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craft thursday #1

rule #1 of craft thursday (from here on out) for mama….

be in a good mood when we start.

it doesn't work well to start a craft with kids if i am not mentally ready.  
but we pushed through my mood and we did it.

hopefully they will want to make crafts with me again someday…..

i chose a painting project from Pink and Green Mama's site.
she taught it to first graders….Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flower paintings. 

first we looked at pictures of her paintings to notice the details.
then i gave a pencil to draw their flower having the petals touch all four sides of the paper.
then a sharpie to go over the pencil.

then watercolor paint.
the petals different from the middle and different from the background.

i lost sean at the very start when i said "i want you to draw a flower"
he said no.

he drew a cactus, didn't like how it turned out…threw it away and went to swim in the pool.
oh well.

the girls finished.
they loved it.
both so proud of their work.
i felt more relaxed than i did all day
 when i was painting mine.

annie's rainbow flower.

talby's sunflower.
my purple cone flower.

so that is it.
craft thursday.
one down….ten more to go!!!

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Sharon - Excellent!! I have got to do this! I have a degree in fine art and yet avoid it at all costs when it comes to my kids. I haven’t painted or done anything serious since before I had kids. ugh. surely I could do this project. Thanks for posting it. good to meet you, hopped over from A Familiar Path.

jasmine bailey-barfuss - Frame those babies – they are gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!
(PS I forgot to tell you that I have read the five love languages – good book, lots of food for thought…)

Michele - These are so beautiful! Thanks for the great idea. We made these and they turned out great. (I even made one!) I bought watercolor paper from Michael’s.

Christina-fivewalkers - So so great! I love how you can give the same instructions and get such different results. Very cool!!

tara pollard pakosta - yay! these are GORGEOUS!
totally doing these with my girls!!
LOVE THEM! you need to frame these!

peta - great colours! you must have great waterpaints that keep nice and bright. can you recommend a brand? I went searching and couldn’t find any worth buying …..
great inspiration! my daughter will love this project.

Melanie - You are such a good mom. You are really raising crafty children. Talby and Annie are always willing to do something fun. Hope you have a great summer.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh wow! I love it. I have been a huge fan of her art for years (since High School… that was just a few years ago, right?!).
What a great way to teach the kdis about art! I love it.

Allison - I just wanted to say thanks for posting the how to cut a pineapple tutorial a while back… I read it then, and today I am having a tropical dinner party and bought a whole pineapple rather than pre-cut pineapple since I knew I could come back to your blog and find out how to cut it. And great craft project, by the way! Hope you frame those.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Those are really great. You have some budding artists in your home. My girls have been begging me to paint. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and listen. Time to pull out their craft table:) Have a great weekend Meg.

josephine - Always, always, always be in a good mood yourself before starting a craft project with kids…no doubt. These are beautiful! Makes me think, but I doubt I have the atience for it…

Sandy - I love Sean’s reaction…made me chuckle. Talby’s definately deserves a frame and a prominent spot on the wall! Or sold on your Etsy shop. You can tell her I said so. 🙂

Beth - Love it! I’m going to the O’Keeffe museum next week. Love Georgia. I blogged about her recently on my art teacher blog. And I’ll be doing a similar project with 4th grade next year so Sean will get another chance .

Alison Williams - I am new to your blog, and it’s terrific! I’m rurally impressed with how those pics turned out. I try in vain so far with my 2.5 year old boy, maybe when he’s a little older, but alas, he is a very boysey boy, all cars, trains, and the like. Of course delightful in it’s own way, I do enjoy being a human racetrack :-). Anyway, many thanks for this blog, it’s great!

sarah - So pretty!
I love each flower painting 🙂

Julie - Those are beautiful!!!!I struggle with doing creative stuff with my kids (b/c it test my patience) so I signed them up for an art class and had them taught by someone else this year. What I found was that the teacher’s patience was tested as well (she was still an excellent teacher and they learned!) I was glad to know it wasn’t just me. 🙂

Jennifer - I so love your honesty, Meg! I am putting together crafts for my four babes this summer and to be honest I really am worried that they are going to careless about any effort that goes into planning. Thanks for the reminder that it is not about that…its about love and your kids knowing that they are worth the effort regardless of how they feel about it! You are a virtual best friend who I know, knows exactly how I feel sometimes! I pray for you, Meg!!! Loves!

dianereeves - the paintings are so pretty and summery. I am looking forward to seeing next weeks craft.

Kat - Meg, I have a request.
With 4 young children, I look at your blog and get a bit disheartened about how to find time to decorate my house on limited funds and time, or just have time to do any more than just live each day doing the practicalities.
I would love to hear about the realities of day to day life when your kids were younger please.
Could you maybe take us back in time to when your kids were closer to the ages of mine so I can have a reality check please? 😉 (My kids are just turned 8, 51/2, 31/2 and 18 months.)
If you have time, that would be great! 🙂

Kelly - Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! Kelly

Kat - Just beautiful!
You have inspired me.
I helped my 8 year old Daughter and her friend make snow flake fairies yesterday (with lots of glitter!) while my other three were out or occupied.
They had so much fun.
Now we can try the flowers next.
You are such a great Mum Meg 🙂

traci in virginia - Those are really awesome!! Great work! You are a good Mom! Maybe the ideas will rub off…..hmmm.

Suz Reaney - Wow…those are just wonderful!
We are pretty new…stop by sometime! (We aren’t all about our jewelry…really!)

Robyn - im very impressed!

Sarah Keith - great idea! Gonna check out that website.

Tracy Fisher - So cute. It got me thinking of my own summer with my kids. Keep the fun ideas coming!
– Tracy (

Krista - All 3 are gorgeous! Great idea!

katherinemarie - ohhhh these are beyond deligthful!!! These rich vibrant colors are just begging to be displayed. Maybe at the end of the summer you could put on an ART show with all these beauties!? AND I see your kiddos take after YOU– crazy artistic! 🙂

Taryn - So i think i could do this….if you get the chance, email me and let me know if you used posterboard (i’m assuming you did, but being the FARTHEST thing from an artist, i could be wrong). My girls would be ALL OVER THIS! I will think of you if we ever pull it off (and i will think of you many other times even if we don’t:) ) Love ya!

Cindy - These are absolutely gorgeous!
We will be painting these this summer for sure!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Enjoy the day!

kristine - you could probably throw those on etsy and add to the college fund! 🙂

kristine - stunning! you will have a gorgeous gallery by summer’s end!

Courtney - I love all the colors, I would totally frame them and hang them in my house. The sunflower seems particularly amazing to me.

Kristi - Wow! Those are great. I was planning a still life session for myself and my 11 year old girlie, but I think I like this flower idea better!

melissa - cool idea. i think i am going to bust out water color paints today for the girls!

kathy eller - SUCH a great idea!! I love Georgia O’Keefe…I am totally unartisitic (its pretty sad) I have many mnay empty walls right now…BUT I have 5 children who ARE artistic…hmmm…..You have inspired me!!

Nicole Q. - They all turned out so beautiful!

Julie K. - Soooooo pretty!!!! I’m thinking about doing another art camp this summer … might put this one in the idea pile!

Dina - absolutely beautiful!!! I would so frame these and display them! Gorgeous!


Nancy - I love this…. when we start our summer vacation in 3 weeks, I will be doing this one with my girls. Thanks for the idea.

citymouse - Very cool! These would make an incredible collection to display.

Tam - I love this craft-the flowers are so colorful and beautiful!

Lynda - LOL…..NO!!!….:D……the paintings are lovely!!!! really nice work girls!!!!

AshleyAnn - Those are beautiful. I look forward to when my boys can draw flowers like that. However, they probably would prefer to draw a cactus or Lego man. That is a seriously cool craft, I might do it by myself. In fact, I think I will.

Shelly - You always come up with the prettiest crafts! (maybe it’s because we have all boys, but everything cool ends up brown or something in a war with something else!)

Jaime Melcher - Thanks for sharing! Today was our last day of school & I’m excited about the fact that you’re a week ahead of us & we can borrow your ideas for Craft Thursdays at our house…
The flower paintings are fabulous, I love those bright colors! 🙂 Did you just use normal paper or was it extra thick? Have a super Memorial Day weekend! ~Jaime

amy d - …i want to come over on craft thursday! pretty, pretty colors!

leslie - sweet. talby’s is my fav.! but all of them look super-flowery! 😉

Petie - You are really inspiring me! Just finished a “summer plan” for us. You’re brave to do crafts…I have to be in just the right mood 😉 Have a great weekend.

Heather - that is so cool! i love the way the all turned out, but talby’s sunflower is really awesome! i love the color combo. it feels really summery.

Laura Wilder - These are great – are you going to frame them? I can’t wait until I have little ones old enough to create and I can have a house full of art! 🙂

Jenn Thomas - how pretty they turned out!I love the colors. Can I send London down next week 🙂

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