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cheesy potatoes

before you make your new year’s resolution to lose weight….

make these and start your diet the next day.


i have made these since we have been married.
it’s a tradition.
any special day HAS to have these cheesy potatoes.
HAS to.
it’s non negotiable.


all the good stuff. sour cream…cheese…butter….potatoes

mix all of the ingredients together except 1/4 c. of butter and the cereal.

press it into a 9×13 pan.

then….smash up the cereal in a ziploc bag.
the cereal is….frosted flakes.


then pour the 1/4 c. melted butter into the bag.

i know i know….i told you….start your diet tomorrow….it will be worth postponing it one more day.


pour the buttery cereal on your potatoes and smoosh it down.


now i have two kids in my house that don’t like the crunchy stuff on their potatoes so this is how i handle that.
i leave a small portion un-crunched.

then you cover it with foil and bake it for an hour at 350.

this will be the HIT of any meal.
it’s the yummiest homey sidedish of comfort food there is.
if you walk into any church potluck in the midwest on a sunday afternoon….these potatoes will be on the table i can promise you that.

i hope you LOVE them.
we had them on christmas day.
my mom had them at her christmas dinner too.






Aaron Greenwood - I have to giggle at this! In Utah, they are known as funeral potatoes….drives me bonkers too! The cereal on top just took it to another level though! I am for sure sharing this with LOTS of my peeps! Thanks!
& a VERY happy, blessed & mildly uneventful 2012 to you & yours.
I say mildly because well, we all have to gather strength & patience from somewhere & with no eventfulness [is that a word?!] I doubt that could take place 😉

Courtney Walsh - We make these too…funeral potatoes. YUM. 🙂 They’re a favorite for sure!!!

ginny - we make these a lot too! for years. except i put more shredded cheese on top instead of the cereal. that’s the way we love them.

Kristin S - Meg, there are NO words. I’ve made a version of this for years but never with FROSTED flakes. Brilliant salty/sweet.

summer - Oh my gosh, you just made my day! We call these funeral potatoes in Idaho and I love them but I’ve never had the recipe 🙁 My best friend’s grandmother would make us a 9X13 every month when we were roommates in college. Yummo. Resolutions can wait another day right?

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Even in LA these potatoes are a hit, BUT I have never made them with Frosted Flakes, that is too weird, but I will definitely try it because it looks amazing!!!! Happy New Year!

crystal beutler - These are my fave!!! I could eat the entire pan myself. Maybe I should — since the diet starts up again next week. 🙂

Maria - In the oven now…can’t wait!

Tina I - We have this every Christmas morning! I use shredded potatoes, but delish either way. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Maggie Nunez - my hubby loves these cheesy potatoes, my sister makes them for him at family gatherings. i have never tried making them, your twist with the frosted flakes sounds interesting, gonna have to make them for hubby one day. Thanks for sharing!

jackie mccobb - Ack! Why must you torture me so? I can’t find half of these ingredients in Paraguay. 🙂

Jacci in Ohio - Lol – I live in Ohio, which is kind of a Great Lakes/Midwest blend 🙂 I was *just* planning to get the ingredients for these potatoes to take to a neighbor who had back surgery. I’m like a few other commenters… I prefer the shredded hash browns and plain corn flake topping. Have you ever noticed that pre-shredded cheese doesn’t melt as well because of the anti-caking agents used in packaging it? Lame details, i know. It’s good no matter how you make it! But, I like to shred my own sharp cheddar and add real diced onion. Makes it feel a little more “homemade” to me that way. Enjoy your NYE tonight, Meg! And thanks for posting through Christmas Break!

Heather R. - You went all “Paula Deene” on it…ha! YUM. Thanks for sharing.

Holly - Yummy! Where i come from these are called funeral potatoes. Maybe because of the ingredients, but more likely because there is usually a big dinner put on for the family by our community when someone dies and these are always on the menu.

andrea - We call these Ostrander potatoes because that’s where my brother-in-law was living when he started making them for all family dinners. I accidentally bought the hashbrowns with the onions and red peppers in them once, and they taste really good too. Make them this way on purpose sometimes now.

Ami Davis - I make the same dish every Christmas with a few substitutions to make it vegetarian.
In my recipe, I use cream of celery soup and mexican/southwestern spicy shredded cheese. I also use vegan butter and tofutti sour cream. The final change is panko bread crumbs instead of frosted flakes. The end result is a yummy savory dish that we have as a breakfast casserole with biscuits. Delish!

Heidi Durant - we call them funeral potatoes, because most likely, they are at every Mormon funeral! Love them…love your blog and a happy new year to you and your family!

Melissa - Must. Try.

Celeste - I’ve been doing this for years! Everyone always wants me to bring the cheesy potatoes!

Laura Phelps - SO TEMPTED…
but one by one we have been hit here with a nasty tummy bug
and sadly, NICK has it today…New Years Eve 🙁
I am thinking all this butter and crunch and butter and butter and cheese and butter might have to wait.
does look good
Belle would eat the entire tray
and ya know, I have always wanted to stop in on a church potluck in the midwest
putting that on my new years resolution list
(will you take me???)
love you

Elizabeth Macleod - This sounds like a heart attack special but I will have to try it tonight!! I’m with Mindy that it is great you use no-name because groceries are sooooo expensive especially where I live.

angela - We make that at EVERY gathering but I have never put the crunch on top. Great idea! We call it Hash Brown Casserole…because we are creative like that!

Southern Gal - Now that’s different! The potluck dish of choice in the South is macaroni and cheese – homemade, of course, full of butter, cheese, milk and eggs. Good stuff. I’ll have to try this potato dish. - Love these potatoes! And I have adapted them to work in the crock pot. I take them to work any time we have a potluck:). I have learned a new trick to cut some of the fat- greek yogurt! I substitute it for the sour cream and it works awesome! Same flavor with less fat. No one has noticed and I don’t feel quite as guilty eating them:).

Mindy Harris - my mom TRIPLE batched cheesey taters this year! i love it with the frosted flakes on top. you are so cute for leaving some off of a wee bit on the side.
also i love that you don’t buy just name brands. thanks for keepin’ it real! groceries are expensive!

Michelle From Australia - Why do we Australians not have recipes like this? No Hobby Lobby, no Walmart, no Reese’s Pieces, no so many other things. Sigh….Happy 2012 Meg!

erica - I don’t smash up my frosted flakes and my recipe calls for a can of cream of chicken and a can of cheddar cheese soup and omits the grated cheese. I used to take them to MOPS every time I had to take food. The nice name for them is Granny Hester’s Scalloped Potatoes but most of my friends call them Better Than S*x Potatoes 🙂

Paula - We love these cheesy tatters too. I have always made with corn flakes not frosted flakes. You have me wondering now about the frosted. I have also tried with crushed potato chips but it’s not as good as the corn flakes. Frosted? Really? Hmmmm…..

Kelly - These are very similar to the cheesy potatoes that are always on my mom’s Christmas dinner table. If we’re lucky, they show up at Easter too! 🙂

katie - I make the version without the flakes. Thought – make with chopped onion and chopped green pepper added. yummo!

Leah - I want these now! I’m putting hash browns on my grocery list.

shannon - I Love these too! My mom always made them for holiday dinners and now I make them, they are sooo good 🙂

Molly - I love them, but ewww, not with the cubed potatoes. Must be shredded hashbrowns. Preferably the fresh(er) simply potatoes kind. And real onions. Apparently I’m a cheesey potatoes snob. But yum!

Kerstie - Oh YES, definitely before the diet! Or, maybe I can wait and make them for Easter!!
I live in California, and I like the “mid-west” recipes you share.

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft - Weird question, but can you actually tell that it is frosted flakes? I ask because I think I would like the crunchy texture, but I do noootttttt like the flavor of FF. :/ I guess I will be like your kids and make it without the “crunchy stuff” Ha. Thanks for sharing! I always love your recipes. 🙂

Heidi C - My mom used to make these with plain cornflakes until one year she only had frosted flakes……it was AMAZING!!!! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me about these, I may have to make them tomorrow!

michelle@decorandthedog - I’m worried about your kids that don’t like the crunch. That’s the best part!! These were served at Christmas dinners on both sides!

happygirl - My cholesterol levels flew through the roof just READING the recipe. (although the frosted flake crunch has me wondering) Thanks.

Northern Cottage - We have the same tradition!! And the kiddos gobble it up every time! Xoxo

Terrie G - This is a staple at our house!! Always requested by my kids.
Only I have never used the frosted kind…only the plain.
The Crunchies are the BEST part!
Have a HaPpY NeW YeAr MeG!!
Thanks for all you have shared this past year!
Love the constant inspiration!! 🙂

Alicia @ La Famille - looks yummy!!!

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