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no david.

i am trying out some art projects relating to our favorite books.

we love david shannon's books.

he is a fabulous artist!

the idea of the project was to read the two David books we have 
"no david!"  and  "David gets in trouble"  
then the kids would draw a picture of themselves getting in trouble for something THEY would do or have done.



they didn't quite get what i was saying but it still tured out ok.



they basically copied a page from the book instead.
i was thinking they would be a little more original.
and i chose these books because the art is a little messy and not perfect….as encouragement.
i wanted them to see that it's ok to just have a triangle nose or funny shaped hands.
the picture isn't ruined when things aren't perfect. 

we drew with pencil.
then filled in some oil pastel.
then watercolored.
then added black detail when it was dry.

sean's work…..eating all the cookies.


first annie drew herself just standing there crying.
then she didn't like it and threw it away.

then decided to copy the picture exactly.
she did pretty well at that!

talby drew herself having to eat brocolli.
this is pretty realistic.


i think we will keep trying the book ideas.
it is fun to see how other artists work and their materials.

craft thursday has been slow going for awhile.
it's because of tired mommy.

because annie asks to make something almost everyday.

see why i am tired???


happy friday.


בגדי מעצבים - Nice painting draws by every one. It is very beautiful. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word. Thanks for sharing this paintings.

Cheyenne - This is AMAZING! I popped onto your blog and only had a couple of minutes before bed to check things out…and I’ve just sat and sat here. I love every single thing about your blog!! Thanks for sharing some of your life!

Gabby - What a cool idea! Might have my kids do this on a hot summer day when we need to burn some energy 🙂 We too love the No David books. Thanks for sharing!

Mique - David Shannon is my ALL TIME FAVE (yes I’m yelling at you). He is the best! I love Alice the Fairy. We have almost all of his books. And I love this idea- I need to do it with my kids. Thanks Meg!

Heather - Amazing!! What a great idea.

ranee - Umm. yeah, those are pretty amazing. apparently al lyou kids are going to grow up and be artists!

Rach - First of all… yummy header!!! Mmmmm jelly beans.
Second of all… I used your colorful summer list idea to make our house to do list. It is a daunting list but the colorful nature of it makes me smile and being able to cross things off the list is so rewarding.
And lastly… do only 3 of the kids now participate in craft days and art projects?

gina - I LOVE how all of your art takes place RIGHT in the middle of your rooms….;no worries. 🙂
Great work!! Sometimes “copy” work is good for learning a new technique – all of your kids are very talented. 🙂

Dina - Love love LOVE this idea!!!! and we love love LOVE the David books! Thanks! We’ll be copying you soon:-) …

Renee - Meg,
I have been homeschooling, but just a couple of months ago the kids began attending a private school (we moved). Any way, I am going to be teaching art at their school next year and we have emphasized this subject at home, too. I believe this aspect of learning to draw (Charlotte Mason called it a “picture study”) where kids try to re-draw a piece of art is equally as important as drawing something original. They are learning great techniques! These pieces of artwork really are beautiful! Some of my favorite things that my children have created were picture studies. My son tried to recreate the Mona Lisa when he was in third grade and I still have it framed. So fun. Love that you make time for these activities!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 - I always enjoy your tutorials Megan, we’ve tried a few…..and loving the new header too!

Carol S - You’re creating some real talented artists Meg! These pictures are sensational. Treasure these moments even if they’re not always (very rarely) easy. Good things never come easy. I really thing you’re going to have one of these three end up with an art type career.

Jenny B. - This is great!!! I Love the combination of the oil pastels and watercolors.

Kat - Your kids drawings are fantastic, particularly Annie for her age, wow!!
Love all the crafty and creative things you do.
I really need to do some of this with my kids.

Tracy Fisher - That was fabulous. I loved it.
Tracy Fisher

amy jupin - forgot to mention earlier…no mention of your boyfriend, george clooney’s 50th bday today??!! he will not be pleased. 🙂

se7en - Oh your kids are so clever!!! I love their art!!! Brilliant work!!!

Phoenix_Rising - I LOVE THIS!!! Great idea and great results!!!!

Carly Winborne - no way! i have never heard of these books, first of all. so i’m sitting here looking at this post and halfway paying attention to what my little girl is unloading from her backpack (kindergarten). she looks up, sees a picture from this book and says, “hey, we read that today in music.” i am shocked! what timing! i’ll need to go find these books to add to our library! aside from that, i’m loving your blog, daily. seriously, you’re one of three families i check every single day. (i mean that in a very non-stalkerish sort of way.) that, plus you and i have the same birthday! 🙂

Amanda F. - Very cute! Their drawings are spot on to the artist’s in the book.

Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land - Great Job!
I can totally relate to being asked everyday about doing an art project, my youngest, Nathan (5 years old) asks me everyday too. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to do…I use books alot for inspiration.
I think for me it’s running around all day, doing errands, cleaning and whatnot and then the kids come home from school and all the rush that goes with that, plus ball games or practices, etc….Yep, totally makes for a tired mom (I have a big family too, 6 kids, so I know exactly how tiring it can be).

Libby - There’s a book you should check out for these book craft ideas. It’s called Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. It’s a cute book that makes you look at mistakes, like drips or stains or ripped paper, as an opportunity to make a great piece of art. It’s a fun little book and would make an excellent craft project!

Alyssa - Those are pretty amazing artist you have…They are awesome work!!

amy jupin - WOW! these are soooo good!
very impressed with the kiddos are this one. 🙂

Flower Patch Farmgirl - This is such a good idea! My favorite is the No, VID!DA! 🙂

melanie - my kiddo just came home with a school art project where they had to draw what kind of “wild thing” they would be from “Where The Wild Things Are.” I love it and will be framing it. have you tried something like that with your kids?
p.s. i love love love your blog; thank you for blogging. also your story a few weeks ago about getting preggers and your hubby choosing you and this life totally made me bawl my eyes out bc it hit a little too close to home (though i had a different ending). anyway, sweet mama, just wanted to say thanks.

Karen Gerstenberger - We love those books – especially fun when you have a son named David!

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Hi Meg, just had to say that my son, Spencer, so loved that book, No David. He wanted me to read it to him every single night when he was little. The book finally fell apart. He still talks about it every so often. He just turned 19…boohoo.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Very, very fun idea! I love this!
I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Mother’s Day!
It’s ok to be tired. Sometimes we just wear ourselves out a bit 🙂

Julia - Wow! Copying or imitating is a great way to learn.

tara pollard pakosta - they all did a fabulous job, but Annie’s is spectacular being she is sooooo young! they are all true little artists though! I would frame these! LOVE THEM!

Sandy - All of the pictures are wonderful, but I was especially impressed with Annie’s considering her age. Way to raise up creative & artistic children!!

merlin - I think there is a profound message in Talby’s, for me at least, given the sorry state of our world and all of its suffering, look at her plate, she is faced with something that looks like she has to take on the world! Her subconcious (?) has her having to manage the world, not just some broccoli. Talby, I don’t want to either!

Sarah @ this farm familys life - Cute idea and Annie is a good drawer for her age!

Jennifer DeLosSantos - Love it! When I was teaching, we read the “David” books while we were setting up our classroom rules. Their pictures are SO good! Have you done any Eric Carle type art? He was one of my favorite classroom artists/authors.

arlene - We also have a robin’s nest on our back door. She built it in my grapevine wreath….perfectly. There are three beautiful blue eggs in it. Will she be able to stay long enough to hatch them as we go in and out the door? I hope so.

Leah - Wow, your children are quite the artists! I’m so impressed. And I love this idea. So creative! Love the new header too. Happy Mother’s Day!

happygirl - You have some talent kids in your house. No wonder you are tired. This was a great idea. I love your creativity.

Jennifer - I love David Shannon’s books! The kids really did an amazing job with their art work. What a great kid-friendly, art idea. 🙂
Happy {early} Mama’s day!

andiejaye - me likey. i appreciate projects that have a literary base. it’s a nice expansion on what they’ve read.

jen - I LOVE it, books are my favorite, children’s art is my favorite, oil pastels, paints, and pencils are my favorite! hahaha Happy Friday!

Tiffany - Annie nailed it (for 5, wow) And your kids will treasure this time and talent you give of yourself, it is an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work Tired Mommy.

sarah - Sean is a pretty awesome artist! I love how you inspire your kids creativity!!

Katie - I kind of get burned out too of our little craft tuesdays (inspired by you). We did really well in the summer and fall and through Christmas. I think I totally crafted out for Christmas. So I took a break for mid winter and spring. Hopefully we will get started again in June.
*We did make our own boats and then try and float them…that was pretty fun and sciency!

angela - Good Grief! Your kids are AMAZING!

Juli - I see. No, I know. I am exhausted too.
I think I deserve the super-sized box of DOVE chocolates this Mother’s Day. Oh, and a yard full of flowers and that rose arbor I’ve been eyeing. A trip somewhere without the kids might even be order. Couple that with my husband rubbing my feet, yeah, I might make it ’til next Mother’s Day then! 😉

Penny - Great drawings. They are all really good. I am impressed! Annie’s is great! I love Talby’s colors and I like that Sean changed the cake to cookies. Very good! I love children’s art. I have some of my favorites of my girls hanging in the hallway. My girls are 23, 20 and 17 now. But I sitll love to look at what they did when they were 7 or 8. I want to make them sit with me and do crafts still, but they are normally too busy. I miss those crafty days. My 23 year old comes over on Sunday’s, she has started knitting and she brings that. Maybe she could teach me!

Holly - Brian just finished reading “No David” for school. We have been trying to incorporate projects with our books also.

Hoosier at Heart - It just can’t get any cuter tha that! I want to roll back time to when my kids were little and then be you!

Beth - one of my favorite books is A Bad Case of the Stipes–it’s SO cute! And our family loves lima beans, too. I’m amazed, your kids are incredible artists–I’m not sure I could copy Shannon’s seemingly easy drawings–impressive!
i’m hoping to implement a form of craft thursdays here at our house this summer as well. thanks for always sharing yourself in this beautiful blog!

Kim - We love using books as inspiration for art here too! So fun.

Terrie - Should I be embarrassed that your kids can draw better than me? I can only do stick figures…barely! LOVE your crafts!

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