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BBQ Meatballs…craig’s favorite


my feast of goodness cookbook.
it’s a cookbook from the church craig and i were married in….made in the 90’s.
it’s one of those that all the women of the church submit recipes for as a fundraiser.

it has been well loved.
it’s a mess….dirty, crumpled, pages falling out.
i left it on a hot burner once and the cover is burned!

on page 56 is Judy Schroeder’s Meatballs.
i have been making this meal for 15 years.

i don’t know who judy schroeder is.
but i thank her for this wonderful meal.

you will need this ……and brown sugar.

now….you can’t make this meal without getting your hands dirty.

everything goes in a bowl and you mash it up.
i have always used my hands.
if you want to take your time with a spoon….that is up to you.
i can’t imagine it working though.
my hands have always been what i use.
i guess you could wear gloves.
i don’t.

it’s slimy.

mix it up till it looks like this.

then you make them into meatballs.

i should have had 24 but i ended up with 25.
just make it fit.

(it is killing me not to mention anything about pete schweddy right now…..)

put in your oven at 350 for 30 – 40 minutes.
while it’s cooking you make your bbq sauce.

super easy.
take the pan out of the oven and put on the sauce.

i just put one spoonful over each meatball.
of course….i have to leave a few without sauce….for the picky eaters.

then you put it back in the oven for 10 minutes until it’s bubbly hot.

and that’s it.
we ALWAYS have mashed potatoes with this dish.
and i feel weird that there is nothing green on this plate.

i also feel weird wearing heels and white pants while holding a plate of meatballs!

is this weirder??
smiling AT the camera with a plate of meatballs?

the point of making this meal was to make craig smile.
he did.
he walked in the door and smiled and said “OHHHH! it smells goooood in here!”
exactly what i wanted to hear.
annie threw a major fit about having to eat a meatball
even after i had made it without sauce JUST for her.

she. threw. her. Β meatball.

do you think june cleaver had to deal with that?

catsup is ketchup.
my grandmother always pronounced it catsup…so i didn’t even think to mention what it was.
yes….catsup IS ketchup.

******second update!
i had just come from church and that is why i am dressed up.
craig stayed for church business at the last service of church so i was able to prepare
“sunday dinner” the way he grew up with…and loves.
i don’t usually deck out in jewelry and white pants to make saucey meatballs.
but i wanted to still look cute when he got home.





Emily - I am feeling homesick for the midwest (from KC, but living in Baltimore for a while now) and for some reason this recipe was in the back of my mind, so I made it for dinner tonight. Perfect! I made it with roasted brussell sprouts and red potatoes. Delicious! Thanks for making me feel a little closer to home!

eds - I make my meatballs in my KitchenAid (paddle attachment) and to make them into balls I use a scoop (like the ones for cookies or for filling muffin tins).

Wendy - I have to watch that SNL skit every Christmas!! Always gives me the laugh I’m in desperate need of around that time of year. πŸ™‚ Mmm….Schweddy balls!!

Brittany - Made these last night and they were delish!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Anna - DELICIOUS!!! My hubby (Craig) loved these as well! However, I think if he were to check your blog, he’d like your attire much more than mine. I mixed them up, threw them in the pan, and jumped on the treadmill for 30 mins. I had planned on showering before serving, but it was the baby’s (11 week old) feeding time. I took no picture of my sweat drenched hair and running clothes.
But seriously, these were great. My 3 year old asked for seconds!

robyn - Thank you so much for sharing this! I always just get frozen and making a similar sauce in the crockpot, but this sounds much yummier! I am making this tonight, and we are going to eat in the dinning room! We never eat in there, but hey this is a special meal!

Andrea from O-H-I-O - We have cookbooks that we give to brides at our church that have that exact same cover!! I found them in a cupboard about two months ago and we have been giving them away again since.

natalie k - this post made me laugh out loud. three times. thanks meg.

Anne-Marie - Love your simple recipes! Please keep them coming. I think you are a SUPER-creative, fun mom, and your family is adorable! Thank you for sharing you daily days with all of us. Your blog always makes me smile.
AM in CT

karen - lol!! Classic shot of you looking at the camera!!!!

Courtney Walsh - Meg,
Been without internet since our move, but I am loving catching up with you and your vacay. I made meatball subs tonight for dinner and they DID smell sooo good. Can’t believe I didn’t think about Pete Schweddy once while I was making them. Sure would’ve gotten a laugh out of my husband if I’d named them though! πŸ™‚

Sara - OMGsh, that Pete Schweddy reference cracked me up!
These look delish – thanks for sharing!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five - These look and sound delicious, Meg!
It’s been such fun to read your latest summertime posts. So funny. So sweet. So “it’s summer and the kids are home and driving me crazy” true. Keep ’em coming!
And I just have to marvel at your pristine white pants. That’s no easy feat with a house full of kiddos. Way to go!

Dana D@BoysMyJoys - So, I made your recipe last night, and to say that they were a hit would be a HUGE understatement!!!
Thanks, Megan!!!
My oldest, who will turn 12 next week, even asked for me to make them again as his birthday meal!
Now that’s a compliment!!!

Lacey - do you know how absolutely beautiful you are? I just found your blog last week, and have gotten very little sleep since then trying to read it while my kiddos are asleep. No worries though. have a great day!

Elma - Thanks for the recipe!! I went out and bought corn. Will make the meatballs tomorrow:) You look fabulous!!!

Kat - You always look gorgeous Meg! Especially your hair, it really suits you like that.
I hear ya with having to alter recipes for the fussy eaters.
Hey, did you catch the meatball? lol. Sounds like my fussy eater. Oh the joys!

Melanie - Now what I wanna know is…did Craig actually appreciate you looking cute when he got home…did he even notice?! (Cuz you are…but sometimes men don’t notice when we look especially nice. You know, where you still could’ve been in a ratty t-shirt & sweatpants & he wouldn’t have known the difference!)

Amanda - So funny, this is one of my husband’s favorite recipes, too. Except instead of bread crumbs, my recipe calls for rolled oats. It’s yummy and my husband begs for it!

Tracy Fisher - I can’t wait to make this meal for my husband. No “green” and all! It looks delicious. I might even wear my pearls if I can find them. haha
Tracy (

Mindy Harris - recipe looks yummy–i’ll have to try it. your apron is just delightful. and you are so cute in these pictures, as always.

Vera - That picture of you smiling at the camera with the meatballs is ADORABLE. This looks yum – it’s funny, that’s pretty much exactly how I make meatloaf, which I always serve with mashed potatoes. Will have to try it this way!

Rebecca - So glad Typepad suggested I stop by ~ It’s great. The recipe sounds delicious…and your reference to Pete Schweddy ~ just too funny, cracked me up!
The days of kids throwing food have passed here but you reminded me of one evening when during dinner our daughter flung mashed potatoes on the wall behind her just because the peas had “gotten stuck” and she was trying to shake them off. πŸ™‚

Krista - Isn’t it so frustrating when you try to anticipate your kids’ quirks (no sauce) and they STILL don’t eat it????? I would love to have seen Annie throwing her meatball across the room. You look cute as a button in your black & white outfit!

katie - i just read a few comments and i have to disagree with Janine. don’t retype it. don’t put it in sheet protectors. one of the things i love most about the cookbooks i use alot is remembering things like leaving it on a burner once (even though i’ve never done that). sheet protectors have no character. or cute cover.

Christine Brown - Meg…are you a Premier Jewelry Lady?! Or you just love the jewelry??!!! (I’m a Jewelry Lady and recognized that Lady Fair bracelet and necklace right away!) You look MAHVELOUS!!! Jewelry = always good!! πŸ™‚

Bec - Mmmmm….this sounds a lot like my mom’s meatloaf recipe. Could be fun to make them into meatballs! Kind of like mini meatloaf bites πŸ™‚

Dina - just found you through my typepad updates email! that means you’ve hit the big time, girl! beautiful blog on the simplistic blessings of life (an oxymoron, perhaps?). continue living (and blogging) out loud so God’s glory is reflected through you!

Rhonda Roo - You peeps are all silly up in here. Meatballs in white pants, a shmillion questions, rainbow brights and slip and slides, happy babies what what what?
I must now therefore love you to pieces.
And visit often, and put you on my twinklestars blogroll, ohhh yes.

Nan - Sounds good but where’s the recipe? I looked in your sidebar, and yes, I’m an idiot, so I didn’t find it…help!

Kelly - You are cute!

Amy J. - I have that cookbook, too… small town, for ya! I’ll have to try those meat balls.. yum.

Christine Ishmael - thanks for the recipe, had everything including the hamburger I never put in the freezer ready to go…it’s in the oven now…my sauce is not bubbling yet…hope I made it right!

Honey - Thank you for telling us that Annie threw her meatball. That will make me smile all night long. Of course, it’s always funnier when it’s not your own kids! πŸ™‚

RLG - Great post, Meg. I love that you do special things for your man despite how busy I KNOW you are. The picture of you in pearls with the blue plate special is AWESOME. I will try your recipe b/c they are always amazing. Thanks for sharing. xoxo - lol – i had to do a double take – at first – I thought you were going to add chocolate chips to the meatballs! hilarious!

crystal b - I am laughing my head off at the questions about catsup and the comments you made about your outfit! Too funny. I love these meatballs! Strangely enough, I have this recipe in one of my old church cookbooks too! Next time I make them, I’m wearing my white pants. I think it might make them taste better if I look cute while I’m cooking. And you are right, mashed potatoes are a must with anything meatloaf-ish, which is what these meatballs remind me of. You will be happy to know that my son has …. and does ….. throw meatballs. He hates catsup more than anything. Even if I leave the catsup off his meatballs, they were near catsup and that’s enough to throw him over the edge. Kids are weird.
Hey, how did the photos with Blue Lily turn out? I ran into her before I left on vacation and asked her about her recent trips including her shoot with you. She said you had such a fun family! Can’t wait to see what happened!
Looks like you are having a really fun summer with your cute fam!

Amanda C. - Ohhh, Annie! I used to throw fits when my parents made me eat meatloaf! I hate meatloaf and every time my mom made it, my dad would say, “you have to eat 5 bites!” and I would get so angry!!

kathy Eller - LOOVE that cookbook!! I have been wanting to make meatballs. You made it feel doable:)I want necklaces like yours now:) Thank you for your amazing post and sense of humor… You encouraged us to eb cool like you without showing off how cool you are. Thank you for that:)
<3 Kathy
Having a Hallelujah Good Time

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, perfect! I was needing an idea for dinner tonight! (My roast has gone bad πŸ™ the fridge needs to be cleaned – but I DO have hamburger meat!!)

Henita Riesen - Thanks for the great tasting recipe! I made it for supper all the way over the ocean here in Germany! A new favorite I think!
By the way…I really enjoy your blog! Lots of inspiration and makes me feel like I am not alone in the world of mommy-hood.
I love your bright colors!

Joyagg - Those look yummy – I just might have to make them this week. Thanks for sharing.

robin - i love you…i love your blog…you make me laugh out loud to the point that my husband says, “what are you laughing at???” and most of the time i’m so engrossed in reading what you are “saying” that i don’t even hear him ask… πŸ™‚
in light of the Pete Schweddy comment… πŸ™‚ your meatballs look so perfectly round and juicy… mmmmm, i can just imagine what they are like when i…. never mind πŸ™‚
and well, i TOTALLY relate to the “throwing” event from Annie…our daughter is the PICKIEST eater ever…and well, at 21 months, suffice it to say that we’ve seen food fly when she doesn’t want to eat it… tough love…tough love…

katy - *would have lost my mind if one of the kids threw a meatball (it would’ve been my daughter for sure)…ugh
*I make my meatloaf about the same way, same sauce too….if i don’t have breadcrumbs, I’ll use crunched up saltines or even dry stove top dressing …i sprinkle the stove top on the top of the meatloaf too, on top of the sauce…then cover w/ foil and bake.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen - oooh, those look so yummy!
that’s hilarious that annie threw her meatball! probably not to you at the time, but funny nonetheless. πŸ˜‰

Staci Danford - My “big” son is leaving to go back to college on Sunday.. and I know he will Totally LOVE those. I’m gonna make them before he leaves. Thanks bunches.

Jen - 1. My husband (Derek Enger…from GEFC) and I hung out with “Chicago Dave…and kids” the other night while “Chicago Jen” was at work. I asked Dave how you guys met (aside from GEFC) and he gave me the short version…”and we lived in the same apartment complex”. SO glad I got the long version in your previous post (the way a women would tell it) πŸ™‚
2. I WILL be making these meatballs for my husband SOON.
3. SOOOO glad you mentioned Pete Schweddy…I was thinking of that from the beginning of the post.
4. LOVE your blog!!!
~Jen (also from Chicago…but NOT the REAL Chicago Jen)

Debby Graber - Megan, I find it so funny that so many people haven’t heard of this recipe! I think it is a favorite around here! One of Adam & Al’s favorites too! I will make them this weekend when the Arkansas kids come! Thanks for the idea!

Janine - You should retype all of those recipes, put them in laminated sheet protectors and into a binder. You’ll be glad you did. Especially if this cookbook is so well loved and falling apart now. With that sauce on top it sounds like your meatballs are like mini meatloaf servings. And who doesn’t love a good meatball!

Jessica - I have the same IKEA apron! I just bought it. I love it πŸ™‚

Laura - My husband is going to be sooo happy when he walks in from work this evening! Thanks Meg for another “ridiculous” recipe! πŸ™‚ p.s. you look fabulous!

ann - HI Meg,
Your meatballs look awesome…have you ever cooked them on the stovetop with some oil? My family LOVES them browned then topped with sauce. YUMMY
I had to laugh when I saw your cookbook…I have Notre Dame High School one my brother gave me in 1994 and it looks the same but I use it all the time! Great recipes!
You look so cute holding that plate of food with your pearls on! A real Betty Homemaker! XO Ann

Leah - These look delicious. Can’t wait to try them!

elisa - I love your bracelets!

patti - yum…I have an awesome recipe for meatballs too…this one looks easier. Oh, and if you wanted to add green, put some dried parsley in the meatballs! πŸ™‚

tara pollard pakosta - they look YUMMY!!!

Katie - I have that same shirt! And that looks sooo yummy!

Arielle - I’m a huge fan of our church cookbook, for some of the same reasons that I love recipes from blogs. It’s just nice to be able to know that real people are making these things in real homes. Thanks for sharing- the meatballs look delicious!
On another, random note, I saw this post over at I Suwannee yesterday and immediately thought of you:
Hope you like all of the rainbow fun! πŸ™‚

Beth - You are so cute–I wondered about the jewelry πŸ™‚ Those look tasty, my husband loves meatballs, too. AND, my mom always, always, says “catsup/ketchup, whichever” every single time she serves it! Silly.

Amy Coose - This sounds yummy, I’m sure DH would love it. And I can’t believe you didn’t mention Schweddy either, LOL! πŸ™‚

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Well mission accomplished! You made your man good food and you looked cute as a button too. Never heard of Pete Schweddy.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life - I love everything about this post. “Do you think june cleaver had to deal with that?” Oh my goodness, perfection!

Lauren - My mom calls it catsup too. I have no idea why, but she has for as long as I can remember… but her mom didn’t call it that. We live in Philadelphia, PA, not many people here pronounce it that way =) So I knew exactly what you were referring to!

beth - Love meatballs so gonna have to try this recipe….I always buy the ones already made in the store but no more if we like these….I can see that meatball thrown across the room…My Lexi sounds just like Annie…they have a mind of their own.
Cute daisy bowl…love me some daisies! Where did you get it…dollar store? they seem to have so many cute dollar store food servers now so I figured this is where it came from.

Staci - You’re so cute πŸ™‚ I’m not much of a “meat” girl myself, but my hubby would love it if I made these πŸ˜‰ I might have to wear gloves ;( And did you crack up or what when Annie threw her meatball across the room!!!??? I might’ve laughed at that πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Jen - Yum-O!! And we love Pete Schweddy too! wink wink

Marisa - Ooh, that sauce is similar to my meatloaf sauce. Or, er, Martha’s meatloaf sauce. Yummy!

nella paper studio - I am SOOO making this for my boyfriend tonight! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
nella designs paper studio

kristi rediske - Looks great-I think I may have to cook that for my husband but I dont think I am going to dress up so much and put jewelry on-you are exceptional-does that sound right-it was a compliment-HA! Anyway-you sure look good after cooking a meal.

adrienne - looks like comfort food to me!! i’ll have to try it πŸ™‚

Nicole Q. - Never made meatballs so I think I’ll add this to the list! I laughed at Annie throwing a meatball . .. she could fit into our family. HA!

Dana D@BoysMyJoys - Well, thank you ma’am!
Now I know what’s for dinner at our house tonight!
I love Duerksen family recipes!!!

Lisa - Dinner. Tonight. Thanks.

Mary - That is one awesome looking meal that says “down home cooking from the Midwest” all over it.
Let me say it for you. “Schweddy Balls” hahaha. Love me a little Saturday Night live.

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Megan,
For everyday regular people, I would have to say, yes the picture of the smiling mom holding meatballs in her Out on the town garb is strange. For a world class blogger…just perfect : ) So glad you share the everyday. Wow, have never had a meatball thrown…Yet. Thank goodness there wasn’t any sauce. Made me laugh.

Kandi - You’re too funny, I’m so glad I ran across your blog the other day. Love the Pete Schweddy comment, lol. That looks like a perfect meal to me, thanks for sharing Judy Schroeder’s recipe. πŸ™‚

Julianne Brimner - This is one of my hubby’s fave meals, too….and the recipe I use (very similar to yours) came from the cookbook from his home church. Don’t you love it when they walk in and say it smells good?

Leslie - Did you notice that they have also officially changed the spelling on the label as well? I remember as a kid that it was always Catsup and that looked so strange! The other day I noticed it was Ketchup now.
Such important details I share! πŸ˜‰

Nancy - Those look fabulous. Meatballs make the world go round in my house. That leads to my comment about Schweddy… thank you for the 5:00 am smile. One of the best skits, EVER!

Julie - I wonder what will have more comments… the meatballs, Pete, or your white pants and heels. It’ll be like the vote for Lauren’s shirt. Anyway, I’m excited to try these. Your recipes have never let me down. My kids would love the meatballs. Now mashed potatoes… I have one who would throw those. Seriously. June Clever and her children are not for real. All real kids throw temper tantrums… and food. Right?
Haha… Pete Schweddy. What cracks me up about that comment is I was just thinking about him yesterday. It was so hot. I wanted to make a reference on FB, but I restrained myself. I’m glad you didn’t.

Tara - i literally laughed out loud at my computer over the “white pants, heels, holding a plate of meatballs while smiling for the camera” part of this post!
you are TOO funny. Now, I’m going to get my coffee.

Holly - well now that looks yummy! I might have to try that. Meg I love your recipes because well our families are abotu the same size so there is no guess work when it comes to whether or not I need to double it.

Carrie - Sorry…one more thing.
The recipe calls for 2 medium onions, but I see you used dried onions. How much dried?

Carrie - Funny…I was feeling silly because I though about Pete Schweddy as soon as I saw the word meatball. HA!
These are going on dinner list.
Thanks Meg!

Julie - That does look good! Those cookbooks are always the best cookbooks! And I’m not surprised that’s his favorite ~ that is a very meat and potatoes meal ~ a guy meal!!! Thanks for sharing.

Jaime @ Mamarazzi - I had to google Pete.
Abt died laughing.
I always make my meatballs in a pan on the stove.
Never thought to bake them.
I find myself spelling Ketchup “catsup” all the time.
It’s weird. I think it’s supposed to be spelled that way, but someone commercialized it and changed the spelling.
Not for sure; I am just sayin’
Great recipe! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberlee J. - Great…I have that cookbook. πŸ™‚
The first pic of you holding the plate of meatballs is a good one…in white pants and heels, Mrs. Craig.
And did B on one of the hottest days of last weekend start pulling out the “Schweddy” quotes. Oh yes he did.

Gemma - Yummy Yummy!! It’s 8:30am here in London, UK and I’m wanting to eat this NOW lol ! It looks great Meg, Will have to give it a try : )
Gemma x

Leonie - thanks for the edit Meg…. I have to google a lot of USA recipes and casup threw me completely,……. I am pretty sure I can use tomato sauce… an Aussie staple…. have a great day…… or sleep I am thinking!

amanda - This looks delicious! I think I’ll make it for dinner tomorrow (or really today … must go to bed!) Ugh – a writer’s hours …

Lisa - You do stay up late! πŸ˜‰ Its midnight in Oregon and I’m only up cause I can’t sleep. Hate when that happens. And I’m working this whole week at VBS at our church and its surprisingly exhausting so I am wishing I was getting a wonderful nights sleep right now! I think my hubby would LOVE this meal. Not so sure about one of my kids though. But I’ll have to give it a try. πŸ™‚ Can you tell I’m tired? I hardly ever comment on blogs and here I am not only commenting but blabbing on and on about nothing. Think I should try again to sleep. Night!

Leonie - what is casup??????????? is that tomato sauce?????? that is what the picture looks like, my boys (hubby included) love meatballs… I have a wonderful italian meatball recipe but this could be something different to try out…. I am just returning to work it sounds like a great working night meal… thanks Meg…

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