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this could be the dumbest post ever…

or not.
as i was about to cut this pineapple i thought "i should blog this"
(my brain is wack)
but i just went with it.

i have had three different people ask me how to cut pineapple recently.
so now i will show you….not because i think i am awesome….
but because i bet there are a few of you that have never bought one
because you didn't know how to cut it.
or you cut it and the hard part is still on the bites.
or the brown peel part.

enjoy my dorkiness.

step one: buy a pineapple.

step two: cut the top and bottom off so the pineapple has an even and flat base.

step three: cut it into four equal parts from top to bottom.

step four: cut the middle from each quarter piece.

step five: i cut my four big pieces in half so it is easier to cut
(i don't like the idea of cutting my hand open….)

step six: cut down the middle of each piece to the peel but not through the peel.
step seven: then cut the opposite direction four times…to the peel but not through it.

step eight: slide your knife between the peel and the fruit all the way across.
you want to be far enough in from the peel to avoid getting the the brown parts of the peel
on your bite size pieces.

then…throw a bunch in the blender and make a smoothie. 

oh yum.

so there you go.
big dorky post that probably made you laugh….

but maybe…one person learned how to try something they never have.
and i have helped one person stop buying canned pineapple.

have a super fabulous friday!
i am going to go drink my smoothie now.  

Janine - Seriously – thank you. I remembered you did this and I just went to look it up to see how to cut the pineapple for my bbq today!

jodi - Meg, you’re the best! I LOVE your blog! I too have never cut a pineapple until today. I followed your direction and turned out perfect. Thanks for letting us into your world, and keep up the great blogging.

Tee - Hey the Pampered Chef pineapple peeler is a big seller! I think I’ve sold more of those than anything… I love mine!! I used to let the pineapples go bad waiting for my Chef Hubby to cut it for me, now 3 minutes and done 🙂

Toni :O) - I buy TONS of fresh pineapple. There is always a tutuorial on the card attached to the pineapple too. The canned stuff is very acidic and will give heartburn to some…fresh is the way to go. Literally, I can cut up my pineapple in five minutes now. YUMMO!

Queen Bee - I never knew before and am GLAD to know now!!! I don’t like pineapple but my family does, so I can give them fresh pineapple now. THANK YOU!!

Danielle - I loveeeeeeeeeee fresh pineapple!! I am one of the people who didn’t know how to cut it, I am totally buying one this week at the grocery store!! Thanks for the how to! 🙂

the inadvertent farmer - Dumb posts rock…and canned pineapple sucks! Kim

Kelly - The first time we bought a pineapple we watched a youtube video to learn how to cut it, so if you’re a dork, we’re dorks too. 🙂 Kelly

Grammy Dianne - I have cut many, many pineapples, but your post was so helpful. Cutting the 4 big pieces into 8 small pieces, and the rest of the directions were a revelation. Thanks for doing the post even though you felt a little silly doing so. It was extremely helpful to me.

BeckyB - I love this post! The only thing I would add is to squeeze the peel over the cut fruit – the sweetest juices are found there! (taught to me by an old produce guy) Thanks!!

Regina - definitely not dorky! i love your blog and have never commented but it’s one i visit often! we love pineapple and the next time, i plan to cut it w/ your technique. i often feel like way to much papple goes to waste!

Dana@Bungalow'56 - I cut mine very differently. Maybe we should start a pineapple cutting blogfrog community. Or a linky party for all those who want to post on how to cut pineapple. No apple cutting thingies allowed : )
Dana @ Bungalow’56

Lorilee - I avoided buying fresh pineapple for years because I had no idea how to cut them up! Canned pineapple gives me horrendous indigestion, fresh doesn’t , so I buy it frequently now.

nichole shinners - Thank you for the great post! I cheat and use a pineapple cutter thingie 😉 So I loved your post on how to cut it with just a knife! Also thanks again for the green color info, we did our living room/ dinning room and we LOVE it. Best color EVER!! Yep, leave it to Meg to pick my colors, hahahaha!! Thanks again.

Molly - I LOVE pineapple and I just cut one today too!!! I do cut them differently though, but your way looks way more efficient. I will for sure try this way next time. Yay for pineapple! I am going to go have some now.

bobbie - I’ve been cutting in the really hard way for years! I never thought about doing it this way. Seriously, one of the best blog posts this week that I’ve read.

Sarah - So happy you posted about this. I was recently eating pineapple at a nice restaurant and the hard part was still there. Horrible!!! I am hoping the chef at this particular restaurant reads your blog 🙂

Bailey - Someone may have already mentioned this, but Pampered Chef has a Pineapple Wedger that is a great $18 investment!

Tausha - by the looks of the amount of comments, I am not the only who benefited from the cutting pineapple lesson.
I THOUGHT that I knew how to cut one, but I was wrong. Your way is much, much better. Thanks Meg, you’re the best!!!

Suzanne - i do it that way and haven’t bought canned pineapple n years…no comparison.

Joanie - That’s wonderful Maria!! I love your tutorial and it wasn’t the dumbest thing ever. It’s just one wonderful women helping out many women. I learned something also. Thank you.

Pamela duMont - you are very funny! When you buy a pineapple people there are directions on the tag!!! It is more fun to read your blog about it though!

Suzanne Gallagher - So that’s how it’s done! Thanks, I know what I’m making over the weekend.

lifeologia - I was bummed that you didn’t post your smoothie recipe… there’s some material for your next post 😉
PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T BUY A PINEPPLE PEELER – it’s just a money grabber – a good sharp knife will do the trick – as Meg just showed. (Meg I hope you did a video of it to post on YouTube 😉
Happy Weekend.

Jen - Okay–now I want the smoothie recipe!!!
LOVE fresh pineapple. It’s worth every cent!!

melia - One more thing about pineapple cutting I’ve learned. 30-45 minutes before cutting, twist the top green stuff off and place it upside down. This helps evenly distribute all of the juice that has settled in the bottom…works like a charm 🙂

Jen - In fact I did learn, I thought I needed one of those fancy pineapple cutter things, therefore never have bought FRESH pineapple, now I will, “cuz I love me some pineapple”!

Diana - That’s awesome! I definitely don’t buy produce that I don’t know how to pick out or how to cut! Now I can buy pineapples 🙂

melissa - ok, so i *do* buy whole pineapple and cut it myself…however, i’ve never done it your way. funny that my son asked me the other day if it is ok to eat the brown stuff. “sure, why not!!”
now, i’ll have to try your way!!!

Krista - DITTO on all the other posts, it really looks yummy. You have inspired me to go and dig into the one that’s waiting for me in my kitchen! Please post your smoothie recipe– pineapple and blueberries? What else is in there?

Heather Mc - Thanks, Meg – I never knew how to properly cut up a pineapple. Now how do you tell if the pineapple is ripe? And your smoothie looked yummy. Would you share your favorite smoothie recipes? Thanks Again! :o)

bopha - okay, i thought i had a good way, but that’s much better.

Liza - Greetings from Aloha-land – Maui. Great demo! If you are going to have a tropical drink (aka mai tai), use the hard center core as a flavor stick. Cut them into long bits like squared off, filled-in straws. Unique and flavor full if you stir the drink with the stick. Also, it is the small little pit bits at the outer edge of the fruit as it turns into the rind which makes our lips burn and pucker. Happy spring!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler - Thats a neat way to avoid getting the brown bits. I’ll have to try that next time. i’ve always just tried to kind of “peel” the outer parts off.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Girl, seriously this was helpful. I would not have cut it that way. So simple. Thanks for teaching me something new. I just love ya. Have an awesome weekend:)

Courtney Walsh - I will never forget the time my husband taught on the fruits of the spirit in kids’ church and every fruit was assigned an actual fruit. One of them was pineapple. I couldn’t believe how many kids had no idea what it was. lol
I LOVE fresh pineapple and have been known to sit down and eat an entire one by myself. I cut mine a tiny bit differently, but I”m trying your way next time!! Smoothie. Yum. Wonder if I could make a good smoothie without milk or dairy…hm…

Janine - Not dorky at all. Thanks! Much better than my way. However I am a weirdo who prefers canned pineapple to fresh. The fresh is too acidic for me and when I cut it up, it gives me a rash on my hands and arms. Like I said i’m a weirdo.

ashley - That’s SO much easier that how I do it. Thanks! [And it’s not dorky. Enjoy that smoothie.]

Julie - So not dorky Meg. Very helpful and I’m buying a pineapple this week to try your method. My daughter had pineapple last week and kept calling it inepapple! So I’m going to try and cut my own inepapple thanks to you!

julia - I’m struggling with step one.

Tara - I love it that you don’t take this blogging thing too seriously. trying to get there myself. 🙂
just cut a pineapple last night…the whole thing was eaten between dinner and lunch today. the whole thing.
thank God it was only $2.98.
thanks for the cutting tips. I definitely buy them each week, but I sure haven’t been cutting them like you…I’ll try it next time.

Ally - man, I LOVE canned pineapple. One time in college the cafeteria had a carribean themed night and they used pineapples as decorations. Well, yours truly had the brilliant idea to smuggle one out under her coat and eat about half of it, until I realized that my lips were BURNING. I guess that was my punishment. I still like fresh pineapple, but I could eat a whole can without my mouth burning off. And that’s my story.

Flower Patch Farmgirl - I am compelled, over and over again, to eat fresh pineapple in my pretty Target-bin bowl. It has become a nightly ritual.

monique - never have i ever bought a pineapple b/c of exactly that…not a clue as to how to do it!! so thank you bunches for enlightening me 🙂

Amber Zimmerman - Hey! I learned something new today. 🙂 I totally just sounded like Sid the Science kid.

Elise - I’ve been cutting pineapple wrong my whole life. Dorky, or not, this post made my day.

Kara - I love your dorkiness – I am very similar in the dorkiness department and I have learned to embrace it. I sent a new co-worker the other day that I was going to stop for a pop – but, not paying attention, said I was getting a poop. And instead of being mortified, I’m oh so proud!
I loved your pineapple demonstration – I usually go the easy route and buy it all cut up but that is expensive!

Laura - yep, i’m that one person who never learned how to cut a pineapple (i won’t even tell you how old i am!) thanks for the lesson – i’ll buy fresh from now on! now if my kids would just eat pineapple…

sarah - Love this.
I was just staring at a pineapple at Sprouts yesterday,
wondering if I bought it… how would I cut it up.
(hubby is on business.. he usually does the cutting, he’s the cook around here)
I didn’t buy one. But with this handy dandy ‘how to’, I think I’ll have to pick one up today.
I feel silly though, for not knowing how to cut a pineapple.

Nancy M - I have a tip that I just learned recently – when the leaves pull out *easily* from the top, it is ripe and ready to eat. Thanks for the cutting tips. You are more organized that I am, and I always leave little brown bits. ♥

Sandy - thanks, you’re the best! I’m with anna…you stopped the tutorial too soon….what’s in the smoothie? looks yummy!!

anna - ok, now will you post your smoothie recipe? please?!!!

Lee Ann - it’s not dumb! I have people ask me all the time how to cut one. My mom was visiting last week and asked me to buy a pineapple. She’s NEVER bought one becasue she didn’t know how to get a good one, or how to cut it. Now she knows!

Laura Phelps - fabulous.
Next week, can you teach me how to core an apple?

Amy - Look at all the people you helped! 🙂 Including ME! I’m bookmarking your post and putting pineapple on my grocery list right now. I’ve always been too afraid. THANKS MEG!

Staci - MMmmmmm 🙂 And now, I must have a pineapple blueberry smoothie 🙂 Happy Weekend 😉

Aimee - Fantastic! Thanks for this. I remember watching my mom cut a pineapple once as a kid but she did it very differently and the pieces all had the brown part on them. You have inspired me to try this now. I am going to buy a pineapple this weekend!

Amanda - ok fine, I’m done buying canned pineapple.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen - i seriously had no idea how to cut pineapple….so thanks. 🙂

Kissy Lovestuff - i love your blog.

Erin @ Cultivating Home - I’d like to add to Naomi’s suggestion of planting the top half. You need to cut the top so it has at least 1-2 inches of pineapple meat still attached. I plant mine directly in a pot of soil, put it outside (to avoid fruit flies), and water it regularly. It will look like it’s not doing anything, but you have to resist the urge to pull it up and check. The roots take a while to form and are very delicate; you’ll pull it up, see that it does have roots growing but you will by then have killed the plant. In about 1-2 months (depending on how much sun it gets; it likes a lot), you’ll notice a new green sprig sprouting from the middle. I have gained three gorgeous pineapple plants this way.

Phebe Roberts - Hi Meg,
I’ve been following your blog for a while now and truly enjoy it. I’m a Malaysian married to an American living in the Midwest and busy with 4 kids. 🙂 Just thought I’d chime in and let you know how we cut our pineapples. I was about to explain when I came across the blog of another fellow Malaysian with pics, Youtube and all. Hope you enjoy!

Alisha Gibb - I love it!

Ruby - Thank you! Great post!!!!!

Robyn - I’m a dork too, but one who has never cut a pineapple 🙂 so I’m glad you let your dorkiness out today!

katy - I’ve never cut a pineapple before, so I really appreciate this post! Thank you for that! 🙂

Janie Fox - I love a fresh pineapple and a big dork! 🙂

alice - i mostly do it your way, but i’ve never seen the little sections cut at the end – then slide your knife under. that would definitely take care of the brown spot problem. so, dorky post appreciated :). thanks!

Tanya - I love learning 🙂

adrienne - i buy it fresh already cut and peeled… bad, bad, bad i know b/c it so expensive. but your right, the canned stuff is soooo nasty! maybe ill peel my own next time 🙂

Kelley - ThAnK yOu! I have never bought a fresh pineapple before because I didn’t know how to cut it. I just paid more and sighed as I bought the fresh cut from the grocery store. I am buying one this weekend! Thanks Meg!!

Naomi - Apparently if you keep the top part, dry it out and plant it in soil you can grow your own at home!

jeana - I’m another one of those!I have bought one before but chickened out and had my husband cut it…I ususally buy the fresh already cut up and the big proce tag. I will give this a shot, thanks!

Kelly O. - that was very helpful and not a wasted post

alyssa - I cut the skin off after I cut the top and bottom off. Just cut strips around until you’re done/ But that works too! Can’t say i’ve ever seen it done like that. So, I guess what I’m saying is, you didn’t help me, but you showed me something new! Have a great day.

Vera - I learned!! I do buy fresh pineapple, but I put my hands in grave danger and cut ugly chunks every time I cut mine up. Thanks for this awesome technique!

Susan - Not dorky at all! Thanks!

Staci Danford - Looks pretty darn good to me.. YUM… I just ate a Rolo for my breakfast.. YUCK

angela - Dorky? Maybe, but I love this post! I cut them all the time, so I know how. But, I remember when I DIDN’T know how…and I would have loved this post! keep being dorky!

leslie - you inspire me to be crafty and i’m not crafty…
and now you’ve inspired me to buy a pineapple so that’s what i shall do sometime today.
ooh, good question-person above me…how do you know if it’s ripe and yummy like the one you chose?

Zarah - It’s not dumb, I love fresh pineapple! (although I totally peel it differently than you… your way looks easier though. After trimming the top and bottom, I cut all the prickly stuff off the outside first using a serrated knife.)

Ann - Thanks!

Amy - So not the dumbest post ever! I try to tell people it is sooooooo worth it to buy a fresh pineapple over the nasty canned variety, but they inevitably whine about how to ‘get to the good stuff’ of the prickly fruit. Now I can send them this post and revel in the joy of gaining another ‘freshie’ convert. Thanks, Meg!

megan - what else do you put in your smoothie recipe? that looked fabulous!
ps…good job on the pineapple demo! thanks

Jenn Thomas - The smoothie looks yummy – I have a question – how do you pick out a good ripe pineapple?

Musings Of A Gem - I never knew so thanks for that 😀 Super healthy and sooo juicy with soo much flavour…who’d say no to pineapple?!
Anyway Thanks meg : ) If any of you get a chance check out my new post @
Gemma X

Ashley - Pampered Chef just came out with a pineapple corer/peeler – a bigger version of their apple corer! It is AWESOME!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles - thanks! that certainly helped me out. i never buy canned pineapple, but i do always buy the pre-cut fresh pineapple… not cheap! thanks again for the tutorial! it really did help. have a great weekend!

shelley - you helped me too!! i just bought one this week and was going to google how to cut a pineapple! wahhoo! 🙂

Vicki - *waving*
I’m the one person!! I have never bought a whole pineapple because I didn’t know how to cut it. I don’t buy canned but pay for someone else to cut it!!
So you have helped one person today!! Thanks!!! 🙂

Liana - I finally bought a whole pineapple last week after getting a delicious one in a fruit basket for Easter. It is so worth it and the kids gobble it up. Yum!

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