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our third year of the junk sculptures.
here are links to previous projects….

2009……..2008……….…..we were inspired by ms. kristin's junk scultures.

i just start saving little things i find on the floor or in the car or on the sidewalk.
i save corks from wine bottles, bottle caps, mentos gum containers and throw them all in a box.
and finally when we have a free day and i can handle a giant messy craft…..

we build.


they just started.
everyone had their own glue gun.
i give them no instructions other than "be creative.  do whatever you want"




we decided it looked like Times Square.
then i googled times square so they could get more ideas and so annie could see what it was.



mustache break.



i am aware that it looks like a big pile of trash…..because it is.
but to the creator…..the artist… has shape and meaning.
they see billboards on the sides of sky scrapers…..air conditioners on rooftops…..doors…..tunnels….statues.





it's a fun project.
next year we will definitely be doing personal junk robots.
i think they would enjoy making something of their own…..not having to "share the vision" with their siblings.

i guess i should start saving things again.

currently Times Square is on top of waffle's kennel….a perfect fit.
quite fancy.

all the craft thursday projects are here.



Erin - oh man i love this! so starting this tradition in our family! thanks!

Fran Gospodarek - Megan, I think this is a marvelous idea and helps create creativity! Although I currently don’t have something in mind, I am constantly saving various things so one day I can create something different. I like to think of it as recycling, too.

kristine - it totally looks like time square. you could take great photos of it and frame it. i love that you do this craft. and so fun for annie to get to hot glue!!

Jill - Oh, and I just read the comment from one of your readers suggesting that you spray paint the whole thing one color. I like that idea too!!
So inspired…can’t wait for “Camp”

Jill - Oh, I am so excited to see this project!! Every year, we have our grand-kids come to “camp” and this will be a great project for the oldest. I was a little worried about the glue guns, but it seems as though your kids are handling them just fine!!! And…I have PLENTY of junk!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anna - The Duerksens rock!
Spray paint the whole thing with primer and then a solid color. Then you will really be able to see the shape. If you do, I wanna see it. Can I please come over for craft day? I will be really good and not burn myself or spill anything…promise.

deb meyers - These remind me of the “LookAlike” books and puzzles. Have you ever seen? Love.
so fun, Meg
deb meyers

wendy, NJ - This is so why I LOVE your blog! You are the best mommy ever…What do you do with it though when the novelty wears off?

nicole @ deliajude - what do you do with this project later…like 6 months form now or even next week? Just curious.

Katie - I love that they worked together.

chasity - hurray for trash art…a favorite around here too!
love their creativity!!!!

Beth - You are such a cool mom! I love that you just let them go at it — that is the best thing to let anyone do! Just have fun and create. I had so much fun with kindergartners recently, giving them each a plate with 6 colors of paint on it — they could paint however they wanted and mix the colors! They were in heaven, seriously!! They loved it. And on another note, Sean’s moustache reminded me of a little tidbit of information I (re)learned today while teaching about facial proportion — that little indentation under your nose and above your lip? It’s called the philtrum. You needed to know that, right?

Talysa - Such a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

april's craft nest - super fun!!! one day when my son is old enough we’d love to try this! i have junk!

Vera - Awesome! I started collecting junk when y’all did this last year… but someone kept throwing my junk away!!

Michele Renee - Turn in that Box Top!
My kids would love this–but Hubs would have a nervous breakdown.

sandy toe - That is super fun…you would be a perfect home schooler
sandy toe

BELLE PHELPS - I love the crafts you do. My favorite were the bird houses. Tell Talby I say hi!

kristin - love it. and YOU will love that we are about to make a RAINBOW JUNK sculpture.
: )

Diana - They’re learning and having loads of fun no matter what they’re doing with these things… and that’s what counts. Think I’ll go build my own Times Square out of junk. =)

crystalbeutler - Super fun idea! My kids would have loved this! You genius you. 😛

Ali @ HuYoung Heaven - I love how you encourage their creativity! That’s something I really hope to foster in my daughter….when she’s just a tad older than 5 months. Is 5 months too young too start building junk sculptures?

Hannah - Hello Meg, I have only just discovered your blog – through your guest post on Marta Writes. I am captivated! Your creativity is so very inspiring, as is your love for Jesus : )
I love the colour, passion and photography that you have put into your blog – thankyou for sharing your gifts and skills with the world. I will most definitely be stopping by again!

Erin Leigh - This is so fun Meg. Can I be your kids for a day?!?!?

se7en - Oh I have been reading and loving your blog so long that I knew what this post was before I opened it!!! Totally love the art work!!! Why have I never thought of giving my kids a glue gun to play with … like hello!!! They would love it!!!

Lindsay - I LOVE that you encourage such creativity with your kids! It will have such a long-lasting impact- when they are working on projects much later in life, they will have the ability to draw on their imagination and see things in new ways- such a gift you are giving them!

Janene - Such a fun mom!! saving all that junk would drive me bonkers: )

Stefanie Arnold - alright, show of hands… who says she wins MOM OF THE YEAR award for this one? My kids would adore you. Which means I need to let them do this one soon 🙂
Loved these pictures. The concentration on your girl’s faces was priceless.

Lauren - My kids would love this. I wonder if I could get them to use up all those worthless McDonald’s toys they have, maybe create some kind of scene with them…

Marcella - Great that you did this with your children- I dream of doing trash art too and then worry that I’d be at a loss of where to display it…
BTW,to the commenter on glue guns in kiddos’ hands, there are low temp glue guns available, if the heat issue worries you.

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - You’re a fun mommy!

Anne @ Baking Me - What a fun idea! I love the Times Square creation, it is so cool 🙂

Courtney Walsh - I was just going to ask the same question Shauna asked. I do all kinds of projects with my kids and then am at a loss for what to do with them!!!

Shauna - What happens to the Junk Sculptures after theyve been created?

danielle - so fun! you are supa mama.

mel @ the larson lingo - this is so fun! you have the best ideas! my oldest would love this….she is a hoarder 🙂

hannah - wonderful idea, looks like y’all had great fun!
thanks for sharing!
love your blog!! xo

Ali - SO SO awesome!!! I definitely want to start doing this with my kids 😉

Jill - So it’s a post on a craft project and I’m going a little deep here but you said this about it:
i am aware that it looks like a big pile of trash…..because it is.
but to the creator…..the artist… has shape and meaning.
It just struck me. We often feel like/’look like/act like a big pile of trash but to our Creator we have shape and meaning. A good thing to remember. 🙂

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - This is one of the reasons I love your blog so much Meg. My parents never did stuff like this with me so, sadly, I have to learn how to entertain my kids, let them be creative,etc… It just doesnt come naturally to me to let them do stuff like this. And they LOVE to be creative! Thanks for sharing:)

elissa - ok, this is a super cool idea and a fun way to use all the little broken and leftover bits from toys and games… however, what on earth do you DO with it after it’s done and everyone is done looking at it and taking pictures? do you just chuck it then?

Penny - I truly believe that fostering the imagiantion and curiosity of a child is the best gift you can give them, besides our love of course! You are doing an awesome job of this. And I am glad Waffle gets to guard “Times Square”.

candace - LOVE it…..i think this may be what originally drew me to your blog. well, and the shaving cream. and the peonies. and your kitchen.
it is incredible you are teaching them to see the beauty in what they create.

Jen Brandt - I do believe you’re up for Mother of the Year. Very cool, creative project! And! What happy childhood memories.

Shauna - One year when I was in high school I found an old vase and glued a bunch of “junk” to it (including my old retainer! Ha!), spray painted it gold and gave it to my mom for her birthday. It was fun to make and she loved it. Or at least she said she did! 🙂

Staci - You’re so awesome 🙂 I am sooo not as fun as you 🙁 My kids would be burning themselves with the hotglue gun and then I’d want to throw it away about a day later ;( I soooo need to lighten up 🙂

happygirl - By the look on the artists’ faces, this looks like SERIOUS art. Thank goodness for the mustache break. I love that you have ideas to engage your children’s hands and minds. It a credit to your mothering skills. Fun, fun and more fun.

Kiki Craig - What do you do with the sculptures after a week or two? Toss them?

karen - This is so fun!
Talby always looks so concentrated when she is crafting. Very sweet.

Jen - I am very impressed. You are such a good mom. Just the thought of saving all that junk for a year gives me HIVES!! And then the thought of glue guns in the hands of my sweet offspring gives me hives on top of those hives!

Katie - What a fun way to get them to create! I love it!

Valentina - This is soo cool! Remind me the Heidelberg Project.

Amy - I am dying to know where your blue sofa came from. I have had a sofa like that in my mind but haven’t actually seen one for sale. Help!

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Hi!
Love the junk building : ) It reminds me of that game…Rabbids go home or something or other!
Gemma x

ashley jensen - HA, the telephone!! Looks like you have a bubble boy there too! I love it.

deborah@applesinwonderland - my youngest is saving all rolls–toilet paper, paper towel and wrapping. he has big plans. it will be spectacular. he assures me. i believe. what’s not to believe? have to say you have some impressive junk. and mustaches are all the rage–what a BEAST!!!!! 🙂

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