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couldn’t wait to share…..

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9491117

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9565191

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9559185

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9545171

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9520146

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_943258

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9502128

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9481107

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9513139

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_947197

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9642268

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_946692

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_940733

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9533159

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_941844

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_943460

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9563189

Meg Duerksen November 07, 2011 IMG_9619245_2

i love them.

the family and the pictures.

Blue Lily is my favorite.


go check out their schedule for 2012 and GET ON IT!!!  (it's on the right sidebar of their blog)

wendy + tyler you are super amazing.
i hope someday you come back and STAY for awhile.
or at least eat dinner with us!!!

thank you for these memories!!


(ps….on my computer the photos look FABULOUS…in typepad…not so much…bleh…whatever)


Christina - The photos are amazing, but you have an incredibly beautiful family!! You and Craig make really lovely people. 🙂 I am catching up on your blog and had to stop and comment here!! There are many things that I have wanted to say, though! All good! 🙂 Happy New Year!

Logan - I am late checking in on this, but your family pictures are wonderful. I especially love the one with your 3 girls. They are all so different, but all 3 are lovely!

Kristin S - Meg, what a blessing.

Jennifer S. - These are just beautiful! I love them all but especially the one of you all sitting. God Bless!

mel @ the larson lingo - I am OBSESSED with these!!!!
What a stunning family you have, Meg!
Blessed, indeed!

Sheryl - What happened to little Talby??! She is a young beautiful lady! Wow!

Whitney S - Great photos! Beautiful family! Love the colors! And Talby is so striking… and grown up looking!

SusanA - Simply awesome!! LOVE family photos…kids grow up TOO fast! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family pictures.

Dawn - Love them all!
You are blessed to have these photos.
Back in the day, there were no Blue Lily photographers to choose from. You have no idea how I wish I had just ONE really creative photo of our children while they were young.
Happy for you.

Marie - What an incredible gorgeous family you have. Wow. And the clothing selections is awesome. Good job mama!

Melissa - That last one is my favorite!
Lauren, you are stunning…just like your mama!

Laine Chambers - Wow, these pictures are amazing! I love the one of all ya’ll lying down. And your coat and scarf?? {swoon} Love them. =)

shauna - love um meg!
really great job gettin everyone there and looking happy….that is nearly impossible.
you are the queen.

Lisa - Wonderful! Really like the backdrop. Fav is the family holding hands in front of the barn 🙂

steph - amazing photos!
you all look great!
so happy!
and fresh!
and, might i add, i love craig’s leg squeeze in that sitting on the blanket shot.
love it!
you guys are hot!

Amanda - Small Home Big Start - GREAT photos. I especially love the last one!

sara's art house - LOVE the pictures!!!!!

heather - they are all so lovely, but that last shot is AMAZING!!

Lori Austin - One word….awesome!

Sarah - So beautiful! And where did you get that yellow coat – it’s so stinkin’ cute!

Dawn Burke - Love the pictures !! They are wonderful ! You have a wonderful family. Enjoy your blog !!
Dawn (in Arkansas)

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Beautiful family, beautiful photos…my favorite is all of you laying on the ground and they took the picture over you….LOVE!

tara - 4th one from the bottom one and the last one=AMAZING.

allison drockelman - Love these pics! The outfits you chose look awesome! Ok – where did you get your yellow coat? ;o)

Kfmontoya - I get your posts in email, but I had to link out and sign in especially to comment on this. I love the clothes you chose and your family is STUNNING! The photos are absolutely amazing. Well worth getting up for sunrise. Thank you so much for sharing. Your beautiful gang made my day.

Anne-Marie from CT - These are fantastic!! Great colors, beautiful family, fun shots! 🙂

melissa*320 sycamore - that yellow coat is to die for!! They are all beautiful. Love the colors!

Lindsay K - They look amazing! I love the family shot of everyone laying down. You all look so beautiful! The headshots of Talby though are Stunning! Her eyes are so pretty. 🙂

Sugar Mama - Between the Christmas music I’m listening to and seeing your family pictures I am now sobbing like a baby. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? When I see your kids I see the ages of my own kids. I remember what your kids looked like when I first started reading your blog! Just crazy!

casey - BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie - Beautiful! The last one is my favorite!

Sarah Wolfe - Gorgeous family!!!

Rachel B. - Awesome! Love the kids jumping!

brooke - the one laying down is amazing! I love you yellow jacket too!
what a blessing family is!

Briana - Gorgeous!

Cheryl E. - Your family is gorgeous, the pictures are fabulous and you are super talented!

Kerry - Ooh man!! These are too gorgeous Meg!! What a precious family you have 🙂 xx

Vonda - Absolutely beautiful pictures! I really need to get some done-professionally;)! That is a really long word-did I even spell that right?!!! The are inspiring and your family is beautiful! Awesome color choices!

Kris Timson-Bates - These photos are fantastic and quite creative. As a designer I have to admit I am loving the whole CMYK theme you have going on. 🙂
Your family certainly makes mine look very chaotic in stark contrast.
Amazing job by Blue Lily

se7en - Totally stunning photographs!!! I just love them!!! Your kids have just grown up a whole bunch this year… how did that happen so fast!!!

Jessica - So nice! Which one are you using for your Christmas card? They are all lovely!

Danielle - Holy Hannah! These are smokin’! Those outfits are stellar and your yellow coat… I could eat cake I love your coat that much! (And now I shall go eat cake.)

Brittany - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! They turned out so great! You did an awesome job with the outfit coordination!

Leah - These are gorgeous and I love the color combos! I hope Lauren knows how pretty she is!

gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family.
also, the styling couldn’t have been more perfect! love the one of yall laying down…can see the blending of colors and patterns so well. Great job!

elizabeth highsmith - love that yellow jacket and black & white scarf combo, sister friend! it pops!

Mendi Davis - Absolutely beautiful pictures!!

Linda - Totally amazing photos! What a beautiful family you have.

Lia - Fantastic photos!

Kat - I love the last one with all the heads together best. It just seems the most natural and full of fun!
Great pics!

Sandy - Love the colors and the outfits you chose. In the jumping picture…easy to tell who the volleyball and basketball players are. 🙂 Talby is following in Lauren’s footsteps and becoming such a beautiful young woman (when did she grow up?!). Gorgeous family and gorgeous pictures! You are so very blessed.

Julie Kittredge - Oh wow. Crazy seeing all your kids so big! Talby is especially grown up looking … you’ve got a bunch of great looking’ kids there Megan!! xoxo

danielle burkleo - can’t handle the love i have for these!!!

Lisa - Oh my – so gorgeous. What is it like to have children all of the age that they will look at the camera? 😉 Nice outfit selection! I love the colors.

Cindy - WOW! I love each and every one of them! beauty in your fam!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Seriously! Wow. You guys look amazing! Really amazing!

Toni :0) - The kids jumping is just fab and all of you in the group shot is just absolutely lovely. Beautiful family!

Nicole Q. - Amazing Megan. Love them. Love the color scheme you went with. I think my fave might be the one of you all sitting on the blanket wtih fall trees in background. Hard to pick a fave for sure. Love them!! You should be getting our xmas pic soon with all the fun shots you took of us too!

DebZorn - Just beautiful. You will treasure these photos forever. Thanks for sharing.

Christy B - Beautiful pictures and family!!! I also love the outfits! I’m sure it’s hard to pick a favorite because one is better than the next!

Terrie G - these. are. AWESOME!!

Nikki - I’m pretty jealous of that last one!! You’d think with the hubs and I each having a sis who’s a photographer we’d have something cool like that but we don’t :/
These are beautiful! Of course you couldn’t wait to share!

tara pollard pakosta - gorgeous family, gorgeous outfits, gorgeous photos!!

Jen M - LOVE THEM! You and Tyler have similar photography styles 🙂

Linda - Gorgeous! We had our photos taken by Tyler last October. I’m bummed I didn’t book Blue Lily again this year….next year for sure. Your family is beautiful and your Talby looks like you!

Tracy Fisher - you have a beautiful family… inside and out!
tracy Fisher

amy jupin - HAPPY!!!
what a gift and a perfect memory of the seven of you.
great job with the outfits too!
LOVE that yellow coat!

happygirl - Wow, these are gorgeous. LOVE the outfits. LOVE the barn background.

Aby - GoRgEoUs Family Meg!!! Awesome pictures! I love them all…but especially the last one!! So cute! And I love the wardrobe… you match without matching!!! Brilliant!!

TinaM. - awesome location.. they look great!!

kat - Oh my gosh, those are GORGEOUS!!! I love them all, especially the last one! What a treasure!

Amy - What great family pics…I love the last one, you look radiant.
BTW, I joined this crazy thing called facebook a month ago and the first person that came up on that little “people you may know” thing was your hubs. Totally weird, right?

CathyC - AWESOME photos!!!!!!!!

April M - that light was way worth it 😉
awesome family
awesome light
awesome outfits that aren’t too ‘matchy’ but not clashing but still capture each personality
photographers with mucho talent…
wow. <3 it 🙂

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Lauren has some serious air in that pic!
Gorgeous, all around.
And I love the outfits.

The Orchard - My goodness you have gorgeous kidlets! Those photos are amazing!

Suzette - Wow Meg….these are beautiful! I love the one of you all lying down. Makes me wish I had a couple more kids 😉

Seriously Sassy Mama - I love the pictures! I love the colors you chose for everyone to wear.

Kimberlee Jost - Thank goodness you found that yellow coat and brought it home. So good!

Jen Brandt - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

Kimberlee Jost - Stunning, beautiful, and so striking…you all are.

Mary - They look fabulous on my computer! You are such a fun family…love that.
Ummm….but I gotta say, I did miss seeing Waffle. ;o)

Ashlyn@Pinecone - They are all great – but really loving the last one!

Lin - What great pictures. I am struggling with my daughter right now. She hates wearing a coat and we can’t agree on anything. Where did you get Annie’s? I love it.

Heather R. - My favorite one is the last one. They are all fab!!!

donna - what a beautiful family you have – i love the pics. however, where is waffle????? you have inspired me to gather up my 6 kids and get a photographer and have some pics done – i have NONE – i will regret that, won’t I?

Alicia @ La Famille - SOO SOOO fun!! i love the last pic bestest!

erin - Your family is absolutely beautiful!

Tanya H - Ok, these are FABULOUS! I love the laying down shot! but why did he make your little girls look so grown up?!
it’s possible that I’m having issues with my own kids growing up and its affecting my perspective……… LOL!

jacqui anderson - they’re beautiful!

Holly - they look great! Talby looks just like you!

Dawn - Oh my gosh! These pictures are fabulous! I love your colors! They are not super matchy matchy, but they go so well together! Love, love, love!!

Lindsay - They are AWESOME!

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