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i saw this craft after the years of different butterfly punch art and i was finally ready.

i had pictures of annie painting the paper but they have disappeared.

the first step is to watercolor paint on paper.
paint all over with pattern or with out….less water makes for brighter colored paint.
and let it dry.


then punch out as many butterflies as you can.

i bought this martha stewart butterfly punch at joann’s.
they are not cheap but it was on sale and they do have 40% off coupons quite often.
and THAT punch is really cool.
VERY easy to use!
it’s in two pieces so you can punch out from any part of the paper not just on the edge.
i get why it costs more than the other brands….quality.
it’s martha!  what would you expect?

we used 10×10 canvases also from joann’s….i wished i had bigger canvases….like 20 x 20 would have been great!

the girls painted them with acrylic paint.
it was fine to have the streaks in the paint….i liked it.


when the paint was dry they plugged in their glue guns and got to work with a pile of colorful butterflies.
we bent them in the middle and put a tiny dot of hot glue in the center of the back of the butterfly.




i couldn’t love it more.
it’s so pretty.
talby’s was turquoise…..annie wanted turquoise….there were tears….sigh.





annie’s was yellow.
much to her disappointment.
but still lovely and sunny.




i wanted to make 10 of them.
for me.
i love this.
you should make one too.
your kids will be very proud of themselves for making REAL art for the walls.


my kids get out of school today.
i am not ready for that.
i AM ready for….

sleeping in.
sun tans.
lightning bugs.
iced coffee.
flip flops for 3 months.
bike rides.
sonic happy hour.

but just hope that i can handle being a full time mommy again.
i have had all these quiet days since september…and now that is long gone.
adjustment to summer is hard.
but there is no going back.
just gotta jump in with both feet.
give myself a pep talk…..
you’re good enough you’re smart enough…..

i hope that works.

we need to make our summer list 2011.
that always cheers me up.




Angry Birds - This looks like great fun and can not wait till my kids are a little older. I am always looking for easy crafts for them to do. Thank you - que sencillo y tan hermoso trabajo, felicidades!!

Trinh - This is an awesome idea. I will def be trying this with my daughter!

Mario Games Online - Great work, I like it. The idea is creative.

Karen - I loved this craft – I was so lucky my good friend tagged me on her pin on pinterest about this as she knew my girls would love it, and loved it they did – we blogged about it today thank you so much for a brilliant craft –

andika - Beautiful craft, I like the moment when the kids involved and beautiful butterflies.

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Monis - They look wonderful Rach, and wow, no mess? When I let my kids go at the craft table, they are so happy, I can see so many sklils being practised while creating. It is so wonderful, but I really don’t do it enough. Gorgeous, really gorgoeus. x

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Fiston - Your take on it is very probable. However, for me I sort of felt this rahetr plain, middle-aged woman may have resolved herself to being alone. She went day to day not seeking or hoping for love, assuming she’d never find it or maybe thinking no one would want her. Then this happens and she is confronted with her own desire to be loved. She is exposed. Her heart does yearn for love after all. Even though you may see this as humiliating for her, it’s actually a wake up call. She surrendered to the idea of love. It’s sorta uplifting, actually.

Gems - Well, it’s early January and I have just found this artwork…it made me think of summer and I had a huge smile on my face! How beautiful and inspiring.

kids flip flops - I really love the artwork. I think doing this artwork with my kid’s will be a nice bonding with them.

Perkey - I love it! It’s so adorable artwork with much colorful ideas.
It make me get some inspiration ^__^
Thanks for sharing…

שיווק באינטרנט - Amazing butterfly tutorial. Blog is very informative and useful. I like it. I never found a great and amazing tutorial regarding butterflies.

Thriftymommy - We’re making this soon. We got the Martha Stewart stamper and the paint at Michael’s last week using our 40% off coupons. This week we’ll get the canvas. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

Krista from The Playdate Crashers Podcast - This is beautiful! Love it!

Beth - Those are beautiful!

Abel - My daughter will love this! This is so much fun and so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Hickey - Meg, my kids and I did this craft today and they LOVED it. Turned out great and we sort of, um, have two canvasses that look like total copy-cats of yours! (ie: one is turquoise and one is yellow, the third one is royal blue). Thank you for posting this blog! Can’t wait to make more art with the kiddos.

Karen - This is so cute. I’ve been looking for some inexpensive and cute artwork for my daughter’s room. We may give this a try. Thanks for the idea.

Katrina - I was fully inspired by this project. If you’d like to take a look at what we’d come up with you can find it here:
Thank you for the inspiration. I love Craft Thursdays.

Amy | She Wears Many Hats - So fun!
And yeah, mine have been out 2 weeks and I’m still not ready.

Carolyn - The butterflies look fantastic!

Gina - PERFECT rainy day craft for my girls, THANKS!

ghada - Nice

Carin - This is such a fun project! I saw it over here last week and just knew my 4 year old would love it too. Just posted about it today, with links here:

Carolyn - This craft idea is fantastic! And looks like your girls enjoyed it also.

Faith - what a great idea!!!! I bought all the supplies this week and am starting the project now!! how fun! the only thing i’ve been having trouble with so far is the water colors. what brand did you use? because the color ones i have will hardly come out on the paper!! i think they are crayola. please help and let me know what watercolors are best for this project!!

Elaan - That’s an excellent craft! I might have to do that with my nieces… and nephew – hmm… is there an insect punch too?
What kind of paper did you use?

Blaire - This looks so fun! I am making one this week with my niece. Michael’s has all the supplies on sale this week too. Seems like it was meant to be. I think I am most excited about having one to hang in our bedroom. (The canvas comes in a two pack, YAY!) Very exciting! Thanks for sharing.

hire a web programmer - Beautiful crafts. Great going excitement. I was also a keen planner of art and crafts during my school life. Hope Those days can come back once again in my life.

Denine - We absolutly loved this craft.
All my kids except the teenage boy made one, I loved it so much I made one myself.
Thanks for a great blog.

Sarah - I came across your blog using stumbleupon…and let me say how inspired I am! First of all, this craft is fantastic and I think I will have to plan to do it with my step daughter next weekend! Secondly, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and beautiful kids. May God’s blessings continue to pour into your house and life – and thank you for the inspiration and motivation to strive for a little more today 🙂

Iris - I have been a lurker for far too long on your blog and have never left a comment, even though I love many of your posts/ideas. I LOVE this artwork and have included it on my project to-do list! Fantastic! 🙂

Jennifer Lundqvist - i never comment, but i always read. and i just wanted to thank you for the smiles… i always leave your page with a smile on my face. - Absolutely beautiful!! I cannot wait to make one of my own, and have each of my kids make one too (doing the happy dance in my seat right now!)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Cindy - LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And yellow is soo cute! I think we will do this with a funky green color. Thanks for the idea and the daily giggle. I much enjoy reading your blog.

Jaime - Those are GORGEOUS!!! Love them!! And love yellow. 🙂

Crystal - Oops, never mind. I see it now. 🙂

Crystal - Gorgeous!! Is that scrapbook paper? My kids would LOVE to do this.

Trina McNeilly - This project is so cool… I love it and def want to try it this summer and speaking of summer. Our just started this morning and I think I”m already going crazy. Oh boy I’ll focus on the good like the list you made above.
xo Trina

Julie - I love the butterfly artwork. I went today to Michael and was able to use coupons and some of their bonus coupons to get the supplies. I am anxious to do it, but I think that I will wait till I can have a mother daughter day, and my husband and son go do some boy stuff. A friend of mine loves butterfly so we may make one for her as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jaime A. - Meg –
I haven’t left a comment in awhile; shame on me.
This here is your official invitation to come do Craft Thursday with my kids, each Thursday this summer. I can’t imagine the flight would be too bad from AZ to KS… I could have you home by dinner. 😉
My favorite thing about this project?!? Remembering all of the projects that have come before it – the kids have grown (not just vertically, but also skillfully!)
Your summer posts are my all-time favorite!!

sarah - my favorite craft yet!

Phoenix_Rising - Where do you put all the older artwork? Things like this craft are obviously nothing you could ever part with.

Beth - Hey Meg….I love this project and went and bought one of those martha punches on ebay. Living in a small town and good ways away from any store that has crafting items. I can’t wait for me and Lexi to make our summer list also. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

erica - love this – filing it away in our summer to do pile.
on another note, thanks to you, we (as in my awesome husband) made the watermelon shark today for my son’s graduation from prek. it was the hit of the school picnic and according to my hus, it was pretty easy. i had the easy part, placing the gummies in mouth!
thank you!
(if i could figure out how to share the pic with you, i would LOL). but, it’s so darn cute!

Amy - I’ll be stealing this idea to use with my girl guides in the UK – they will love it!

Jenn Thomas - Love it! I might over to borrow that punch – would look cute in London’s room or my bathroom. Great ideas you keep finding and sharing. Hope to see you around some time.

kristin - tell annie that yellow is my favorite color lately. she did great. : )

Amanda - Wow, I LOVE this! I am SO putting this on our list! And I am definitely with you about not being quite ready for full time mommyhood, although I only have one in school all day. Luckily I have in-laws that love to take them out of town with them 😉

Southern Gal - Amazing.

Tracie - These are beautiful! I can’t believe your kids are done. We don’t get out until the 17th of June! My son finished preschool last week and we’ve been struggling to find stuff to do. I too am looking forward to sleeping in!

aubrey - I love this project, expecialy this canvas colors. How could Annie not love that yellow? It’s so fabulous–it reminds me of your dining room lamps’ bases.
By the way, what shade of paint did you use for those? Was it spraypaint? I want the same shadeof yellow for something and was so disappointed in my Home Depot’s options of yellow Rustoleum. I want to add a little sunshine to my home.

alicia @ la famille - i LOVE this craft with allll my heart! gonna have to add this to this craft list this summer!

Kat - Gorgeous!! Wonder where I can get a butterly hole punch in Aus? Hm.
While you are heading into summer hols, we are heading into winter here, which is much more heavy going.
Enjoy the sunshine, fun and hanging with the kids. (I hope you can get some down time in amongst this to stay sane too!!)

the.mrs - love love LOVE this! Totally doing it.. a flower one would be cute, too..

Beth - These are so cool!!! I love that you do these things with your kids. When I told all my classes to “keep doing art” this summer, I knew for sure that your kids definitely would!!! Thank you for that!! And the owl is so stinkin’ cute — and the note 🙂 Thank you!

BeckyB - So beautiful! Am I too old to make one for myself? I think I’ll do this with my nieces – we often do your crafts! Thank you!

Becky - This is the second time I have seen this craft online, and I can’t tell you how much I love it! Are you going to hang them in a room? I’d looove to see pics of them hanging!

james - i am so going to have to get some punches. i’m sure my two year old would love to paint some paper too.

Tina I - Not crafty at all, but might have to try this one. Perhaps I’ll add it to OUR summer list. I knew we weren’t the only ones who made one!!!! Looking forward to sleeping in, fireworks, pool days, the zoo, the children’s museum, and the beach with my hubby and 5 kids, but like you, not sure I’m quite ready for Friday afternoon when that bus drops them off for the last time this school year!

Anne - …and by gosh people like you!! Happy summer! I’m going to add this craft to my list of fun things to do with the kids this summer. Cuteness!

HopefulLeigh - Love the butterflies! What a cool project.

Cathy - I love the butterflies! I pinned this to my For the Kids board on Pinterest. That way I won’t lose it.

shauna reed - love the butterflies friend!
i think i saw that craft somewhere too..couldn’t remember where though….
yours turned out delightful!
maybe one of your best!?
i am gonna do that for watercolor wednesday this summer for-sure!
can’t believe your kids are out!

lori - I posted earlier about your process for your lists, but please ignore. I snooped around your blog some and found your summer lists from previous years. I think I got your summer list confused with maybe a birthday list you have done in the past or goals for the new year.

lori - I quit my job in December to be a stay at home mom and have loved being with my soon to be 3 year old daughter during the day while my older boys are at school. My soon to be 5 year old finished school last week and my 15 year old finishes Friday. I’m looking forward to summer, but I am a little anxious about it…what activities we will do, how I will cope with sibling rivalry, etc. I love the idea of your lists and have started jotting down things I would like for us to do. I would love to make my list colorful like yours. Mind sharing how you do it? Thanks!

Dee - Love this. Totally making these with the kids Friday afternoon.

julia - I love this craft!
Obviously I missed the opportunity to make a ton of money. If I had the idea for that hole punch thingy. It’s always annoyed me that you can’t get to the rest of a page with those things.

Laura Gentle - First I want to say that I love, love, love your blog. I read it every day.
Please enjoy your summer with your children. I work full time and have to send my son to day camp at our local Rec. Dept. He really enjoys it, however, I carry a ton of guilt not being able to spend more time with him while he is out of school.

Kimberly Dial - You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And doggone people like you! 😉 I can only imagine you & your kiddos will have a fantabulous summer! BTW, this just might be my favorite craft of yours. My grandgirlies, who dig butterflies, will love it too. Thanks for sharing sweet Meg!

Kimberly Dial - You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And doggone people like you! 😉 I can only imagine you & your kiddos will have a fantabulous summer! BTW, this just might be my favorite craft of yours. My grandgirlies, who dig butterflies, will love it too. Thanks for sharing sweet Meg!

myrnie - I’m always impressed when I see moms handing glue guns to their babies…..I can’t even handle a glue gun myself!

Courtney Walsh - Super cute craft! I am making a summer list too–I have a friend who always does that and I just love the whole idea! 🙂
I’m worried for the kids to be home all day–afraid I’ll fail them with my crazed “to do lists”…I blogged about that today, actually. Hopefully I can just chill out!!
PS I HATE hot glue because I always burn myself and it never seems to hold for me. You are a brave soul!

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - That is a great craft! Believe me, enjoy having your days to yourself while the kids are little. For some reason as mine grow older the house is constantly buzzing. I have 2 college students who still live at home and between their work and school schedules there is always someone home with me…not that there’s anything wrong with that ?!

Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - This is such a fun idea for the kiddo’s. But so pretty for me to look at too. I love all the color! Color makes me happy. What a cute idea:)

Catherine Arnett - I’ve just been casting about for a kids craft to do during our openhouse this weekend and this is it! So bright & fun.

Drea - pinnned!!!!! awesome!

amy d - those are so pretty!!! i may have to make one too!

sarah - I’m adding this craft to our summer list. I love it!

Cindy in WA - I LOVE IT!! I’m going to copy it. 🙂 It will look great in my daughter’s room in her colors! I even googled and printed a 40% off Joanne coupon! Thank you!

Staci - “….and gosh darnit…people love you!!!!” heeeheeee Love that SNL 🙂 My kids are out on Friday…only two boys…but they are still loud…for 2 1/2 months…but I am ready…I say, BRING IT!!! I am soooo ready to sleep in…I’ll make sure the pantry is stocked with cereal for the kids when they get up at 7:00 🙂 heeheee Oh yea…the butterfly art is GORGEOUS!!! Sooo making these this Summer! Thanks!

tiffany m gardner - today was feeling kinda down. recovering from having the stomach bug in my house…going through us all…me twice for 2 weeks! ugh. then…tomorrow…major dental work…for me. double ugh. today checking in with you as usual and saw the butterflies (which is something my son so loves) and the craft made me smile. i can always count on you for that. thanks. 🙂

Rebecca W - SUCH a cool craft!! One day i’ll have to do that!

Maria - Love this! I have wanting to get some of those Martha punches….this seems like the perfect excuse to get one…such a cute craft! We are definitely adding it to our list of summer crafts…
The boys were out since last Friday, and although I do miss my quiet days, I do not miss early morning alarm clocks…we have all been sleeping in…especially with our late baseball nights lately…
Love summertime days at the pool and Popsicles…

Terrie - So Pretty! No kids in my house, but I think I’ll make one with fish for my craft room! I’m all about the crafts.
You will do fab as a full-time Mom this summer! While sitting out in the sun on Sunday afternoon, hubba and I started making our summer-to-do list. I think he liked the idea. I think my brother’s family is making one too! Look at how many people you are influencing with your great list idea! I think that you will become my new ‘Oprah’…now that she is done! LOL!! (Even though the last 2 weeks are the first in a long time that I’ve watched her!!)
Remember…happiness is only a Sonic Happy Hour away!

Jessica Kujawa - love your list. a few years ago we started making a summer fun list and i just told the kids that we would work on ours this weekend. i adore this project and am making my list for joann’s today. wondering if you are going to do craft thursdays again this summer…so inspiring!!!! my kids and i love to “follow along”. happy summer!!!! deep breaths! lol

jeny - b e a u t i f u l

Shana - guess what?
I’m going to have K make that craft!
I like it. Pretty. Colorful. And she would totally dig it.

kat - THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! we may have to try this one, my girls would love this craft! thanks for sharing!

ashley jensen - I will trade you 3 months at home with kids and you could come work in my office Monday thru Friday 8-5 plus(fill in the blanks)? No. Dang. But that is a super cute project and I love love love using canvas for different projects.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love, love, love those ! I definitely see these in our future!

Jes - everything u do is beautiful, and so inspiring!!
I loved the pics from your photo sessions (an aspiring photogr. myself) and such beautiful families must make it easy 🙂
I loved the butterfly art, the yellow canvas reminded me of the beach(cheers to Annie!)
I have used some funky scrap book paper and hand cut butterflies stuck (using zots of course) to big white Chinese lanterns we hung outside. But i love the idea of cutting them from your own painting 🙂 This is something I could see my two year old and twelve year old doing together!

Mindy Harris - gorgeous art. i really love the idea for all ages and wouldn’t a wall full of a ton of them be so beautiful?
you will do great this summer. thanks for the heads-up on what’s yet to come (wilder is 2, story is 1 so we have awhile).
love to u.

Kirsten - HA. You make me laugh. A lot. Thank you!
I am really looking forward to summer (we still have three weeks of school left) – but dreading summer boredom. I will give myself your pep talk. 🙂
P.S. Love the craft. Totally stealing that. A boy can do butterflies, right? 😉

Sarah Wolfe - Agreed. This may be my favorite craft of yours. Maybe we’ll do it this summer? What would be the boy equivalent? I’ll have to think about that! 🙂

Flower Patch Farmgirl - New Favorite.

stephany - I LOVE this craft! I will be making some of these and giving them as gifts…
My little guy gets out of school tomorrow. It was his first year of school…and my first break from him in 3 years. I was still home all day with his little sister, but the break was nice.
I am excited to spend our first “summer break” together.
I, too, have plans to make our summer list this week.
It includes a lot of the same as yours…although we don’t have lightning bugs.

megan - loved the craft! looks beautiful! can you believe my kids still have 3 more weeks of school.
that is good and bad! can’t wait to see you summer 2011 list!

Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land - Oooh Love love love the butterflies!! So beautiful!
I’m not ready for summer either….but then again I am. It’s nice having all these quiet moments without the kids, but then I love summer…the sun, the warmth, the fun, etc. I’m just not ready for th fighting, crying and whining over not having anything to do.
So, I can totally see the mixed feelings. I think we all have those! By August we’ll all be begging for school again LOL!

Denine - I just came across your lovely blog thanks to “Matthew Mead” summer magazine. I ordered it online off of Stephanie Nielson’s blog.
Your blog makes me happy.
I love rainbows, infact there is one on Stephanie’s blog today.
This is a beautiful post, my kids get off of school every thursday at noon. This will be a fun activity for tomorrow.
Thanks for being you.

Heather - Ha! I homeschool so the only difference between summer and “the school year” around here is that we are less structured in our time together. You CAN do it – and you will love the time you get to spend with your children. Especially Annie – is she growing up way too fast or what???
I LOVE this craft! I am not crafty at all, but my daughters are very crafty and they would LOVE to do this one! I think I may just have to do it for them! REAL art – not “junk” crafts – I like it. 🙂

Cyndi Hamilton - Hi…Cyndi again…when I followed my blogspot link it took me to someone elses blog. Not sure what is going on with that, but here is my blog.. - I think this will be a perfect project for our rainy days!! Thanks for continuing to inspire me. Can’t wait to hear more about the craft weekend.

Leah - Wow, I want to run out and do this craft now! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be going to Joann’s very soon. Good luck with the summer.

alaina - Meg – These are so BEAUTIFUL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And must do at my house!!! Tell Talby and Annie I think they did an amazing job and I would absolutely hang their beautiful art in my house! That turqouise background with be so pretty with an aquarium theme…maybe a starfish punch (do they even make those?).

Denissa - How fun! I need to do one that is boy themed..don’t think they would be into the butterflies! haha 🙂
My boys are out on Friday and I’m not ready either, right there with you! We’re going to be making a summer list this year, hopefully that will give them some motivation for not fighting! ugh..

Linda - Love this! I saw it on pinterest and went out to buy the butterfly punch so we could do it. Now, I’m really excited to try it!

karen - Loveeeee this! I’m Pinning it! Are you on Pinterest? Your boards would be so cool!
Oh..good luck with the kids being home!!

sara's art house - LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlyn@Pinecone - I think this is my favorite art project you and the kids have done!!
Mine don’t get out until June 21st…boo!! Plus we have to move this summer 🙁

Linda - Love this craft! It could be one of my favorites that you have done. Wow your kids get out early. We still have more than 3 weeks. Happy Summer to you enjoy your last day of quiet!

Shannon - Love the colors on the butterfly art!
I’m sending you good luck for your summer with the kiddos. You always make it fun, just be sure to share your fun ideas with us so we can get through summer too 😉

Georgia - Im going to make one of them pictures for me!!!!
That would look schweeeeeeet in my bedroom!
oooooh 3 months off for summer!? can we switch i’ll come ‘play’ mum for 3 months and you can come work in car rental in the uk.. lol

april - go meg! you can do it!!! RAH RAH RAH!!! how was that? hahahah
ok so that canvas is like the raddest crafts ever!!! If I had girls i would totally do it! Well maybe they have a boy cut out i could use right? I will have to do some research on that….:)

Alissa - Beautiful butterfly art! Will definitely do this with my kids this summer!

happygirl - I used to LIVE for summer break. School was our nemesis. The ENEMY. Enjoy the watermelon and fireflies (I call them lightning bugs). Love the art. You are SO clever. 🙂

tara pollard pakosta - pretty craft!!!
WE need to do our summer list again and hang it up where we can be reminded of it!
I know how you feel about them being gone all day and then no time for YOU! but think of me this year, mine had attended public school all the way up until last year and then CRAZY ME decides to homeschool this year! 5th and 4th grade, what was I thinking???!!!!
and now we all loved it (them more than me) and they are thriving, so we have to keep doing it!!! UGH! no time for me ever again!

Kerry - I saw this craft on one of your linkies recently 🙂 Its too flippin cute! Both girls did soooo well, defo will get my Three on it next week during the holidays. you know what stuck out at me about what you’re looking forward to? Flip Flops – oh sigh, I luurve my flip flops! haha! Cant wait for your summer list for some inspiration x

Vanessa - We did the summer list last year, thanks to you! It was such a hit! Can’t wait to get out the colorful markers and get busy with the kids on that!

Katie - Love the Art!!!! My kids will LOVE this!!!
Yes I need a peptalk too! I went to my thinking spot yesterday and cried out to God for grace for today, this week and this summer! I sure do need his help! I want to be a fun mom, a happy mom, an engaged in their world mom!

Stephanie - LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow!!! Tell Annie that her butterflies *POP* out beautifully on the yellow background!! WAY TO GO!!! I will definately be whipping these out sometime this summer – (when my to do list disappears! – it will disappear someday right?)
Thanks for sharing – love your creativness!

Lynn - I read your blog everyday (almost!). Everything you say about being a Mom and, especially these words about summer, I totally identify with! I often feel like such a bad mother for my thoughts, but reading your words makes me feel like I’m not alone! I’m not usually this corny, but my kids will be out of school in June and all I keep thinking is “what are we going to do all summer?” I have four kids 12 to 6 years old and the oldest does not get along with the youngest (both are girls). My boys are like two peas in a pod even though they are 4 years apart.
Anyway, thank you for saying what I feel and making me feel better! I love your crafts too!

emily@remodelingthislife - I gave my daughter’s bathroom a makeover a couple months ago and keep meaning to finish it off with this exact project that I have seen around blog land but I keep putting it off. You’ve inspired me to just do it. These look so great and will be the perfect finishing touch to my little girl’s butterfly bathroom.
Your girls did a great job!!

Mindi - Love the artwork!! I read your blog daily and love love love it!! You’re such an inspiration! We will be doing this art!! Also, last year we copied your summer list and all but one thing got crossed off and my kids have been talking about this years for weeks!! (my son doesn’t get out of school until next week… we have to make up 3 calamity days due to all of the snow)
Thanks for all the fun!!!

Tam - OMGSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly art! I want to make one for myself! Good luck with the summer, you are an amazing Mama!

Marisa - My kids will be all over this. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

andrea - Today is the last day of school for my kids too. Sigh. I totally agree with you – excited they are going to be home and yet know I will miss my quiet time. BUT have really missed having Eian home since he started kindergarten this year! LOVE, LOVE, Love the butterflies! We are totally going to do this!

Tiffany Kraght - i am in love with this craft. we are going to do it today!! really, i’m getting my clothes on and we are headed to joann’s!!!! thank you so much for posting this! it’s AH-MA-ZING!

Lisa - Love, love, love it!!! Gorgeous! You should sell some on you Etsy store. Original art by Talby and Annie. 🙂 Tell Annie I <3 the yellow!

Jenna - This is beyond cute! My little bun in the oven won’t be able to do it for a while, but nothing is stopping me. Off to the craft store!

Sarah B - I’m not crafty or artistic…I wish I was. I was always the athlete who doesn’t understand art. My daughter is an artist, like for her birthday it is gift cards to Michael’s artist. She prepares art projects for when her friends come over, for when MY friends come over. I always stand back and watch. BUT I love this one. I am definitely going to have to surprise her with this one…she will love it, I will love it…we can do it together. And put it up in the house..or even better, a gift for Grandma. Thanks for the idea!

Steph - Oh Meg, you make me smile! I love the pep talk! I am going to give myself the same one! Love the art… I am having art day at our house once a week or so with the neighbors, this one will be perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!

Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog - VERY cool! must have my niece do this the next time she’s over

Wendy - I love this! My girls would have a blast doing this.

jill - i was totally just thinking of your summer list this morning! we are going to make ours soon, too! thanks for the fabulous idea!

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - love their artwork. I can totally relate to the tears. SOmetimes life is so unfair for these children of ours..haha:)

Holly - Mine get out tomorrow! I am excited! I have seen the butterfly thing before. Love it! Tell Annie that I think the yellow is beautiful!

Sarah@this farm family's life - Planning my trip to JoAnn’s now. Love this!

Laura Phelps - OUT OF SCHOOL????????????? ALREADY!?????????
I was just at church, thinking about how much I LOVE that I started to go to daily mass…and then I realized…
I might lose that sacred hour…
but yes
sleeping in
no lunches to pack
…good stuff is ahead
and funny…
I just (as in a few weeks ago) painted a canvas all green…then let it sit…with no plan..
me thinks I need to buy a hole punch now…:-)

Margie C - I LOVE this idea. We will have to do it this weekend. Thanks:) Summer will be awesome:)

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Really really love this idea!! I’m looking forward to your summer posts…!!!
Gemma x

Cindy - Simply beautiful! I’ve been wanting to make something like this with my girlies for awhile now too! I think you just inspired me to jump in and get it done! Our walls couuld use a burst of color around here!

Sherry Cartwright - Beautiful wall art!

Chrissie grace - Ha! I just bought the canvases and butterfly punch too! We are having a mini art camp at out house in June and this is one of the projects! I love it!

Necole - My girls will love making these. Summer list, holy moly I need to get working on that.

Trish - oh my this is by far my most favorite art project that you have done! (i love them all, but this one is almost going to make me cry… happy tear!) i am so doing this with my girls!

deborah@applesinwonderland - love the turquiose AND i love the yellow. together? smashing combination:) now i need to go to joanne’s–thanks meg. love summer–and flip-flops, watermelon, sleeping in, birds chirping, the smell of grass, an iced cold oberon, fresh strawberries, tomatoes from the vine….ah, love summer. but, i need a pep talk too. it’s full-time-all-the-time mom-mode.

amy b. - Love the artwork!! it looks like something that would be on etsy! Gonna have to try that one myself. Oh, and to finish your quote…and gosh darn it, people like you!

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