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craft thursday #13

i have a big file of crafts i think my kids would like but today i found this craft and we did it.
i found davinie through the crafty crow.   (can i just say how much i ADORE the crafty crow?!!)

well….first we tried a pumpkin craft that did not go well.
too hard for the girls.
there was crying….and then i yelled…because crafts are supposed to be fun!!!

so i said “what about this one?”  and pointed to the photo on my computer.
and the girls said “ooooohhhhh.  yes!”

we changed gears and started again.


all smiles.
while they painted their plates i traced the petals.
i just made a quick template out of some cardboard (from a granola bar box)


the girls wanted colorful centers to their sunflowers….

sean’s was brown….like a REAL sunflower….of course.



talby and sean used the glue gun.
annie used the school glue.


and then we were done.
it was a pretty fast craft considering we didn’t mean to do it in the first place.

IMG_2017 IMG_2016

IMG_2015 IMG_2018

i was kind of bummed i didn’t get to make one.
they needed me more….cutting petals and such.

we hung them all on the giant chalkboard so i get to look at them everyday.

Debt Advice - This blog is really very nice. I love this art and also love the sunflowers and love the chalk board. It looking so impressive.

Daisy Cottage - I just love you Meg.

Robin Sampson - That chalkboard is homeschool dream!! Where did you get it? Great raft, great colors. I made some Bible lapbooks and file folder games you might like. You can download at

wendy b. - OMG! I love that chalk board! Do you change your verse each week?


carissa... brown eyed fox - sensational sunflowers yall!
my girlies would love that!
and that orange CHAIR!!!!!!!! :O)

Emily - Today I needed to see the verse on the chalkboard. Thanks.

crystal beutler - LOVE that giant chalk board. I’m so making one of those. The sun flowers turned out way cute!
Hey, have you ever made indians and pilgrims out of walnut shells? I will have to send you a picture. They are fun for Thanksgiving. We glue them on place cards and give everyone at the Thanksgiving table an indian name. You have to guess which name is yours when you sit down to eat. My kids love it. We also make turkeys out of tulle and pipecleaners and fill them with M&Ms it set at everyone’s place setting. Do you do that? If not, let me know and I will send you a picture. Your kids would love making them. 🙂

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, these are great! BTW ~ I really love the ‘chore list’. I need to get that done. It would make evenings go so much smoother around our house…

Shar - How much fun these look. Also, the chalk board is so cool. Love the chore list. What wonderful fun you have with your children!

Danielle - That chalk board is great! We made the eye sees you from the Family Fun website over the weekend. the kids could have done them all day! Brian even made more than one. We used tea lights but Braeden said he overheard one of the parents in charge of the fall party say they were going to hang them on Christmas lights. So much FUN!

Dana@Strawberrytart! - I love your giant chalk board!!! Love Love Love!!!

Dana@Bungalow'56 - I haven’t seen your big chalkboard before. I’m so glad you showed it as I’ve been wanting to do almost a whole wall and I wasn’t sure if it would work. The craft was great too : )

Lisa - Very cute!

nora - Cute craft! Kinda keeps summer around a tad longer 🙂
This is probably a lame question, but do you do with the crafts after awhile? Do you keep a portfolio for each kid? Do you send them to other family members? Just wondering…

Alicia - I SO want a giant chalkboard just like that in my house!! Or even a chalkboard wall like you have in your craft room/studio. SO COOL!

Julie - Love the sunflowers and love the chalk board! You’re a great mom, Meg! Your kids are blessed!

Susan - My boys are in their 20’s and 30’s and i still have all the craft stuff that they made.Do you keep yours and where?

Cassi - Thanks so much for the kind words and link love for The Crafty Crow! I *love* how your sunflowers came out and I’m so happy you were able to find a project to fit the day 🙂

Cari - Love! Definitely going to do this with my girls! Got a question, though…Did you do fun stuff like this with Lauren when she was little? I know I had some, ummm, “issues” I was working through when mine were little. And that makes me sad that I missed out, ya know? Wait. Was this more of a private email question? Probably. I’ll stop now. Happy crafting! 🙂

Heather - they look so fun on your ginormous chalkboard, which i am completely coveting by the way! it’s fantastic.

Jaime @ Queen of the Creek - Very nice! I always love your craft thursday’s…
The kids did a great job with this one!!

Lorie - I have loved looking at all your crafts over the summer! What do you end up doing with them all? I also LOVE the giant chalkboard. Wish I had room for one!

Tracy - Such a great craft! And I had to LOL completely at the “there’s no crying in crafts” – HA! :o)

Terresa Wellborn - Love that craft! We have paper plates on hand, now to find a fabulous giant chalk board! 🙂

shauna reed - You are a treasure. I Wantaa do these!

julia - Great sunflowers! I love your chore chart and verse. Somehow the chores don’t look like work so much as fun when they are put up there! Maybe the kids feel differently though 🙂

Chris H - I know scissors are a skill that is encouraged, but if you’re the one relegated to doing all the cutting out, may I suggest my favorite tool? A Cricut would make really quick work of cutting all of those leaves! I just used mine this week to cut stencils for a couple of cute folk-y signs for my home.
I teach 3 year old class of preschool girls, and I’m always excited when a new craft post comes up on your blog– it’s handy for using at home with my own boys too! Thanks!

Elizabeth - Those are so great. I am wondering what you do with all of these crafts, where you put them, for how long and then what?

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Love it…colorful and sunflowery. What could be better. And no tears. That’s a very good thing:)

Amanda Fuentes - Very cute! I need to store this idea away for this winter when we need sunshine and flowers!
My girls made “baby ghosties” this week as a craft, they turned out cute! I blogged about it today matter of fact, if you want to see! 🙂

*LuLu* - I Love The Rainbow Colors!

Gemma - Lovely!!!
Gemma x

Layla - Absolutely delightful!
I love them- and I love your blog.
Can’t wait to read all your archives!

Julie Weaver - I really love reading your blog. I love looking at the pictures, and reading about your wonderful (yet real) family. I even used one of your Craft Thursday crafts for my daughter’s birthday party. And listed a few more at my mom’s group yesterday when they were asking for fun ideas for kids.

Penny - They are wonderful sunflowers! I have to admit I love “craftycrow”, too, and my kids are 23, 20 and 16. Your craft Thursdays remind me of the club my two older daughters had with a group of their friends. They would all come to our house on Mondays after school. We would do crafts, have a snack and then they would all play for a bit till their parents came to pick them up. Once they were a little older we started taking field trips and having camp outs. It was much like Girls Scouts, without having to sell cookies! 🙂 A great bunch of girls. Just last week I ran into one of the older girls and she gave me a hug and said, “Can we have sunshine club!!” Great memories.

Melanie - Very cute craft!

Debby - This is a great idea! I think both my girls will love it. My almost three year old should even be able to do it with a little help. Thank you!! Love your blog!!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry - Thanks for saying you yelled. It’s supposed to be fun! Why are you not having fun? Why are you fighting with your brother THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! Sometimes I yell too, good to know I’m not the only one! Beautiful sunflowers!

amac - Super cute craft! It’s fun to see the differences in your kids’ personalities being expressed through what they are making! You have a beautiful family, and I just adore your blog 🙂

se7en - Those are stunning!!! But what’s not to love via the Crafty Crow!!! I also feel let down when I don’t get to play and do their craft along side them!!! I really consider it to me my play time too!!!

amanda - I love that Sean has such firm ideas about how his crafts should look and how everything is ‘just so’. He totally reminds me of my oldest little boy.
Yay for craft thursday!

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