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pumpkin muffins

my mom has made these muffins my whole life.
they have always been a favorite.
and my kids love them as much as i did.


the last time that pumpkin disappeared from the grocery store….i had some anxiety.
so when it came back….i bought 12 cans.
(do you even know what i am talking about?? our stores here in town had NO pumpkin for a long time… yikes)

i didn’t ever want to run out.


the recipe is simple enough.

and i have to say…it IS better than the quick bread pumpkin mix you can buy next to the cake mixes.
but i buy those too.

it’s all about how much time and energy you have for the day isn’t it?

i use the big scoop from pampered chef for my muffins….do you?

it’s the only thing i use it for.
do you have one?
what do you use it for in your kitchen?
for me….it’s called a muffin scoop.

bake them for 20-25 minutes and cool.

then i make some glaze.
my mom always made the glaze really thin so that it was pretty much opaque.
like this….


but i make it thicker like a runny frosting instead.
i like to SEE the frosting.
it makes me happy.


it’s the same reason i want the pink donut at starbucks…it looks happy.

the recipe is the in the Awesome Recipes rainbow square to the right.

have you clicked through those rainbow square categories?
i clicked through the 365 one last night and boo hoo…my kids are so much bigger already!
it was 365 from 2009.

enjoy the pumpkin muffins!

your house is about to smell amaaaaa-zing.

(imagine me saying that out loud…like Oprah…amAAAAAA-zing!)




Kimberly Dial - I know this is a bit late but did you post the pumpkin muffin recipe & I can’t find it? They look delicious and I was tempted to make them this evening ….

Kimberly Dial - I know this is a bit late but did you post the pumpkin muffin recipe & I can’t find it? They look delicious and I was tempted to make them this evening ….

Amanda - I use my scoop for mashed potatoes, makes them look pretty on the plate:)

Tess S. - the great 2010 pumpkin scare. i kid you not… i was in panic mode. PANIC mode. i bought TONS of pumpkin. and used it all. it was a pumpkin-palooza bake fest for 2 straight months.

crystal beutler - I’m a huge fan of the pumpkin muffin. I love them with chocolate chips. And, I love pumpkin cookies too. Can’t wait to try your recipe. I don’t know what happened with the pumpkin — but it happened here too. There must have been a pumpkin recall — tainted cans?? I freaked out too. I now have pumpkin food storage.

Jenny Joy - I made your muffins tonight. Oh. My. Goodness. AMAAAAAAAA-ZING, indeed!!! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

Jessica J - I think your more solidly *white* glaze is “opaque” and the one your Mom makes is “translucent”. 🙂 Not to be a stickler, but I prefer the opaque version too and didn’t know what one you were referring to. 🙂 These sound delish btw!

Desiree - We had the same problem here, no pumpkin. And it was the holidays! I was in shock that I couldn’t find it anywhere, and it took forever to reappear. I can’t wait to try your recipe, thanks for sharing!

Jessica Kujawa - Hi Meg!
I cannot wait to try this recipe!!! I love anything pumpkin. I had to tell you that as I type, I am making your chicken tortilla soup, and since I discovered the recipe I make it once a week. It’s our absolute favorite! My daughter loves your stuffed shell recipe and that is on tomorrow nights menu. I have the small Pampered Chef scoop and only use mine for cookies. I think it’s to “ball melons”. Must have bought it “pre-kids”, cause the thought of spending time “balling melons” sounds ludacris to me…lol
Have a great weekend!

Rachel - I just used my Big Pampered Chef scoop to scoop out a hole of buttermilk biscuits from a can to make homemade donuts. We got donuts and donut holes from those awesome scoops.
My husband almost always uses the scoops to scoop out watermelon.
I love pumpkin muffins too.

Katy Apicello - Oprah is amazing! “You’re all going to AustrAAAAAAAAAAlia!” Love it. 🙂 And I love that you posted these muffins because I have been looking for something like them for a while!
PS I have the scoop too. I pretty much only use it for cookies and muffins. 🙂

ashley jensen - I had (can’t find it) a pumpkin muffin recipe where you mix 1 can of pumpkin with 1 box of cake mix (spice works best). You might have to add one other ingredient but I can’t remember! Slap some cream cheese icing on them and they are to die for!

Micah - LOL love when Oprah says things like that.
I DO know what you’re talkin’ about with the pumpkin. :O That was AWFUL. I bought six cans. lol
as for the scoop… yep, its the muffin scoop around here too.

dixie - we were also out of pumpkin here in maryland! now every time i see it i stock up out of fear. i seriously have like 7 cans in my pantry right now. maybe it’s a conspiracy that libby started! ha! love your blog meg!! also, love parenthood!!

Beth - I remember the pumpkin shortage of 2009. Those were sad days. I also own the big pampered chef scoop. I use it for muffins and monster cookies (a healthy cookie recipe I make — hey, it has 7 grain cereal and RAISENS it it, it must be healthy, right? Just don’t mention the butter, sugar, chocolate, etc.).

Jeannette - I remember the pumpkin shortage too…..I freaked out a little because Thanksgiving just ain’t Thanksgiving without my Granny’s homemade pumpkin pies. I will say she had already stocked up so we had us some yummy pie. This year I bought a bunch extra too and still have a few so I too will make muffins, sounds like breakfast for us in the morning :o)
I don’t have a cool pampered chef scoop but I do have an ice cream scoop that looks almost the same and that’s what I use!!!

Megan Duerksen - Funny — I just made pumpkin muffins the other day — my grandma’s recipe. I remember running out of pumpkin, too! So, my solution was to make my own this fall. I just steamed, pureed, and froze in baggies!

Jenn - I love my Pampered Chef scoops. I have two sizes and use them for everything that needs scooping. Thanks for sharing.

Jaima - I use the scoops for a lot of things! Cupcakes/muffins, the small scoop for cookies, I use them to fry hushpuppies at my Dad’s restaurant, and many other things.
Love your blog and honesty. It always makes me happy.
In actually in route to Kansas as I post this. My first time. Coming from Nashville to introduce our newborn to her Greatgrandmother for the first time. She lives in Salina.

betsy - Those muffins look yummy, but I was mostly distracted by your super cute Jayhawk tshirt! Love it 🙂
Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

amy nicholl - I just scored a 12 pack of organic pumpkin off Amazon for $10. I make these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins all year long and my stores always run out in Michigan. If they actually carry pumpking it is really expensive. I love freezing the muffins for the kids to bring them out at anytime they crave one.

Jen@thecottagenest - I know exactly what you are talking about the pumpkin. I was in such a state about it that I ordered a case of organic pumpkin from amazon. Yep. I’ve still got several cans so you can bet I’ll be making these. Although maybe not especially soon as I am doing weight watchers right now! Also, I want you to know that we love your crescent chicken recipe. I hope to try your blueberry buckle recipe soon. Love blueberries!

Lisa - I use the pampered chef scoop for muffins too! And now to scoop ice cream cause my ice cream scoop disappeared! 🙂 Gonna try that pumpkin muffin recipe soon!

courtney - Every year we are at a pumpkin loss here in Hawaii. The commissaries just don’t carry enough of it. So when Amazon put the organic pumpkin on sale after Christmas many of my baking friends stocked up!

Tiffany - I have several things that I make year-round with canned pumpkin and this year when the organic canned pumpkin went on sale after thanksgiving, I grabbed a bunch. These muffins sound good enough to be worthy of using one of the cans. Now I want muffins AND cinnamon rolls. Yummy carbs, now I want to go eat my stress away.

Renae - This is a little strange because yesterday I said something about you being similar to me and last night I went to a Pampered Chef show and bought the scoop for muffins! Then I just looked at your house pics and on the HUGE (gorgeous btw) chalkboard featured with Talby is my FAVORITE bible verse of all time! I hear Twilight Zone music playing!! Can’t wait to try the pumpkin muffins, think we’ll love them.

Brittany - I made pumpkin muffins today too!! It’s just that kind of day. I’ll have to try this recipe next time…yum! I love those pampered chef scoops…I have one in each size and use them ALL the time! Thanks for sharing!!

Shann - I DO remember the pumpkin shortage. I have 8 cans in my cabinet at the moment. 🙂 And, I also have a Pampered Chef scoop also called the muffin/really-big-cookie-scoop. And, I also have a yummy pumpkin recipe like yours. I also make it into mini bread loafs and pass out pumpkin love to my neighbors. Pumpkin stuff rocks…doesn’t it? 🙂

Erin - MMM I cant wait to try. I dont have the scoop yet, my mother is having a pampered chef party next week, it’s on my list of things to purchase. I LOVE pampered chef!!

Dana@Bungalow'56 - Yup! But mine is called an ice cream scoop.
Go figure?

Heidi - I make the same ones… when the great pumpkin shortage hit here, I had my husband drive me around to 4 towns before we finally found a small town grocery store that had some. I bought all 27 cans thinking when all my friends and family ran out they would come running to me for pumpkin…. good thing that stuff doesn’t expire fast.. I probably still have 24 cans of it.

Christa aka the BabbyMama - You had canned pumpkin disappear, too? Seriously, there was not one can in my local market for more than six months. Do you have any insight into why that happened? It gave me the creepers.

Stevie - i have been looking for a pumpkin muffin recipe. my youngest (very picky) loves pumpkin bread so want to try muffins. Add chocolate chips he’s gotta love them….right?
love your shirt…ROCK CHALK GO KU!! 🙂

Amanda-ThriceBlessed - I love anything pumpkin! I started making my own puree this year with our leftover Halloween/Fall decor pumpkins, it is super easy. Bake, puree, and freeze. I don’t have to worry about finding it in a can.
I have the scoop but its the medium sized, I use it for my cookies and to scoop melon in the summertime.
I’ve been through the recipes, the enchiladas and cresent chicken have been added to our family dinners!

liz kartchner - love pumpkin anything!!! 🙂
just found your blog… witty and colorful. just how I like it.

Jen - Can’t wait to try this recipe… I use my PC scoop for muffins and cupcakes too, but I also love it when I make pancakes… Perfect size!

Tracy Boldt - I stockpiled pumpkin that year, too! My family made such fun of me! I never ran out, though:)
Mrs. B.

Jenny B. - I went to look for your 365 button, but got sidetracked by your scrapbook pages. 🙂 I do all digital scrapbooking now, and I LOVE IT. I remember spotting some scrapbooks on one of your shelves in a photo a while back, but I never noticed that you had pages posted online. Fun!

Heidi - YUM! Those look really good. I had cinnamon squash muffins on the agenda for today, but I think I’m changing my mind. 🙂
The pink donut at Starbucks makes my 2 year old happier than anything else on earth. I’m not sure $.85 could be better spent!

anna - dear meg,
stop posting yummy delicious food that i want to eat all of the time…

Beth - Yummy looking for sure! I have only eaten a pumpkin roll but I need to try these muffins.
I don’t have one of those scoopers but I need to buy one for me…I have seen so many in blogland use those things for cupcake/muffin pans…I always use my measure cup and make a mess on top always.

Leah - Okay, I’m a total nerd because I click through your rainbow squares quite often getting inspired with ideas. I’m doing my own 365 right now, so I’m loving your photos. And your house photos are great too! AAAAAMazing!

Kelly - I’m with you on being able to see glaze. 😉 Happy indeed! And yes I remember the pumpkin shortage! Kelly

Krista - Love your recipes Meg, they’re not too time consuming, and they’re with NORMAL ingredients!
Just printed off your chicken enchiladas and baked french toast. I was driving in the car and started thinking about the enchiladas…Have to make them soon! YUM!

Tammy - They look so yummy!
I love my Pampered Chef scoops! I use the big one for muffins, the medium one more for cookies, and the small one for mini muffins!

Cari - Yummy! I could totally go for a pumpkin muffin right about now. And since I, too, have several cans in the pantry thanks to the WEIRD pumpkin shortage, I guess all I need to do is get off my rump and make some! 😉

Martina - I have a scoop like that only it’s OXO brand and I got it off Amazon because it was cheaper than Pampered Chef and I love OXO products. I use it for making cookies. I swear it changed my life! No more dirtying two spoons, getting my fingers all sticky and trying to make cookies all the same size. I’ll definitely use it next time I make muffins. These look delish!

Laura Phelps - that pink Starbucks donut DOES look happy
snowed in (again, and oh my gravy I just might kill my kids or myself today!)
and I have no pumpkin
…I think…
maybe I do
regardless, think I need to go make me something HAPPY
it is WILD over here today

Shannon - Yum, I have a ton of cans of Pumpkin left from Oct/Nov these muffins would be perfect to make. Oh and they must be healthy because there is pumpkin in them right? 🙂

Tanya H - Yes I read your rainbow boxes! I keep wanting to try your meatballs and peanut butter pie! 🙂

Joy - I use my Pampered Chef “muffin scoop” for meatballs. It makes it so much less messy and they end up to be uniform in size so they bake better.

Alana Gray @ Gray Matters - I’m doing my first 365 this year – I’d love to know how you created your pics in that format. So happy and colorful! Thank you.

Tiffini - beautiful picture of muffins…sounds yummy…I want one NOW!
you, as another normal human being inspire me…keep creating your art:)

RLG - LOVE pumpkin muffins.
All of your recipes are so good.
You’re sweet to share.
Have a great weekend. xo

karen brown - i use that pampered chef scoop to make BIG cookies for the kiddos. Just squish it down a tad and they are like 4-5″ across. Then you can say you only ate ONE cookie! 😉

Tara - Meg, Thank you for your beautiful blog – when we were considering moving to a small KS town after my husband finished school I was scared – would it be too rural? Would I find friends? But your blog made me brave — if someone as wonderful as you with a beautiful family and a gorgeous home can live in a small KS town, then surely there must be more wonderful small-KS-town people, right? 🙂 Anyway, we’re here now, and it’s been a few months, and what-do-you-know, the small KS town is a good place to be. Thanks for sharing your life!

Jen Brandt - Meg, Love your site! Those pumpkin muffins = yum! Will have to try them. Question for you: what type of grated cheese do you use for your stuffed shells?

Lindsey@ Piecefully Home - I love pumpkin muffins, but i always feel so funny making them when it’s not autumn. weird, i know! i have to get over that. 🙂
i esp. love chocolate chips in my pumpkin muffins. we also love pumpkin biscuits for breakfast, but, again, only in the fall. 🙂

Mindy Murray - I know exactly what you are talking about with the missing pumpkin …. when it came back I bought several cans too … we make pumpkin pancakes often here … they are so yummy … I’m going to try your muffins. I need a big scoop!

Molly - How funny – I’ve been making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies all week! Must be something in the air… I love the scoop idea. Right now I use a measuring cup and it makes a big mess.

jennifer - I totally did the same thing the first time I saw pumpkin back in the store. I stocked up! And I have that scoop and call it the muffin scoop too. I use it to scoop pancake batter on to the griddle too though. Can’t wait to make those muffins. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Rachel / cREaTe - i made some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins a couple years ago & they were SO GOOD! although, add semi-sweet chocolate chips to almost anything & it’s a winner – banana bread, zucchini bread. however, i’m making cheddar beer bread today & i will not be putting any chocolate in there. i love your recipes & have some bookmarked, just waiting to try! 🙂

Dee Stephens - Making them this weekend! I’m going to use real pumpkin though.

Kerri - Gosh – back in October, I couldn’t find the pumpkin either! I thought I was confused. Luckily my Grandmother had a stock pile! Like you, though, as soon as I saw it in the store, I bought a stack!

Jodi - I LOVE pumpkin ANYTHING (well.. just about). Thank you! :o)

elisabeth (bovagoods) - LOVE pumpkin! i make pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting every fall. no one else in my house eats them and i end up eating every single one in about two days. yum. your muffins look reeeeeeallly good too. the glaze. i feel the same way.
i have the medium scoop from PC. i use it for cookies and cup cakes. LOVE it for cookies. makes them all uniform and the same size. and no sticky fingers. 😉 just saw above, someone uses it for pancakes. brilliant!

Laurie J - I’ve always used a 1/4 cup to scoop my batter into muffin cups. Looks like I’ve got the start of a wishlist for my next Pampered Chef party (you get invited to what, like 4 of those a year?!) Anyways, the recipe does look amaaaazing. thanks for sharing!

Lisa - funny, I just made pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins yesterday! yummy!

Jen - Two things..
1) Good idea re the scoop.. must get one. Use a small one for cookies.
2) You’ve no doubt heard of the big floods down her in Australia. There goes the poor pumpkin coming from Qld. Those poor farmers 🙁 My husband and I are going to plant some pumpkin so we have some this winter in meantime (and buy up big when the farming communities get their crop up and running again of course.
x Jen

shea - I’, not a huge fan of pumpkin but these look yum. I love using scoops for baking. I have a few different sizes and use them for cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc. I like to pretend I’m a perfectionist with everything uniform. Oh yeah- we also use them for ice cream!

Ruth H. - The pumpkin shortage FREAKED ME OUT! I didn’t hear about it until I went looking for canned pumpkin, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, last year. (My personal pumpkin everything craze officially begins Thanksgiving week and goes on until January, when my family has had enough.) I kid you not, there were only two cans of pumpkin left on the shelves of my grocery store, and they were organic. I paid $7 for two cans! This fall, I stocked up.
Have you tried the pumpkin bread pudding recipe that Pioneer Woman talked about Bobby Flay making? I made it at Thanksgiving. None of our guests ate it, because it was somewhat homely looking and I had nine pies out. The day after Thanksgiving, I made my family try it, and we were hooked. It was amAAAAA-zing! Don’t let the recipe intimidate you: MAKE IT! You’ll be so happy that you did!

Jill - Stores out of canned pumpkin would be tragic. I get teased by friends for making pumpkin bread year-round. Whatever. I use my big scooper for making meatballs also. Yes, they are big meatballs.

deborah@applesinwonderland - i make/bake a chocolate chip pumpkin bread, but i like muffins/cupcakes better…..i’m all over this. i’ve plenty of pumpkin, but i worried about my favorite soap disappearing altogther a few years ago and bought it all up. apparently, i bought it ALL up–i cannot find it anywhere and i have only 37 bars left:)

shannon - I actually just made your recipes (rainbow cake) my kids loved it. I will have to try the pumpkin muffins next. They do look yummy.

pam - I remember the great Pumpkin shortage….I think I still have cans that I bought then…I kind of went overboard. Have you tried putting mini chocolate chips in your pumpkin muffins…AMAZING. Our youngest LOVES those little pink donuts…she smiles just as she starts to bite in to the first one.

Angel/TaDa!Creations - I did exactly the same thing! I now have 12 cans of pumpkin sitting in my pantry. I’d prefer 24, but I didn’t want to be rude. I figure 12 is enough to make pumpkin pancakes twice a month until it comes back in the fall. Here’s my favorite recipe Now I’ll have to give your muffins a try too. They look delish! - I’m not going to lie, my sister posted something on her blog about speaking in the Oprah voice, and ever since then I say mostly anything exciting in the Oprah voice. Yesterday during my shower I used this voice to say “Lather up my HAAAAIR!” It made my morning to see you say “AMAAAZING” with Oprah’s voice inflection. So great.

Mari - I use the big scoop for muffins and cookies. The small scoop works well too– but then I’d end up eating more of the mini muffins and cookies. That would ruin my diet. 🙂

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Hi Meg!
I have never tried pumpkin anything…maybe I should!
Gemma x

Kirsten P - Meg, I remember when the stores didn’t have any pumpkin. A store employee told me the pumpkin crop was so poor in 2009 that they didn’t even harvest and can pumpkin. It was a long year because I make pumpkin pie all year long, not just at Thanksgiving. So glad the pumpkins are OK now. 😉

Ansley - they look delicious, meg!! 🙂

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