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craft thursday #2

well…we were only at home about 1 hour on thursday.
so we had CRAFT FRIDAY.
it wasn't really a craft….more of a project.

i bought paint pods from ACE hardware. (real paint in little sizes)
and sponge brushes.  
and they painted the old picnic table.

i bought one brush for each color.
and threw them away after we were done.
no mixing colors and no washing brushes.

they did a good job.

when they were done i went around and cleaned up the drips and painted in some spots.
but for the most part it was all them.
and it was good.

the picnic table is really bright and ready for summer snack time.

Kimberly Au - cute idea. our kid table is already painted so i can’t do this one. but I did have my kindergartners make Georgia O’Keefe like watercolor paintings last week. they loved that project. and they turned out beautifully. can’t wait to see next week’s craft!

katherinemarie - Soooo FANTASTIC! That is MY kinda table— full of LOVE and full of color– PERFECTION!

Kelly - great job duerksen kids and mama! Kelly

marylea @ Pink and Green Mama - Love the mini pots of color and LOVE that you let your kids paint the table themselves!
So fun and colorful : )

Whatever DeeDee Wants - What a fun idea! I love all the colors! - i love picnic tables — esp. colorful ones!

Melanie - Very cute!

Martina - The last picture is so sweet 🙂

Denissa - How fun! My kids would love to do something like that 🙂 Your love of the rainbow is rubbing off on me 🙂

kristine - love it! i love all the colors and that THEY did it!! way to recruit the kids to get stuff done! 🙂

Tiffany Feger - Hey, I just asked my husband if we could paint our picnic tables too. I should show him your blog. Yours is perfect colors for you guys. I’ll have to let my husband pick the color (singular) for ours though I’m sure . . .

Sandy - They must think (hopefully they KNOW) you are the COOLEST mom!

Christina-fivewalkers - I love it! We don’t have a picnic table, but we have an old bench (picked up for free years ago)…sooo, this gives me an idea…

Pamela duMont - great idea!

Heather - Good job kids!! Food tastes so much better on a pretty table, don’t you know.

Kat - This rainbow table is so “You and yours.” Love it!
The kids would be really proud of their efforts.
Nice work guys 🙂

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - What a GREAT idea. I LOVE it!

Tracy Fisher - I love your picnic table. Have your kids paint their handprints and put them somewhere on the table so you can look back years later and see how they’ve grown. We did that for my mom… and I tear up every time I see those chubbly little hand prints (and one baby foot print). Thanks for sharing all of your crafts with us. I love them!!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Well that just looks like fun. You are such a cool mom. I’d be in there helping just a little too much. Hard for me to stand back and just watch!

april - I love your blog…it makes me happy…..;)

kristenly - so fun! what a great idea for paint samples!

Lynda - look at them painting!!! they did a GREAT job!!!!! They can be proud!!!;)

michelle - beautiful and so much fun! you’re such a great momma!

kathy eller - that WAS realy smart. i ahve a chair that has been waiting to be painted for YEARS!!

lovethosecupcakes - All it needs now is one of your fab rainbow cakes on top!

shelly - Genius!

Gemma - It looks like one happy table : )
They did a really good job !
Gemma @ Musings of a Gem

simpledaisy - What a cute & fun idea:)

kat - I love it! What a fabulous idea! I bet they are really proud of themselves and they should be,they did a fantastic job!!!

Georgia - Wow happy Snacking table!

Tam - What a great idea, I didn’t realize they sold paint in that size 🙂 It’s so colorful, the kids must be so proud!

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