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craft thursday #6

this project would be categorized as free play.

they each picked a letter at hobby lobby and they decorated it with anything we had.

we went threw probably 20 glue sticks.
IMG_9997 IMG_9994
IMG_9975 IMG_0001
not really what i was thinking they would make….
but still fine.
BEING creative is the point.

mine was fun.
i couldn't stop….mine took twice as long as theirs.

what do you think?
too much?

and then as soon as we were done…..



yay for craft thursdays.
it's still worth it….even with pounds of sequins on my floor.

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Vicki - seriously, i had the best laugh i’ve had for ages over your ‘too much’ comment! and then the crash scene….oh my your words made me laugh.
great crafting!

marnie scott - that mess makes me smile. that is COMFORT. i might have to copy your M. and the mess that goes with it!

sallymander - I’ve never commented before, but your projects are always awesome 😀 A little tip for the spilled sequins (or beads, or buttons, etc.), rubber band the leg of a pair of pantyhose or a knee-high over the end of your vacuum cleaner nozzle and vacuum away. Be sure to hold the nozzle pointed up in the air when you turn it off!

Stephanie@Geezees - Thanks Meg, this is a great idea to keep the kids busy!!

Georgia - Hey Meg, i had a thought, have you thought of doing a ’52 weeks of craft’ book? For like a personal ‘photo’ book something to look back on when your older or to pass to you kids when they have kids …

shiela - Hi Meg-
Are you planning on traveling to Southern California between now & the end of this year? Would you do photo shoots if you decide to travel here-CA? Your photos are just such jewels!

Rebekah Brummel - You are awesomely creative and I am DESPERATE for creativity. I need ideas for an adoption announcement for my 5 year old son fresh off the plane from Ethiopia. SO tired of the standard 5×7 photo card… . . . . I need a CREATIVITY HERO, any ideas?????

kristine - omg! if only it was food that waffle could come lick up!! what a great way to use up some stuff too! love them all!

Sara - This has given me a great idea for first week art project at school! thanks Meg!

Jennifer - Love this craft! It’s my favorite one yet!

Lynn - Look what you started, Meg! I love all the kids letters, but that M has to have a prominent place in the house! Love, love, LOVE it! : )

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe - Your M is simply MMMMMMMarvelous! Where, oh where will you be displaying it!?

tasha roe - CUTE!

Holly - looks like fun Meg! We love doing crafts around here but since the kids are back in school and cheer we may have to do “Craft after we get home from church on Sundays”lol. BTW we are making Craigs meatballs tonight!

Georgia - Oooooh Im loving this idea!!!
Im going to do it too, just little old me so i can have it displayed in my flat.
Im the clumsiest person alive, so them sequins would be a regular occurance in my home.. hehe
Great Craft day!!

Heather Lea - Giant craft “M” = shop update?!

Henry - Wow, very interesting thursday you had there. You did an amazing job at creating those. Awesome!!

merlin - Wish I could be a kid for a day at your house…what fun!

nikki - Why do craft days always turn into MESSY days?, but you are right, it’s always still worth it. Your M is quite pretty!

amy jupin - i see you made it to hobby lobby afterall!
i’m with kimberlee on this one–bead-encrusted letters will soon be sweeping the nation!
did you see your “r-e-a-d” letters in the fall pottery barn kids? looks like they are stealing your ideas too! 🙂

Staci - It’s NEVER too much for you Megan 🙂 Your M is great!!!! And wow! Sean’s S is so perfect 🙂 Cute cute 🙂

shelly@familyblt - I LURVE your m! So fun!

Kp - Looks just like my dining room, but missing the glitter paint foot prints! Our poor pup always has something
Sticking to the bottoms of his paws I.e. Stickers, sequins, play do, paint…love it! Thanks, too, for the link to Deep Space Sparkle – my youngest picks her projects and is ready to start by 7a.m.!

j - I love your “M”.

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Megan,
A woman can never have too many sequins.

Gekakel - Your craft Thursdays really rock!

Anna Marie - YEAH!!! You’re with BlogHer now! Congrats to you Meg!
(Love your “M”…definitely not too much!)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Awesome! I love this idea I think the best of all your craft projects so far. Yours turned out fabulous M:) Have a great weekend.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen - this is a great idea! i love seeing your messy, painted table. my white table gets like that every single day. yay for soft scrub with bleach. 🙂 it makes me sad when so many moms don’t let their kids create because of the mess. i think creating is the stuff of childhood….well life actually. thanks for this.

Niki - NE-VAH! There are never too many sequins. Except maybe on a drag queen outfit? Maybe? LOL
I LOVE this idea! You rock, you creative Mama!

Julie - This is fantastic! I always like to see how your kids create to fit their own styles – and your M is magnificent!

Beth - I can so relate. I taught a polymer clay class at the rec. center this summer. There was SO MUCH clay on the floor it had to be scraped off. I did some of it, with help from my students, and then left the rest. I’m sure the custodial staff didn’t care much for me that week!!! The mess is kind of a let-down after the creating, isn’t it!?! Love your M. Definitely not too much.

Lorie - You are a wonderfully creative mommy! I love how you let your kids create! Great idea!

Lori - Yours is absolutely not too much – love it and love the idea. Craft stores really do rock. And the nice thing is that it didn’t cost too much, I’m sure.
Ooh, I hate it when something like that turns over. I call it my spaz moment. It’s almost as if you can see it happening in slow motion. Ugh.
enjoy your weekend.

sandy toe - My girls would love to be in your family with all the art!
sandy toe

Ruth - there is no such thing as too many sequins. love these!

Sophie - So cute! I might have to use this kind of idea to make my initials to put somewhere, though I think mine might be completely solidly covered in buttons. I LOVE buttons.
And also, I know the feeling with all the mess. I have a huge tub of beads, like the little teeny tiny ones that you have to use stupid small needles for? I had an accident with it the other day and I’m still finding hoardes of tiny beads everywhere. Not fun.

Katy Stone - ahhh!! I LOOOOOVE your’s!!
How, exactly, did you do it?

Kat - I was also going to ask where is the “M” going?
Love, love letters.
I am on at my Hubby to cut me out some letters so I can make words around our house.(like your EAT, but maybe others like Joy, Home and family.)
Love what your kids did with theirs, very much a reflection of each of their personalities.
Great idea Meg!

Anya - Love love love your craft Thursdays! You can’t have fun without mess.
Where are you going to put your ‘M’???

Brooke - Thanks Meg, another good idea to keep the kids busy! I love my daily visit by the way!
Cheers, Brooke

Gemma - I love this idea! I am going to try and recreate the “EAT” sign you have as I love it : )
Gemma x

Maria - i love your crafty thursdays…our summer flew by and I’m not sure how many we ended up having…but I have been promising the boys one more before school starts…so I’m thinking craft saturday…something with sharpies and watercolors…although I may bring in some oil pastels too…

Kimberlee J. - I see in the not so distant future button-dazzled initials going up in people’s homes all over America…and the world…and I love it!

Kristi - What a good mama you are. Funny how their initials spell a word. And how Annie spelled her name backwards. I decoupaged with scrapbook paper, my new niece’s initials for her nursery and now my daughter is in the process of doing her own name. I need to just chill and let her do it her way instead of trying to “suggest” papers for her.

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