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craft thursday #11

this craft came from Art Projects for Kids.
she has a great site full of ideas for all ages.

my kids were missing their craft time because they were WAY into it today.
which makes me so happy.

i gave them square paper (the sketchpad paper cut smaller into a square) 
and a pencil.
they had to draw a tree with no leaves where each branch went off the page.


then with a crayon or oil pastel….color the tree.

then fill in every space with a different color.




they loved this craft.
i was surprised by that but i am not complaining.

the girls made two each.

sean took two days to finish his because it had to be perfect.

IMG_8769 IMG_8771

IMG_8773 IMG_8805

Jessica - Did this with my students today after one of them said “Look at that tree…. leaves all gone”. We enjoyed it, so thank you and happy birthday!

Kacey - I love this craft! And your header matches – so cute!

Gina - I love this project-might have to do it tomorrow with the kiddos.
Oh and Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful.

alice - i love perfectionists! how perfectly perfect! and a fun craft!

lorel - We do a similar lesson with my kids at school, except we use the paint for the tree, and oil pastels for the negative space. Most of my students really like it. Check it out on our artsonia page:

jennibell - I love this craft!!! Actually, I love most of them, and love that you find them and try them first so I don’t have a lot of good intentions that fail in the end b/c something is missing, it’s too hard, etc. — ha! I work at the YMCA in YPlay and usually have the older kids (6+) and am going to do this with them during Fall Break — it’s just like summer. . .YPlay gets all filled up with kids who are usually in school. This will be fun!

Krista - They came out beautifully! You can tell Sean really took his time, I love Craft Thursday pictures!

barbara - love this! looks like stained glass, almost.
& happy belated birthday, too 🙂

jennifer - That is really cool!
Love your new banner too.

Four Flights - Beautiful! I didn’t know Crayola made pastels…good to know.

Christina - So simple, and so beautiful! I’m doing this soon!! All three of mine could do it – bonus! 🙂

Erica - Sean’s looks great!! Nice easy project!!

Nicole Q. - Love it!

julia - It’s so fun seeing their finished projects.

Kelly - it is perfect too! that looks wonderful! Kelly

Melanie - That Annie is as cute has ever!

mandy friend - Sean sounds like my 9 yr old! And you are a way cooler mom than me letting that stuff on your table!

Emily B. - It’s fun to see each personality come through their artwork! And how cool that they had missed the craft-time… I hope I’m as faithful with my two-year-old to develop this side of her.

Sara's art house - Love this!!!!!!!

Stephanie - Beautiful! We are swamped with homework, sports practices and lessons over here…no time for crafts. When my boys were young we played with playdoh and crayons, now they are onto bigger projects like helping in the yard and soon it will be time to carve our yearly pumpkins for halloween. The only other “crafts” they do is during art class in school and they have made some neat paintings I have kept, now I just need to figure out what to do with them and how to preserve them…any ideas?

laurenjean - sooo cute ! i was just telling a friend of mine about all your cute crafts !! Now I must try this with my girls 🙂

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Little artists they are! So pretty each one.

Ashley Stinson @ The Hillside Home - So cute!!! Can’t wait ’til my little one starts painting and coloring like this… lots of colorful pieces to put in frames. 🙂 Your kiddos are adorable.

Sandy - Sean’s time and hard work paid off. They all look great.

Dana@Bungalow'56 - I look at this post, and I realize I need a big wonderful coffee/craft table. Then of course we would become a wonderful crafty family. It’s the table right? Please tell me it’s the table: )

Jennifer - Way cute! Love all the bright colors…
I’m so loving all your craft ideas for the kids. I am about to be a full-time stay at home mom again–yippee!!, and will definitely need to try some of these ideas to keep my 4 year old busy! 🙂

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