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our craft thursday this week has March Madness theme to it.

i found these big paper mache letters at Joann's for $3.00 each on sale.

(how great is the NEW joann's in wichita?! awesome.)

i grabbed the KU paint colors and we had the glitter at home already.
my kids get excited about new sponge brushes too.



sean and talby painted the K.
annie and i painted the U.



it took a few coats to get it covered fully.
then when it was dry we painted the front side with glue.



then covered it in glitter.



we also made posters for our windows (just like when i was a cheerleader!)
we made signs to hold during the games.
and we filled out our brackets.
according to our scoring annie is winning so far.

tonight we are going to watch the game together as a family.

i will fight my urge to get up and do other things while it's on….it's hard to sit still and just watch.
but i will do it.

i think.

ROCK —————————————–
CHALK —————————————
JAYHAWK ———————————–





vintage pearl gift certificate WINNER!!!

I would get the angel wing with my husband's name on it. Sadly, he passed away a year ago, and I know he is watching over my son and I. He is forever in my heart, and I know God put him in my life for a reason. I know I will see him again, and it will be a sweet reunion.

Posted by: Gretchen P | 03/22/2011 at 07:58 PM


gretchen…….send me your info and i will pass it onto erin at the vintage pearl!



Kelly - I have a small cheer girl with big cheer dreams. KU is on her radar which delights me as it is just close enough to be away from home. She would love to know about your cheer experience. ~Kelly
unDeniably Domestic

Dawn - Great craft. Now we are Iowa Hawk fans but I loved your craft. Good idea.

Brooke - I am so sorry that you haven’t even had a chance to talk about your sad jayhawk loss. I am wondering if I could borrow your letters and turn them into UK for the Wildcats 🙂 My sweetest friends are Jayhawks…and we always joke because they live in LExington, KY….home of UK. We always talk about how their letters are confused. But through the years, they have turned me into a jayhawk lover (behind the cats)….so I was so sad to see them go out of the tournament to VCU. Hope your kids are not too bummed!
I am SO BUMMED, I missed your store opening, like so many others, I am sure. I am so sad :). I had my eye on a heather bailey/polka dot pillow for so long!! Maybe next time! Happy week to you!

christine - Hubby and I were just in San Antonio for our 10th anniversary & the KU people were everywhere! There was a section of the Riverwalk that was sectioned off with large KU Alumni Association welcome banners and all that. It was fun, festive and reminded me of you 🙂

Kirsten P - So glad you and your family got to enjoy the cool glittery KU letters with a win on Friday!! So sad they lost today.

Candy - Love those! I need to make some of those before the game tomorrow! ROCK CHALK!!

Lisa - Super cute! I bought a couple of those letters awhile back. Love them!

Staci - I love this so much 🙂

Elizabeth - Adorable, but we would need U N C — go Tar Heels! 🙂

the whyte house - the kids and i were out east this week and noticed they had opened the new joann’s. i told my husband that the store looked huge and he said, “greeeeattt”. haha.

Courtney Walsh - These turned out so cute!!! 🙂

Kat - Gretchen sounds like a very deserving winner! Enjoy Gretchen!

Teresa - Goooo Jayhawks!!! Love the letters!

Jamie - That looks so pretty on the computer, but I REALLY Want to know if it looks like that for real?

Sally - That is awesome that Gretchen won!

Kelly - Those letters look GREAT! Kelly

marta - i am so doing this. i love glitter. i love letters. i love getting crafty. thank you. p.s. i appreciate the guest post so much. you are a new and likely forever favorite. xo.

Allison - Rock Chalk!
(And April, or anyone else who is wondering, “Rock Chalk Jayhawk!” is a cheer for KU. “Rock chalk” refers to the particular limestone that is prevalent in western and central Kansas… if you drive through Kansas, you’ll see limestone post rock fences lining the fields.)

sherry - Love this. I am also a Kansas native, living in Seattle, I think I need to represent :). Rock Chalk!! Looking good so far!!

Stephanie - Here in Tucson we are U of A fans all the way… maybe our teams will meet up for the championship game!!! Love the letters though:)
Can’t wait for your etsy shop to open so I can order that cute rainbow shirt that Annie is wearing (or the jacket) LOVE IT!!

Heather - Rooooock….Chaaaaaalk….Jay….Haaaaawk…K……U…..!
Rock Chalk JayHawk – KU!
Love. Love. Love. The letters! Awesome! I have glitter envy.

Margo - I saw all of your posters in the windows this week – they are great! I love your KU glitter letters as well – ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

Danielle - Love Annie’s shirt!

Molly - ROOOOOOOOOOOCKKKKKKKK CHALLLLLLLKKKK JAYYYYYYHAWWWWWWKKKK! I might just have to make letters like that, but I really want a glitter covered Jayhawk!

Amanda - seriously??? are you TRYING to dare me to stop reading your blog?!??! Because I can’t handle this kind of stuff. I tried so hard not to hear you actually saying that chant as it was typed out – but it was SOOOO hard, and SOOOO annoying!!!
I guess you may be awesome enough I can look past this.

Tracy Fisher - First, your winner was so meant to be! What a touching story. And second, Go Jayhawks! They are on my bracket too. I figured that if I can’t win (the tv remote, that is)… then I should join them (yes, I had my 10 yr old help me out with my picks and I am beating the whole family).
Tracy Fisher

karen - i love glitter!! love the letters!
it makes me cringe a bit when i see it being poured like that. i know it’s weird…when my 3 year old uses it…i keep saying ‘don’t waste it’!
I know I know…i got to get over it!

Tricia - This Mizzou alum will be rooting for Kansas tonight! Just don’t tell anyone! 🙂

Sarah@this farm family's life - LOVE IT! I’ll be watching tonight also.

Sharla - I agree with Catie 🙂 – but this KSU fan will be watching tonight’s game with my brother, who is a big KU fan. . . .

Mindy Harris - gretchen’s comment is making me cry!!
i’m a k-state alum but i still read your blog. 🙂

Brianna - KU is playing U of R! This city of Richmond is going nuts with two of our hometown teams in the Sweet 16! Go Spiders! Sounds like so much fun to be watching the game together 🙂

deedrap - Hey Meg- a friend of mine sent this to me…thought the Duerksen’s might enjoy it!!! Rock Chalk!!!

Molly - Very cute!!! We are hopeing KU wins…but only because we cheer for the Big 12 when our team is out (….and they have been out for awhile). We are hopeful they get back into the big dance real soon! We are {huge} Iowa State fans:) Have a great night!!

MommaH - As the one other KU fan couple at church: ROCK CHALK!!!

Terrie Galle - Dear Megan…I’ve LoVeD all of your posts..up til now…bet you can’t guess why! I still love ya though!! Sincerely…a kSu fan 🙂 You’re laughing right?! Cause…I like to keep you laughing! It’s what I do best 🙂

Jemm - I was so bummed I didn’t win, then I read Gretchen’s comment and felt like a dork. So glad she won and God bless.
As far as THE game goes…stinkin’ Jayhawks. But I’ll be cheering for them tonight anyway. I’m just still smarting over the Wildcat’s loss, I’m an Wildcat alum after all! Cute letters 😉

pam - Love the letters….Rock Chalk Jayhawks! One of my roommates in college was the baby Jay mascot. I used to go into a storage room at the arena to help her get into her outfit. I still remember the size 20 something men’s B-ball shoes laying around in there. Thankfully when I was in college in the 70’s it was not as hard to get tickets for the games and we won a lot then too. I can never walk away from our boys when they’re on….they do some amazing passes and slam dunks….just don’t want to miss any of it.

emily anderson - rock chalk! i have a hard time watching the games though—i get all funky and nervous.

Kate - LOVE IT! Rock Chalk!

Nancy - Love the sparkle and the team spirit. I lived in Witchita from 1999-2000. A brief stint but I loved it none the less. So glad there is a new rockin’ Joann’s. Congrats.

ashley jensen - Hmmm…I noticed a shirt change on Annie in the pictures. We only watch the Superbowl. The letters would be cute for anything though!

april - they are sparkly!!! But what in the heck is rock chalk jayhawk??? I dont get it??? Please help!

Tonya - I’m so glad Gretchen won the vintage pearl gc!
We’ll be watching the Hawks tonight…you just might hear us cheering! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK…KU!!!

Kimberlee J. - Love the KU letters so much I’m thinking of doing some for myself….KJ.
Too much?
Yay for Gretchen!

heather - yay for gretchen!!
God loves you and your son Gretchen. He loves you both so very much.

Jodi - Fancy letters for sure!
We are not BBall fans… Soccer is our sport! :o)

Dana Banana - Lovin that you made signs to hold up during the game!

catie - the letters sure are cute, but i’d rather add an S and paint them purple and white! GO CATS! 🙂
and, YES, the new joann’s is FANTASTIC!! i’m going there after work tonight!

Beth - Love those letters…ok I am going do this with Lexi and will share one day..not sure when we will but we are…this looks like lots of fun for the both of us! We will have to have a “U” in ours also…UGA Rocks!
Oh so happy that Gretchen won! I don’t even know who she is but oh so happy!
Have a great weekend!

Karen Gerstenberger - Those letters turned out great! Since Gonzaga (the men’s team) is no longer in the running, I will root for your team.

Leah - Can your kids to SDSU for my Aztecs? I know they lost yesterday, but those letters are awesome!

Jenny Joy - I can’t think of a better way to commemorate Gretchen’s husband! 🙂
And ROCK CHALK! We’ll be watching, too.

Courtney - so great i totally need these!!!

sara @ it's good to be queen - love it! so fun. you’re a good mama. my husband hasn’t lived in kansas in 14 years but he is a through and through jayhawk fan. he puts them to win on his bracket every. single. year.

tasha roe - love me some KU and some “fancy letters”
glitter makes everything better!

Meredith Salmon - So glad that Gretchen won. She deserves it. God bless to Gretchen and her son.

Amanda - LOVE IT! 🙂 Rock chalk!

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