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craft thursday #7

hey look…'s actually thursday when i posted craft thursday!

stepping stones was on the summer list.

i could make this stuff every day….well at least for a week.

there are cheaper ways to make these….but i didn't want to mess up…or risk them not turning out.
so i went with the tried and true KIT.
we bought 3 boxes at hobby lobby.
and the plastic molds too.

i made each one sepreately.
very easy….1 cup of water and the bag of cement.

till it looks like this.
you can add more water if it seems too thick.

pour it in the mold and smooth it out.
i used the paint stick and then i shook it side to side and THEN i patted it down with my hands.

then i let them go crazy with beads, glass bubbles, tiles, broken dishes and our junk collection.

what i love about mosaics is that you can practically use ANYTHING.

talby's stone.

annie's stone.
sean's stone.

this project is messy and takes prep.
but i loved it.

my mirror was one of my favorite projects i ever made.
i need to make more stuff like that.

there is not enough time to make all that i want to make!!! 

11 Simple Projects to Make Your Backyard More Fun - […] DIY Stepping Stone Step this way.This backyard craft from Whatever… involves a bit of prepwork but is still totally entertaining. It’s a great way to use up […]

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crystal b - These are stunning! I hope you make a path to a magic spot in your yard — like that gazebo I spied in one of your pictures.

Lucylu ~ - Hey Meg,
did you use my pebbles i gave you when i last saw you?
just Wondering, Lucy

Melanie - Looks like a fun craft:)

Courtney Walsh - love this, Meg!!! 🙂 Such a great project!

Phoenix_Rising - I thought Annie’s was my favorite but now I’m intrigued by Sean’s. I love Talby’s name on hers. Great work by the kiddos!

kristine - annie’s hair is so blonde!!

Jenn - I LOVE ANNIE’s STONE. I love how it isn’t organized and she fills every space with something fun. Your kids are so creative!

sara's art house - Love, love, love this! I need to do this with my kids! - Great idea! They really turned out very nicely. Are the broken dishes old things from your house or do you go looking for cool colors/designs?

crystal - Meg, I love your blog. Of all the blogs I subscribe to, this is the one I check everyday! I always love your beautiful photos, and love seeing into a window of your lives! These garden stones are 10 times better than anything you can buy in a store! I love that it’s an activity any age can do!
P.S. – tell Emily, who posted a comment earlier than me, that my blog has great ideas for younger kids:

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe - now, that’s craft-tastic! 😉

miss r - They remind me of I Spy! Very fun.

Krista - We made these this summer and I thought of you (silly, I know, but when I craft you come to mind). The kits make it really easy. I love that you keep all of the broken dishes and other stuff that would normally get thrown out, so you can recycle them. I wish I could remember to do that. - so cute! i’ve been wanting to make some of these forever!

Tanya @ Life in 3D - So fun and so fab!

Kelly - What kind of birds did you use on the mirror Meg? That is really cool!
I love the use of the necklace in the stepping stone. I am going to start a junk box right now!

jennifer - Those are SO cool!

Linda Juul - Thanks for the great post! I have been wanting to make these again b/c the ones I made last summer were not so hot 🙁 I think your instructions will be wonderful.

ruthi - love your blog and the creative inspiration you share!

Heather - These are so great! I made two when my two oldest were still tiny and did their feet and hands. Still one of my favorite things. What wonderful keepsakes!
I just love Annie’s face when she does crafts- she looks so serious and focused!! Precious.

Heather R. - They turned out AWESOME!!! I want to make these :).

Nicole Q. - Love these. My mom has done one with each of her grandkids at age 2 of their hand prints.

Emily - i love all of the fun crafts you do! They all look so fun but my daughter is only 2 and they all seem so far away! Any fun craft ideas for younger kids?

Kelly - I think it’s so wonderful how you do crafts with your children!

Jessie - Looks like they had a blast!…now I’m wondering what the rest of your kids middle names are 😉

shelly@familyblt - So fun–I love all the things your kiddos chose to use–so unique!

julia - it’s so neat how, when doing an art project, each child’s personality shows through. your son’s looks like a guy tile for sure!

katy - those are so much fun to do, just remind people to not actually “step” on them…….they’ll break…we have one that has not broken and we’ve made at least 5 of them. 🙁
yours look sweet!!!

Tammy - fun project! we did it last week for our Craft Tuesday! Great minds must think alike!!

adrienne - fun mom… very fun mom!!! they are all wonderful!

kristin - okay. i want to do this.
i LOVE it.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Oh you have me wanting to craft. That’s not a good thing. I need to clean…not craft. Lovin’ this project.

amandadod - Those look great! I have that same kit sitting in my garage waiting to be done … I may have to pull it out today 🙂

Holly - very cool!

Laura Phelps - fabulous!!! The kids and I made NIck a stepping stone for Fathers made the whole trip from LA to CT without breaking, we put it outside, and the next day, Luke broke it. ugh
Now, you need to stop crafting and fill out our application for The Amazing Race!!!!!!

AshleyAnn - You make me wish I had done a craft each week with the kids…looks like yours had a great time. Love the mirror!

Debra - We plan on making some when we move back Stateside. Love ’em!

Julie - Those are so cool! And yes, your mirror is great!! I can see why it would be a favorite!

lorel - very nice!

Lisa - Wow these are awesome! really really great. A must do for our family. xxx

mother★lode - these are fantastic! stepping stones are on my forever growing list of projects to make, you’ve moved them closer to the top with your inspiring renditions! well done!

Dana D@BoysMyJoys - They are all great!
So inspiring!!!

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