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craft thursday #3

the kids were very excited to do this project.  
annie requested we wait until she got home from her friend's home to start craft thursday.
we did.
and we gained another friend for craft thursday.
today's project was from Deep Space Sparkle
another fabulous blog FULL of great art for children.

they drew castles.
first with pencil then sharpie.
then painted with watercolor.

they were very detailed.
talby said "i think this is the best picture i have ever made…i am going to hang it in my room!"

sean kept saying "mine is made out of brimstone!"
i don't know if that is a real thing….or just from stories?

a rainbow castle!
pure dreaminess.
and of course she said "i am going to give it to ms. kristin!"

did you notice i don't require shirts for craft thursday?

annie's castle with drawbridge.  
the most colorful castle ever to be made…i am sure of it.
(oh…i drew her sun and hills for her because she asked me to)

sean's castle.
he worked so long on the drawing…the shade moved off the table and he was getting hot.
he had a friend over and was ready to swim…so he didn't quite finish.
but i like his red dragon sneaking in the right side.

talby's castle…sitting in the sunny snowcapped mountains…with a speedboat in her moat.

i loved this craft.
i wished i had made one too.
but the table was full.

happy weekend everyone.
i'll be back on monday!

mel - I meant craft thursday! lol

mel - Ok so your are the most amazing talented coolest mom EVAH! I am so going to start Craft Tuesday! Your kids are so talented…cant wait to start!

Tonya - You inspire me to be a better mom. I’m going to implement a craft day into our week. How fun! And with friends? Even more fun!!

amber - those castles are awesome! way better than I could ever do

amy d - hahaha… i love talby’s motorboat!

Staci Danford - What wonderful fun… and memories they will cherish much longer than we will know.. My “big” kids are always telling me things that they loved and they remember them with such detail.. so many times I have not one single clue about what they are saying…but I sorta feel like I wasn’t a heel of a mother. haha Your kids will treasure so much these summer days full of art and a loving MOM.

Tanya H - Perfect! Thank you!!! I am looking for ideas! 🙂

jasmine bailey-barfuss - Look at these gorgeous creations! So beautiful, so individual! Must do this also 🙂 Call me the big copycat ha ha… Now we just need the rain to flipping stop here! What is this Utah weather at the moment, gal!

Melanie - I am enjoying Craft Thursday. It looks like so much fun. Have a good weekend.

Alicia Butler - Thanks for sharing the blog address. This is the lady (Pam’s friend that called you this week.)
Any other blog addresses?

Thea - AWESOME craft! We will be doing this tomorrow…”craft Saturday!!”…LOL

Heather - i love seeing how each one turns out so different even though they start with the same theme. really fun!

Julie - Those are WONDERFUL! All castles have their own personality; these certainly do too. 😉

MomBE - do you see the skull in annies painting?

Cindy Albert - I saw the animal crackers in the first picture and was waiting for them to come into play…I kept thinking “will they paint them, glue them? Really, jungle animals in a castle scene?” Cute craft.

Jocelyn Stott - Those are FANTASTIC paintings! I love them. Great photos as well and I loved the animal crackers in that picture – it took me right back to childhood.

Leah - I love that website! I have a craft that you might like. It’s an easy and less messy was to do tye dye shirts! We did it at homework club with the kids and they LOVED it!

Christy - These are fantastic! You definitely have some budding little artist in your house, love it! Love how Annie’s castle has a “face” to it, not sure if that was intentioanl, but I love it.

Juli - Any craft that features a giant jar of animal cookies on the table has got to be fun!

the wild raspberry - you would be an awesome homeschool mom!!

Amber - maybe you have posted this elsewhere…but are you buying special watercolors? the color your kids are getting out of them are amazing. granted i generally buy the cheaper watercolors…but my kids pictures always look watered down. (maybe cause they’re 2 & 4 and haven’t mastered water colors yet!)

Patty - Your kids did a great job with their castles! It looked as though they really enjoyed the process, sticking with it and adding all those special details. Well done!

Gemma - I love it! I love water colours! I love rainbow castles! I love your blog 😀
Gemma X

tara pollard pakosta - I just saw this craft in an art book I bought, I think that’s where I saw it anyway LOL!
GREAT artists! WE are doing Art every Thursday this summer too, thanks for the motivation!!!!!!!!!!
took pix to put up too and have to do that today!

Staci - Seriously….those are some SUPER drawings!!!!!! Frameable FOR SURE!!!!!! Awesome! I can’t draw worth a hoot….so I am super impressed by the imaginations of your kids 😉

angela conklin - I want to come to craft Thursday! You do really fun things with your kids. I hope when they are mad at you, they remember these days! - oh, i forgot how much i love watercolors!!

Beth - I love that and I love Deep Space Sparkle too!! She has such good ideas. That is very cool that you are committed to doing art with your kids each week! That is one of the last things I told my classes the last week of school — have a good summer, DO ART, go to the art museum in Wichita(it’s free on Saturdays!!!)and also the Carriage Factory gallery in Newton. You rock.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Those are great. I’m off to check out that site:)

Kathi - I am loving your Craft Thursdays! Wish I had thought of this when DD was younger. She was quite the little artist and I could have challenged her more. Alas, now she’s a teen and I get, “art, Mom? really?” along with rolled eyes, a huffy puff, and a quick exit. I dream of the phone call in a few years begging for help!

Tara - love this…gonna copy cat you again and make my kids do it!

Sophie - Such a cute craft and all the kids did so well! (:
Though I expect it’d be just as fun for us adults as it was for them!

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