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craft thursday #12

this craft was inspired by a little picture in the background of a pic on shauna's blog.

we made gumball machines.

i punched circle shapes out of construction paper while craig and i watched Mad Men the night before.
(that don draper is a real piece of work)

i borrowed the creative memories circle punch from a friend.
i am sure michaels or any craft store has circle punches.
and of course you could cut them out yourself….but this is way easier.

i traced around a plate onto white paper for the top of the machine.
the kids cut that out themselves.

i let them choose from my scrapbook paper for their background.
(quite a treat let me tell ya….i am really stingy with my personal craft supplies)


we made the coin part out of aluminum foil.
and then sean added black construction paper over that for the place where the gumball comes out.



have i ever told you that my grandpa gave me that gumball machine?
he did….when i was about 10.
i had it in my room until i moved out of my parents' house.
i left it there.
then three years ago my mom was getting ready for a garage sale (i think) and said "do you want this?"
and i broke down in tears.
i hadn't seen it for years and it made me miss my grandpa so much.
i am SO GLAD to still have it.
it is really special to me….and it still works.
but my kids just take the lid off the top instead of using money.

always has to add the extra details…..goofy guy.



has to copy her brother at all times……flying gumballs.

both talby and annie made two….because there were plenty of gumballs.
i love craft thursday.
and i really love that they ask for craft thursday. 

carissa... brown eyed fox - no way!
i never knew that about your gumball machine!
such a neat story! imagine all the special hands that have touched that dial!

Melanie - How sweet to have your grandpa’s gumball machine. Doesn’t it make you smile?

sara@augustfields - ooooo meg. this is a super cute one. 🙂

Charlene@Adventures-In-Mommy-Land - LOVE this….might have to “borrow” it cause my kids would love it.

Jenna B - This totally looks like it would work to make Rainbow Fish, too! Talby’s second piece of art reminded me a little of fish scales. Using construction paper and maybe mylar circles and some glitter, I can see my family making a school of fish! Thanks for the inspiration!

allie - you are seriously the best mom and i love your blog! i’m 21 and not even close to having children…but i would love to be the type of mom you are someday! you are awesome.

Christina - I meant to add about your grandpa…that is such a great story, and how neat that you have it now! Again, I love it. A small thing, but with huge impact.

Christina - Love it. So cute…I love Sean’s details! That is so great. He is very creative! 🙂
I think that the fact that you let them choose something from your personal craft stash is a testimony to what a great mom you are…and I bet it made quite an impression on them. I think that’s the kind of thing that kids remember for a long time. Sweet.

Sarah - This is the CUTEST project. I’m thinking of using a lot of your craft Thursday ideas for artwork in my new baby’s nursery (I’m due in January).
Thanks for all your inspiration!

katie w - you have such a cute blog, i’ve been reading for a while but this is my first comment. this is such a cute craft and it would make a great classroom activity too! thanks for the inspiration 🙂

linda - all of your kids are adorable…but i gotta tell you that i just love seeing pics of sean…he seems like a genuinely happy, easy going, fun sweetheart of a kid…his smile and the way he carries himself reminds me of my little guy.

Julie - Those are GREAT Meg! A couple weeks ago, we made the butterflies you guys made. We were just studying about Wayne Thiebaud’s Art ~ LOVE his cakes, but he had painted gum ball machines too! The kids loved them; when they see these they’ll want to make one. Thanks again for always being such an inspiration!!

Heather R. - What a great prezzie your Grandpa gave you! 🙂 That makes me happy. And pictures of them, too. I’m so glad you have that.

april@gingerbreadgirlblog - So cute…You have very artistic kids…wonder where they get it from…lols

jennifer - I love those! All the colors are so fun.

Jessica - This is such a great project. It’s going to be rainy here all weekend, so I think I’m going to have my kids do this. Thanks for the inspiration…as always! 🙂

kathy b - Oh we made this exact craft each year in the preschool where I worked. This brought back warm memories. Love the Annie D.

Jenny - Those are too stinkin’ cute!!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - those are great meg. love the craftiness of your kids. im a sentimental softie too.

Gemma - That is such a sweet story about your granpa and the gumball machine…!!!
Love the idea!!
Gemma x

Tammy @ The Sabourin Family - Gotta try this one & cleverly use up my scrapbooking scraps for the balls. Thanks! Always love the story you tell through your beautiful pictures.

shauna - i love it!
i want to do it too!
i sometimes really wish i could just be one of your kids…
they are lucky.
i love how talby perfectly layered them.
i new i liked her 😉
now to finish that half done felt one that you spotted by my craft table, eagle eye….
why can’t i finish that baby?
maybe i will now that you guys made a million and three in a day.
nothin’ wrong with a little good healthy competion 🙂
you guys rock.

Jamie - So much fun! My kids would love to do this.

Amber Pamper - I love that your boys will do crafts with smiles on their faces. 🙂

Courtney Walsh - I love that Annie signs her name “Annie D.” lol just in case you get her mixed up with your other Annie. She is adorable…and this is a super cute project!

sara's art house - HOW CUTE!!!!

virginia - that reminded me of the gumball machine halloween costume i saw in a magazine yesterday! also reminded me of this cool picture
i want one

Kerrie - I love your blog!!! I am Jenni Lehman Thomas’ cousin. I just wanted to let you know that I have been peeking at your blog and I love it! I also want to get a necklace from Lisa Leonard- I love her jewelry.
thanks and have a great day
Kerrie Kaufmann

jodi @ back40life - so fun & how awesome to have the real gumball machine! can’t wait til mine are a little older and we could do craft thursday…yea!

Staci - You so totally rock!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Julia - What a cute project. If you are at a loose end, how about taking a road trip to Florida to do a party for a5
5 year old?

Maureen - Love the grandpa story about the gumball machine. What a great keepsake.

Stephanie - So glad to hear that I am not the only mom stingy with her personal craft supplies!!! My 13 yr. old daughter just loves to go into my craft room and use all my best things. It kills me!! I’m sure I sound so mean but she NEVER asks first! I’m seriously considering putting a lock on the craft room door. But jeez, I hate to stifle her creativity!

Leah - Love this idea. Here’s one that my 3-year-old could do too.

laurenjean - such a fun idea 🙂

Suzette - I think i will start craft Thursday just for me. I have 2 teen boys (13 +15) that would balk at doing crafts….but who says I can’t get my craft on? Thanks for the inspiration!

Liv Hochhausler - I remember when gumballs only cost a penny!

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