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one of the best days i have ever had.

our second photo shoot scheduled in utah…….the models never showed.
we were disappointed.
and hot.
and wendy says "let's do it ourselves!"
and we did.

this is 7 photographers getting to have a BLAST while the other 11 practiced their action shots in sunlight.
that was the point.
a COLORFUL shoot….with action and light……ready GO!

(all of these photos were taken by Kelley and Kim….both excellent photographers!)
Holi Powder War 39-10

Holi Powder War 9-1

Holi Powder War 11-3

Holi Powder War 12-4


this is powder…not paint.
it was a little  hard to breathe but not bad.
it was only bad if it went right in your eyes….but still you could recover….i did….and tyler did too.

Holi Powder War 19-6

Holi Powder War 21-8 
Holi Powder War 20-7



Holi Powder War 23-9





Holi Powder War 41-11

Holi Powder War 46-12

Holi Powder War 48-13

Holi Powder War 61-17


Holi Powder War 56-16

Holi Powder War 50-15

Holi Powder War 49-14

it was the best time.
i LOVED doing it.
i laughed and laughed.
it was soooo fun!

i am so glad the models never showed.
it was so much better this way.

and it all came off in the shower.


Melody - Looks like so much fun.
Where did you buy the powder?

ginger - I am working with some college students who want to do a photoshoot similar to this… can you tell me where to get the powder or how to make it?

Hailey - The most likely thing I found was Holi powder. Though it’s possible it was simply paint powder. Paint powder can be toxic though…be careful about breathing it in!

sandra - merryheart2 - can you please tell me where you purchased your powder and how much you needed for this photo shoot. i googled and found them, but i was wondering where you found yours.

sandra - merryheart2 - what BIG creative, fun! i love all the pictures.

Kristen - Oh my gosh – that is so awesome! Looks so fun!

kasey - Awesome!! What a great time you all had.

TidyMom - I think you may have started a new trend!!! Colored powder shoots!!
I LOVE this Meg!! thanks for making me smile this morning
So I have to ask, like everyone else……where do you get the powder?

Leyla - I’m dying to know what powder you used too. Could you post it in the comments or maybe a new post about the powder? This seems like a very fun shoot…love it!

Chantelle - so funny how everyone sees that you look like an avatar character. this is a tradition in india for the celebration of holi. you look like you had a blast… i couldn’t imagine a bunch of professional models pulling this one off 🙂

Heather G. - Those pictures are amazing!

tami - lol I dont know if I could have done that. I would have participated from a far lol

Marcie - Please, email me how you got the colored powder!

sara @ it's good to be queen - those pictures are amazing! so colorful and fun. and you look beautiful!

Leslie - That is THE coolest shoot EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christa aka the BabbyMama - This reminds me of the Indian holiday, Holi!

AmyM - Please, please, please share where you got the powder or how you made it whatever! I would love to let my kiddos do this and take pictures–they boys might actually smile naturally and have fun!! Just love them!!!!

Heather - I really don’t think that using powder like that seems like a wise idea and it freaks me out to think that readers want to do this with their children. What kind of powder is it? Do you know the toxicity when it goes in the lungs?
Artists have many health risks and this seems like one I wouldn’t take with my children. Hope people reconsider.

Kari - Very awesome! It reminds me of the movie Avatar, with all the beautiful colors.

Kristin Hayne - What a crazy looking band of warriors in Utah… ha ha. Would love to know what powder was used. Need to get some of the boys going crazy with it!!!

Lori Bowring Michaud - Very, very cool Meg!! My daughter just started her first photography class in college and has her first assignment – action shots are part of it. I showed her these pictures and she was floored! Especially the picture of the woman flipping her hair!

Rachelle | TinkerLab - Like Ami said, the powders remind me of Holi as well. Here are our pictures from this year’s festival. We LOVED it too.

Libby Donovan - You look like you could be in Avatar.

Doris - you look great!
really fun photos.

Colleen - That looks like wicked good fun!!!

Gray - I’m wearing the same shirt you’re wearing–today. It’s from Target, right? I LOVE it. I bought four in different colors and wish I’d bought more. I’ve lived in them this summer. Glad to know I have good taste. 🙂

Kristin S - Whoops, I said Kelley above and meant Crystal.
Still love these shots.

Ami - Totally reminds me of Holi festival in India. What a great photo session idea!
Holi image that I think you will like:

jennyonthespot - Oh Meg. Meg. Oh Meg… love this.

Sarai - Beautiful pictures!! Looks like this was a blast!!

Tammy @ The Sabourin Family - Like the making of “Avatar 2” LOL Awesome! 🙂

Mary Anne - This is quite possibly the most fun I think I’ve ever seen someone have! Awesome, awesome fun!!! 🙂 Great pictures too! When you said this photoshoot was a ton of fun, I never would have thought it was quite like this! 🙂

Nika M - Looks like SO much fun!

Mrs. Skvortsov - Wow! These photos are incredible. So colorful and fun!

deb meyers - Ah! “Those we Don’t Speak Of” : )

Carrie - fabulous

Meg - Super cute hair cut too!!!

elz - That looks like so much fun. My favorite is the profile picture of you with the violet and blue powder, THAT should be your profile pic!

Meg Carter - I want to play!!!! Awesome idea and pics. Love.

Katrina - Oh my wow! I have to admit I’m jealous. That looks like SOOO much fun. I bet my girls would have fun with that one. Of course someone else would have to take the pics then because I definitely would have to jump in myself ;-).

Tracey Husted - Ha ha ha ha….you guys look like Avatars. TOO FUN!!

Aneta Kudasik - So awesome!

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crystal b - Are you SURE it all came off? I seem to recall some colored cleavage. 🙂
It was the funnest day ever. Kim got some amazing shots. Love the one of Wendy and Tyler at the end. 🙂

Heather R. - The hand on your face powder pic, the side profile all powdered up…GREAT pics. I love when things work out different then they are supposed to…better. 😉

Kimberly Dial - Amazing … the colors were so beautiful and it looked like lots & lots of fun!

Kimberly Dial - Amazing … the colors were so beautiful and it looked like lots & lots of fun!

Christian @ Modobject at Home - I think you got yourself a new set of headshots!

Carrie - Oh my! Please, please, please let us know what type of powder was used. I would love to do this with my kids. And by the way, you are so pretty 🙂

Cory - That looks like the best time, and you guys were the best models. 😉 The pics are gorgeous!

Kristin S - So fun seeing this on Kelley’s blog too.
I think that fourth to last needs to be your new headshot… forget the cute beads!
Loving your sass-o-rama hair cut right now too.

Michelle - It looks like you’re the love child of Strawberry Shortcake & a Smurf! lol! This is great! Looks like my kind of workshop! ha!

karen - omg…this was made for you!! I would have been shocked if you were one of the photographers practicing!!!

Londen - I have to say….this is Awesome!

sheryl salik - what did u use for the colored powder?

alaina - OMW! It is so beautiful! FUN! Creative! Please tell us about the powder. My son is in college in San Diego and he is really into photography and has a lot of people at his disposal! Can you imagine a bunch of college kids on a photo shoot on the beach with that powder?!!! WOOHOO!
I was giggling thinking of the hikers that stumble upon these neon-colored fields!

Janel - I would love to see photo 16 as the new head shot photo. I love it! A lot! They are all really great though!

DanaD@BoysMyJoys - You look like one of the people in Avatar!

Nichole - I’ve always wanted to participate in Holi, this is definitely cool.

Summer Crosbie - This is so so so awesome!!!!

Angela Storm - The expression on your face post-handprint is priceless. I love it! And these are all amazing pictures, and it looks like such fun!

Rachel B. - Can you say AWESOME?
Those are some amazing shots!

Helen Wall - That powder looks like great fun. You guys may have started a fad!

Alicia - In the first few pics where your face is covered with blue powder, you look a bit like a character from Avatar (not meaning to sound mean at all… I hope you’re not offended by me saying that- I loved the movie!)
I think these are such cool photos! What a great time you must have had doing this! I want to know though- did it get all over the seats in the car?

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - WOWZAS! I went back & forth between thinking “it looks like you’re casting some sort of visible spells on each other” to….”that is so cool!” to “thats a beautiful shot of Meg.” Such a fun day indeed!
Cant wait to meet you in just a few short weeks in Cali!

Jennifer - It looks like Andy Warhol! coolness

tinycandi - this is so very awesome!! what kind of powder is that?

Kate - I love how vibrant those colors are! Where in the world do you find that stuff?!?

Lisa McCracken - What awesome photos! There are some great pics of you!

AShley - i love these photos. it looks like the progression of an avatar 🙂

Mindy Harris - this is so cool and awesome and wonderful and tribal ish that i can’t stand it. love it love it love it!! i love the profile one of you with mostly turquoise on your face…gorgeous. so flippin’ rad!

Carol - I think your new head shot is actually is this round of pictures. Looks like so much fun! What is that stuff, and how do I get my hands on it?

sue - I don’t understand the powder throwing.?

jenni - You looked like an Avatar.
It sounds like you had tons of fun!

Rachelle Terry - Who needs models when you had a bunch of crazy people on hand! They turned out really beautiful!

Heather - These are wonderful perfection! Where in the world can you get colored powder? My kids would love that! We need it before summer ends so we can then hose off.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I had no idea you joined the blue man group! Rock on!

ginny - Hee hee, I see why the models didn’t show up. 😉 Cool, nonetheless though.

Leah - I love the color! Amazing photos. I can see why they’re called pros.

Brenis - OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 LOVE it! The pics turned out amazing, and ya’ll look like some hidden tribe now! LOL

Robin Canter - I bet you buy this powder for your kids before you even get back home! 🙂

Christy - Oh my I love it! looks like it was a blast

Sharla - these are awesome! Love the colorful closeups.

Sally - Wow! That looks like so much fun!! The pictures you have posted over the past few days have been delightful. What an amazing experience you had. Fun…fun…fun!

Kim - Wow! I feel so honored to have my photos displayed on such an AWESOME blog! Especially because I am super lazy and might not do anything with them myself. Thanks for volunteering to step in for the funnest photo shoot ever. You’re the BEST!

Su@TheIntentionalHome - I LOVE the pic of all of you. . no smile. . love the color!! i want to do this. . please share what powder you used. And did ya’ll have to protect your cameras. . or were the photographers far enough away that no powder got on them?

Rebecca - That was COOL!

tiffany m gardner - brave…this cracked me up too!

Tracy - Reminds me of AVATAR – love it – great pictures! 🙂

Rachel - AH MAZING!!!!

kat - That looks like so much fun!!! I love all the colors and the big smiles!

georgia - Haha u look like a smurf. Love it !

Kori - It looks like everyone had a blast!! And honestly, those pictures are amazing! I love the one of all of you looking at the camera with serious type faces on with the juxtaposition of the color all over you all….it’s great!!!
P.S. Turquoise is definitely your color! 😉

Moriah - Reminds me of Braveheart! Fun!

Michelle Torres - Wow!!!!!! How incredible is this? I know you did have so much fun, I mean come on, who gets to get splattered with colored powder on a given day! How cool, I love the color’s and the awesome pictures of everyone all colored up!!!!!! too cool!

Kerry - meg these are awesome! Thank God for Zoom lenses 🙂 I love the picture of you all with serious faces… spooky huh? looks like a fun fun fun time. xx

Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog - ahhhhh-mazing! love it!

Jen - Ok, this is adorable! What did you use for the colors?

Diana - I think this is my favorite of all your posts so far! LOL! What fun!
I’ve crushed sidewalk chalk (the cheap packs from Dollar Store) and done things like that with it… not people tossing it on people, but things, objects… and then have taken photos of it. Very cool.

Seriously Sassy Mama - I love the colors. I am so going to do this with my girls!

Diana - I think this is my favorite of all your posts so far! LOL! What fun!
I’ve crushed sidewalk chalk (the cheap packs from Dollar Store) and done things like that with it… not people tossing it on people, but things, objects… and then have taken photos of it. Very cool.

happygirl - These are WONDERFUL. Can I just say, the hair shot is magnificent.

Katie - that looks like so much fun!

Jenna - How fun!!! Where did you get the colored powder? Also, it reminds me of the Hindu festival of Holi! Gorgeous photos!

nicole @ deliajude - that looks like the best day ever!

Sandy - How fun! I love the group shots at the end and the one of the girl flipping her hair. Awesome!

Karline - Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight!

Terrie - Oh. my. goodness. That looks like a blast! Great pics…loved it! I can see why you had so much fun!! You should have just had a water balloon fight afterwards…they you would have had watercolors! 🙂

lauren - do share how you colored the powder! i so want to let the kids do this with the dog! what fun!

Holly - those photos are awesome! So glad you had a great time!

Southern Gal - Those colors are so vibrant! Beautiful.

Gemma @ Musings of a gem - Wow! With all that colour I bet it was your dream come true!
Very fun : )
Gemma x

Jen - Looks like a LOT of fun. Kids would love that stuff, wouldn’t they? And I think one of those photos should be your new headshot. 😉

Han - That looks like so much fun! Looks like that Indian festival when they have a massive paint fight.

brandi - GREAT COLOR. what fun. 🙂

Jen Brandt - You look like a warrior! How fun!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 - I can only imagine what the vehicles looked like before the shower… What a very cool idea. You all look like warriors! Photography warriors.

Meaghan Snider - That looks like SO much fun! I would definitely be one of the ones to jump in and get dirty!

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