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Pam’s Cheesecake

i have this friend Pam.
she took me to africa with her….we text everyday…she makes so much good food it’s unreal.
she made this cheesecake for a party at my house.
i can’t even describe it.

words can’t describe how i feel about this cheesecake.
created it.
she worked with ingredients from scratch…for years…and CREATED it.
i mean seriously…who does that?

PAM does.
and she agreed to let me blog it.
with pictures.
you are such lucky readers!

here goes…

you need these goodies.
4 packages of cream cheese.
i told you it was good.
put fudge stripe cookies in a big ziploc bag.
and smash them up.

add melted butter and sugar to the cookies in the bag.

and smoosh it all into a spring form pan.

microwave the cream cheese 1 – 2 minutes.
then blend it in your mixer.

with all the other ingredients too.

is that not the prettiest thing you have ever seen?!

you bake it for 45 – 50 minutes at 350.
take it out of your oven (try not to cry about the perfection you about to enjoy…)
leave it in the pan.
let it cool.
then put it in the refrigerator or freezer….you could even leave it overnight.

but that is crazy talk…who would wait a whole day to eat this?!

then pam taught me how to make homemade whipped cream.

it is so easy.

you put whipping cream in a mixing bowl…and mix it.
that is it.
why didn’t i know that?!


pam, the way you cook and bake is an art form.
you are awesome.
i love this cheesecake.

Please leave pam some love on her blog today.
she deserves it.

love you pam!



Sally - Quick question – what size pan do you use? 8″? 9″?
Also, what size sour cream – 8oz or 16oz – this picture you posted looks like 16oz but the recipe says a small tub.
Thank you SO Much!

qasb - sorry but can u give me the exact measurements? ounces?

Katie - What are the specific ingredient amounts or is this not meant to be a shared recipe? I’m confused?

Melia - I am curious as to the measurements of all the ingredients, and what exactly is needed. It looks so delicious, but I want to make sure I have everything correct!

ginny - what size springform pan? i have a box with 3 of them in it. please and thank you!!!

Ola - I’m sorry but could you list the ingredients somewhere, I am not from the States so I might need to substitute some and I also don’t know the amount 🙂 Thanks! This looks delicious and I want to try it for our anniversary.

TonyaElise - Question for your friend Pam: I LOVE this cheesecake! But every time I make it, it cracks when it cools. I was wondering if hers cracked too, or if she knew a secret to keep it from cracking down the middle. Crack or no crack, still the BEST cheesecake EVER! Thank so much for sharing the recipe!

Amanda - Found this from Joy’s Hope, and I am upset that I have no reason to make cheesecake in the near future!

Jessica - Okay, Meg (and Pam), I made this two weeks ago and my husband and friends think I am amazing now that I know how to make cheesecake. THIS cheesecake. Even my MIL was impressed. It was so easy. I am so glad my first cheesecake was this one.
I will be laminating the recipe (actually have to print a new one b/c one of our friends read it and wrote on it, “YES!!! Make for C.J.” Ha ha. Or maybe I’ll just leave it as is. Thanks to both of you for sharing and making me look good. 🙂

teresa - i made it for father’s day…it was yummy beautiful!

Alaina - Meg~ When you say a small sour cream, do you mean the regular 16 oz size (can’t see the size in the pic), or the 8 oz? I’m in the middle of making this recipe and am a little confused. Hope to hear soon. It looks so divine! Thanks for sharing.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap - Back to report that I made the cheesecake, it sat overnight… I about died not being able to eat it right away but we FINALLY got to try it last nigt…. OMG you are right! The BEST ever! My hubby wants it as his birthday cake now! Thank you Pam for perfecting this over the YEARS… wow, YUMMY!

Michelle Whitlow - I made this recipes. SO YUM!!! And my daughter is in love with it 🙂

got2havefaith - fudge striped cookies as the crust…she is a GENIUS!

Cassie - it’s baking in the over RIGHT NOW. 🙂
so excited! i’m bringing it to a b-day party tomorrow.
love you.
love pam.
and i love this cheesecake, too. 🙂

Elise - Between you and Julie, y’all are trying to make us all fat{er, in my case}. That looks so good…Seriously gonna have to try this!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Holy yowza.
ps – Matt Seracen made me cry last night.

Julie - wants.

amy d - YUM!!! hoping this will be served at a upcoming block party!
(hint, hint 🙂

amy jupin - oh holy hell.
this looks good.
i will be making this soon!

kristine - oh and btw you mentioned that you text everyday, and wasn’t getting a phone with texting on your bday list of things to do?!??! hooray for you!

kristine - what i love about pam is that she **let her hair down** to frost it (or whatever a topping on cheesecake is called). she’s adorable and her blog is hilarious and beautifully filled with baked goods. thanks for sharing and btw she got a lot of hits via you. nice props 🙂

Tracy Fisher - OMG (yes, I got that from my 13 yr. old)… I can’t wait to make this. Yum! By the way, do you know what I made up for my texting friends? LGTFAGOWAG (…it means Let’s Get Together For A Glass Of Wine And Giggles). Don’t tell my 13 yr. old!
p.s. you should write a cookbook! I’d buy it in a heart beat 🙂

The Lady of the House - Nummy Num! Num! Thanks Pam! & Meg 🙂

{beth} - this looks AMAZING! …and I am not even a cheesecake person.

ann - You should really be arrested for posting that. That looks deadly good!

emily b - Umm, I need some of that right now… but I need to pack and do laundry… baking a cheesecake probably won’t be a part of trip preparations… I’m in a quandry!
Oh, flash of brilliance! I WILL make it when we get home, and that will be my happy thought as we make the somewhat depressing drive home from the mountains next week.
Thank you for sharing!

Logan - Oh dear mercy……That is beautiful and it is those Fudge Stripe cookies that caught my eye first!!! My grandmother is the only person I have ever known that bought Fudge Stripe cookies and it was such a treat to have them at her house. I am going to make this as soon as I buy a spring form pan. Amazing!!!

Karina - I could just about swim in freshly whipped cream. I add a little icing sugar and vanilla. Do be careful not to over-whip it, or you’ll end up with butter. (Yummy butter, but still no longer whipped cream.)
Someone mentioned having cheesecake as their wedding cake. My husband is lucky I didn’t marry a cheesecake – I love it almost that much.
Do I take it your ban on sugar is over? LOL.

Jocelyn Stott - Making…this…soon. YUM! And yes, homemade whipped cream is the only way to go.

Courtney Walsh - I confess I only recently made homemade whipped cream too! I used whipping cream, sugar and vanilla for mine. it is ridiculous. This looks amazing!! Wish it was gluten free! lol 🙂

tara pollard pakosta - cannot wait to try this out!
what a GREAT friend!

Tam - fudge stripe cookies for a crust-genius! I can’t wait to try it, thanks for sharing the recipe.

Sandy - You had me at the fudge stripe cookies!
I think I’ll make this and surprise everyone at my nephew’s graduation party on Sunday. Yum.

`Kelly - Oh my word. That just made me day.

Amy Aspiras - Looks SO light and fluffy….and that crust…genius! Thanks for sharing.

shelly - Thanks for sharing, looks delish!

Staci - Oh mannnnn….this is going to be the death of me 🙂 Fudge-striped cookies….cheesecake….TOGETHER….yup, I’m dead 🙁 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Gonna go show Pam some love now 🙂

Sharla - Thanks for sharing!

Janine - Sounds like a good recipe for New York style cheesecake. I will have to try this one. My dad and my friend make an amazing cheesecake like this, and while not checking the measurements this is pretty much their recipes. I love the cookie crust idea instead of regular old graham crackers. Did she bake it in a water bath? Oh and here’s a tip – try vanilla extract and lemon zest for a different flavor. OMG so yummy. You can also just let the cream cheese come to room temp instead of microwaving it but maybe the microwaving makes it smoother. I’ll have to try that. Thanks for a new variation on an old classic!

Tess S. - this looks so good. soooo good!
extra tip for whipped cream… add a little sugar and vanilla extract. YUM!

Carrie - SO glad you learned the art of homemade whipped cream. It is so so good. I hope my friends don’t read this today – they think it is amazing that I make homemade whipped cream. Now they will know how easy it is. 🙂

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - What are you doing to me Meg and Pam?? I want cheesecake so bad now it hurts!!!

Micah - Oh my goodness. I can’t WAIT to try this!!! I love how you used fat free sour cream – to counter act all the other fat? Ha!

Kimberlee J. - I was trying to figure out what to make for family coming to town this weekend—I think this it!

Shana - i love you too pam!

Casey - I don’t care for cheesecake normally, but this looks divine! Might just have to add it to my list.

Lisa - mmm now this does look good. Im wondering… 4 blocks of cream cheese equates to how many grams? We cant buy it in blocks over here, its tubs all the way.

pam - We made your Restaurant Margaritas and we just about died they were so amazing. Your taste buds hit it dead on with the Margaritas….we’ll try this and see. :o)

Amy Lynne - Ya, well, I think I’ll be making this today! We LOVE cheesecake. In fact we had cheesecake for our wedding cake!

Jill - Oh boy, I’m reading this and it’s 7:30 in the morning, and I really want to make it RIGHT NOW!

Michelle - Amazing. Truly amazing. We live in Australia. Think Pam would mind whipping (pun fully intended!) one up and sending it to us? Oh yes, it might not travel well in the post 🙂 Seriously, it looks divine. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannette - This looks so yummy, ever at 6:45 in the morning!!! Is there really a timeframe on when you can eat dessert, I think not :o)
thanks Pam for letting Meg share this with everyone, now I am off to Wally World to buy the ingredients. Hmmmm maybe I better wait until my 4 year old gets up.

Gemma - OMG Megan I can’t believe you didn’t know how to make whipping cream…you’re S0 FUNNY!
Cheese cake looks yummy btw : )
Gemma X

Julie - I LOVE cheesecake. It is my favorite dessert. If this is the BEST cheesecake EVER in the history of cheesecake, then I HAVE to try it! Thanks Pam and Meg for sharing!!

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