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craft thursday #9

we made rainbow wind catchers.
they are so pretty.

you will need:
paper plates
glue sticks
a stapler


i cut paper plates in half.
they painted a rainbow on the back sides….both halves.

it doesn’t have to be a perfect rainbow.
or in perfect roy g. biv order.

after they were dry….
we used a glue stick to add the streamers.
i cut my streamers in half because their paint lines were small.
so if your streamer is 2″ inches wide and 15″ in length then i cut the width.
leaving me with two 1″ x 15″ streamers.
i just folded up my streamer and then made one cut through the middle….simple.
in theory you would add the color of stremer under the color of paint.

but it’s art….that means you get to do whatever you want to!


my new favorite craft thursday project.
it’s lovely when the window is open and the breeze blows in!

IMG_5175 IMG_5243

glue streamers to the inside of both halves of the plates.
then we stapled the two plates together.
i tied a knot in a loop of yarn and then stapled it in when putting the plates together.


IMG_5169 IMG_5292



IMG_5306 IMG_5297

i loved this project.
and even sean did it willingly.

it must have been the streamers.

Sean Carter - very cool! I love to see what the minds of children can come up with even simple things like paint or floral supplies.

Maro's kindergarten - Hi! I wanted to let you know that I loved this craft and I have featured you on my new blog post about Spring weather crafts! You can see it here
Have a nice day!

Agnes Rhodes - I love this, going to do it with my girl scout troop tonight!

Melissa@ The Chocolate Muffin Tree - Love this! So simple, but beautiful!

Gina @ Special Happens - I love this! I think I’m going to have to do it with my kiddos! They love rainbows! - So beautiful and colorful! Fabulous!! I wanna try it 🙂

Cathy @ NurtureStore - These rainbows would just brighten up any room – I love them. I’ve found you through the Crafty Crow – so pleased you liked our sunflowers.

Jennifer - love, love this fun project…buying the supplies tomorrow!! love your blog too!

kristine - gorgeous!

Jessi - If you’re curious how this craft turns out with a 2 1/2 year old:
It was fun 🙂

Laura - B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Amber - I can imagine myself standing oh so nostalgically at the sink and dreaming about how joyous my day is going then the wind comes in and all the streamers go into my mouth and I spit and spew. 😀

Lorie - I knew as soon as I saw the gorgeous bright colors in my Google Reader that this post was yours! I love it! What a fun project!

PinkPeanutButter - So cute! I may have to do this craft with my girls!

Selina - So pretty!

Ellen - I love love this! I teacher first grade, and I think we’ll do this next Friday to conclude our study on color words! Thanks so much for sharing! 😀

Jess - Awesome! I will definetely have to give this one a try. Thanks!!

Shauna - i am TOTALLY doin’ this with my kids!

Katherine @ Grass Stains - Every time you craft I have a new “favorite.” But this is truly my favorite. 🙂

Ruth - these are SO awesome. i want to make one!

melissa@afamiliarpath - i love this. they are so beautiful!

alma - these are awesome! where do get ur ideas from?

elisa - Love the pics with the light behind them 🙂

Gussy - love, love this! off to Tumblr this…

Nicole Q. - Oh happy colors!! I laughed when you mentioned old Roy G. Biv — did we all learn it that way?

Casey - This is by FAR my favorite craft project you have done!! I am going to the store today to get plates and streamers!! We ARE doing this project. Love it!! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I love the streamers!! I know my Nate would have a blast with this one!

Taylor-Ann - cute project. I love that every Thursday you and the kids do something crafty. What a great family tradition to have.

Deanna - Love love love this project! Definitely going on my list….along with any other of your crafts that we haven’t done yet! 🙂

SeaminglySarah - beautiful!

a pocket full of posies - L-O-V-E them!!!! so pretty!…now “somewhere over the rainbow” is right where you are!
thanks for sharing!

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Megan,
This will definitely be added to my tumblr favourites for a rainy day. It is sooo cold here in Northern Canada right now, it will be nice to have something fun and colourful to brighten up our day. Your a great mom.

Lisa - Love it! I miss having windows that open up the way yours do. I am from Wisconsin but live in Arizona, our windows here slide open sideways. Not quite the same 🙂

Sugar Mama - I wonder if this would work for my older daycare kids? Not sure if the 3 year old would paint the rainbow, but she could sure try!

Jacqui - I love it! its very pretty!!

Charlene@Adventures-In-Mommy-Land - Very Cute idea! We made one similiar on the 4th of July. I like the rainbow one best though….might have to steal this idea 🙂

Courtney Walsh - wishing my paints weren’t packed right about now! Love this!

Juli - What is the name of the granite on your kitchen counter top? We just installed “Blue Pearl” in our kitchen and loooooove it.

tami - Your baby is getting big! Where is her pink tutu? Love the crafts!

Amanda Jo - You always have the best ideas!! Can’t wait to try this one out at home!!

Megan - Oh so fun and darling! What a great idea!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Of course you did!!!! Those are beautiful. Love all of your creative projects. They always make me smile:)

tara pollard pakosta - how gorgeous!!!
I love your craft thursdays!
we tried to do one every week, but it
just never happened….my girls love it though!

Jaime - Meg… what a cool craft!
I am going to put this in my favorites list, and pull it out again in the spring. I am so excited about the upcoming holidays, I am ready for Halloween crafts!! lol… Got any of those you want to blog about?! I could always use a good idea or two! =)

Corrie - Hi, I found your blog through OhDeeDoh, and I am so excited to see that you love and support Word Made Flesh! I went to Asbury College, where Chris and Phileena also went, and WMF has had such an impact on me over the years. I visited them in Kolkata (Calcutta) years ago, before I had my kids. I also love Amy Butler fabric and simply being crafty!

Amanda - Adorable! We’ll definately try this one!

Anna Marie - Well lookie there, a rainbow craft for Miss Megan the rainbow queen! I love it!!!

Heather R. - pretty 🙂

Liz - roy g.biv
love that

Suzette - those are so pretty!

Kimberlee J. - Now this is a craft I can do! Easy on the budget, easy on the eyes, easy on the nerves. All things to be considered when I am the mom doing the craft.

kat - Super fun! I love how these turned out!

Jessi - Think I could do this with my 2 1/2 yr old? Nah, probably not. So I’ll just make a couple myself 😉

Melanie - It looks just like you Meg! Happy and fun.

Four Flights - so pretty! thanks for sharing this great craft!

Holly - very pretty Meg! We are definately going to try this!

firefly hill - Great idea…love all the colors!

tam - Awesome idea. I love the colorful rainbows! Thanks for sharing.

Tracy - Those are SO neat! I love those and such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Meg! xoxoxo

widge - wow they are so cool! awesome idea and you are inspiring me to play with my kids…some day 😉

Shelly DeBoer - so i’m up at 3:30 and can’t sleep even though i am sooo tired… and i’m grateful…grateful that in the wee hours of the morning i can entertain myself with your beautiful little blog. LOVE the rainbows!

Gemma - Hi Meg!
I love it…Very pretty : )
Gemma x

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