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christmas craft #2

this craft was quiet and calm.
when the kids were at school i cut the felt into small squares….about 1 square inch.
i just bought the rainbow of colors and a few extra of red and green.
using a rotary cutter would have been easier….but mine is BURIED under fabric and christmas.

the sheets of felt were 4 for $1.00.
so this craft is really cheap!

i strung large needles (18 Darners is what the package says….) with DMC floss.
i tied a knot at one end.
then we strung the thread with felt squares.


annie kept pulling her string off the needle so this was our solution.
i held the needle and she filled it up.
team work!

talby made several.

when they are about this size we stopped.
when you could bend it into a good sized circle….

then i tied the two ends together….and hot glued it too….

we added ribbon and voila!
a tiny christmas wreath!
IMG_5877 IMG_5881

or a rainbow wreath…..

or a KU wreath…


if i would change anything about this craft i would make the squares a little smaller.
i did try using wire but it was hard to get through the felt and the needle was not.

they would be really cute in all green and adding red beads or jingle bells too!

New Coach Bags - Hear this idea, DengHua DE repeatedly said: “grateful fans, but I can’t talk about the question, of course, I want to thank them care.” This night, no matter how cross-examine, DengHua DE reporter refused to evaluate foreign aid performance.

Kelli - I thought for sure you were making a garland for the tree! The ornaments are so cute! A garland would be fabulous too but lots more work! Maybe a year round project. 😉 (Like anyone needs another one of those.) Thanks for sharing all your craft projects. It inspires me just to see your consistency. When my boys are older we can do more of these crafts. I’m not ready to give my oldest (3 1/2 yrs.) a needle yet. Nor glitter and rarely a glue stick. Yikes.

Tracy - Just made these with Reese’s 1st grade class for their Christmas Party….so fun and all the kids liked making them…cute and easy. I used my rotary cutter and it took no time at all to cut all those squares. Thanks for the great idea!

Catherine - so much fun!!! thank you for this, and for all of the tips! i cut our squares a little smaller, used hot glue and knew exactly what kind of needle to use and string {DMC floss is embroidery floss for the reader that asked!} I also really appreciated your comment about the rotary cutter. I have wanted one and this was a great excuse to get one. Plus! I found a 50% off coupon for Michaels craft store, so I got the nicer one for less than the cheaper one is regularly priced! Yay!!! It held the attention of my 3 1/2 year old boy for awhile, but I didn’t mind finishing… it was secretly for me anyway. Thanks Megan!!!

Lucylu ~ - Ooooooooh nice we (Alex and I) Strung popcorn

kristine - super cute! i love that you give reviews about what works and what doesn’t. thanks!! love this!

kristin - oh. my.
just 2 days ago i cut up an old indian fabric blanket for this project.
it did not work.
felt would have been perfect.
next time.
merry christmas, friend.

Janna - So cute;) But I’m commenting for a totally off the wall reason:) I notice you have the same denim furniture we do. I got it 2nd hand so have no idea where its originally from (I’d LOVE to find a slipcover for it) and it so super comfy I don’t want to get rid of it. But I can’t get it clean. Do you have the same problem? I’d love love it if you have a min to email me back, if its after Christmas that is JUST fine, don’t expect you to worry about me before;) I’m wondering if you have found something that works on the denim? I’ve had it professionally cleaned too and it didn’t make one bit of difference:( Thanks! And I LOVE your blog, so inspiring!!

kat - Those are adorable!!! Garland would be super fun too!

Jenn Thomas - london love her wreath she made the other night – it is hanging on the from door knob – she has to show it to everyone that comes overs

Ellen J - I love love this craft!! I’m storing it away to pull out next year for my class to do at Christmas! 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

Dana D@BoysMyJoys - So very cute!
Love them!
I also love the star lights in the kitchen… want to show us what they look like from outside at night?!?!
I bet they are darling!

Rhonda Roo - please adopt me. STAT. xoxoxo

Michelle - love these. . .i think i made them at school when i was little (like 20 years ago. . .wow)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - So pretty and easy. I bet my kiddos would love this! My favorite was the red and green. The polka dot ribbon made it though:)

Heather (Lorel's *other* college roomie!!) - Adorable — definitely making next year when my oldest is five!
One tip that I’ve learned the hard way with our crafting sessions — if you double the thread on the needle and knot both ends at the bottom (so it’s a loop) then the needle can’t come off! 🙂

Holly - very cute!

meaghan - this is AWESOME!!!! i’m def doing this. i mean, not with the kids, but i’m still doing it!

AshleyAnn - Your Christmas crafts are killing me…so cute. Maybe I’ll make them next year. Though if I can convince myself to go to Target to ornaments I really want to do those handprint ones…such a great idea.

Natasha - Super easy and way cute! Thanks!!

amy cloud - We did the snowmen yesterday and my girls are very excited to do the wreaths today. Many Thanks!

Joni - I am always looking for easy, safe, low mess crafts with four little ones 7 and under….so this looks FABULOUS!
Thank you for all the great craft ideas:)

danielle - love these!

sara @ it's good to be queen - i LOVE this. oh how i love a quiet craft. 😉 and they turned out so pretty!

Tara - such great ideas for ornaments!
we buy ornaments for our kids this year…
I think we’re making them…all thanks to you!

Grace - Meg, these are fantastic! And they fit three perfect categories: adorable, easy for little hands, and inexpensive. Thank you for the idea. 🙂

Cynthia - So cute, I can’t wait to try these, but what is DMC floss?

Amanda-ThriceBlessed - Very cute, and even better than buying felt I can use up little scraps!

Kelly - Super cute! It would be really fun to leave it straight as a garland too!

Mindy Harris - too too cute. i love your crafts. wilder and i did a snowman tonite and i put away my control freak tendencies and just let him do what he wanted.

Debbie Smallie - Keep the crafts coming. We have a 17 day break and I need time-fillers!!!

Sonia - as usual, LOVE IT!!

tania willis - my 8 year old, looking over my shoulder just said, “oh my gosh, i wanna make one!” SO cute meg! thanks for sharing the idea. this is perfect for keeping little hands busy during the winter break from school.

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