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after my pineapple cutting demonstration…i made a smoothie.
i almost always do.
and it’s nothing special.

frozen blueberries (even if they have ice crystals all over them…)
i use frozen because they are cheaper.
i will use fresh this summer…maybe.

orange juice.
blend it.
and that’s it.
no measurements…i just add and pour…if there is a bunch then i share with my kids or craig.
or not.
sometimes i add strawberries…sometimes not.


sabeen - Wonderful!. This looks tasty. I like your idea. Your photo help is really best. This is good work. Thank you so much.

Laura - Would you mind sharing what kind of blender you have? I need a new blender and want one that will blend such things well.

Cortney - Dr.Sears has a great recipe you can google. I know you were just posting what you use not asking for suggestions. Oj has a lot of sugar and you wont miss it if you add a banana. You have to watch yogurt as well if you are watching sugar. Silken tofu is a great source of protein.

Rach - We love smoothies over here. Great way to get miss picky eater to get some good nutrition in her. Now if only I could make a spinach and broccoli shake taste good. 🙂

April~Living The Sweet Life - Hi Meg so happy you found me through Country Living Magazine. This recipe looks wonderful. I am on a smoothie kick right now.

Courtney Walsh - you make it without milk? This is great news because I can’t have dairy! I’m going to try this! 🙂

Molly - Yum! That looks delicious!

Gemma - Yummy! That colour looks amazing. You’ve inspired me to go and buy a pineapple today : )
If any of you get a chance please take a look at my blog…I want to make some new friends!
Gemma X

anne - you win the best freckles award.

Tanya - I need a blender

No.17 CherryTreeLane - I just bought a huge watermelon and have some banana’s and frozen berries. I wonder if that would work.

Melanie - I could drink that right now:)

linda lou - yummie for your tummie (:

Vicki - You know it’s spring/summer time when you can whip out the smoothies…there’s just something about drinking a smoothie in the winter that just isn’t nearly as satisfying as when it warms up outside. Cheers!

Staci - Met some friends just this morning to have a smoothie and chat 🙂 I chose the chai tea one this morning…never had one before and it was super yummy 🙂

tami reed - that looks yummy, my hubby makes the best smoothies too lol

Karina - Yum! I love making those for the kids, smoothies are so versatile, you can throw in bananas or not, yogurt or not, it’s really flexible. I thought everybody liked them until I had a friend and her daughter over; I made smoothies for the whole gang and our guests were the only ones who left their glasses barely touched. I thought, how ODD, and what a WASTE of smoothie!! I’ll save them for us next time; maybe guests could use a taster spoon like they do at an ice cream counter before I commit to pouring them a glass!!

beth - I second that…YUMO!

Maggie Rose - I use frozen stawberries too, and no ice. I usually add something creamy like a little yogurt or soymilk.
Looks so good right now! Our blender broke so no smoothies for me for a while 🙁

Christy - Yumm! Makes me want to make a smoothie right now.
*LOL* @ Jill – I didn’t notice until you pointed it out, but I have those glasses too. They are indestructable!

kristine - i use frozen berries so i don’t have to use ice. then i just eat the fresh fruit when it’s in season 🙂
great self-portrait. isn’t it nice to actually start being in the pictures?!

Staci Danford - YUM… Wow I love smoothies.. I am going to the store today and buying some fruit, getting my blender, and making me one.. LOVED it..

Jill J - Oops, I mean “they’re” not “there”

Jill J - OK… Does everyone on the planet have those drinking glasses? I don’t even go to Target to get replacements anymore, there always at Goodwill. 🙂

The lady of the House - Yummy! Smoothies are delish aren’t they! Have a smashing day! The Lady

Trina McNeilly - Yummy yum yum. I need a blender bad. Can’t believe I’ve gotten by without one for so long..but now I need a smoothie.

Georgia - I like the look and the making of a smoothie, but i just cant drink them.. lol
Looks a lovely purple colour though!

Dana@Bungalow'56 - I just have to say, I am still loving the new haircut. I take notice of it every time you share a picture. We put yogurt in our smoothies. The kids think they are drinking a milkshake.

Jodi - This looks like a yummy combo. I usually make a peanut butter banana with soymilk and ground flax in the morning. I want to try this though, it looks lighter for summer. I cracked my plastic blender though and patched it up with duct tape…classy right?

anna - yay! thanks for posting that! looks so good!

tara pollard pakosta - YUMMY! we all LOVE smoothies here!
We usually do strawberry/banana/apple/flax/spinach/juice!
I use frozen berries alot too>
delicious! I love your blog!

Pamela duMont - smoothies are a daily drink here…we add flax oil, protein powder and sprinkle some wheat germ in for good measure! I make mine with yogurt…and BTW..go see the movie BABIES. you’ll love it. I took my daughter on Mothers Day..

Lee Ann - we love smoothies too. Here’s my trick. I chop/freeze the bananas….especially if they’re getting to old to eat. Freeze them on a plate until frozen, then dump in a bag or container. This way you don’t have to use ice. We also love to add spinach…..even my kids!…..oh, and peanut butter for protein.

Amy - just wanted you to know that I went and bought a pineapple after your last post and will not buy canned again! My kids are enjoying a smoothie this morning too! (minus the bananas…ewww, mama doesn’t like them!)
you are too cute and thanks for just making me smile when I read your posts! Makes me feel that life is just as normal as it should be!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles - i wish i made smoothies… they always look so yummy… but seem like a pain to make!

Bec - You should throw in a little spinach- can’t taste it but it is good for you! (use the fresh kind, not the can 😉 )

paige - we love those around here too…can get a little expensive making daily smoothies for 5 with fresh fruit, but yum yes!
trying to find some great protein to add to them…

Nancy - my girls are all over the “smoovies” as my youngest calls them. My oldest just whipped it up herself. I find that when she makes it, she eats it. Love that. Pineapple will be in our next one, now. A little bit of Hawaii. If I can’t get to Hawaii, I will pretend!

Dianne - YUM!!!! I have a pineapple at home that may be destined for a smoothie tonight 🙂

Tam - delish! I wish I could make one right now! I need to get groceries 🙁

Emily - I add 1/4 cup of egg whites to make mine a protein smoothie, and it’s tasteless!

Nicole Q. - wish we could sit and chat over a good smoothie today!

jess - yum! i am on a “green” smoothie kick…adding spinach to mine!

megan - thanks for posting that. i wondered if you put yogurt in it when i was reading your “pineapple post”. smoothies are such a great way to crank out your 5-a-day goal!!
have a great day!

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