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craft thursday #4

on a sunday.

posted on a monday.
we painted bird houses.
not a super creative project…but still a project.
they saw them at hobby lobby and begged to get them.
they were 50% off.

so i agreed.

the froot loops…are to eat.
nothing crafty there.
just a snack.

THEN there was some excitement.
i saw a skink.

so we had a skink break.
they tried to work together to catch it….but never could.
the girls wanted to glue beads and things to their bird houses.
to attract more birds.
we used hot glue.

and sean couldn't concentrate after the skink.
he wanted to catch it so bad.


IMG_7313   IMG_7325

IMG_7330   IMG_7323

i guess if you were going to hang these outside you would want to put polyurethane over the paint.
who knows where these will go.
they want to hang them outside.
so i will add that to my 253 things to do…..

did you vote for my picture HERE?
today is the last day.
i would hate to see the peanut butter baby sneak in at the end….
it's super easy to vote.


if you haven't voted PLEASE do.

this is an iPad we're talking about!

leave a comment HERE on the first post if you voted…if you haven't already.
i will draw the pillow winner when the contest closes.

i have so much to talk about with ya'll.
i wish we could just sit down over coffee….that would be awesome.
maybe tomorrow.

i am cleaning today.


Jordan Shoes - sanning this website then you will get good things.

Jordan Shoes - sanning this website and you won’t regret it.

jordan shoes - This article the reality of the matter. pleased, It is nice to see views that are informative beneficial anyway.

kristine - is talby’s birdhouse for sale?! 🙂 LOVE.

heather - i can’t vote. it won’t let me sorry

Jaime A. - Hmm. I tried to go in to see who was in the lead or who won, but now when I try to go to the page via your link or the URL I have – it says it’s forbidden. Uh-oh! Can anyone else get to the site?

katy - I love crafts, my kids love crafts……we should craft today and make cookies!!!!!! 🙂 the birdhouses turned out lovely, and yes I voted for your photo..yay and hope you win!

jeanne - your kids are so good at taking their time on crafts…mine zip right through them.

Lora - You are a super awesome mom! I’m so getting my kids birdhouses!

Melanie - Talby did a great job on her birdhouse. She is very orderly and precise! I love it.

Seleta - Such dedication to craft with your kids every Thursday. You really inspire me to be a better mom. : )

teresa - i couldn’t find your photo…and it wouldn’t let me go to the second page of photos. does anyone know if i’m doing something wrong?

kim - Just discovered your blog. What a fun blog you have! I love your photos. They’re so colorful and full of love for your family. I’ll be back often.
Hope you win your iPad!

A pocket full of posies... - love the birdie houses!! but most of all…love the “Thursday” craft- done on Sunday- posted on Monday! 🙂 sounds alot like our house!!
Happy cleaning!

Shelley Laming - I’ve read your blog for months and comment inside my head 🙂 … but felt compelled to post today to say I voted for you. Love your blog! That is a great pic that certainly made me smile. Best of luck — I hope you win!
I cannot some people (CathW) can be so catty. Seriously?! wow.

Selina - LOL at the days you post your Craft Thursday! I love the color your children chose.

Lynette - Meg~
You have an AWESOME blog, and you take AWESOME pictures. That is why YOU should win the contest! Just my opinion…
I did the birdhouse craft project years ago when my boys were younger. I did poly the outside of the houses and put them outside (We live in Nebraska – similar climate to you). I used little L-brackets and screwed them to the wood fence. We had 3 birdhouses (like yours). Birds moved in to 2 of the houses. Wasps in the other one. The houses lasted for 3 years before they fell apart. Maybe I was supposed to poly them every year? It was neat to see something we made being used by nature.
Good luck in the contest!

amy - love the bird houses…that’s something i have not done yet with the kids…love the blue one..and a skink? really? my boy loves the blue-tongued skink at the zoo! - oh i love the birdhouses. the blue one especially. what artists you have!

angela carter - I voted! I voted for you because I love your blog, would love to know you for real, and you inspire me! THANK YOU!

Lindsey - I tried to vote again, but it wouldnt let me

Sandy - Talby looks just like you in the picture where she’s holding her pretty blue fingernail up. Have a fun day!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - I would LOVE to sit and chat with you over coffee! Wouldn’t that be fun? I need to clean too. Thanks for the reminder;) Have a great day Meg.

Jaime A. - If someone entered that contest, it probably means they have both a camera and a computer (and who cares what size house they have?)… If I win, please dontate my pillow to the PB lady. Better yet, maybe to Cath W (the first commenter on this post)! I’m just sayin’… =)
Wait – I am just kidding. If I win, I would like to keep my pillow, thankyouverymuch!!
Meg – It def. won’t let me vote again – I tried!
Re: Craft Thursday #4 turned out great! We tried your Craft Thursday #2 with OK results! lol… maybe 4 is more up our alley! Although, everytime we use a glue gun, we spend forever peeling glue off of our hands! lol…

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Love all the bright colours. They would look great in a back yard. There is poly spray that would be really nice and quick. Just checked out your picture and it says your are number one. Looks like an ipad is in your future.

Staci - FUN!!! Maybe I need to just suck it up and go to Hobby Lobby…been trying to stay away 🙂 I spend waaay too much money every time I go 🙂

candace - Ha! Peanut Butter baby is cute too – if it is close, I completely understand. I voted the max # of times. Where are you displaying all of the other crafts? In the craft room? I love that bright turquoise of Talby’s!

Cara - The birdhouses turned out great!! We painted some birdhouses recently too. I found ours in the dollar bins at Michael’s, in case anyone is looking…they were a little bit smaller than Meg’s. I LOVE the beads glued on! Why didn’t I think of that?!

sara's art house - LOVE the beads glued to the bird houses- cute!

Michelle - Thank you for yet another wonderful post Meg. It’s the middle of winter here in Australia. We have the heating on despite it being a sub-tropical climate. And your posts bring a sunny, warm and colourful blast to my screen. I love them!

Gemma - I really love the bird houses! Love the colour Talby used…summery blue : )
Looking forward to hearing your news or whatever!
Gemma X

Cath W - Maybe Peanut Butter Baby’s Mum doesn’t have a nice big house with a computer and laptop, and money for birdhouses on ‘Craft Thursday’. Maybe she doesn’t have time to make pillows to bribe people to vote for her with. Just sayin’ that it doesn’t seem fair somehow. Just an opinion.

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