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giant squids

craft thursday!

this was a BIG craft… go along with the title of the book that was our inspiration.

i love the illustrations in this book I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean.

very cute and simple.

annie can read it by herself and SHE suggested we make a giant squid for craft thursday.
it took some thought but we did it.

i thought it would be fun (and artsy) to use painted paper like collage artists often do (eric carle….lois ehlert)
instead of construction paper….but that would work great too!
and you could complete this project in one sitting if you did.
we chose to paint paper one day.
and make the squid another.


they each painted FOUR sheets of white paper the color(s) they wanted their squid to be.


when this painted paper was dry we took TWO of the sheets and made a squid head with the full sheet.
we made them 3D.
one full sheet was the front and one full sheet was the back.


they drew the pointy elongated shape on one and traced it to the other.
then they glued them together at the side egdes only.
no glue in the middle.
no glue at the bottom.

we use our low temp glue guns because it drys so quick….regular glue will work….just takes longer to dry.


we stuff the head with tissue paper (newspaper would have been perfect but ours was gone in the recycle)
it just needs a few sheets to make it puffy and 3D.

the other TWO sheets of remaining painted paper get cut into 10 strips for the “legs”.
annie used wavy edge scissors and it looked awesome….very realistic detail.


glue them to the inside of the squid head…so that they hang down….like a squid!


we used white egg cartons for the eye balls.
hot glued them low on the head and wide set.

black sharpie for the eye ball.
sean used big black buttons for his eyes.


AND THEN….we cut strips of bubble wrap and glued them to the legs to make the suction cups!  🙂

i glued a sheet of tissue paper to the bottom of the inside of the body to hide the legs and stuffing.

soooo cute!

big project but they loved it.

the hair….the snaggley loose tooth that she won’t pull out…..the red sonic slushy upper lip…..oh my.
she is such a six year old.


we love them all.
i hung them with string above our computer area.
they are so silly.


and for an extra special motivational treat…..

ANNIE will now read the book “i’m the BIGGEST thing in the OCEAN” for you.



happy crafting.


Hugo Arnold - These are super cute and creative! Can I have one of those? =) And that little girl’s wiggly tooth is super adorable! Well, your kids seemed to enjoy getting a little crafty. My two kids love arts and crafting too!

Amanda - Oh my! Those squids are totally adorable!
I run Fun Family Crafts, a site similar in nature to Craftgawker and Spotlight, but different in that it’s a library of craft tutorials geared only at kids. I would love it if you’d stop by and submit this to be featured! (I link to you, I don’t post your tutorial on the site) Feel free to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like!

lindsay - i work at a daycare and this months theme is under the sea. we read the book then made these yesterday/today in the infant room. i put the paint on the paper and let them have at it. it was a GIANT mess, but hey, that fits with the book, right? the squids are so super cute. thanks for the idea!

MaryLea @ pink and green mama - OMGosh!! These are freakin’ awesome. I love it when the kiddos get all crafty and make fun stuff. So wish we lived closer so we could hang out for crafty play date goodness. xoxo ML

Jenny B. - Love the video!! I like how you put the text over it telling us about the sandwich making. 🙂 Fun project! I’m thinking about doing “craft Thursdays” this summer… maybe… I don’t know… the mess kinda scares me. We’ll see! 🙂 You inspire me, as always.

danielle - loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these books! we have them 🙂 got them at the annual book sale for like $1 each! love the craft too, looks super fun!

merran tatum - seriously. i adore her. awesome job, annie!

Wendy - My 5 yr. old came running as soon as Annie started reading … and she was fascinated! When Annie finished, she said “Mom – she did a really good job”. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Juli - Licking the finger…that is just too much! Could that kid get any cuter?!

Genephur - LOVE that you, too read Twig with your children……Wonderous book!—and adorable craft idea!

Laura - THIS IS AWESOMEEEE!!! The project & Annie’s video are so great! Can’t wait to try it!

Staci - Awesome!!! So totally fantastic!!! And I love the way Annie licks her little finger to turn the page 😉 SO stinkin cute!!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox - “shhhhhhhhh”… loved that part!
i need to pinch her cheeks! :O)
and i heard you!!!!!!
just said that in precious comment… and look… i heard you!
so funny!
you sure make me smile!

Taiya - That is quite fantastic! Love it!

Anne R. - Your Annie is beyond ADOREable & the licking of her finger to turn some of the pages was just over-the-top CUTE! Thanks for sharing. Fantastic craft, too!!! L-O-V-E your blog. It’s da bomb!!

Anne R. - Your Annie is beyond ADOREable & the licking of her finger to turn some of the pages was just over-the-top CUTE! Thanks for sharing. Fantastic craft, too!!! L-O-V-E your blog. It’s da bomb!!

Alice H - That is such a cute idea! I wish I had more time (and money) to do crafts with my kids.
The loose tooth that she won’t pull…my 12 year old just had one of those and when she went to the Dentist, they pulled it. It had been loose for about 2 months. Anyways, she ended up having some gum damage from that loose tooth. Weird, huh!

Stephanie - This is so cute! I am seriously wondering if I can do this with my 20 first graders… big project but they would be so great hanging all over my classroom!! You are so creative~ you should make a craft book:) Love hearing Annie’s sweet voice, she is a great reader!!

Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land - That is a super cute craft!! We just made an octopus using bubble wrap for the “legs”. Maybe we’ll try this one sometime this summer. Oh and we LOVE that book too, it’s one of our faves!
Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah - So adorable!

cassie o - so precious how she kept licking her finger to turn the page
thanks for sharing 🙂

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Really love them…especially Annies…so colourful!
Gemma x

Ali - Oh, I could watch her read for hours. Why did I never video my own children at that stage?

karen - very sweet…love your video’s!

Julie - I love that book!
And I loved watching Annie read it! And, now I want to make a craft with bubble wrap!

LAURA PHELPS - the squids AND the kids are so big
how did that happen???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Dial - Love the squids … every one of them! Your children are such cuties and Annie’s reading …. spectacular. Thanks for sharing!

katie - oh man. i almost didn’t watch that video and i’m SO glad i did.
i cannot even handle that Annie was licking her finger before she turned the pages. so incredibly cute.

Lori - The finger-licking page turning is toooo much 🙂 Such a big girl!

mandy - love!!!

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - You are a fleepin awesome momma. I cant wait to meet you @ BlogSugar in September! Can we do a crafty project together when we meet?:)

Beth - Oh my goodness!!! Annie reading that book was toooooooo good. Loved her licking her fingers to turn the page (I’m guessing maybe her mommy does that???). And that snaggle tooth — has it come out yet?? She wiggled it at me when she came to art on Tuesday and I do NOT do well with loose teeth!! When I was secretary Edna and I always said NO NO NO we do NOT do teeth 🙂 That project is also the BOMB. You are the best mom ever.

Heather R. - She did finger lickin’ good. Too cute. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the squids! Great job. 🙂

amy jupin - i love everything about this post.
annie’s voice.
hearing yours.
seeing more cuteness hanging over the computer.
ben is laying on your pillow next to me.
just so you know. 🙂
miss you.

Wendy - THose are really cute!!
I have to ask, incase you know – any idea why I’m getting so much traffic from you? I had almost 200 visits that list you as source. But I can’t figure out why?

Angela Atkins - My two year old daughter loves it. So we are going to watch it again. Probably a lot.

Kathryn - 1) A PERFECT snack for this activity would have been the deep fat fried and glazed squid ‘donuts’ from Drubers!

Marla Rae - how fun. i am going to put this book on the list of books i want to get my grandson and then of course make a squid to go with it! WOW MEG YOU ARE A GREAT MOM! the sound on my computer doesn’t work but i will listen to annie at my office tomorrow! way to go you guys!!

se7en - I just love your giant squids – awesome!!!

Callie -
i think annie would appreciate this video! my kindergarten students loved it!

Leslie - I love seeing your crafty Thursday goodies – you are so creative. What a cute video – I love how she licked her finger to turn the page – lol!! And she reads so quietly until the attention turns to Waffle and then her big voice comes out – love it!

Penny - Meg,
Your home looks and “sounds” like a wonderful place to be! I love Waffle getting in on the action. And the music in the background. I hope I was as good a mom, mine are 23, 20, 17. It’s funny how I wish I could transport myself back for a day and relive the wonderful times with little ones. Cherish, I know you do!!
You did a great job reading that book. You are an awesome reader. I love how you used your imagination for the pages without words. Keep up the good work!
Miss Penny

Happygirl02 - um, how cute is she licking her finger like an old librarian?! Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Toni :O) - Okay, by far one of my most favorite videos! How adorable is her finger licking and then Waffle (he has HAIR!)coming by and swishing his tail into the book…so hilarious! What a great craft project, you truly are a terrific mother and extremely creative. Such a beautiful family!

Amy L. Weber - YAY ANNIE!!
I’m a 1st grade reading teacher from South Dakota, (can you find it on a map?) and LOVED your reading! You are doing so many things that good readers do: going back and re-reading, checking your pictures, using great expression, and fixing it up when notice something! Wow! Those are great strategies! Way to go!

kelli - too cute!! i love how annie licks her finger then doesn’t really use that finger to turn the page 🙂

Kimberlee J. - My librarian from school used to lick her finger like that. I remember practicing licking my finger to turn the pages to be just like her. 🙂
Annie rocks at reading.

Jennifer - You Rock!!!
In your spare time (HAHA!!!) would you tell me what your desk is made out of? We’re wanting to pull some kind of desk/workspace area together and I don’t have an extra 3 grand lying around to order the ones from Ballard that I super want and I’d love to figure out some other creative, re-purpose-y way to do it.

Esther Dee - Meg, I totally admire you as a mom so much. I love how you let your children engage in so many art projects regardless of the messes, art is such a great way for children to express themselves. I meet so many mommies and they say to me oh I can’t have them do this or that because of the paint mess. I was just like you when my children were small, now I do it with my grandchildren. Keep it up, honey!!!

Routhie - Love the background music. Gave it a Masterpiece Theatre feel. 🙂

Regina - Very, very, oh-so-very CUTE! Now, I wonder if I can talk my 12 and 16 year-olds into making giant squids with me too?! Wish me luck…

sarah - I love that she licks her finger to turn the page! too cute

Lisa - Good job coming up with a plan for crafting squid! They are so cute. That reminds me of the year I had to figure out how to make a pink seal costume for my three year old. Oh my.
My little girl said as I watched the video “She’s a good reader!”

Juli - Oh, she is so cute! I wish I’d thought to videotape my kids back when they were learning to read. Ah, well….
There’s always videotaping the grandkids. Someday.

Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids - Those turned out so great!
I also wanted to thank you for featuring my Paint Chip Egg Garland tutorial.
Your site was one of the first blogs I ever followed. Then I had my daughter and lost track of the blogging world for a while. I’m so glad to have found you again – your site is full of lovely inspiration!

amanda - So cute! 🙂

adrienne - yea annie!!! cute cute! love the giant craft

Cindy B - Thanks for sharing. Love the craft and the bonus read by Annie. TOOO Cute!

Jemm - So cute-I hadn’t heard about that book. I miss having younger ones to read picture books to. My baby is turning 10 tomorrow-yikes!

Sandy - Love that book and loved Annie reading it!

Shayne - The squids are cute, but Annie’s reading was AWESOME!

Meghan - Now those are awesome!

Jes - I sense we will have squid hanging in our home soon too!
What a great story, and I especially liked her own words at the end!

happygirl - So cute. Painted paper. What a GREAT idea.

Tracie - We discovered this book at the last school book sale and we LOVE it. It is great. What a fun craft!

Whitney S - Oh my goodness, I love it! I cannot wait to have children so I can make fun things like this with them! My mom is a teacher so I have always been into fun book crafts- love them!

Nicole Q. - Super cute!

Jen Brandt - Love, love, love it and totally stealing the idea. Thanks!

Christy - Love it!! Love the finger licking AND hearing your voice. Just like the other commenters, not what I was expecting:)

Christy - What a GREAT craft! Love it! My son has this book too & we love it. I think my son & I will have to make one of these too. Great job, love all of the squids!

Lindsay - Finally hearing your voice is wild! Like the previous comments, I had a different voice for you in my head.
She is a doll reading that so confidently.

Jen - lalalalala… Love it my favorite part was the finger lick when she turned the first page… hahaha Hi Waffle…

rachel / - annie’s paint job is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the eyes & bubble wrap accents! cute video – love the commotion in the background. 😉 p.s. your voice doesn’t sound like it does when i read your posts. 😉 i think because you kind of look like one of my friends, i gave you her voice, too. not the same! you’re less raspy than i imagined! HA HA HA! i’ll have to tweak my meg-reading voice!

sharron - i love how she she licks her finger before turning the pages!!! she is a doll!
love the squids too and that you hung them above the computer area!
happy crafty thursday!

Lisa - Oh my goodness! That video was so great. Love how Annie was licking her finger to turn the pages at the beginning. So cute. And the background noise and the “word commentary” made me laugh!

Lauren - I love that she licks her finger before she turns the pages! How sweet, Miss Annie. You are a pro-reader! Way to go!

Holly - those look like a lot of fun! I have a kindergartener and I love hearing him read!

Kari - You are such a fun and creative mom! I sure wish I was more crafty. Thanks for sharing your projects.

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