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treat tuesdays

i had the rare opportunity to have talby to myself.
i don't even remember where the other kids were?
but it was just the two of us.
we went to the grocery store and got the ingredients for OREO pops.
(and an entire cart full of groceries too)


pretty simple really.
lollipop sticks in oreos….dipped in almond bark…dipped in sprinkles.
we let them harden on waxed paper.

                we had a system going of me dipping them in the almond bark and she did the sprinkles.




they didn't last long.
not even an evening…..everyone loved them.

loving treat tuesdays. 

we also made Pizza pretzels last week.



the boys liked these more than the girls.

and we made Dana's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too.
but no pictures.
because they were gone so fast….a double batch!


there is a BIG fundraiser on amy's blog to help bring davis home.

i am so excited for her family!!!


there are BIG prizes.

maybe THIS is the one where I will win the iPad?!!??


we all know that it's not about the prizes.

being generous is FUN.
it bring YOU joy.
it is a blessing for everyone involved.
the Lord loves a cheerful giver!
you can't NOT be happy when you GIVE….it's the best feeling!

the prizes are just the icing.


he has a mama and a daddy who wants him in her arms NOW.

and sisters and brothers who want to love on him.


Steve Verdon - It is so rewarding to see a site that brings to mind a healthy Mom and her best loves. Thank You

Heidi Quick - PS…I put pictures up on my new blog of our versions…I linked to your page and gave you all the credit. 🙂

Heidi Quick - So fun! I’m brand new to this blog world, and yours is my favorite! My 2 year old and I started Sweet Saturdays (or sundays) because of you! Keep the good ideas (and pictures) coming!

Laura - I think the oreo pops may be my new Christmas gift idea!!!! No one could pass those up. I never thought of pizza pretzels, it has been printed off. It will be on the menu very soon. Yummy!!!!!

Leslie - Looks like a fun day in the kitchen!!! I love days like those.

Amanda - Just added you to my Reader. Beautiful blog. What kind of camera/editing program are you using? I am in love with your photos!!

Margaret - YUM! They look so yummy and so pretty!

Secret Mom Thoughts - Those look delicious and easy. Must try soon!

sarah - OREO POPS?!!?!?
who knew.
you’re too kind to us, meg.

Holly - yum! I love having one on one time with each child!

jenni - “Being generous is fun”… Maybe that’s why your name showed up as a contributor in our Batten Disease newsletter. Big thanks!
We made pizza muffins recently, that sound similar to the pretzels and were a big hit with the two year old. I really, really wish we had some Oreo pops!

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage - OK, these look too good…….dangerously good, in fact. I have a question for you totally off the Oreo subject…I would have emailed but my computer is being a bit…well…difficult this morning. We are looking to get a puppy and have been considering a labradoodle or goldendoodle…isn’t Waffle a goldendoodle? If so, I was wondering about shedding? Does he shed crazy, mild or what? Thanks!!!! and now I am off to the store to buy Oreo’s and sprinkles…….my kids thank you!!!!

Bethany 3SonsPlus1...&... - Yumm-o! Must make those oreo pops TODAY!! =)

Bethany 3SonsPlus1...&... - Yumm-o! Must make those oreo pops TODAY!! =)

Jen Brandt - Just want to say happy weekend! Thank you for your happy, inspirational posts. They always make my day. I hope someone makes your day. 🙂

Jenna - I love how serious she looks while applying sprinkles! It’s a serious job 🙂

Angela Atkins - Thanks for the awesome ideas. I have Treat Tuesdays with my kids too, and these will be great for them to make with me. The oreo pops would be great for my daughters birthday party too!
You sort of had a picture of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It was on your video, with the Daddy Said song. I remember cause my daughter wanted to watch the video a zillion times, and because they looked yummy so I tried to find the recipe website showing on your laptop.

Kimberlee - Oreo pops. I wish I had one now. T
hey would go great with my coffee.
It’s not too early is it?
I didn’t think so.

Jenn - Oh, wow, do those Oreo pops look good! I think I may have to make those with my kids next week!
Off to check out the pretzel recipe……….

Leen - Those oreo pops look awesome! they would be fun for a birthday party.
Off to Amy’s blog, thanks for the link 🙂

Laine Chambers - Oooo, I need to make those with my kiddos. They would LOVE this! And the pretzels sound so good. Thanks for the great idea!
Your kids might like Homemade oreos for treat Tuesdays…they are easy. The recipe is on my blog here:

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Those Oreo pops look soo good!! Off to check out that pizza pretzel recipe.
Gemma x

alicia @ la famille - those would be dangerous in my house…they’d all eat one and leave me in the kitchen with them. Alone. i’d eat ’em all. 🙂

Marie - I am SO making those oreo pops. My kids would flip out over them!

mel @ the larson lingo -!

Terrie - I’d like the pretzels better & my son would like the oreos. Seems to be an oreo themed summer…my friend made oreos wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough…have you heard of those yet?

Amy Slavik - What a yummy treat, and adorable! Now i’m gonna have to make them with my 2 yr old 🙂

happygirl - These oreo pops look delicious. and pizza pretzels look good too.

Debby Graber - Yum! Enjoyed Annie’s picture in the paper! Hannah is taking that class too and I blogged about it (I can’t blog like you do, but you might enjoy it anyway)

Trysha - Yum!! I need to update our summer list to include Oreo pops.
Annie’s Eats has a fantastic pumpkin butterscotch chip cookie recipe on her site. Amazing!! Sooooooo good!!

lauren - oh man. those are baaaaad news. how could something that looks so good be so dangerous?? atleast you have kids who will eat them. i would be found later that night in the pantry finishing up the baby’s. ;)how fun for your talby. 🙂

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft - Treat Tuesdays.. How fun! Wish you had a picture of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, though. Actually, nevermind.. I might drool all over the keyboard, ha!

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