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 i told you last month that my mom makes AMAZING margaritas.
i am here for a visit and asked her if i could blog it.
of course she said yes.

you need:
frozen limeade, tequila, triple sec and a beer. (any brands are fine for any of these i am sure)

pour the limeade into the blender…

use the empty limeade can as your measuring cup.
fill it 2/3 full of tequila
then 1/3 full of the triple sec

pour it in the blender too.

fill your blender with ice.
lots of ice.

then blend it.
it will be slushy yumminess.

after that is done THEN you add one bottle of beer.

DO NOT USE THE BLENDER after the beer is poured in.
you will have margaritas all over the place.

(i may have done that once in my kitchen but no one can prove it so i am not admitting to anything….)

i won’t tell you how many i had.

Or how many pitchers we made…. 

mom made a big dinner for everyone.
we call it “polynesian chicken”…you start with rice and then you continue down the line of food
adding what you like to your plate.
i choose rice, chicken, sauce (cream of chicken soup), cheese, pineapples, chow mein noodles & coconut.
but everyone always a different meal at the table.
it’s good.
(the strawberries/bananas/yogurt/cottage cheese are side dishes…not part of the polynesian chicken)
we ate on the patio in the perfect summer weather.
a still summer night.
my sister and her girls came for the night too.
it was so nice to spend some time together.
we got the kids to bed and my mom, dad and my sister and i talked into the night.
a really nice evening.



you have to try my mom’s margaritas.
they are just yummy.
they do not taste like a margarita mix…it tastes like a restaurant margarita…a mexican restaurant!




you can make these on the rocks instead of frozen.
just make it in a pitcher and add 1/2 a can of water to it.
then serve it over ice.

it is really good that way too! 

ICEAGE - These are great! Never thought of beer as a component of margarita mix. Big fan of Blue Moon anyway, so this was perfect. Thanks…

POOPSICLE - Yea, its called LIMEADE!!! LOL

Bailey C - Ladies Night In tomorrow and margaritas are on the menu. I remembered this post and although I still have yet to try them myself, we will all be experiencing them together…can’t wait!!

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Rattikarn - Ohhh this sounds so yummy! I might just have to go buy these inreedignts and have one tonight! Heck, why wait, maybe I’ll have one this morning! Thanks for the recipe Meg!

Tammy - We had these last night at a party. They were the BEST! Thanks!!

Bridget Gladman - Love this receipe! We made 5, YES 5 pitchers of it one weekend. UMMM GOOOD! Thanks for sharing.

Jill - So I am usually the cook, I am always the DJ but I am never the bartender. That is my husband’s job. But last night this recipe gave me the courage to give it a whirl and OH.MY.GOODNESS. Success on my first try. 🙂

Meredith - I’d missed reading your blog for a week or so and was catching up and saw this. I got my boyfriend to sit down and read over it (we love margaritas) and he said that in Mexico, if you wanted a very similar drink, you’d need to order a michelada! In Mexico, they have both drinks, the difference being a michelada has lime and beer (and sometimes spices)!

Marisa - We made these today for our post-ballet-recital bash. (For the grown-ups, anyway.) They were yummy! Thanks (to you and your mom) for sharing!

Courtney - Okay, I had a party last night and tried out these margaritas. They were awesome! The beer cut a bit of the “twang” out and tamed the super sweetness. No more margarita mixes for me…I’m sold!!!

lifeologia - Your mom is AWESOME. How cool that you both can enjoy some margarita’s – my mom’s not that cool 😉

matt - I’m always trying random stuff in our margaritas so thanks for posting your mom’s recipe. It looks wonderful. I personally think one key to a good margarita is to make it reeeely cold. My only beef is the salt. The salt never comes out right. It’s always chunky and not pretty like a string of aciduous pearls. So if you have tips on the salt rim I’m all ears. Oh, and I see someone posted about adding sugar and salt. great idea heather! I’ll try it.

our life in a click - I always make mine with limeade also but sometimes leave out the triple sec. I never heard of adding a beer. Must try this sometime. Looks like a fun night!
I like doing half sugar/half salt for the rim.

Meg - Drank these last night from jelly jars, on the patio, with some of my favorite “church mommies.” they were delish! thanks for sharing.

linda lou - i’ll be over for a margarita when i’m in the neighborhood next time do i need to call ahead of time? (:



kat - Oh my yummy yum yum! I can’t wait to try that Margarita recipe, I wonder how it would taste with a Bud Light Lime? Sounds delish. I love Blue Moon, that sounds like the perfect choice. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Looks like me and the hubs will have to test it. Can’t wait.

Jessica - WE have that too but we call it Hawaiian Haystacks. Always a hit! That reminds me, we haven’t had that in a while!

Julie - YUMMO!

Queen Bee - I hate margaritas. I want to like them, I truly do. I try and try but alas, me no likie tequila. I think I might try to make these substituting in some other various alcohol that I do like….. um, maybe a strawberry flavored wussy liquor. I’m such a GIRLIE GIRL when it comes to alcohol.
I tell you what though — You and Your Mom Kick Ass. Plain and simple.

Jessica - Oohhh Im definitely going to make this tonight! Nothing beats the Florida heat like a good margarita! Thank your mom for sharing this recipe!

Tam - a beer! Brilliant addition. I can’t wait to try them!

Stina - We are in Wyoming and call that rice dish a Hawaiian Haystack. Funny thing. My husband is born and raised in HI and not only never heard of them his whole life…but was absolutely horrified that we would put cream of chicken and fruit, or anything close to either, on rice. lol.
I wonder if it’s just called that because of the fruit? All my in-laws were appalled when he told them. Darn haoles! 🙂

Kelley - I made these margaritas last night and they ROCKED! I know I will not make them any other way from here on out. Thanks for sharing this deliciousness!

Selina - Yum! I wish I could find limeade here in Australia. 🙁

Jamie - Made these today for our Memorial Day celebration and they were a huge hit. We even already had Blue Moon in the fridge! Of course Midwesterners know how to make the best Ritas! Thanks for the post.

sarah - One of my friends asked recently if I knew about a margarita that added a beer in the mix. I told her about the ones your mom made us that night when we were there… they’re were delish.
We have plans to make them for one of our next ‘sisterhood’ gatherings 🙂
The food looks so yummy!

Christina-fivewalkers - Yum! And it sounds like a perfect evening. I am going to see my parents very soon (my dad is retiring after 36 years pastoring one church) and I am sooo excited. So are the kids. 🙂 Thanks for adding to my anticipation. But, they don’t drink, so I’ll have to do the margaritas with someone else. 🙂

Jessica @ One Shiny Star - We call then Hawaiian haystacks too, and they are ever popular and church gatherings! Yummm. Looks like a good start to the summer!

kristine - i love that your mom drinks margaritas!
your mom is gorgeous!
and has beautiful hands too!
btw the pic of your sister reminded me that i copied one of your “things to do” and added “vacay with my sister” to mine. i hope you get to do yours too!
happy holiday weekend! xo

Rachel / cREaTe - funny funny – just read Ann Marie’s comment & yes – the recipe i use is technically called “knock ya nakeds”. 🙂 small world … wonder what its origin is!

Rachel / cREaTe - very similar to the margarita recipe i use … except add a can of sprite & instead of 1/3 can full of triple sec – just make it all tequila. oh & no ice. but maybe that’s why they’re super strong. maybe some ice would help. 🙂 ha ha ha LOOKS LIKE FUN!

tara pollard pakosta - they sound delicious!!!
I just saw a recipe on the barefoot contessa
show and it was for pineapple margaritas, they sounded
yummy too (it was triple sec, tequila, ice, pineapple juice and the juice from limes)
I want to try this one!
sounds like a delightful evening!!!

mandy - i would love to know how your mom makes the chicken for the pol chicken??? i had this at a friends house one time, but have never been able to make it the same…thanks friend!

chasity - wondering if there is a good non-alcoholic version.
it’s against my religion to drink alcohol…something to think about.

Staci - Sooooo making these TO-DAY!!!!! Just got back from a week at Disney…I need to triple the batch I think 🙂 I’ve missed your blog 🙂

Ann Marie - I have a very similar recipe for these! They are called ‘Knock you naked margaritas’. We always have them on the rocks but instead of adding water we add a can of 7up

Robyn - how did you get such an amazing photo of the lanterns. i can not for the life of me get nighttime photos.

Trish - yummers… gonna have to wait awhile since i’m 30 weeks pregnant and planning to nurse til he is one! oh well, I will just live through you 😉

Tanya - Sounds and looks like a great meal and evening!

Krista - YUMMMMMMM, I am soooo thirsty right now (at 12:15 in the afternoon) for one of those. Interesting recipe, I am writing it down now so I can try it when I have company!

Melanie - Yummy! I am going to have to try this! I don’t drink but I love maragrits!

Patty - Beer in a margarita? Gotta try this!

Holly - I a definately going to try these! What a fun night!

Sara Cameli - This makes me miss you all so much! Love the photos of your Mom and Lorel! 🙂 Wish I lived closer…boo hoo. Not that I need Margaritas to love you all! ha ha.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Margaritas are the only alcohol drinks that I think actually tastes good. I’ll have to try it sometime. Looks like you had a fun time. That polynesian chicken buffet looked interesting too.

jennifer - Ooooh! Those will definitely be made at some point this weekend!
Funny story about that beer… About a year ago, the county that we live in decided that our street name needed to change because there was another street about a mile away with a very similar name. We live on a small cul-de-sac with only three houses, so they sent us each a letter and told us to come up with a new street name. We thought we were moving at the time, so didn’t put our suggestions in and another neighbor could care less, so my next door neighbor submitted her choice and we now live on Blue Moon Ct. Named after the beer! I love my neighbor, she’s the best! And she’s going to LOVE your mom’s margarita recipe.
Thanks for sharing!

~Stefanie - I had been waiting for you to post this recipe since you mentioned your mom made the BEST margaritas! Would have never thought to add a beer, we will be trying these out tonight! Thanks Meg’s mom 🙂

susan - wish I was there!! love your pics..can you post some from further away so we can see the whole atmosphere?? xoxo

Jo @ To a Pretty LIfe - My mom used to make chicken and ricelike that and I’ve been wanting to make it. I just have to go get the groceries for it. You’ve given me more ideas for toppings, thanks!

Kari - Sounds yummy! My mom is diabetic and we make the On the Border light margaritas – you can buy the mix at Target. There is only about 40 calories in one I think (not counting the tequila).
I can’t wait to make your rainbow cupcakes this week for the last day of school. Just did a Chicago Cubs groom’s cake this weekend – love to bake!

Lisa - You go Mom!

Casey - Need to try the margaritas with beer……on my list!
And, I love the idea for dinner. Well done!

tami reed - Thats looks yummy!!!

adrienne - just wrote it down! … will be great on memorial day while floating in the pool!

Sarah @ Dream in Domestic - Those look good! I’ve never had a margarita before. I turn 21 on Thursday – I’ll have to add these to my list of things to try! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberlee J. - Hello summer margaritas. I love you.

Jeanne - This is my favorite recipe too ! Your mom is one wise woman:-)

Rachel - YUM!! This is my recipe, too, minus the beer! We call them “Rachel’s Famous Margaritas” (I make all my friends call them that. It’s not like I have a big head or anything.) Now I’ll HAVE to try the beer in it!! And my fav beer too!! LUH-HUV Blue Moon.
Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

Jennifer - Yum! I love margaritas and am definitely going to try your mom’s version 🙂

Gemma - It all looks lovely!! The lanterns look so pretty too 😀
I’ve never treid a margarita but will remember this one if I ever make one : )
Gemma @ Musings of a gem X

Lynda - *waving*..HI MUM!!!!:)…Sounds like a great day/evening/night…..even without the margaritas;).
Hmm…maybe I’m gonna make some tequilla sunrises tonight….has nothing to do with your margaritas…maybe only the tequilla….;)…I’m not a drinker so don’t know how a margarita is gonna “work it’s magic”;)
Maybe someday!!:D

Lori - We are going to try this! Margaritas are my favorite but we never make them because they DO NOT taste like they are from a restaurant! Too boozy- ugh. I’ll drink one, with salt of course, and think of you and your Mom! Please thank her for sharing! Yippee!!! Lori

Kathy - A beer I would never have thought! Looks like a great evening!

Elise - We call polynesian chicken “hawaiian haystacks” and I love love love them.
Any suggestions to make your mom’s delightful margaritas virgin?

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