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on a sunday??

i can only explain it by saying i think i felt good from being AT church
and fully experiencing church yesterday morning.
i came home from church and instead of going inside, i stayed outside and watered my plants….
meaning i was in the quiet yard for a few more minutes still holding on to what i had just learned.
not going right inside the house with the kids, noise, life, meal needing to be made, tv, computer, mess, laundry, dishes, dog, and everything else right away.
and i even stayed outside long enough that lauren made lunch! (frozen ravioli)

all that to say…..i had enough energy for making a craft thursday craft on a sunday afternoon!!

my friend angie is an art teacher and i saw this in her school's hallway.
i knew my kids would love it.

we will call it the……all about ME silhouette collage

this is how we made silhouettes at our house….


i taped paper to the wall and had them sit in the little chair.
then shined a flash light at our subject.
taking a pencil, i traced their shadow on the paper.
it was easiest to have it sit on the arm of the couch to keep it from shaking.
we learned that the the closer you got the bigger the shadow….and vice versa.


they really wanted to trace my shadow too.
and they saw how hard it was….to trace a moving subject.
no matter hard you try not to move you still move a little tiny bit.
it was fun!

next step was cutting out our silhouettes.
then gluing them to a piece of colored paper.

i set out a big stack of magazines and let them go crazy.
seriously….they were SO happy!


they were supposed to find things to glue to their "head" that described them or was something they loved.

they worked together picking out things they liked or what they knew their sibling would like.

annie had one melt down crying about the baby she wanted to cut out got ripped and blah blah blah.
but quickly got over it.

(i really dislike crying/whining/fighting during craft time….REALLY dislike)


great craft.

definitely things he likes....because he does not have a phone, a playstation or an xbox.
he does like the Nate series, loves his kindle and the jayhawks and zoo animals.
i told him that was bruce lee….but i think he thinks jackie chan IS bruce lee.
taylor swift….laptop….camera….ipod….phone….puppy….ipad….money…..slippers….pop tarts…basketball
love it.

soccer ball….wendys…hersheys….doughnut….justin bieber…coins….pizza….baby…jayhawks…baby lion.
annie ended up loving this project once her tears had dried.

and i made one too!
pretty self explanatory.
and i did not get a top lip…

i love collage.
i used to make this kind of thing at home by myself with the jcpenney catalogs when i was a kid.
it was a challenge to see how perfectly i could cut out a person in detail…..for real! 

thank you ang for the great idea!



the winner for the pleated poppy gift certificate is:

I noticed that cute bag in a couple of previous it! And I like how you threw in a little homage to TPP's "What I Wore Wednesdays" posts…I just started reading those! She (and you) sure have cute stuff! Let's see…weekend plans: last night – went on date with hubby and wore new shoes, got to pull 6-yr-old's dangling tooth (while wishing I could soak feet from wearing afore-mentioned new shoes); today – shop for birthday party present & supplies for tomorrow's Sunday School craft, go to birthday party, veg out; tomorrow – Sunday school, church, lunch out…make sure we have enough clean clothes & food to get us off to a good start on Monday. 🙂

Posted by: Leslie R | May 14, 2011 at 09:21 AM


send me an email leslie!

UPDATE on the family on my porch:

one baby so far.
the second one hatched but it was too dark for pictures yesterday.

how can something that ugly be so cute at the same time? 

and it's like 2 inches long.


crazy awesome… 



Kristi - LOVE this project!!!! I’m stealing this after my older two are out of school! And your craft weekend looks like sooooooo much fun! 🙂

Melissa - We made your craft today…well, a spin off of it.

Gina - Love this project! That would be good for the many rainy days we’ve been having….and that bird. Oh. my. Hideous and cute all at the same time!

amac - I love that Annie put Biebs on hers! 🙂

Carol S - Hmmm…no top lip or is it your chin that’s missing? That is such a cool project. Have a fantastic week!

Taryn Smith - Love the silhouettes! We used to cut up the Sears catalog and make paper dolls and elaborate houses all over our bedroom floors. We’d cute out whole rooms of stuff, refrigerators, chairs, people, it was alot of fun.

bobbie - Have you played or started learning photoshop yet? love the baby bird pic. so cute!

Linda Sousa - Great craft! …and i LOVE the picture of the bird. We, too have a bird’s nest. It’s in the kids’ play fort. As of yesterday, there were still 4 blue eggs.

Vanilla Bean Crafts - Adorable craft! Not sure I would have the steady hand either, but I know the kids would love it! Cutie pie birdy babe…but it IS a little wierd looking! haha!

Lori - You are so right. So ugly. So cute. Amazing picture. Ugly or cute- I like that picture either way 🙂

Lin - You are so lucky to have birds nesting on your porch. I have missed things like this since moving in to an apartment.

crystal b. - YOu have absolutely no idea what I would give to have that on my porch. No joke. Robins have a place in my heart. I’ll have to tell you a story about the nest I found in a tree at my grandmothers house. One of my favorite memories.
I have little wild canaries that nest at my house and the first year that we lived here, it rained every single day for about 3 weeks. I was so worried about the little birds drowning that I rigged up umbrellas to shelter them from the storm. I would get up in the middle of the night to check on them. It made me cry when every single egg hatched, and we watched them grow. One day, they were gone. Moments like that are the things that make my life precious.
I’m so glad you love birds too. 🙂
Saw a few Blog Sugar gals at the Queen Bee market. Forgot to tell you that last week in my emails. Super nice women. Can’t wait for the conference.

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Awww on so many levels, awww to the baby birdie (albeit a little ugly), awww to your kids’ craft (they are all so adorable), awww to your oldest making lunch, awww to your special time to yourself in the garden. Have a great day Meg.

Susan Bruner - Does Annie always put a tornado by her name?

Kerry - I watered my plants tonight too before coming in to the chaos after school – it is sooo therapeutic! Love the silhouettes, such a clever idea, and I ADORE that picture of the baby birdie!!! Well shot Meg 🙂 x

Alicia @ La Famille - what a fun craft 🙂 and what a cute little birdie! i think that’s the most gorgeous blue i’ve ever seen!

Anne @ Baking Me - What an amazing picture of the baby bird, I just love it!

danielle burkleo - oh my that bird is creepcreeping me out

Tricia - I love your Sunday craft! I think I’m going to have to try this with my son. Have a great week…

Mel - God is so creative!! Adorable ugly baby birds in bright blue eggs. Only Him!!
Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos of your bird family!

Jes - I am so in love. Some years ago we had a hamster give birth, and they were peanut-sized hairless wiggly things, but beautiful as any of God’s creations. Pure life in raw form 🙂

Kimberly Dial - You’re the funnest mom ever! My mom was soooo not for anything that might have had the slightest potential to make a mess so, with that said, even at (almost) 50 years old I love watching kids do things like this … unscheduled, random & oh so creative … does my heart good. BTW (I didn’t mean to be critical) I had a great mom – she just suffered from ‘messie-phobia’ (her daughter is a bit OCD too!;) The baby bird pic is awesome!

Kimberly Dial - You’re the funnest mom ever! My mom was soooo not for anything that might have had the slightest potential to make a mess so, with that said, even at (almost) 50 years old I love watching kids do things like this … unscheduled, random & oh so creative … does my heart good. BTW (I didn’t mean to be critical) I had a great mom – she just suffered from ‘messie-phobia’ (her daughter is a bit OCD too!;) The baby bird pic is awesome!

Debbie - What a fun project! Will have to try it with my kids.
That robin picture – just amazing!

erica - tucking that craft away for my summer stash! thank you:)

mindy - what a fun craft sunday!! and that baby bird picture is AMAZING!!! love it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of your house on the last post, too:) You make me want to make my house more colorful and have a house full of kids (don’t think I can convince my hubby to have more than a couple of kids, but color, I can work on:) Thanks for such a fun/inspirational blog!!

ashleylikescupcakes - oh my the picture of the baby bird is amazing

nicole @ deliajude - great project!
wonderful bird & egg shot.
life is like that ugly and beautiful all at once, isn’t it?

Jennifer - What a great craft idea for silhouettes. Thanks for sharing. And I have to agree with you, it is such a good feeling when you have those uplifting, spiritual moments at church on Sundays. And even better when they linger in our hearts throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but when I have those Sunday morning experiences, I seem to have a greater understanding of why God asks us to set aside this one day each week to worship him and remember him…it’s to bless us our lives. 🙂

Laura Phelps - that cute/ugly bird is so AMAZING
miracles ALL AROUND US
love that the ugly will turn beautiful…
keeps me hopeful when I am reminded of all of my “ugliness”
love the craft
love you

Ashlyn@Pinecone - The baby bird picture is AMAZING and the bird itself is cute-ugly (more on the ugly end of the spectrum.)

Cindy - You MUST enter that picture of the baby bird, nest and eggs into a photo contest somewhere, anywhere, EVERYwhere! It’s that good!!!

julia - We have some baby birds in a hole in a dead branch on our Poinciana tree. When I’m waiting for the school bus I stand there and marvel at how annoying they sound. No wonder the momma bird stays gone looking for food. As soon as she feeds them they start complaining again. Good thing just baby birds do that.

Shauna - That bird photo is amazing…looked Blue-lily-ish style to me…Ive noticed since you went to that workshop your photographs have started to change. They were good before, but now sometimes they actually make me gasp or yell, “WOW!” So….I would buy that print from your shop if you wanted to sell it. hint hint. Could you pretty pretty please think about selling it??? PLEASE???

Georgia - aWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW baby birdie!!! its cute but ugly.. lol
Does muma bird not mind you taking pics?

Sarah Wolfe - Love those collages. You are so great at doing the crafts with your kids. They will have so many memories of doing stuff like that with you.

Melissa - I must make these with my kiddos!!! My big boys are leaving for the summer…it will be sweet to see their sillouhettes while they are away.

Holly - We made the rainbow wind catchers on saturday night…..when we should have been cleaning to get ready for a party on Sunday at our house…..but we crafted instead!

ashley jensen - I too have a bird story coming up! My cousin, brother, and I used to run around trying to find bugs (mostly roley poleys) to feed baby birds when we were little. It looks like everyone grasped the concept of this project quite well. I might have to try this!

happygirl - What a cute craft. I’ve got to start REALLY attending church again. I might like it if I could think about the message and not the people. How can something be cute and ugly at the same time??? A question for the ages.

Staci - We have a turret right outside our master bedroom….needless to say…it is THE perfect place for momma birds to nest 🙁 I loved it last year…because we could just open the door and the nest was right there….soooo crazy cool….BUT…they are LOUD little thangs 🙁 Annnnd they were hungry alllll night….their poor momma ;( We of course let them grow up and get big enough to fly away… Well, I’m nice and all and LOVE animals but, I do need my sleep! Sooo…our exterminator recommended this Spring we put a fake snake in the turret window….and as much as I hated doing it…it worked…and now we don’t have a ton of baby bird poop to clean out of the turret either 😉 Wonder when they’ll pick up on the fact the snake isn’t real?????? Happy Monday!!!!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Holy goodness! Are you so proud of that shot?! Look at that bird! So amazing.

april - that picture of the baby bird just blew my mind!!


flowerpowermomma - really enjoying the bird family chronicles and photos. thanks.
of course your craft was fun too. neat idea.
What a blessing you got a lunch reprieve by watering and enjoying God’s beauty and presence longer. I love that. I’m headed outside soon myself.
fyi, when i was a little girl, lots of my paper dolls were made from the catalogs. You could cut out an entire family, and furnish their ‘home’.
kept me entertained for hours and such a way to foster creativity. although you do an excellent job in that category.
blessing on your week Meg, and your momma-ing.

Susan - thanks for the bird update!!!!! Still amazed at the color of those eggs!

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Yh baby birds are totally weird!lol
Love the craft project…reminds me of a picture we got done in Disney World!
Gemma x

Kimberlee Jost - That baby bird picture is crazy good.

Sarah Wilks - SUCH a brilliant baby bird photo! I love that it looks like he’s holding onto his future siblings!
Great craft idea, too!

Necole - Another great idea for some summer craft fun!

carolyn - I gasped so loudly when I saw that baby bird. I love it. In a sad place today thinking about loss and endings. It is so good to see beginnings.

Dianne - That is an UNBELIEVABLE picture of that baby bird! AMAZING!

Dee Stephens - Love that everyone include the dog on their collage!

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