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craft thursday #8

stained glass candles came from aimee at artsyville.
she has a really cute etsy shop and i love to read her blog.

is there a proper name for these candles?
i bought them at our grocery store in the ethnic foods isle.
there is one isle at our store with anything considered "ethnic"

when i first moved to kansas i called my friend lisa in IL. from the grocery store for her yummy salad recipe.
she sent me looking for rice vinegar.
i said "they don't have it"
she said "go to the asian food isle."
i said "i"m in it….it's about 3 ft wide by 3 ft. high"
we about died laughing.
you gotta love small towns.

anyway….craft thursday?  

i removed the label of the Virgen de Guadalupe.
(craft stores would probably have these already without the labels…or you could use a jar and a votive….)
(also, i saw them at walmart today in the candle section without labels….$1.65)

i gave the kids some watered down glue and paint brushes.
i had them paint sections of the glass with the glue and then lightly put a tissue paper square on the glue.
the less they touch with their hands….the easier the craft.

talby turned her candle upside down and worked her way up.
that was a good plan.

when the tissue paper sticks to the glue then they can paint over the top of the paper with more glue.
then it all lays flat and the colors blend so nicely.

if it gets too hot….just take your shirt off.
it's ok.
craft thursdays are free from the bondage of clothing.

i took about five minutes before we started to cut a bunch of small-ish squares from tissue paper we had.


when the glue is dry then they are done!
we were careful not to get any glue or tissue paper on the inside of the glass.

happy crafting.

AND….one last thing.
i told talby that craft thursdays are over and she said "WHAT!?! We HAVE TO BE DONE?!"
she looked so bummed that i quickly answered "NO! we don't have to be done! we can still make crafts after school"
that made all the crafts all summer even better.

school started today!!
    full reports to come….

Floating Candles for Weddings - Having kids of my own, it is great to find cool craft ideas that can allow them to show off their creativity. Something like this is great to do when they start picking on each other in the summer because they are getting bored.

Candles Floating - Beautiful projects made by kids. I sooo loved it!

kristin - my present is on our dining room table…gracing our suppers together.
so sweet.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Love this idea.

aimee - oh WOW! thanks for the mention, meg! they look terrific and i’m totally impressed that your kids tackled the project with such verve!
you’ve inspired me as well – i’ve been grappling with how to manage the growing links on my sidebar, so I decided to do one like your “happy things” instead – a short, rotating list of hand picked posts from other worlds. i’m calling it “side trips”. thanks for the idea!

Amanda - Love these, they are so pretty, and the kids are adorable!

Trish - Great Craft! We’ve only done it with baby food jars but I like these tall ones. In Canada school starts Sept 7. I’m curious when your school year ends since you start 2 1/2 weeks earlier than we do…

Katie - I love it! And I love your blog. It’s one of my favorites!

Holly - very cute candles! Hope the first day was good!

ashley - Oh how fun! I wonder if a four year old can manage the fun…
I was going to say what Betsey said. My family always lit them when something was going on or someone needed a special prayer. My grandma has one on her rosary table. They’re so neat when lit.

Rach - Love the project. What a great idea and they will be so colorful when they are lit.
Curious to see how the school drop off/running went. 🙂

Betsey - The candles are patron saint candles, the one in the picture (Virgen de Guadalupe) is the Patroness of Mexico. One would light her candle when they are praying for financial issues and to receive special blessings. They are used for various reasons, symbolic of something or someone, that one is praying for. I have seen some of these candles in Catholic, typically Mexican cemeteries on headstones, etc. They are used for rememberence, and to honor someone.
In Catholic churches, often there are candles there (plain glass/no picture) parishoners can light (and give an offering of $1.00) for some of the same reasons. Maybe an anniversary of someone who died, or a recent death, a specific prayer request, etc.
But, your kids candles are just beautiful!
I love your Crafty Thursdays!
Thanks for sharing!

Dawn - Our Dollar Tree has tons of them, I think both with and without the graphics.

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Hi Meg!
I spotted these Candles in Walmart on a holiday in FL last year…great craft!! So pretty : )
Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my little blog…it was a great surprise!
Love Gemma X

dianereeves - I love this idea! My girls would love making these and it is totally doable on short notice when boredom strikes.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Dearest Meg, praying for you today!
I am praying for peace and strength and rainbows and butterflies to come your way!

Kimberlee J. - Talby’s your girl all right. Loving craft Thursday and meaning it!

Staci - BEEYOUTEEFUL!!! Love em 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the full reports 🙂 Our school started today…I thought I might leave skidmarks trying to be the first one out of the parking lot….alas, I tried to restrain myself from RUNNING to the car 🙂 heeeheee 🙂 Both my boys wanted to ride the bus this morning…WHAT? The FIRST day of school??? I said yes, sent their cute little selves off and beelined it up to the school to make sure they made it 🙂 I felt like the whole time I was forgetting something 🙂 Oh yea, that would be bc my van was empty 🙁 Hope you have a blessed day!!!!!!!

Taylor-Ann - Meg- Cute craft idea..simple, and fun.
I hope the first day of school went well for the kids and you. ;o) Even though my son had been in daycare since he was a baby, I still cried when I dropped him of a kindergarten.

Lisa - I hope you had a great run/cry after you dropped Annie off! 🙂 Our ‘baby’ started K on Tuesday and he was full speed ahead!

Janie Fox - I am off to Walmart to get these so the grandkids and I can do it tomorrow! Great idea! Enjoy your kid-free days- it is pretty darn good when they all drive off in the bus! The day will be gone before you get half done what you wanted to!

Sandy - Great craft idea. Annie is adorable. If Talby doesn’t look like you (especially in that picture!) no one does!!
Can’t wait to hear about the first day of school. My son starts at the JVS (career center) on Monday.

Melissa Morrill - We call ’em Jesus candles 🙂

Heather - Great idea for a craft. They’ll probably look cool when they’re burning.

a pocket full of posies - one of my favorite projects ever! so pretty! and yeah- for craft Thursdays through the school year too!

Krista - Awesome idea and so easy! We have a week to go until school starts, and we’re doing this craft at our house for sure! Funny you mention the ethnic section of the grocery. Ours is huge, and I live in the middle of nowhere. Yesterday while shopping alone (love that) I was marveling at all of the strange foods and drinks that I have no clue about. Coconut water w/ bits of coconut floating inside it? Intriguing!

Laura - I’ve done this craft for years, and my favorite was a cheap flower vase I covered with Egyptian tissue paper leftover from one of those school wrapping paper fundraisers. It was premium paper, so it was a beautiful gold metallic with hieroglyphics. Anyway, when it sat in the sunlight, it was gorgeous!
The fancier the paper you use, the more gorgeous these are. You could have the kids do some Christmas votives with Christmas print tissue paper as teacher gifts!

Jaime - Meg…what a great craft! They turned out nicely!
Being in Arizona… in some stores, our ethnic sections are what the hold the hot dogs and mac n’ cheese! 😛
Hehe, just kidding! 😀
Glad to hear we will be seeing more crafts! 😀
Can’t wait to see how they all did their first day of school!!

julia - A few months ago I was in the aisle at Target that had these candles. I was trying to get one of every picture. After a few minutes, I looked over and my daughter was looking at me like I was nuts. I thought, “I’m not even Catholic, why am I doing this?” So I put them all back.

Julie - Those are very pretty candles! Wishing you all a great school year!! 🙂

Katy Stone - how fun and simple! i hope you’ll post an update once they’re lit and burn down a little. i bet they’ll be magical! 🙂

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