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i had just whispered a line from "it's complictated"….cracked him up. (can you guess which one?)
i like this shot a lot.

and then this was taken by annie…luring her back into the picture taking.
she had run down the alley saying she was done with pictures.
wendy was awesome and shared the camera with annie. 
i love it.


IMG_7195 IMG_7259

this one is my favorite.
this one will be BIG in our house.

i love that MY family is captured for a moment in time….and that i am in the pictures with them.

blue lily has a passion for color.
and you know i like color….so we are perfect together.
(me and the hundreds of other families they have worked with…)

wendy and tyler work seamlessly together.
i enjoyed watching them work….and took mental notes.

they travel all over the WORLD taking pictures.
that is the best job.


thank you wendy and tyler for this day…this memory….this gift of frozen time that cannot be taken away.
you are so good at what you do.

now….go see if they are coming to YOUR town soon.
and if they aren't, then pick one and go there anyway…you will be glad you did!


*ps….thank you kim(berlee) for helping me look so fabulous (at least i felt fabulous).
you were a trooper through all those stores…all those jeans….all those shirts…all that makeup.
thank you.

**pss….typepad is not doing some of these justice.
they POP with color and are super sharp.
if you click on them it's a little brighter.
i don't know why it's doing that.  and i am not going to figure it out today.

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anne c - I love your family! 🙂 “Yall” are all so beautiful and fun! I thought the pictures where really good and you are right…they are AMAZING once you click on them! I don’t understand why it is so different on typepad…either way…how great to get wonderful pictures of the whole family!!?? love love love them all!

Lauren - Meg, I love the photos. Your family is beautiful. And I love the color choices for the photos… amazing!! I don’t know how you can choose which ones to print! Good luck with that!!

Meli - You have a gorgeous family!!! I love ALL of the snap shots. I really do. Thanks to Becky for hooking me up with you….

mel - Meg! These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have! Love, love, love the last one. I really, really want family photos done this year…I just checked out Blue Lily’s site, they will be in San Fran but not until March 2011. I might just have to hold out until then!

Danell Anderson - Wendy and Tyler are my neighbors…sort of. Live down the street. They are pretty awesome and have the knowledge to make everyone look awesome too!

melissa*320 sycamore - gorgeous, meg! you are looking so good! love the color…

Jennifer - What a beautiful family! - Meg – you look awesome 🙂 I began losing weight right around the same time you started talking about running & stuff, so I’ve been totally noticing your progress! You look FANTASTIC 🙂
These are such great photos of everyone – your kids are precious and I love the one of you and Craig looking at each other smack in the middle of them. That’s what it’s all about, man. “You and me, babe, surrounded by all this nutso chaos!” 🙂
Thanks so much for sharing them.
~Jacci in Ohio

Jamie - Awesome pictures! What a beautiful family you have!

Charla Liedahl - Lovely! I’ve been meaning to tell you that your little Annie is the cutest bug! Her sweet smile melts my heart every time I see her picture! And small world…Tyler of Blue Lily is my friend Lavender’s brother. I remember when he was little and obnoxious…over 20 years ago!

Jill Utecht - LOVE these pics Megan! Can’t wait to see your favorite up in your house. It is BEAUTIFUL – everyone is looking their best – the perfect family picture!

Melanie - Great pictures and your family is beautiful.

cindy mandernach - we are booked for the clarkston michigan session on sept 11….i am so excited i could pee my pants. the pics look great. now to go and get some fun clothes…
ps i emailed you

angela - EVERYONE looks great! What a great looking family! YOU look SO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!

mary elizabeth - the pictures are amazing! i love them so!!!! i must say you look smokin’ hot!!!! that top looks so good on you – the color is perfect!!! make sure you post a picture of the big picture once you get it in the house!

Tracy - Awww… such WONDERFUL family photos, Meg! Thanks for sharing and yes, you did look “fabulous”! I had to LOL about Annie running down the road saying she was “done” with pictures! HA! Too cute! Have a great day! xoxoxo

Beth - BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Love them, all that color is amazing. Your kids are beauts.

Nikki - I love the photo’s…. You must be so happy with how they turned out.
I need some family photo’s, I take so many of the kids and Orsen and I’m hardly ever in any 🙁

PattyL - I NEVER comment on blogs, but just have to say, I’m really happy for you!! You must be in love with these shots! You give alot of joy through this site, I’m glad to see you will receive such joy every time you look at these.

Londen - Were you talking about the feeling groovy part? I love that movie, and I love your family photos! Beautiful family!!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ok ~ first of all, those pics are amazing! You look fabulous!
Secondly, I just lost an hour looking at their website 🙂

Margo - These are amazing! Great pics of your family!

Jess Mead - Awesome pics and everyone coordinates so well! Super Cute!!!

Griswold Fun - You have a beautiful family!

Lora - Great pics… what a lovely family.

Janie Fox - I love color too and these are fab. You are a beautiful family!!

PinkPeanutButter - Beautiful!! I love it!!

j - beautiful, beautiful pictures – and a beautiful family too.

kristine - i have been wondering if you got them back yet! yay!!! your family is gorgeous – you all look awesome and the colors are perfect! nice work and congrats on getting great family pics that you are in! cross it off the list! woohoo!!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry - Photos are awesome and you look super skinny! I am going to go buy that outfit! (Not that it’s just the outfit, you look terrific all the time!:)

Nicole Q. - You look FABULOUS Meg! Before I even read which one you picked as your fav I had thought, “This one is my favorite.” Love the pose of everyone and the green door sort of thing in the pic. I love the way you are holding onto Craig. Lovely!!

Donna - BEAUTIFUL! What a fun and cute family you all are!

Emily - Um. You look like the kind of people I would like to be friends with. Can we be friends? I have a crush on your beautiful family. Love your blog.

Sophie - Such gorgeous pictures! And I’ve got to say Lauren’s growing into such a stunning young woman!

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen - wow wow wow i love them ALL!! i absolutely LOVE the one of you all spread out against that brick wall with you and craig looking at each other and the kids watching. love.

Staci - Was JUST thinking about your photos yesterday…wondering if you’d gotten them yet 🙂 LOVE them !!! You look so tall and sleek! They are just beautiful!!!

Kelly - Great photos!!! So fun to have for you! kelly

Nichole - Beautiful photos, but Annie’s left arm looks so strange in the jump photo, lol! I love them!

Jodi - G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

patti - Absolutely beautiful!!!

Christy - Love em!! I love the wardrobe!! The colors are awesome!!

Aimee - I love them! I love all the color and I love how all your outfits go together but aren’t super matchy-matchy. You look fantastic in these Meg!

crystal b - They turned out so great! I just love the colors. Hey . . . did you get brave and try the pork yet?

Tricia - Meg, they are GORGEOUS!!

Heather - these are fantastic!! what a gift!!
my mom won us a photo shoot from a silent auction and i just cannot wait to get to do it. especially now. your photos are just beautiful.

tam - Amazing Photos. Such a beautiful thing to do, you will cherish these photos forever. 🙂

angela - AH.MAZING! These are absolutely gorgeous pics of your awesome fam!

Vera - These are FABULOUS!! And YOU – you look amazing!! Okay that’s it, I’m going off sugar again. *sigh*

jennifer - Love these pictures and the colors you picked are awesome and I love your hair too.
My favorite is the one of your whole family with you and Craig holding hands and Talby standing there with her hand on her hip looking up at the two of you. SO cute! That’s exactly what my daughter would be doing… Adorable!

Logan - Love them all. I know you are glad you did this and eventually your children will be glad too! 🙂

Stephanie@Geezees - Meg, these are beautiful photos of you and your family. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one favorite.

sarah - They look great!!
I love each and every one of them.

Amanda - They’re all so good! I have always dreamed of having her or Tara Whitney do our family pics…I’m never in any with my kids as well-don’t know what that would feel like! lol. Looks like she was already in Chicago last month…and we are 3 hrs south
🙁 Bummer!

amy jupin - i love the blue and yellow.
i love the way annie is hugging on your leg.
i think lauren looks beautiful.
i’m jealous of your shopping trip with kim(berlee)–and thank you for introducing me to her. 🙂
i think it’s about time i get out from behind my camera and get some family shots too.
but i can’t stop thinking that maybe “you’ve gone native?” (i’m cringing but laughing hysterically!)

Krista - Beautiful pictures, I love the color! Last one is my favorite too!

Jess - These are perfect Megan. The last one is my favorite too. I can’t wait to see them in your house. Can you come to my house and tell me which pictures I should print for my walls?? 🙂

AshleyAnn - So I almost emailed you yesterday asking if you had these yet….they are so great! It did make me think, “wow…that is a big family!” The outfits are perfect, the location, the colors….awesomeness!

Courtney McIlwain - I love your shirt. Where did you get it? The pictures are great!!!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - That last one is soooo good. I can see true happiness in everyone’s eyes. You and your brood. You must be so proud. And have you lost weight? Lookin’ smokin’ I must add.
I’m going to do a spotlight post on you. Would it be okay if I used a few pics of you and some of your house on my blog?

alamama - you look fabulous! your running has paid off! i love looking at your family! thanks for sharing!

RLG - I cannot thank you enough for this post (which is extraordinary and beautiful). I was able to schedule them! Thank you for the resource, Meg. You’re awesome to share. xoxoxoxo

Talysa - I love them! My fav is the one of all of you on the staircase though. Just love the composition.
And the line…hmmmm….so many to choose from.
“Home Sweet Home” ??

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Megan,
Thanks for mentioning the colour. I did click the last photo and it was sooo much better. Sharper, clearer and bright. The originals must be amazing. You did a great job on the colour coordination with the kids. Not so much that its cliche but fun and unifying.
A beautiful family.

Kate - You really have such a beautiful family! Everyone looks great! Love!

Elissa - look how gorgeous you all are! i need to be in some pics with my family one of these days 😉

Kelly - Love the playfulness of the pictures….beautiful family!

Sue K. - I cant believe how big the kids are now!!! You have such a beautiful family Meg 🙂 I esp. love the one with you all on the stairs and the one that Annie took (too bad she isnt in it). HUGS!!!

Tara - love these family shots.
we’re getting our family pics taken in October when we go home to visit family.
you look fabulous, Meg.
the jeans..the shirt…the jewelry…the shoes…

Julie - Really GREAT family pics! Gorgeous family! It takes a great photographer to get great shots of so many ~ we’re a family of seven too and the thought of family pictures overwhelms me! Yours are beautiful 🙂

Annie - These are just fabulous! I love them all, but the one of you all on the steps and the one of you all being silly at the camera… those are perfection! What a fun family!

naomi - you DO look fab! extraordinarily FAB!!!
great family photos …
(reminder to get someone to take OUR photos …with ME in them!)

Missy - Oh my! These are fabulous! Gorgeous family, gorgeous photos!!!

deb meyers - these are great! Glad you trusted your gut with the clothing choices, too.
Say the line… i loved ‘it’s complicated’ (mostly for her home’s interior, and her 50-something wardrobe) but no lines jumped out at me … unless, the laptop scene?!
deb meyers

Lisa - LOVE!!

Kat - Awesome!!
I have been waiting to see your family pics.
The colours look fantastic Meg. You did a really great job of coordinating everyone.
The last one is also my favourite and I really love Annie’s shot.
I like they way everyone is looking down at her.
Can’t wait to see them framed and in your house.

Gemma - They look great!!! I love the scenery and all the colours : )
GOOD STUFF! You all look gorgeos btw.
Gemma x

Viktoria Slutsky - GORGEOUS!!!! I love the reflection of the girls, cool idea! and all your family sitting on the stairs and the brick wall behind you, just awesome pics, great colors!!!!

Viktoria Slutsky - GORGEOUS!!!! I love the reflection of the girls, cool idea! and all your family sitting on the stairs and the brick wall behind you, just awesome pics, great colors!!!!

se7en - How special is this!!! And you have a jump photo – Awesome!!! I would love to know how to actually do that!!! I totally love Annie’s pic!!! Have a happy day!!!

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple - Your right, these are great pictures. I like the brick building as the back drop. My favorites are the kids jumping and the girls reflection in the puddle.

Alisa Lewis - Beautiful Family! Love the pops of color!

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