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craft thursday

two days in a row??

and there are many more to come….

this idea came from a few different ideas 
but mostly first from pink and green mama….marylea.

i bought three sizes of doilies.
you can usually find them in the wedding isle at craft stores or walmart…lots of places have heart ones out right now in the valentine's sections…not my thing but maybe it's yours?  

we opened them and i just let them paint.

i suggested rainbow patterns but it didn't matter at all.
anything they made looked pretty.


this table was COVERED in paint by the time we were done.
this was just the beginning.
we made A LOT of painted doilies.


it is ok if the colors bleed together….it good even!


after they were dry i took them all up to the craft room and sewed them together.


i love how there is no pattern….only color.




 i love the detail of the lace but that it's not girlie or precious.



sean did not participate in this one.
he ran the other way.
not all crafts can have swords or dragons son.

and what easy clean up this is….just wipe up the table and done!
we use crayola watercolors….$4 from target or walmart…..less water makes brighter colors.


and in other news…..

i decided to watch Steel Magnolias yesterday while sewing.

yeah….because who doesn't love to bawl their eyes out while sewing?

i have seen it at least 20 times.
at least!!
and i cry every time.
it's heartbreaking and deep and lovely and pure.
and funny.

Steel Magnolias


i watched it first at a teenager….with my sister when she was in college i think.  

for year and years i identified with julia roberts character….she is young,

independent and trying to break free from her mom.  she is sassy. 

(and has bad pants and giant hair)

then i didn't see this movie for a quite a few years.

and watched it again probably 2 years ago.

it was like a crazy bizarre twilight zone moment… watching a different movie!

i was a different person seeing the same movie 15 years later.

i had completely become the mother….sally field.

i understood every thought she portrayed.

all the feelings that go with loving your child so much….trying to protect them.

the frustration of them not listening.

i had changed.  i was different.  i saw new things.  

it made me love this movie 1000 times more than i already did.

has this ever happened to you?



lori - what did you use to sew them together? a regular needle and thread? how did you keep them from folding?

JDaniel4's Mom - What a beautiful craft! I came across in on Pinterest and had to stop by to see how you made it. - absolutely beautiful craft! I am so putting that on my list of things to do and sharing it on my FB page. 🙂

Mazz - those ‘rainbow’ doilies lok awesome…thanks for sharing, great idea for “Mazz’s Munchkins” family day care and also in my scrapping 🙂

debbie - very pretty and colorful banner. Im sure they had fun painting them.
Steel Magnolias is one of mine and my two daughters (ages 20 and 22) favorite movies.. and I cry absolutely every time I see it.. the cemetery scene does me in.

beki - steel magnolias – one of my most favorite movies!! if it is ever on tv (which it is often) i must stop and watch it.
also, LOVE that doily garland. i think i need to make my kids make me some :))

Debra @ A Frugal Friend - Oh I always loved Steel Magnolias and the good cry that went along with it.
THEN, I was in the hospital with my mom so unexpectedly. Talking to her. Asking her to open her eyes. Begging her to open her eyes when the doctors came in. The most heartbreaking moments of my life.
Not sure I can ever watch Steel Magnolias again…..I know I would cry so much harder and remember my mom….but I would laugh too.

Erin - Okay, I love your blog and don’t think I’ve ever commented until now. Your post made me get all teary- loved the project, but especially your comments about the movie. I feel the same and I can’t watch that movie without seeing myself as Sally Field’s character. My daughter is 1 and has a rare heart problem that is difficult to survive into adulthood- and for those who do- pregnancy and childbirth are considered life threatening and therefore “not allowed”. Needless to say, I sob every time I see this movie and wonder how life will unfold for her as she becomes an independant woman and I try to hang on to my little girl.

Julia - I am definitely doing this.
I remember when you had 20 or so comments….those were the days…

Amy - i had the same exact movie experience when i recently re-watched “hope floats” & the mom says “mothers love their little girls, even if they show it poorly.”
steel magnolias, hope floats & beaches . . . they get me every time!

cassi - I felt the same way about this movie this year!

Trina McNeilly - I LOVE the doilies….. so gorgeous!

marta - colorful doilies may be my new favoritest thing.
p.s. am running out to watch S.M. again. haven’t since i was tiny. thanks for the shove in the right direction. happy valentine’s meg. so glad i discovered your pretty site.

Red Stethoscope - Oh man are those doilies beautiful! What a great craft project!
I love Steel Magnolias, and although I haven’t quite transitioned into the role of mother, I do see new things every time I watch it. I’ve probably seen it twenty times and still cry every.single.time.

patti - I just commented to one of my friends how my favorite character has changed in this movie as I have aged and changed. Right now I think it is Olympia Dukakis saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, come sit next to me:”

Amanda - Hmmm. Never been “allowed” to see the movie. I am a type 1 diabetic and my amazing mom forbade it when I was diagnosed at age 11 (probably because she didn’t want either of us to watch it). I love my mom. Sometimes I am curious about it, but I think she may be right on with this one for me. Of course, I know the basic storyline. Now, I have THREE wonderful little ones and am a super healthy gal and had super amazing pregnancies. God is so very good . . . and I am not scared of a little hard work to get those sweet babes in the end. 🙂
Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff!!! I triple HEART love your blog. Really.

Cindy Wells - I watched this with my daughter during one of our snow days & thought of you :). Like you I had a brand new perspective & saw a whole NEW movie. It was so CRAZY… I think I cry more identifying with the mom. Love the movie….never gets old. Love the craft too, can’t wait to try it! Cindy

Kristen Chapman - I felt that way about “Little Women” – for years I always identified with one or more of the girls, and then last year I reread it and all I could think of was “I wish I was a mother more like Marmee.” 🙂

Ana - What a great idea, Meg! They do look beautiful.

Bethany {3SonsPlus1} - Loving that cheerful doily garland…I think we’ll just have to make that one today! And I thought it was THE funniest thing to read about Steel Magnolias in this post when I was just (like 10 minutes ago) lying in bed, thinking back to the last time I saw…Steel Magnolias! Ha! Double ha!
Just read about the SUMMER photo opportunity- that is so awesome! You have encouraged me, and reminded me, that God does indeed take joy in giving us the desires of our heart. Congratulations!

Holly - the doilies are lovely and I LOVE Steel Magnolias! Sounds like a great day to me!

Ali Richardson - I love love love those doilies! They look magical all strung together! These would be so beautiful strung from the trees for a garden party or wedding. SO beautiful and you captured their beauty so well…as usual 🙂

Sarah {Monogram Chick} - What a beautiful doile garland. I agree, I love color too and Steel Magnolias!

Drea - Wonderful craft! added it to my to do list 🙂

Erin Leigh - Love, love, love these! What an easy, cute idea.

Tara - oh good grief….now THIS is my favorite craft you’ve ever done. i swear i say it about every one of them.
And, i think i can honestly say that i’ve watched steel magnolias 50 times in my life and every single time, i have always related to sally fields…it didn’t matter if i was 17 or 26 or 37….

Meredith - p.s. I think you should festoon the family car with your doilies while you’re doing your school run.

Meredith - Clearly I can NOT watch this movie yet again….I was already welling up during that clip. I watched this as a teenager, but watching it as a Mum makes it even more poignant and gut-wrenching. “Laughter through tears, it’s my favourite emotion”. Love it. Meredy xo.

heather - lovely!!! water colors with doilies…who knew?
i don’t think there’s been a happier pairing with doilies, though.
they’re just perfect together.

Julie K - Oh this is so so pretty! I love this and am totally doing it with Kiana – we did coffee filter hearts today but the doilies I LOVE! and not normally a doilie type. LOVE this.

Katy - Oh, how I LOVE Steel Magnolias! Must watch it again soon. 🙂
So how do you like your new sewing machine? And what have you made with it? Mine crapped out on me last week so I am in the market for a new one. Don’t need any fancy dancy features. Just a “simple” one. I have been eyeballing the one you just got.
PS- Doilies are my favorite! Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Papertrey Ink or not, but they just announced that they are coming out with a doily die (for a die cutting machine)! You can bet I will be first in line (online) to buy one of them so I can make unlimited doilies whenever I want! 😉 Here’s a post where you can see them (not my blog, fyi)
Another PS- I keep looking at your blog post about the crafty weekend and I am so, so jealous! Looks like you all had SO much fun!

Janet - Can you or any of your readers recommend a good sewing machine for a beginner? Just for some basic sewing & crafts and all the fun ideas I get from this blog!

taralee - aww…meg!
i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was 15 (2000), and i JUST saw “steel magnolias” for the first time LAST year! i had been wanting to see it for awhile, but had NO idea that shelby died! my husband waited until i was in an ‘okay’ emotional state to watch it. it was still brutal.
i never would have guessed that your blog would network me with other ladies who experience t1! thanks for that.

Shayne - The doilies are Absolutely Gorgeous! This will be our craft for tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
I have never watched Steel Magnolias. So now, of course, I will have to.

Renee - I am a southerner and it’s a prerequisite to love Steel Magnolias! I have an aunt almost identical to the Dolly Parton character. She is lovely. “Aunt Rubye Faye” I think it would be fun to be friends with Weezer. What a grumpy mess she is. Would you believe that I do not identify with ANY of the characters? Weird, huh? But my daughter is only 4. So I’ll give it a few years…

Beth - I LOVE COLOR TOO!!! I love that craft and I love that movie. I love the paints on the table! It makes me laugh at school when kids get all worked up about Paint! On! The! Table! . . . I just like, no big deal, it wipes off. And if it doesn’t, it makes the table prettier anyway! Have you seen the movie Crimes of the Heart? It is one of my all time favorites. I have it in vhs if you want to borrow it. We still have a vhs machine but most people probably don’t. It’s a funny movie, dark humor . . .but some deep, good things too.

Hannah - you are so creative! i have to tell you..that always seeing your bright colorful house and art has made me want more color in my house! you inspired me! and SM…the 🙂

Tonya - I LOVE Steel Magnolias!!! I went to the theater w/my mom to see it when it first came out…we bawled, laughed, bawled, laughed. It’s one of my favorite mommy memories! I can find a quote from that movie for almost any situation!

Dana@Strawberrytart! - I love your project and Steel Magnolias is one of our favorites. I watched when I was pregnant and now have a daughter named Shelby – hormones. I fell in love with the name all over again.

se7en - From one totally color lover to another… Your kids sure know how to make things look so good and colorful and so pretty …. wonderful!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

Shann - I love this craft!! It is wonderful!! And,I know exactly what you mean about the movie. I named my daughter Shelby from this movie. And, now as a mama I can totally relate to Sally Field and her character. Wonder when I will become Ouiser?? 🙂

kate - how pretty! and yes…it’s amazing how watching the same movie but at a different time in your own life makes you see/feel completely different things…i always think this when i watch..
“terms of endearment”

Michelle - love these. . .and love steel magnolias. best. movie. ever.

Cory - OHH my I love Steel Magnolias. It’s one of the only movies I can think of that makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt & also bawl your eyes out. It’s a good feeling.
p.s. I didn’t comment on your craft weekend post, but can I just say DREAM!! I think if I could come up with the perfect weekend in my head it would look just like your craft weekend with the girls!

Jennifer Allred - LOVE the doilies! They were already on the short list of fun things to do this weekend, but I think they just moved to the top.
And on the Steel Magnolias front – when we were pregnant with our 2nd son we didn’t know if he was a boy or girl. Long story short, my hubby and I were watching this movie and he suggested the name Jackson if we had a boy. So it was decided right then and there he would be our Jack. Fast forward to when Jackson was 27 months… he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes! The first time I saw this movie after his diagnosis I couldn’t keep it together. I honestly believe that the Holy Spirit gave us the prompting for his name. I will never see this movie the same way again!

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe - yes – the movie experience has happened with me…
the movie:
how to make an american quilt

Jenny B. - LOVE the doilies! And, the movie thing has happened to me too. I saw Freaky Friday (the Lindsay Lohan / Jamie Lee Curtis version) when it came out in 2003… the year before I became a mom. I totally identified with the daughter. I saw it again recently (after having 2 children), and I totally identified with the mom! It was freaky. 🙂

Sarah - I love this idea! Beautiful! Now I just need a sewing machine…

Jodi - YES! That’s exactly how I felt after I watched it later on as a mother. My mom reminds me of Sally Fields (they are both, small, petite women and their mannerisms are so alike), so seeing Sally Fields cry is a lot like seeing MY mom cry and I lose it everytime.
LOVE the craft today! :o)

Janine - Very pretty garland! I like the way the sun illuminates them.
I can totally understand your transformation with Steel Magnolias. It happened to me with my favorite book series. I adore the Anne of Green Gables series. I have read them many times since I was a kid. Every few years or so in fact, and every time I identify with a different part of Anne’s life and see it in a whole new light.

leonieke - wow…great colours..
and by the way,.if you like colors you should really visit the yvestownblog. she has a great house,..alll white with lots of colors!

Vera - Oooh pretty craft! One of my best friends and I saw a local theater production of Steel Magnolias a couple of months after we each had our first child (daughters!) and we walked out of there SOBBING.

Christy - Yes! yes, yes, yes! Same movie…I experienced the same thing with Steel Magnolias! I saw it a couple of weeks ago and my daughters watched it with me. I saw it from a whole different perspective than when I saw it as a teenager.

happygirl - LOVE Steele Magnolias. The best line in a movie EVER is when Olympia Dukakis says “Well, you know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!”

Catriona - “Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair”

shauna reed - oh for heaven’s sake.
it is such a good movie.
and yes. yes , to say the least that has happened to me…in SO many areas of life.
ps. the doilies….swoon.
will you be my mother?

Beth @ Dirty laundry - Of course, swho doesn’t love Steel Magnolias? My favorite part is during Sally Field’s cemetery speech, when she says, “I just want to hit someone!” And Olympia Dukakis shoves Weezer at her and yells, “Here! Hit this!” You’re already bawling your eyes out, a huge emotional release, and in a split second you’re laughing out loud (and then you go back to crying), but that speech is a neat little roller coaster ride!
I love your rainbow doilies!

Kimberlee J. - I identify with Dolly Parton. 🙂

amy jupin - oh girl. you are going to have a zillion comments on this post.
you are so right about steel magnolias.
amazing movie, so deeply touching and gut-wrenching and sweet all rolled up in one.
and now that i’m officially a southern gal, this movie took yet another turn for me.
so weird how movies can make us FEEL.
anyways, love the doilies, love the rainbow colors, love the movie, love all of it.
happy friday! 🙂

Hoosier at Heart - Beautiful doilies! So fun. My daughter and I have tickets to see Steel Magnolias at a dinner theater here in town for our birthdays. We’ve seen the movie many times. Can you imagine it played out on stage? How much tissue should I bring? YOU SHOULD BE THERE WITH US!!

Jennifer Evans - I had that exact experience with this exact movie! I watched it a few months ago after a long time and I remember when I had watched when I was younger I would think that sounds just like my mother- ugh! When I watched it recently I so Identified with her and felt those feelings and totally understood her in way I couldn’t have before having daughters.

Janelle - Ok. I’m pathetic. Even just reading your post ABOUT Steel Magnolias made me cry. Great movie…but one I probably shouldn’t watch over and over! Sniff, sniff!

Lisa - Love the craft! Thanks for posting!
It is funny you say that about Steel Magnolias. I watched that movie a few months ago and as I was crying, my husband asked me why and I told him I was so sad for Shelby but was also sooo sad for the mother! It was like I could completely relate to both sides.
Love your blog. Thanks so much for being a bright spot to my days! 🙂

Debi - Steel Magnolias- that movie means so many different things to me. I’ve always loved a good cry, so that made it a favorite for me when I first saw it.
Then, many years later, my daughter, Anna, was diagnosed with diabetes. Her first question after diagnosis? “Mommy, will I still be able to have babies when I grow up?” How’s that for a heartbreaker? How do you wrap yourself around that????
Happily, diabetes treatment protocols have changed immensely since Steel Magnolias was filmed. Women with diabetes can now, under carefully controlled situations, get pregnant and have healthy babies without permanently harming themselves (or dying). Amen for that- thank you Jesus.
And yes, I AM M’lynn. Anna’s only 13, and I’m 47, but I soooo identify with that loving and protective mama.
Have a great day!

Sarah Alcantara - totally agree about the cemetery scene…so heartbreaking….but what a great movie!

meghan - favorite all time movie. I haven’t watched it in years…i should probably watch it again. I love those kind of transformations. love. love. love.

Kelly - Weird you should post this today. We got everything out to do this exact same thing yesterday after school and found out that sometime since we last used the watercolors a certain almost 6-year old boy popped all the dried paint things out of the strip. So we had empty paint cases. I got more this morning so we can do it today. I too love color! 🙂

Anne @ Baking Me - It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this movie, but the last time I watched it was with my husband because he had never seen it and I thought he should. I don’t think liked it as much as I told him he would 🙂 He is a bit wary of my movie suggestions. But I think this is a great movie!

Andrea T - we use our IKEA cups for water paint cups too 😉 i have extra doilies from vday….doing this one! we need color after all of this snow. thanks for sharing

Tiffany - Yes I am definitely now the mom. Helmet hair and all. :0)

pam - Meg I have no small children at home…well we have NO children at home but I have a special folder with craft idea that you try. I will save them for our future (hopefully) grandchildren. COLOR is so life giving to me. I LOVE the jewel tone doilies…blues, purples, green…so fit for my queenly status.

Lauren - Steel Magnolias is my all time most favorite movie! I cry everytime!

Deputy's Wife - I love that movie and I totaly get what you are saying. When I first watched that movie, oh so many years ago, Julia’s character was the one I was focused on. Now, I identify with Sally’s character! That scene at the cemetary??? I bawl like a baby everytime.
Maybe our parents were right, we do grow wiser as we age.

Wendy - Those are great! Might have to make some of those to decorate with for my girls birthdays coming up.

Jill - maybe sean would like it if you used coffee filters instead of doilies? 🙂
cute craft!!

karen - Pretty doilies!
Hmmmm…that is really cool that you saw it in a different perspective. I’ve been a mom for only 3 1/2 years now and haven’t watch in over 5 years.

ashley jensen - I have seen Steel Magnolia’s a number of times. Haven’t watched it since becoming a mom but I cry every stinkin’ time. Then again I cry at commercials, cartoons, books, etc. It’s pathetic and wonderful at same time what having a child does to your heart.

Ana M - Never see this movie…:(
but now I’m definately going to …
I love your projects…they are simple and real…
I’m a mom of 4 in very different ages but I can try that…
Love the way you write…feels like I’m sitting right next to you and you just copy my thoughts…
God keep blessing your adorable family…
Ana M

Nicole - I held a craft Thursday yesterday with my 5 children Meg! Yes, you inspired me! (as well as the need to get 60 valentines completed!) We used glitter, stickers, paper, glue sticks, tissue paper- and they were ALL gorgeous! I will have glitter everywhere for the next year since the 3 year old loved the “sprinkles” but we had FUN! Thank you for your inspiration!

Courtney Walsh - Such a cute and simple project!! Love it so much. Doilies are pretty to begin with.
I got to play Shelby twice in two different theatrical productions. Yeah, it was pretty draining! I haven’t watched the movie since…I just can’t get through Sally Field’s cemetery speech. Gosh. What great characters.
Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer - Those are beautiful! I think I’ll do something like this with my Sunday School class this week, but with heart doilys and no sewing! 😉

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