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CRAFT WEEKEND…the awesome that was.

i don't really know where to start….this post is going to be long.

craft weekend was so good.
so fun.
so funny.
so relaxed.
so yummy.
so special.
so colorful….

just so wonderful.

plans changed in the beginning and i ended up loading up for the weekend by myself instead of having help.
3 hours later i was on the road to the craft house.

that is a 15 passenger van!
it was like driving the bus to Happy Land.

kimberlee and i set up and decorated over the next 24 hours and had 15 minutes to spare.
we sat out on the porch and thanked God for all that He had so perfectly arranged for Craft Weekend. 
we were so excited to see what he was bringing to us.

we were READY!

this is the main room….

(banner made by shauna reed

gotta have sunflowers if you come to kansas!
every spot had a bag of goodies waiting for them…. very fun!!


all the fabric choices we had available to craft with…arranged in rainbow order.  :)

the sewing room….


the entry way….




the women came and were so much fun to meet.

we ate kimberlee's YUMMY dinner and then started to CRAFT! 




ironing should always look this happy right??


half the group were self-proclaimed NON-sewing women.
and they did AWESOME.

the women who could sew just helped everyone along.
no fear.
i promise you it is not as scary as it looks….REALLY!

happy messes.

we worked laaaaaaaate into the night on our ruffley aprons.


kimberlee and i finally got to sleep after 3 AM.

the SWAG fairy brought more goodies while the crafters were sleeping….  :)

kimberlee is a really good cook!!

adding a little more trim and pom poms in the morning after some sleep.  

after brunch we took a field trip to shop for antiques!


Bearly Making It Antiques is probably the most organized antique store there is.  (and my favorite)


in my opinion….melissa scored the best thing.
i loved this OLD print with a gold frame.
you just know that hung in a grandma's house for YEARS and YEARS.


greg and marcia paper dolls!!!!!!!!!


out to my favorite barn in the whole wide world.
it was FULL and over flowing with chippy paint loveliness everywhere.


Sonic happy hour on our way home.

and then we were right back to crafting!!

we did two crafts at once to spread out the sewing machine demand….. a pillow case with frilly circles.
and ashley led a craft of bib necklaces of rosettes and beads and trim.






the HAPPY aprons.

the gorgeous necklaces.

all the SWAG in one spot….it was amazingly fun to give.

melissa from colorado and kate from arizona.

IMG_5765-24 IMG_5726-14

kimberlee with keri from california.                                crystal was from california too!
blythe from wisconsin and lisa from illinois.

keri and amy from arkansas.

cyndi from missouri and amy from Kansas City!

susan and angela from oklahoma!


me and ashley and kimberlee.

lisa and amy.

the women talked and laughed together so effortlessly.
real friendships were made.
it was so cool to watch!
God provided such a wonderful group of women to come together.
i think they left full of inspiration and encouragement.
this kind of weekend to rejuvenate can get you through the tough times ahead or the monotony of mommy hood.

i am so satisfied with our first craft weekend.



i have new friends.
i have a full heart.
i am excited to plan the next one(s).
my mind already has lots of ideas for another!

i am so grateful with every detail that God worked out for us.
down to the BEAUTIFUL scenic sky on the way to barn and the late plane coming in so we had time to take a shower before the craft girls arrived!
He knows what we need.
He wants the best for us.
He wants us to share HIS love with others.

i think we did that.

HOW AWESOME is God that He would make CRAFTS another way to glorify HIM.


and so do crafts.


and i slept ALL day today….till 2:45 pm.

CLICK OVER TO OUR CRAFT WEEKEND BLOG to get on information on craft weekends in the future.
and get on the waiting list. 

susan duncan - would u please email me the CHRISTMAS BULBS




thank u susan

Kerrie - I would love this pattern to make for Christmas gifts. Can you email it to me?

Andrea - Can I get the pattern to the apron??????

Lizzie - so how about THE PATTERN??? Why are you ignoring all of these requests?

Sue - Did anyone ever receive the advice on where to locate the pattern, please?

Lisa Simpson - These aprons are absolutely adorable! Is there a pattern available? Did you take a basic white apron and just put ruffles on it? I would love to make one! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Girling - just came across this on pinterest!!! How fun!!! Thanks for sharing!! Anyway I can get the pattern? What great gifts these would make and I have a gazillion pounds of scraps!!

Patti - I just came across this site on Pinterest and I fell in love with these aprons. And I so enjoyed viewing the pics and captions. I would “LOVE” the pattern, please? Thank you for sharing!

Liz Pratt - These are so stinkin cute!! I am doing a cooking party fro my girls and would love to make some of these! I would love the pattern 🙂

tonya - Where can I get that apron pattern?!?! Soo cute!

mary - I too would like the pattern if it is available

Loretto Oyarzún - Chicas, qué bello es lo que hacen… Me inspiran para confirmar nuevamente lo que deseo estudiar, sigan adelante y llenen éste mundo de color!!!
Cariños desde Chile,

Thelene O'Donnell - I would love to know where to get the apron pattern too!!!

Deanna Zigray - I would like the apron pattern as well. PLEASE! Thank you!

Susan Cook - I would love to get the apron pattern as well.

Tina Beatty - Absolutely love the aprons & flower necklaces. What a wonderful weekend you had, looks like a great time. Would it be possible to get your pattern for the aprons? Thanks so much!!!

Paula Pitre - I would like one for every Holiday! I think this will be my first project with my very first sewing machine Santa brought me thus year!! I can’t wait!! Can you please email me the pattern?

Jo Ann - How can I get a copy of the pattern for the aprons? My little girl would love it!!

jeannette - awesome !!!!!! Could you email me the apron´s pattern .
I live in Bolivia …..

carol adams - Just saw your post on Pinterest. Love, love, love those aprons. Could you email me the pattern.

Nancy Molitor - I have been given about 20 yards of fabric to make things for the Festival of Trees next year in Salt Lake. These would sell like hotcakes for this great charity! Can you email me the pattern please??? - And keep the rest of us posted pls:) I would love to attend a craft weekend:)

Nancy Mitchell - I too would love the pattern for the too cute apron. Wanting to make 3 for Christmas gifts and haven’t found one as cute as that. That looks like such a great fun filled weekend! It is sooo me. If you ever head to Kentucky, look me up!!

Yvette - So many colors of fabric ans so many smiles! SIgn me up! Yvette

Rebecca Taft - Would also like the pattern for that adorable apron.

PJ - Oh my! You girls know how to have fun. I am SO inspired. I foresee a Craft Weekend in my future!!!
Thank you for sharing all the fun and God bless.

SLS - WOW! Looks like the perfect way to spend a weekend. Great work!!

Sharon - Patterns for all would be appreciated along with the time and place of the next weekend. I would love to attend.

Brandy - I didn’t see the Patten for the apron anywhere! I would love to have it!

miny smith - I would love to have a copy of your apron pattern.
What a fun time you had. Thanks

Denise - How can i get patterns for your items from your craft weekend? I love them.

Lorraine - Love Love the aprons–been looking for a pattern–could you
please email me the pattern.
Weekend looks like so much fun–wish I was there.

Angela - Those aprons are adorable!! Would you e-mail me the pattern pleeaaasse??

Krista - You guys look like you had SO much fun! I love it!

Nancy Wagner - My daughter-in-law would love an apron like these! Can you email me the instructions? It would be a wonderful surprise or maybe even a project we can do together!

Mariana - Wow! You are amazing! I’m from Argentina and I love crafts. I wish I had something like this in Buenos Aires! Congrats!!!!!

Sorem - nettamenente suoeirpre alla media dei giochi attuali x wii, ma nettamente inferiore alle controparti nextgen (graficamente parlando).le texture di mostri e ambienti sono inguardabili (persino quelle precalcolate sono talvolta senza AO o GI), le geometrie low-low-low poly roba da avr ancora la wii lo comprer perch mi piacciono i giochi cos , ma non lo osanner come la manna dal cielo come i fanboys che a furia di vedere giochetti fumettosi perdono di vista che tecnologicamente siamo nel 2008.diciamo che se le potenzialit del wii sono proprio tutte qui forse meglio davvero che escano solo i giochi fumettosi popolati di mii.

Subhash - I would like to learn the piano as a hobby, but I’m currently atnitdeng university and won’t be able to afford a weekly teacher. Do you happen to know a good website or even a decently priced book that would be a good substitute teacher?’ Thanks in advance!

Beth Cahill - What a great weekend away!!! This blog has been sooo inspiring!!

Vicki V - I think I’m in love. What colorful projects and ideas! Swoon!

Kate - this is SEW on my dream list, bucket list, whatever you wanna call it. Who knows-maybe I will be at the next one 😉 LOVE seeing this wonderful wrap-up! Fabulous!

ellen patton - J is for jealous. I want to go to a cool craft weekend and I want to go to that antique store!

Cher - So fun! Are you and your family Mormons?

Mimi - A friend just forwarded a link to your blog. I’m blown away. Love it so much, I’m blogging about it on MY blog.
Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful and honest way. It’s really a pleasure to read a blog of this caliber.

tami - Loved all you guys made! Very colorful and fun! xoxo

Sophie ROSEY-MARECHALLE - Dear Meg ! am a active follower of your wonderful blog ! first is a big thank you for your colourful life and sharing it with us !
I would dream of sharing such a crafty week end, but …am too far away ! am in Northern France !! Well, hope you keep be creative and maybe one day, I will join you there !
take care !
hugs from France

Courtney Walsh - Meg, I’m so so glad you’re doing this. what fun! 🙂 If you ever want to take your show on the road to Colorado I’m the girl to help you arrange it all!! 🙂
Oh, and I want you to teach me how to sew!!

Savita Gilbert - What a fun idea!!! Looked like you all had such a great time and expressed some wonderful, creativity too! Would LOVE to see a tutorial on the aprons….those would make the CUTEST Christmas gifts!

Amy - Howwwwww funnnnnn! where did you get those nametags/who made them/how can I make or buy them?!

Kristin S - Thanks for this post! What a fun weekend and picture of community.

holly - Freeezing today at my house. Just picked up the manboy from preschool, put on a pot of coffee and read this post. again. Love the junk you hauled to decorate!! Makes me wanna go rearrange and sew stuff. Thanks for the good company while I warm up! :o)

Amy - Awesome post. You said it perfectly. I had hoped for the chance to share the Gospel, and instead left so full & BLESSED!!! Loved every minute of every day. My first time to leave my kids & it was perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work!! I hope you feel like it was worth it! It was!!

Katie - Thanks for posting pics! It looks like it was a great time! So beautiful and colorful. My kids are excited to sew now after seeing all the fabric!

Laura Villarroel - ¡Oh! ¡qué bello equipo!! me encantó todo el recorrido con las fotos, me encantaría que algo así se hiciera en mi ciudad. Felicidades a todas, buen trabajo!
Saben lo que más me gustó? los delantales, ¡qué hermosos son!

Margaret - Whoa! This looks like a weekend straight out of my dreams! I love your reminder about God’s creativeness revealed through the creativeness He graciously gives women! Awesome!

stephanie - WOW! My friend Amy and I are biting at the bit to come to one soon. I can’t come until I don’t have nursing babies, but we would love to come to one of these in the near future! I love that you gave God the glory for crafts. I would have never thought of it that way, but He is a God of beauty and craft weekend is such a Proverbs 31 thing to do! - **Sigh** Wish I could go!

mel @ the larson lingo - These pictures are AWESOME!!!! I TOTALLY want to come to a craft weekend. So much fun!!!! I can tell you & Kimberlee put so much time & effort into this weekend. So happy it was a huge success!!!

Erin - Love all the pictures. Would you consider coming to San Diego, CA to do a craft weekend?? Please! Where did you get the bird trays behind you in the van? I am going to make an apron for myself and for some gifts. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas!

Melissa - Kristen M, I linked up all the swag in this post, if you want to see where to order that print. It’s really cute…stamped, not photocopied.

Dawn Eshnaur - How fun!! We were right ahead of you! My friend and I came to visit our friend from fredonia and had a flea market weekend! We visited barely makin it and I agree…the most organized place! Then on to the mill. We spent the morning with Denny and got lots of treasures! We were loving that place! When we went back to town we saw your van at barely making it! How fun!!!!

Laurie Star - WOW! Simply stunning pictures – thanks for sharing with all of us! I am drooling over here! How do people like me sign up for the next one??? Awesome aprons. Love it!

Sara - Looks like SO much fun! Where is that barn??? Headed to Hillsboro and Marion this weekend!

Tracie - Sweet goodness gracious you all had a great time. Looks like an absolute blast!

Kristin M - Looks like such a fun time! I *need* that Rise and Shine print…care to share who gifted those you all?

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Next on the agenda: BLOGSUGAR baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot!

kat @ Pretty in Pink and Green - Okay, I knew it would be awesome but this is so infinitely awesome, I can’t take it. I so wish I could have been there! Lovely lucky ladies, looks like a fabulous and merry time was had by all!

Cindy - What a BALL!!!

Angie P - It looks like SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! I will definitely make it to one!!!! 🙂

Caroline - awwwwwwwwww, how wonderful it all looked! That house was like a happy house on craft steroids! The ladies looked like such fun. I want to come next time!!!! Great job Meg! Hope everyone loved my give away of Multiple Blessings fabric! xoxo, Caroline

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Kimberly Dial - I love, love, love those aprons! I’d love to make one for me and for each of my grandgirlies! Looks like you had an awesome time! He is so mindful of our needs & I can only imagine many needs were met in the midst of all the fun you gals had. I agree … God rocks!

Mindy Harris - looks awesome, megan. i bet those girls were FLOORED!! neat neat neat and you’re right, it’s all for God’s glory. he made the mind creative!

sara @ it's good to be queen - oh my word. that is some eye. candy. i am so inspired just reading this post! love it all.

Debbie - So much fun! Adorable aprons and fun girl time, what a great idea! Love your blog!

Julie - Wow, that looks like a great time! You did such a great job on all the decorating and little details! Looks like everyone had a blast!!!!

bonnie - oh its like a dream come true, all of it. the crafts, the antiques, the friendships, the swag and all with God being the center of it. SO wish i could be there. you dont know me, im just a blog follower but i think you are really amazing. your love for Jesus is evident in all you do… you are inspiring.

CathyC - Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!!

Kimberlee - Oh the happiness of seeing these faces again!

Stephanie R. - I love the nametags…can you share how they were made?

Shabree - Looks like so much fun! God is good All the time! I hope I can get in next years!!!

elz - Oh, how fun! Next time for sure!

Jenna@MomofManyHats - Meg-
I think you just made my whole life! That weekend looks amazing and I just so wish I was there 🙂 Wonderful pics, beautiful women, fun fun fun! If you ever want to have a craft weekend in MI, I wouldn’t be upset 🙂

tiffany m gardner - A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I just want to be there by looking at those pictures! With three kids and not much help to ever watch them I don’t know if a craft weekend would ever be in my future…so thank you for sharing your fun with the pictures! My husband, kids and I are planning a trip to kansas this fall for some antique love….please….where is the BARN???????? Please share…if you can. xoxo my favorite blog girl!!!!!!!!!

Lisa - Can you share the patterns/directions for those incredible projects!!! Us lonely crafters of the north (Manitoba, Canada) would LOOOVE to have our own Craft Weekend. Please share in an upcoming post. You have inspired me to go on a fabric-run and create.

Kate - What a wonderful weekend…I would love to participate someday when I don’t have a nursing baby! I love the flash-card garland. I’ve got a box of vintage flash cards sitting in my craft room, and this is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks!

Susan - We had SUCH a great weekend. Thank you sooo much for your hard work and time to put it together. You are a blessing to those around you!

Jen - Where did you get the fabric on the lampshade?????? My 7 year is changing her room and that fabric is perfect! Please, help! Also, I get inspired EVERY time I visit your blog. Thank you so much! And please, I would love to know where to get that fabric from!

Julie - Looks like you had loads of fun and what a beautiful weekend you had for it. In case no one else mentioned it, I loved the name tags. How cute are they?!

Lori Austin - What fun!
You are truly inspiring me to reclaim a space in my (tiny) house
to dig down and find that crafty girl I used to know before I
became a momma. I’ve also always had a desire to learn how
to sew…..I need to get on that!
Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pics from the weekend.
The group shots on the porch – the best! 🙂

Ranee - that DOES look like happy land. You are awesome!

Simple Mama's Shutter - Oh my word, what a grand time you all had! I might have to save my pennies and come to one of your craft weekends! I want a ruffle apron too!

Brooke - How awesome! I wish I would have been there!! That looks like the perfect weekend! 🙂 🙂

Tiffany - so colorful and festive. can u breathe now? Looks like an awesome time.

seriouslysassymama - Holy Moly that looked like so much fun! I love how you guys decorated for he weekend. I am going to have to get myselfon that waiting list!

Mindy W - a long post from you is a long drink of happiness- what a success your craft weekend was! way to go!

Jennifer - It looks amazing!

AshleyAnn - You got such beautiful pictures of the ladies! Wow..I just want to read and re-read this post all day. Thank you for an incredible weekend!!!

Sarah @ Redhead in Ruffled Flats - What an amazing weekend! I love how colorful everything is! I hope you keep doing these – I might eventually work up the courage and the money to come to one!

Alicia @ La Famille - oh ms. meg! i love alll this!! your crafts are awesome! the junk is awesome!! y’all are so adorable!! great job 🙂

Jodi @ The Un-Soccermom Blog - Lovin to live through this post!! :o)

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Oh, you sure did do it! Looks like SO much fun. And I’m happy to see that the non-sewers represented, yo.
ps – I don’t know what I would do with Greg and Marcia paper dolls, but I don’t think it would be possible to walk away without them.

Michelle from Australia - OH MY GOODNESS!!! That looks totally amazing. And this is me the non-crafting Accountant who couldn’t thread a needle if her life depended on it 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me to at least THINK of crafting Meg.

Annika - Thank so much for sharing this. The way you decoarted the place was awesome. Looks like you all had an amazing time.

Kerry - oh i’ve been waiting for this post for like Weeks!! Meg, it looks like these girls had and AMAAAAZING time, and the Crafts? man oh man, you cannot get any cuter!! What an AWESOME weekend…. Just too Awesome xxxx

Heather G. - Oh my gosh, what an amazing weekend!! I’m going next time, even if I have to sell a kidney!!

Kimberly - God is so good to share that many wonderful women with each other!(And if ever there was reason to covet someone’s creative-ness, I think this is it!)

Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Oh, brings back happy memories 🙂
I REALLY hope to make the next one.
Especially since I am missing BlogSugar 🙁
You and Kimberlee seriously ROCK! The house looks amaaaaaaazing!

Southern Gal - I would have loved to have been there just to look at all the eye candy. Gorgeous!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my heavens.
I cannot thank you enough.
My heart is so very full and i am seriously considering buying a sewing machine this weekend.
Love, love, love to you!

nicole @ deliajude - okay. please host again so i can have the courage to come even though i will not know a single other soul. you are going to this again someday, right? get more sleep and then answer the question.
ps: i can load vans!!!

Helen Wall - I wanna know what Jana is doing in that picture?!

Melissa - Oh, and I don’t have a home for that print just yet, but I will!
Thank you for encouraging me to buy it.
I’d be so sad had I not. 🙂

Melissa - I love the pictures!
I can’t say “thank you” enough to truly express my gratitude for this past weekend.
You and Kimberlee are the BEST!!
I’m so thankful I got to be apart of this!

Terrie G - It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! So glad it all went well for you! In the future…if you need help loading up, me! Seriously…I mean it. I would have helped you in a heartbeat…cause that is what I would do. 🙂 Rest up!!
I crafted this weekend too! I finished 3 quilts in the last week…my craft room has been crazy busy! Just finished the binding on the last one tonight.
Are you ready for Parenthood tomorrow night?!

keri ~ forever folding laundry - Meg, you captured the weekend beautifully.
Those three days were inspiring and energizing
and a blessing. Truly.
You and Kimberlee are amazing hostesses!
You e-a-r-n-e-d that sleep today.
I don’t know how it could have been better.
Well…maybe if some of that chocolate peanut butter cake
had been in the swag bag. I could have used a piece
of that in the airport yesterday.

Leah - This weekend look AMAZING! You all must have put in so much work. But I’m sore those moms who attended are so grateful and will never forget the experience. You’re right it probably was exactly what was needed. You all rock!

amanda - p.s. forgot to add that it looks like tons of fun! i love the swag bags!

amanda - did jana sneak into the antique store with you guys?

honeybeemama - oh my goodness! this is the same craft weekend i read about on ashleyannphotography this morning! i didn’t know you were connected! i want to go to a craft weekend!! and i’m imagining myself sounding like the girl in charlie and the chocolate factory saying, “but daddy, i want and oompa loompa NOW!” how do you get invited to craft weekends?! i may just have to host my very own!

lisa biedebach - I wanted to sign up, I talked myself out of it. I knew I would regret it and I do! It looks like so much fun and I love the aprons.

Lasso the Moon - What an awesome time. I am inspired by this. I might even email you for more info. The Lord has something like this in my future…He’s been hinting at it for years! And this idea of “crafting for His GLORY” plays right into it. Thanks for sharing this.

Margo - Looks like a great time! I hope I can come sometime!

Nicole Q. - It looks like so much fun! Glad it was an awesome weekend! I’m sure you’ll be recooping all week!:)) You and Kimberlee make a great duo! You both are awesome.

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