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christmas craft #3

this craft idea i got from my neighbor AMY.
 save christmas cards.
and i make my husband bring home his corporate cards he gets at work too….and his co-workers' cards too.

so this year i took my stack and used my OLD creative memories rotary circle cutter and cut them up.

you could use a circle punch from a craft store too.
or cut them by hand.
or use circle dot stickers in the office supply isle instead….. 


i put green paint on a paper plate and they stamped their hand into it.
and made a tree.
three hand prints across the bottom.
then two.
then one.
they added a star out of yellow construction paper.
the glitter stuck to the wet paint.

then they covered their tree with ornaments… card circles.

i let them use the mini hot glue guns to stick the ornaments on.
i just bought enough for everyone to have their own….the are $3 at wal-mart.
we will get LOTS of use out of them….worth it.
annie decided it was for her teacher so she wrote a greeting on it.

sean decided to paint his greeting.




this was minimally messy even with paint and glitter.
all three kids REALLY liked it.
and it was actually done very quickly.

are you having fun crafting at your house?
or do you think i am crazy lady who has way too much time and hot glue on her hands…..

Karen Gerstenberger - LOVE this craft! Thanks for brightening so many of my (and lots of other people’s) days, Meg.

amber - You’re not crazy…you’re adventurous:). Courageous? Brave?
And…thanks for being…whatever you are. My 3 year old & one year old (I’m brave too) had a lot of fun with white paint, ornament balls, & tiny felt scarves the other day thanks to your post:)…

Lindsey - You aren’t crazy! I love checking out the crafts you guys do! I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to do crafts! I love your ideas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!

Leah - This is a fabulous idea! I pulled out all my old Christmas cards and made circles as well. I also made the tree out of construction paper. I’m not brave enough for paint with my 3-year-old. Oh, and I have that CM circle cutter (and the oval too).

Juliann Brenner - Hi Megan – can you make a section of Christmas crafts to look up? Like a category you have, but a “subcategory” for Christmas?? Weird request, I know, but I am super computer challenged and would LOVE to do these next year and know I will never be able to find them. Better yet, how about publishing a craft book with your family craft days and a Christmas section? I’d buy it, and I’d tell everyone to get a copy!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Tara - having so much fun….
will try this one today!

karen - love it…very nice idea. It is such a shame to throw away any card…crafts are a good way to get more life out of them.

Katrina - Oooops….I did NOT just spell “our” with an “h” so it’s the word “hour” — did I? Gosh, I sure did! I am pulling the holiday-frazzled-mom-of-nine card on that one!

Katrina - Hey, I love this craft idea! We’ve been doing crafts at hour house and my kids are having a blast. I am going to start collecting this year’s cards so that next year we can do your project! Thanks for the idea!
Merry Christmas!
Katrina @

Sugar Mama - Is that an Outer Banks t-shirt your daughter has on? Oh how I miss living in NC and visiting the Outer Banks!
That craft looks like something the daycare kids could do tomorrow with minimal prep time. We made the Christmas bulbs with hand print snowmen yesterday…. even the 9 month olds made one. That was interesting.
Again, thanks for sharing another great idea!

Tanya @ Life in 3D - We have done more crafts this month than ever before! My kiddos are 3 1/2 and almost 2 and they’re really starting to get it 🙂 We’ve had a lot of fun. You’re inspiring!

deborah@applesinwonderland - love that i’m not the only one asking for other people’s christmas cards. (so i suppose this means you won’t send me yours?) we are painting and making big messy messes everyday. with food and paint….and glitter. i’m in heaven. 🙂

Yasna - I love it.. really!
I have a few days off since my son has no school and I plan on making some of your crafts with him. I miss all of that being at work but I ll sneak some here and there. Thanks for the idea!

Amanda-ThriceBlessed - We’ve been crafting and baking and decorating for days at our house too. You have to have something to do with the kids for TWO WEEKS while there is no school!
We did a gingerbread house decorating party today with a few of their friends, it was a big hit. My girls all have summer birthdays so bday parties are rare, this is a nice alternative for sure.

TAB - I love your crafts! I just wish I had the patience to do them! I have been inspired though! This one looks great.

Mary - when i saw the stack of circles cut from the cards i instantly thought of a garland. run the circles through the sewing maching and make a cute garland for the tree from old c-mas cards. thanks for the idea!

Trish - I wish I lived at your house 🙂

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Well that’s just cute. Great green idea:)

jamie - you are not a crazy lady. we have been crafting this week and will continue crafting through christmas eve. you have been our inspiration. i have twin daughters that are 21, a 15 year old daughter, and a 7 year old son. they are all crafting and loving it. baking too with christmas music playing in the background. {love}

valerie - What a great craft idea for my 3 year old Sunday School class (next year). I’m filing this one away. Waaay cute!

Marcia - I just discovered your blog and I love all of your craft ideas! I’m not sure how to follow you over here on typepad though 🙂
Have a glorious Christmas!

Cristen - I am SOOO loving these posts. Keeping them bookmarked for next year. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

Lynda@Me and My Pink Mixer - Cute idea! I used to love doing crafts with my daughter, but she is 17 now and doesn’t want anything to do with crafts or sometimes me for that matter 🙂

Karen - Absolutely not crazy for crafting with your kids. Doesn’t matter how messy the project is. They will remember these times for the rest of their lives.

Bethany {3SonsPlus1} - What a fun idea! I recycle and refurbish old cards in much the same way, but we use ours as gift tags or labels…definitely not as much fun, ha! Merry Christmas!

Angel/TaDa! Creations - I’ve been enjoying your craft posts a lot. We made the snowman ornaments yesterday and today I’m doing it with my day care kiddo to surprise his parents. Super easy and fun! Thank you for all the great ideas.

T Galle - We are having a blast! My whole family….from youngest nephew to my Dad & step-mom made the snowman ornaments on Sunday. We left them with my Dad for him to hang on his tree. We are going to make them here on Christmas eve so I can have some from my kids (19 & 24) on my tree! 🙂

Katy - What a great craft! My 3 year old daughter has a new found love for paint so this is perfect. 🙂 Thanks Meg!

Lisa - I also save my Christmas cards, use the circle punch on them and make them into gift tags. Just punch a small hole in the top and slip a little string, embroidery thread or ribbon through it.

jill tracy - I think it is fantastic! I love that you are taking time with them to do this. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season…so kudos to you:) Maybe it will get me motivated!

Gretchen - We love crafting at our house. In fact, I’ve gotten some many great ideas from you! Thanks. 🙂

Sonia - love it! my littlest one would def love this the most! he loves to paint!

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