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craft thursday #16

i have a bunch of craft thursdays to share…because of all these snow days!

so we could technically call them CRAFT  snowDAYS.

we have to craft to keep our sanity.

or at least i do.

i highly recommend that when you set up a craft for your kids that you stop yourself
and DO the project with them….it is calming….relaxing…i am not kidding.
even if you feel dorky drawing a huge chameleon or painting a doilie….you will feel better when you are done.
trust me.
just throw it away when you are finished if you feel embarrassed.
but if you did the craft you will feel calmer than if you didn't.
that's MY theory.

snow day art therapy….i am grateful for it.

i am not a valentine-y girl.
it's the hearts.
i am not a big fan of the hearts.
but this one was cute.
i saw it on a blog….i left a comment….but i can't remember the blog.
so if you made these at your house, THANKS for the inspiration.
********it's HERE – thanks for commenting!!!*********

you need construction paper, contact paper and yarn or string.

(chocolate mustache….marker hands…the norm for miss annie….love her like crazy)

cut one BIG heart and then cut out the inside so you have one big empty heart.

then cut bunches of little hearts also out of construction paper.


cut a piece of contact paper big enough to fit your empty big heart.

smooth out your empty heart onto the contact paper…sticky side is up of course.


then fill in the empty space with the little hearts.



when it looks full to you….lay another sheet of contact paper on top.
both sticky sides together now.
smooth out the air bubbles….this step is slow.
start at one corner and work across.

but really….don't worry if there are wrinkles or air bubbles.
it's OK.
it's just a valentine decoration.
it's next week.
just hang it up anyway.  :)


cut around the outside of the heart leaving a small border of contact paper.
punch holes and string yarn through to hang in the windows.

all done!


speaking of art….

have you checked out Chrissie Grace and her shop?

she sent me this print and i LOVE it.
collage and scripture and COLOR.

go check out her etsy shop and her blog.

thank you chrissie.

Lorie - You are super crafty. I have been inspired to try so many new things lately. Knitting, Crocheting, Scrapbooking….. Keeps the mind busy.

Tanya H - We did these last night!!! Thanks for an idea becuase my daughter was pretty disappointed that we weren’t decorating for Valentines.

Kim - I have just recently started reading you blog and I just wanted you to know that I love the way you write, I love your ideas and thoughts and have moved you right to the top of my “must read” blog list.

leonie - Meg I did this craft with my class of 6 Non-verbal, Autistic boys yesterday, was a very fun tactile experience….. I do this activity at christmas time too…. bells and trees fill our windows beautifully, but I use cellophane then they are gorgeous leadlight windows xxx thanks for the idea…. I am sure their mums will love a little love on valentines day….. now any ideas for mothers day????

Mya - I <3 Annie and Talby is looking so beautiful in that photo!!! I love reading your blog I finally started my own blog..Pls visit the blog and give me your feedback :)

danielle - ps: i loved your comment about nursing. i felt the same way…like before someone told me that i could actually stop i didn’t even realize it myself.

danielle - need.that.print.
and what in the world i need to do these crafts!

Alison - I love your craft days with your kids! it has inspired me to do more of those with mine! My mom always says, they are arent going to remember how clean the house was, or if the laundry was always neatly done, they will remember how you made them feel. Craft days are just one of the many ways I am learning to connect on their level and make their little hearts happy and warm.Love that print. isnt Etsy the greatest?! πŸ™‚

crystal beutler - Super cute craft. You do the funnest stuff with your kids. πŸ™‚ And, love the print, especially the scripture.

Jen - Talby is growing up so fast!
There are three days that I wish I lived in America – Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Though it’s not big down here, I think Lucie & I might do some heart work.. thanks for the ideas. x

Maggie - I love your necklace in the picture…where did you get? I’d love to get one and have seen them before but don’t remember where

vakantiehuis costa brava - Really a good piece of Art and craft.The heart is really beautiful.I will prefer this art and craft with my daughter too.

Jenny B. - Oh, I forgot to say… I’ve never noticed before how much Talby looks like you. I definitely see a resemblance in that close-up of her cutting the little heart.

Jenny B. - Oooh, I love this craft! I wish I already had all the supplies… and didn’t have 2 feet of snow everywhere so I could go get them! I also love your rainbow yarn! πŸ™‚

Tracy Fisher - Love your craft days. And how about that fabulous print you received. That verse says it all. I think I need to order one. I love when words fill my house… people that stop by always tell me they love reading the art in my home… hmmm… they are probably just being nice… but I will order one from her.
Keep up your craft days. I need an idea for a whole week off in two weeks.
Tracy Fisher (

Amanda - What a great simple craft! Thanks for sharing


Pamela M - So cute. We made a couple of valentine crafts – both using recycled crayons. Do you have any of those kicking around? lol!
If you want to take a peek, you can find them here. They were super easy to do.

Tess - Meg! Thank you for sharing the picture. I went to the Etsy site and bought the Risk picture – so excited to hang it in the house!

Amanda - I’m totally doing this with my kids this afternoon! Thanks for the easy and fun craft. My heart puncher should help me make hearts super quickly and hopefully this will bring up the spirits of my four year old daughter who has DOUBLE pink eye, DOUBLE ear infections and strep! Yikes!

Anne @ Baking Me - That heart is adorable, I want to make one and don’t even have kids πŸ™‚

elisa - I have one of those hanging in my window. He made it at school tho.

Jenna - Keep ’em coming … they are inspiration for me to get crafty on my snow day(s)!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I love those scripture pillows! Stay warm and have a great day!

Christie - Thank you for sharing such wonderful faith based Etsy shops. I love seeing scripture and phrases incorporated in their art. It’s soothing.

colleen - Oooohhhhh! I love that print! That is a verse that i have prayed for our home many times… Have seen it once before in black and white painted on barn wood but I LOVE those colors! I live in Alabama and we have beautiful snow today – the kind that looks really pretty but the kids can still go to school for a full day! πŸ™‚ I am having a “me” and cleaning day in my nice WARM house! Ahhhhhh!

elz - Cute craft. Might have to do this one with the girls this weekend…after we finish the class valentines!

Jessica - This is a great project! Definitely will be doing this one this weekend… πŸ™‚

Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land - My kids and I have done crafts similar to this one before. Your’s is Very cute! We love doing crafts too, we do them all the time (almost every day. when I’m not working).

jenn g - my son’s preschool class did this craft this week. they cut up small pieces of colored tissue paper for the center though. the little hearts are cute!

nora - super-cute craft! i’m going to try to adapt it to my 20-month old son, who is currently in love with glue sticks and gluing things, when we’re stuck inside for yet another bitterly cold weekend!

shannon - Love this craft…alas we have another snow day as well! If I had contact paper we would be making this craft….there is so much snow I can’t even get out of my driveway to get contact paper even if I wanted to! Thanks for the link to chrissie’s blog…I have now added her to my blogs….great etsy shop! πŸ˜€

Jodi - LOVE the hearts. :o)
Your girls are adorable!
And you’re right, crafts calms the soul….
And thanks for the info on Chrissie’s shop, I’m going to check her out now!

Christa aka the BabbyMama - Here’s a funny thing: My daughter isn’t old enough for anything involving scissors or glue or really anything other than drawing a line on some paper (and her attention span for that is about 2 secs). But I want to make some of these πŸ™‚

sara's art house - Super cute craft!!!! ANd I love Chrissie Grace πŸ™‚

candace - i ran across that esty shop yesterday….the rainbow pillow was on another blog and i fell in love.
i think it is the slowing down and “being in the moment” that can be so relaxing when creating. or watching kids as they create.

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe - love ’em both!! πŸ™‚

Sarah Mahan - Hey that idea came from my blog. I remember you left a comment on my blog. You are welcome for the inspiration. I feel honored that you actually used my idea.

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Really love pretty!

tara - Hi Meg…this isn’t the craft that you used, but I had this in my inspiration files for v-day crafts to try….
same kind of look…

Melissa - Today is a snow day and today we will make this craft!
Do you frame and hang all of these prints girls send you?? I mean, you could totally send some my way after you show them on your blog! :0) just kidding…maybe.

happygirl - I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day girl. πŸ™ Heart just don’t send me and I should NOT eat the chocolate. LOVE the print. Is that your mirror in the print? I think the crafting you do with your children is wonderful. I love the pictures.

Shann - I used to make those hearts with my kiddos. I love them!! We would use different colored tissue paper for the little hearts in the inside. Then when you would hang them up in the light, they would look like stained glass. What a fun craft you made! πŸ™‚

se7en - Totally totally love your hearts!!! And I have to agree my kids crafts keep me sane… just pottering along with them slows the pace down and chills us all out… enough to live again… It is very refreshing to stop and be with my kids and chat like people rather than just working away being the command center!!! Definitely refreshing!!! Lovely!!!

Mary Beth - …and for the rest of their lives, they’ll remember a Mom that sat with them. And made Memories.

~Debra - Great craft! And that print is awesome!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 - Oh my goodness. Talby looks like she could be 16 in the third picture! Talk about a trip into the future. The hearts look lovely. I used to do a stained glass project with students for Christmas with tissue paper and black construction paper. This would have been much easier : )

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