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a galaxy far away…

craft thursday!!

we saw this idea on Pink & Green Mama.
Marylea has the best ideas.
you can download her e-books with LOTS of craft ideas too.
and she is just plain nice and i like her.

we started out by tracing 9 different sizes of circles…. for planets.
we used little plates, a coin, a measuring cup, a glass and some lids.
(oh how i loooove talby’s freckles….. 🙂


then each circle was painted with watercolors.
we were swirly and mixed colors and made each one different.
and then cut them out.
we took black construction paper and splatter painted it with runny white paint.
messy is fun!

then we glued the planets to the spacey starry black painted paper.


they are REALLY striking!

i LOVE them.

sean was not home this day… it was a girls only space project.

thanks marylea for a great idea!



raspberry ketones - You are looking very talented. Such an excellent craft and now i want to make it this for my home. It is very impressive and attractive craft for me. Nice colour use in this post.

flv media player - Great idea which your sharing, Such an excellent craft . I am so impressed by that. I am so excited for make it.

MaryLea @ pink and green mama - Adorable!!
How did I miss this post? It must have gotten buried in my reader,
I actually found it through Pinterest! Too funny : )
Thanks for the shout out,
you know I adore you, too.

penny stocks - Great project. Thanks for sharing. I really want to make this art for my students.

Debt Advice - Nice project and these all art looking excellent i really very impressed by that and now i want a new more arts.

Lisa - Super fantastic!

Sue Linse - You are such a good mom! I looked at the picture of Talby and the first thing I notice is the paint so close to the white couch! That would make me crazy.

Jenna - bookmarked!

lisa - cool! thanks for sharing. we painted rocks today and I think more paint got on my two year old than the rocks. You know it’s a good day when the kids need a tub by 10am!

Jemm - You are such a fun mom. I am not. Crafting EVERY week? Wow. My girls would love you. I love your Michigan photos. We went to UP Michigan last summer and Mackinaw Island. LOVED it. I could so live there…in the summer 🙂

Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land - That is a cute idea…we’ll have to try that sometime soon.

Tiffany - Do people tell you Talby looks like you? I think I see it 🙂 They did a great job – must get watercolors, soon as I score a coupon. I like Pink & Green Mama thanks for the link.

Liana - Great project! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
ps- One solar system has 8 and the other 10. Did they trade planets? 🙂 (I work with numbers all day long and can’t seem to stop counting things.)

Lisa - Love this project! Thanks for sharing.

Jenn - What a GREAT idea!!! My kids will LOOOOVE doing this!!!

Cindy - Love this! And by the way, I love Talby’s freckles too!

alicia @ la famille - i love marylea’s site too. bought an ebook of her’s and have been working throught that all summer. love the space art!!

Diana Gibbs - You have to be the best Mum ever!
Love what you do with the kids.

karen - i love them!

Dena Smiley - I have the same couch question and art project storage questions! Ha!
Love what you do– thanks!

Wendi - Love love love it!!

sue - Great craft to do. Can i ask how you keep that couch at the back of Talby’s pic so white with all the crafts that go on in your house.?

jeana - we are learning about planets this week- what a great project!

hannah - always love your crafts!! this is super awesome, love the vivid colors and textures.

Ashley - What a great project! I love all the ones you find!

Colleen - Great project. Thanks for sharing. My students would love to do this!

Valerie @ Chateau A la Mode - Such a fun, messy project.

Jennifer - How fun! This is a great craft I think my little guy would enjoy doing. He’d especially love the splattering of the paint–probably more on his mommy than on the paper! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Jessica Johnson - oh i LOVE this! my oldest has been making planets mobiles on hangers all summer. boring ones w/ no paint. definitely going to do this. too cute.

se7en - Your planets are so cool, love your arty kids!!! We made hanging planets like that while back, it was so fun!!! (

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, Nate would this!

Tracy - Great project! But it’s so funny you should say that about Talby’s freckles – THAT was the first thing I noticed in the first picture and was going to say the SAME THING! Nothing cuter than a freckled face little girl! She’s adorable! 🙂

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Really good idea!

Leah - This is a fabulous idea! My daughter is really into the planets right now (thank you, Nick Jr.). So I know she’ll love this craft!

Secret Mom Thoughts - Cool art project. I’m definitely doing this with the kids.

Kelley - How do you store all of these fun art projects? Do you deal with tears when you decide to no longer keep them? I always face tears and possible wailing and begging “I worked soooo hard on this and it’s so pretty and I made it can’t we keep it don’t you love me and my artwork how can you throw it away Mama?!”

Katie - Such a fun idea, I love this! ox

Chrissie grace - We will have to try this one too! My boys are really into spaceships, so we wouldhaveto add a spaceship too 🙂

Christy - Love this! I might have to copy this one. 🙂 I think my son would really enjoy it.

Dawn - Great project!! Also Talby looks like she is really growing up. =) Too cute.

Jessi - Those look awesome!

Holly - that is a great project! Love it!

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