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this is our bus stop now.
the driveway.

i like it.


we've done a little painting.
annie made a landscape and i painted a picture of one of the neighbors chickens.  
we made our yummy pumpkin waffles for dinner….annie's request.

she cut some strawberries for me to serve on the side.

i am so glad strawberries are back that the store…and less than $3.99 a box!

i took a day OFF from life yesterday.
i was feeling worn out.
i slept most of the day.
and i put my closet together….it's organized.

but today i woke up feeling good….ready for a fun day.
i met my friend to run and we did FIVE and a HALF miles!!!
for reals.
i am so proud of us.  :)

so on march 8 i am at 25.5 miles.  
74.5 miles to go in march.
auuwww yeah.

i showered at my old house and then kimberlee came over to get crafty!
it's been awhile since i have made something just for fun.
it was time!

kimberlee made bunting and i decided to make a little quilt for annie's baby dolls.
she's been asking me for fabric and i have been hesitant to share….i mean…'s the nice fabric!  
so i thought i'd make one from all the little scraps.

i announced several times while cutting and sewing "CUTEST QUILT EVER!!!"


it was nice to spend the day with kimberlee.
at craft weekend we barely even get to have a conversation….we are both busy with all the happy crafters.
and she gets up up really early to cook breakfasts and goes to bed before i do.
we are on different schedules at CW.

i like getting to catch up again.

i got the quilt put together and sewed fabric to the back….and thought "ohhh…it looks so cute like a pillow…"
not sure if annie will acutally get a baby blanket out of this deal or not.
i may get a REALLY cute pillow instead

yesterday i worked on the craft weekend SWAG post.
I hope you will come over and read it….there are LOTS of discounts for you!
come over to the craft weekend blog…. and read about all the super fun sponsors!


Aimee - Hi Meg, can you tell me where you got the adorable rainbow letters on kid writing paper fabric? I want to make fun pillows for my boys’ playroom and that fabric would be perfect!

julie - So much goodness in each of these pictures!
But my favorite?
Kimberlee sewing. I love how crazy a year can be. How one day can change someone from being scared of a sewing machine, so a bunting making wizard.
That patchwork?
Love. Love. Love.

lindsey - It looks like you two had fun! Annie and I are recreating CW this weekend for some family members! We are going to make bunting too! It should be fun!

Lasso the Moon - I just want you to know that I’ve been totally inspired by your 100 miles thing. I got a jump-start on mine in NYC last weekend, and now I’m caught up with you. I’m calling it the “100-mile March”. Did I make that up or did I get that from you? Not sure.
Anyway, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with a sonic cup in the kitchen. And that doll quilt! Cutest quilt ever. No doubt.

Tami - I can’t believe strawberries are that expensive. This will probably make you sick. I have been paying about $1.50 a box at our local flea market for the past 3 weeks. This week the guy marked them down to $1 and I bought 4 and he threw in the 5th. So less than $1. We love strawberries at our house too. I freeze them so we have them when they are not in season. Love your pictures of Annie.

Kim - I rode a bus my whole time in school. Some of my best memories! I say baby quilt, even though it would definitely make a cute pillow. Isn’t it nice just to make something for fun, for the sake of creativity? Way to go on the running! My little Canadian brain was impressed that you were running 5K a day, it took me a minute to realize that it was 5 MILES. Happy Weekend!

Lisa - Meg – I’d love if you could do a post about running. I’m a runner too — and I love when you talk about running, but you only give teeny snippets. I’d love to know when you started, what you like most about running, what you don’t like, do you have any goals (5k, marathon) what’s your pace.
Keep on keepin’ on!

Kerry - stunning blanket / pillow meg 🙂 Love the fabric with the handwriting on it! I really need to learn to sew. …. gah!
glad you took some time out – we SO need it as moms xx

Han - I really want to get back into quilting but I just don’t have the time – I’m supposed to be knitting a cardigan for my friend’s daughters birthday next month but I’ve just not got to it – it’s so not good! Need to get my priorities straight – I might have to save the wool and get her something else for her birthday and aim for her second birthday instead.

stephany - Thanks for letting the rest of us know that some of your days are duds, too.
I love that you got back in the game, for yourself, after you had a bad day.
That is my MO, too.
A day in bed never hurt anybody.
I went and bought some new fabric today…and found a globe at goodwill.
You can read about my thrift finds on my blog…I just started thrifting this week…I’m addicted.
I was inspired by your blog…your colors, your enthusiasm.
Thank you…

Kathryn - Where might I find some of the black and white “peace always” fabric? I like to find fabric with a Christian(ish) theme for making small wallhangings to go with people from our church who visit far away places. Usually not Africa. But usually a south American or Asian country.
Can I get it in at Charlotte’s?? - I want that baby quilt… You are right. CUTEST QUILT EVER.

Mindy Harris - sissy needs a quilt for her dollies. open etsy back up? yes?

beth davis - #1 – So glad to see Kimberlee’s face. I was worried about her – she hasn’t posted for awhile and her last post was when she wasn’t feeling well. Whew – these mama hens … we worry!
#2 – I would, definitely, make the baby doll quilt into a baby doll quilt for your little girlie. She won’t request baby doll quilts forever – look at your Lauren — they grow too quickly. You will have years and years to make cute pillows for your house. 🙂
#3 – Glad you are settled into the ‘new’ old house. Your post about change and moving came at a good time for me. We are contemplating a move – not for a few years, but none-the-less … contemplating and we have lived in this city our entire lives. It would be a BIG deal to move, but your post was a good reminder to me … thank you.

maggie - absolutely love the quilt….and the YAY sign is to die for! You rock!

Jenny B. - My heart is just welling up with joy for you! It is so wonderful how everything has worked out with the houses. God is so good. 🙂

Heather | Cookie Mondays - I am obsessed with that tin of chocolate chips!
And my favorite ever quilt is the one I made for my girls dolls! 🙂

shannon - Love that little quilt you made but yea it would be even happier as a pillow for everyone to enjoy. How awesome is having the bus stop in the driveway!!!
I’m off to check out the craft swag 😉

Sarah Wolfe - What a fun quilt.. And fun to recognize all those fabrics 🙂 glad you and kimberlee got some girl time in!

the.mrs - LOVE seeing that someone else loves their big starbucks cup! Now if only they would sell the straws in the stores instead of online for $4 with $6 shipping.

Kimberlee Jost - The bunting is all hanging and happy.
Spending the day with you was just what I needed.
Love you!

janet @ ordinary mom - We live out where our bus stop is the end of the drive too. BEST THING EVER!
o.k. that’s all. 😉

Anna Marie - I was on the phone with my sister a few hours ago and said that EXACT same thing about strawberries! Funny :o)

Christina - I’m not sure how I first found your blog, but I love reading it! I know your love of Africa and I know so many people follow you, so I was hoping you would watch this video and share!

Kelly - Gotta love the end of the driveway bus stop!! This is something I take for granted, but shouldn’t.
I think the baby doll can find another blankie. This has pillow written all over it!
The pumpkin waffles look good… I’ll have to check out the recipe. My kids like anything with chocolate chips.
Glad you got some craft time and quality time with your friend! Always good for the soul.

jen - you have so inspired me to get back into sewing that i went ahead and ordered loads of fabric from hawthorns, tonic living &!!! {i think my husband spied it the other day but has yet to say anything!} i just need to get some white aprons and i’m going to make my mom,sisters & me + my kids some aprons for our summer celebration! plus some totes and bunting. but i would love to know how you made that quilt! so darling……i wish i had a place to escape to to sew – i take over the kitchen table!
happy thursday! always inspired!

Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - There’s nothing like quiet girl/crafting time. I’m aching for some right about now. School has been stressful and I need to create!
I started a doll quilt(with some bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics) back at Christmastime with the intention of making it for my 6 yr old. I got the rows pieced together and then I got distracted. And so it sits, in the sewing room, still unfinished. {Picture me hanging my head in shame} One of these days…

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft - That YAY banner keeps haunting me!! It is so gorgeous. Today I walked into my work (Fabric store) and we got in (are you sitting down??) FIFTY yards of burlap!! Oh yes.. Now I have no excuse NOT to make the YAY banner. 🙂
Off I go to the Craft Weekend blog.

Elizabeth - what a great quilt! I love all the pretty fabric!! it is so happy and would make a cute pillow. I think you might have to keep it, or…send it my way! hehe 😉 oh and you are rocking the ‘rock your body in march!’ great job!!

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