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craft thursday!!!!


craft thursday?!



here’s the scoop on WHERE craft thursday has been…
1. we moved  (insert delayed exhaustion here)
2. craft weekend has taken LOTS of time this year
3. our house is much smaller than the other one so in order to make a craft we first have to clean the entire area first…just so we can mess it up again…and i haven’t had the energy to do it.
4. my kids are getting older and think my ideas are not as cool as they used to.  (can that BE possible??)

BUT…if everything aligns perfectly…craft thursday happens.

it did and they liked it!

i found this Painted Peacock craft through pinterest (of course) and it linked through to smART Class.
watch the cute peacock video…my kids were amazed.

we started by painting paper first.

i had annie help me with this since her siblings had friends over and she was LOOOOONELY.
it was so relaxing.
after we painted several big sheets of paper we used the end of a paint brush and “drew” in designs on the paint.
we discussed how much Eric Carle must LOVE his job.

then we left all the painted paper to dry.


we did this craft outside and you can see why.


i painted their hand and they stamped it onto a sheet of heavy white paper.
then they painted the arm part on with a brush.
then i made them wash it all off.
i only found a tiny bit of blue paint on the bathroom sink afterwards…. not bad for three hands.


while the hand print was drying we cut “feathers” out of the now dry painted paper that annie and i made.
i made them a pattern to trace onto the painted paper in a feather shape….kind of.



we used school glue and gluesticks…just depended on their preference.
they cut out five “feathers” and then cut out the eyes/circle shapes for the feathers next.


aren’t the colors so rad?!


busy bees.

they glued the eye/circles to the feathers.
they made an eyeball with white paper, the orange painted paper & black. (annie begged me to make hers for her)
they glued it to the center of the handprint.
then cut the handprint out and glued it over the feathers.


and a close-up…  glitter paint!!  i would have them use a bunch more had i known how pretty it would be!

his patience had worn thin by the time we were done.
no fancy details on his peacock face.
but i was grateful he stayed as long as he did.


and her close up….

this was a FUN craft.
i like messy.

you can check out our other Craft Thursday projects right here….
we have made some really cute stuff!!
i love looking back at their projects.

if i had to pick a favorite i would choose….this one. 

or maybe this one…. 

i can’t decide.

there is THIS great one too! 

happy crafting to you and your littles.

here’s to hoping for many more craft thursdays!
{clink  clink  clink}
(toasting our Sonic Cranberry Limeades together in awesomeness!)



Bernice - Love Eric Carle books! The peacocks turned out awesome! Now I’m wondering… how did you paint those painted papers? I know this must be such a dumb question but I love how there’s a bunch of colours all mixed in but not completely mixed in, and the brushed look in the pinkish one. Clearly I havent spent enough time playing with paints.

Heidi Jo the Artist - And I meant, how fun!! A little one distracted me! 😉

Heidi Jo the Artist - How fun!? Love that craft Thursday came/is back. 🙂

Rebecca Forcht - That is stinkin’ ADORABLE!!! Love your blog!!

Amy K. - Oh my goodness!! I had entirely forgotten that Craft Thursday was the reason I started following Whatever… thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Mary - these are so wonderful!
my kiddos would LOVE this! 🙂

joyce - these would look fab on a canvas in a kids room! Thanks for the idea

Mindy Harris - that is so “essence of eric carle” love!

mollie's mom - Love it. What a great project!! We did a peacock project ( last year at art camp and the kids loved all the colors, glitter glue, etc. but I love this project because I love having their little handprints incorporated in their artwork!! Those are definitely keepers:) Marcie

kerry - Wow, they look amazeballs! I love that Sean joined in too – not too big too craft with mom 🙂
Happy Summer guys xx

Jennifer - I have been missing your craft thursday’s. this is a great one! we did your “giant squid” craft today, very fun. my girls loved it! thanks for all the ideas.

Kristin - I love craft thursdays, great project! Just a heads up you might want to check the comments (or trackback) from the rainbow paper plate…one caught my eye that isn’t family friendly. 🙁

Karina - OK, never mind…I searched and found your explanation in March. I guess I haven’t been following your blog faithfully enough! Congratulations on having TWO houses, at least for the time being! As long as you still own that awesome first house, I guess I can get back to my day. lol

KirstenP - I checked the links for your favorite Craft Thursday projects. Of the three I loved the butterfly craft the best. I’m puzzled why Annie couldn’t also have a turquoise background for her butterflies like Talby did. 🙂

Karina - You MOVED?!?! What did I miss??? I hope you’ll fill us in…

Heather - We did it! They LOVED it. 7year old, 5 year old, and even the 2 year old!

Julieschomacker - When I taught elementary school, the district art teacher came about once a month and one time she did this art project with the kids. I think it would be perfect for your kids. I have even done this with 8th graders and they loved it!
Take fabric squares-I bought a white flat sheet and cut it into 12″x12″ squares. Then you take a mixture of equal parts toothpaste (the paste kind, not gel) and hand lotion. I think I used Aim and the cheapest Great Value hand lotion. Mix it together and then have them paint a scene on their fabric. We did underwater scenes and space scenes, or whatever they wanted scenes. It depended on what we were studying. You let that dry for a day.
The next day paint it with two different colors of Tempera paint-in big stripes. Let the paint dry about 30 minutes, then rinse the paint off. You can feel the slick paint coming off along with the toothpaste/hand lotion, but it will be have stained the fabric. The hand lotion/toothpaste acts as a resist-like batik. When the fabric dries then you can make pillows with the fabric. It really is a cool project. I should show you a picture of the finished project.

Kelly - We checked out a book at the library this week that made me think of something you might do for Craft Thursday. It’s called Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman. We’re definitely going to be recreating it soon!

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea - Oh Meg — these are SO Beautiful!!
I LOVE making Paste Paper — so very Eric Carle — the peacocks look fabulous and I’ve Pinned it to do with my own girlies.
Haven’t been crafting as much this week here either – we were without power all of last week (ugh!) then the girls have had VBS this week. Getting ready for our dog adoption so I’ve been sewing doggy beds and getting the house puppy proofed. Hoping to do some more crafting in August!

Heather - I might just do this with my kiddos TODAY! Thank you. Those are great!

Eugenia - Can’t wait to try. Looks so amazing.

amy jupin - clever clever.
anna just looked over my shoulder and said “ooooohhh!”
and now she is digging through our paints as i type!

Anna Marie - What is that heavy white paper called? Where do you get it?
I love this craft. Thank you for sharing, lady!

roganne - this is seriously the most adorable craft ever! i can’t wait until my little ones are big enough to do awesome crafts…with MULTIPLE steps! (that last part is key i think 🙂

Nicole Q. - This is a fun one ….
Miss you too !
Did you guys decide to go to the Jost wedding… let me know if you do.
We are making the trip.

Gemma - Wow they look so cool, especially the glittery one! So much fun : )
Still love your blog Meg after so many years!
Gemma xxx

Jenna@CallHerHappy - What beautiful art! I was just wondering the other day how Eric Carle does his books. Now I know 🙂

Jenny Joy - LOVE. IT.

Jennifer Dawn - Great craft! I love it! I am glad Craft Thursday happened!

Alicia @ La Famille - these are SOOOO cool! i love them!! what a great project and they DO look just like eric carle’s illustrations 🙂

Jen Brandt - You rock. I don’t know how I’ve found the energy for anything these days. Happy Thursday!

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