picky stages.

Deputy's Wife - This looks YUMMY!!!

julia - Thanks Meg – adding the stuff to the grocery list.

Alyssa - holy yum! cant wait to try it!

Camm - Chicken rolls (Thats what we call them) is a regular staple in our house…However, I put them over a bed of rice and cook it all together!

Lenna - I want to make this recipe too!! Do I recognize the cookbook in the picture as Feast of Goodness from the The Hillsboro Mennonite Brethern Church? I use that cookbook all of the time. P.S. love your site- so inspirational to me!!!

Lindsay - I have a similar one with cream cheese, chicken, and onion. Use 2 crescent rolls (press together to make a square) for each bundle, fill with filling, then pull sides up and press all the seams together like a pyramid shape. brush with butter and sprinkle parmesan cheese and bread crumbs on top. bake till golden. They look fancy enough for a dinner party, but easy enough for weeknights. Crescent rolls save me everytime! I’m going to try yours!

Jennifer - thanks! I’ll be making it this week!

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