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craft weekend









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we got it all pulled together just in time.

we are having a wonderful W O N D E R F U L time.

i am full of coffee and cinnamon rolls right now.


have a fabulous weekend!!!

you know i am.  🙂



Brooke - if you ever sell one of those yellow quilts I get first dibs! did you get them in Marion? I have been hunting for a yellow quilt all over wichita.

annie - OH SHOOT! I’m going to get fired if I don’t get off this blog! BUT I CANT! I love all the crafts. all the color. all the fabulous home decor. the pictures. HELP!!!!! I’m a new reader…and just registered for craft weekend! HOLY COW! AMazing blog!!!!!!!
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Heather @ Glitter and Gloss - Your quilts are all so gorgeous!

jacqui anderson - soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!

Heather - Simply. Amazing! The guest room with all the little beds took my breath away. You’re quite fantastic.
I have a question; the paint in the hallway (in the photo with the black dresser) and in the kitchen…are they the same colour? If so, what is the colour? If not, what are both of the colours? I’m redoing my kitchen and living room/dining room right now and am considering painting them white, but that colour that isn’t a colour might just be my answer. Thanks!!!

happygirl - I can’t imaging how you get this all done. You are AMAZING!!!!

Carrie - You should totally rent this house out for girl’s weekends! I love it!

Lin - I repinned your picture of the black chest on Pinterest not knowing it was yours! I should have known though, as much as I read your blog.

Busy Bee Suz - WOW….this is gorgeous, amazing, friendly and soooooo inviting.
Karen is right, you are fabulous!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, the happiest memories! Hugs to you.

Jenna@CallHerHappy - Come decorate my house so it looks like craft weekend all the time! You do such a wonderful job!

Kelly - Wow! Everything looks fantastic! You’ve done a great job! Kelly

Jenn - Ahhhh, I can’t wait until I get to come to craft weekend! Granted, I know I still have to wait for my name to be drawn… 🙂 But someday it will, and it will be so much fun! Looks like a fantastic way to ring in April.

shauna - its hard to understand this level of awesomeness.
a whole house just for crafting.
it’s like…..heaven.
you are like the craft angel…just saying.

Tracy Fisher - Oh how I love glitter and fabric… wish I was there. My mom is a quilter so I can’t help but be in awe of your quilts on the beds. How comfy. Have fun ladies.

Kerry - I want my name on one of those gorgeous beds!!!!!!!! 🙂 Glad you’re having an awesome time girls 🙂

Gina f. - Looks amazing!!! Wish I could come. Have fun!!!!

Jen Brandt - Craft weekend – take me away! In the past week we’ve had 1 virus, 2 people with the flu (myself included), a double ear infection, and a husband who missed the last few steps coming down the stairs and is now on crutches with a torn quadricep!
Your place looks so bright, cheery, and beautiful! I hope you have having a wonderful, wonderful time, Meg.

Colleen - so when did you find the time to paint the frame yellow? – in addition to all the work required to present us w/ those beautiful pics of your home…. you do move!

Sara - WOW!! So bright, so fresh, so happy, so clean, so fun, so want to be there! What a welcoming setting! Those ladies will go home with so much more than crafts made and acquired. The “Life is fragile; handle with prayer” embroidery looks awesome in a yellow frame. You transformed it! - Forget Disney World, your craft house looks like the happiest place on Earth!

Andrea Ostendorf - Forget Disney World, your craft house looks like the happiest place on Earth!

Alicia @ La Famille - your house DOES look BEEEEAutiful!! i just wanna crawl in those pictures! 🙂

Jamie - TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ALL THAT GLITTER!!! I must know because it looks like super fun!!
I’d love to invite you over to beautify my house! You are amazing.

Short, Sweet Season - These pictures are amazing eye candy for me. I want to just sit and keep scrolling back and forth to absorb these photos. Love!

Alma - This looks like so much FUN!
I am on the waiting list, can’t wait till my name comes up!

Julie - I want to go to there ! ! !

Sara Torbett - Now THIS looks like fun 🙂 I was telling my husband about craft weekend today and he was perplexed that strangers get together to craft-lol . Wishing you loads of fun!

Roganne - your home is to die for. i love the colors and vintage quilts. it looks so welcoming!

Ashley - I wasn’t going to visit your blog. I told myself to stay away. I wish I would have listened to myself. My first Craft Weekend to miss…I’m so sad.
Oh…and those black trays hanging on the wall upstair – NICE!

Linda - Amazingly beautiful as always! Everything looks so happy. So seem to get so much done. How do you do that? It’s taken me almost 3 months to decorate my daughters room. And I still have my entire house to do. You seem to do everything is less than a week!

katie s - Oh my, looks so fun!!! Love everything about your crafty weekend!

amy jupin - booohoooooooo!!!
i’m crying big fat crocodile tears here!
totally missing you and kimberlee and craft weekend!
(the house looks awesome btw!)

Terrie G - I want a craft house….
I bet you are having fun!!
Cinnamon rolls sound good…I think I’ll have to go and make some!

Dawn Gahan - The craft house is lookin’ like a summer camp injected with estrogen. Love love love it! And did I spot the latest thrift store embroidered piece with the frame redone in promised yellow?? Perfect.

Shana - That’s awesome – you did an amazing job pulling all of that together.
House looks great.

allison - It looks amazing! Wish I could come celebrate the fun! Have an awesome weekend! !

tina - looks fun and fabulous without anyone even being there yet…can’t imagine all the fun with the people added 🙂

se7en - Oh the color!!! Everything is totally wow!!!

Jolie - oh man, that just looks like a recipe for much joy and laughter and the creation of beauty!!! (and it makes me a little teary since I know nobody in this new place, nevermind anyone who is crafty. sigh!)
Ride that coffee and cinnamon roll high!

Kimberly Dial - Oh my … when am I ever going to learn to deal with my Craft Weekend envy? Lord only knows! 😉 Enjoy!

tara - I’m still blown away that your family moved to another house that you’re renting and you’re using your awesome house as your craft weekend house. BLOWS MY MIND.
I’ve never been good at change, and this is further proof of it.
You know you’re not good with it when a total stranger does something and it throws you for a loop. 🙂
Have fun this weekend…

Stacy Hyatt Costner - How cool to have your own big playhouse to share with people! Congratulations on your 100 miles. That is awesome!

Dawn G - Bunk room looks so bright and cheery! Fun!!!

Stephanie C. - I want to come take a vacation in this house!

karen - is it weird that my mouth drooled when i saw those sparkles?

Kelly - I am so jealous! Wish I were there now…. but I’m enjoying the pictures instead! Have a blast!

elz - I can’t wait until my name comes up for Craft Weekend!! Looks so awesome and colorful and fun!

beth e. - how awesome! in a few words, your home is visually STUNNING right now! i’m so happy for anyone who is there taking part. kudos to you and your lady peep’s for creating such a fantastic experience for those fortunate enough to be there!
WOW the dorm style ‘read’ room complete with vintage quilts – it’s the little girl inside us all’s biggest fantasy! like little house on the prairie, but with wonderful girlfriends, in technicolor – LOVE!

mae - This makes me wish you’d take your craft weekends on the road and come to our town!! Nashville, TN!!

Karen Gerstenberger - This is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. God is so good, gracious, and richly creative. Meg, I believe your calling is going to bless many, many people. Thank you so much for inviting us in to see it happen! xoxoxo

Kerstie Pederson - I love, love, love, your vignettes. Just what I needed to see on a gray rainy morning.
COLOR….. POP……. WOW…..!

Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Ok I think I may need to go paint a dresser black. Im in LOVE with that (new to you?) vignette!
And the industrial table looks amazing for that spot and purpose. Have fun ladies:)

Ani G W - You are so inspirational. Yes, I love your house… What I love more is that you’ve turned it into this fabulous place to inspire other women. Thank you for inspring me just through the computer screen. I hope you all have a great craft weekend!

Tracie - I would like to find even one quilt like the ones in your guest room! Those are so gorgeous!

Rebecca - Please, please, please post more pictures of this fabulous house! There can not be too many pictures. Your decorating is sublime.
Thank You!

barbara - WOW, this looks like so much fun & happiness will be had by all even for us looking in.
Have a great weekend!

Kimberly - Well color me jealous.
(Not that I’m coveting my blog-neighbour’s craft weekend or anything like that.)
I’m sure you know that I mean.

Lisa - Oh. My. Goodness.

Vonda - Looks like sooooo much fun!!! Love all the color! Have a wonderful weekend!:)

Vonda - Looks like sooooo much fun!!! Love all the color! Have a wonderful weekend!:)

Jacci - I **love** the new huge table!!! It is PERFECT for a cutting station. Seriously. And for realz.
Have an awesome day together! Thanks for the loveliness on a cloudy, rainy Ohio Saturday 🙂

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