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blue lily is my fave.


our last day of GoPro we had a session of discussing business plans & ideas, a flash seminar, camera cleaning, personalized critiques (that's a good thing) and two more shoots.

some of our group went up on the gondola and hiked around.
but i could barely walk around the house and up the stairs so i wasn't up for a hike.
i stayed at the house and we practiced on each other and did headshots.  :)



IMG_6258-1 IMG_6324-9

i am thinking my editing looks funny on all of these….hmmm.
it's hard to learn something new!

there was a fox that was all around the house during our stay.
he was wild but seemed to really not care that we were there.
we were all very close and he ignored us.
and cool. 

i promised the girls that if he attacked i would be sure to take lots of pictures of that.
and then of course i would try to help save them. 




we had our group photo very impromptu… with some taxidermy.


Blue Lily Go Pro Reunion-382-1

coolest group photo ever taken….NO OFFENSE.


we went out in the evening to practice some harsh lighting shots.
wendy and tyler had us turn our backs and then when we turned around this is what we saw!

how crazy cute are those masks?!!
so so funny.
these are their kids…not wendy and tyler in the masks.  :)

(ps…their kids are so lovely…i want to squeeze them.)


they said the masks were ordered from amazon.

not as cute on a grown up….

my new friends.  :)

we went on to our last photo shoot of the weekend.
i was so excited.
i was going to be one of the models!!

everyone was helping wendy set up.
it's looking cool already….

well….i don't have many pictures yet since i was IN the shoot….but it ended like this.


that's my kind of modeling job.
we had a big paint war!!!

6 of us threw paint on each other while the other 16 people photographed it.
it was washable craft paint mixed with water to make it fly faster. 


it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

and you can see our photo shoot last year with colored powder here.

i can't say which one i liked better….they were both AWESOME. 

you can read about it here on the Blue Lily blog and see when the next GoPro workshop is.

if you are considering going to a workshop….DO IT.
you will learn so much.
you will be encouraged.
you will meet people who love what you love and have great ideas.
you will be SO glad you took the leap and tried something BIG.

and check their travel schedule….they take pictures ALL OVER THE WORLD.
get signed up for a photo session with them near you! 

you will be so happy you did it.

thank you AGAIN wendy & tyler.  
i loved my time with you.


Jodi - I LOVE this recap! Your photos are awesome and thanks for including photos of me! Oh, and the striped shirt is from Anthropologie! It was my pre-reunion splurge.
I loved meeting you in person, Meg. You have been a long time inspiration of mine and it was nice as you said….to come full circle. The real Meg only strengthened my adoration for your blog, your photography, your words, and all of the inspiration that I feel when I am here at your blog!

Tracy - Loved this post! The foxy fox pics are amazing. Also love the paint pics. O a personal note I am so excited as we’re doing a family shoot with the awesome Wendy & Tyler in October…one of my bucket list things will be done! Now if I could just borrow your amazingly gorgeous hair…

Carol Short - oh, wonderful pictures!
i love the fox stretching out
(sudoku puzzles)

Peggy Lee - Fantastic!Really its very owsome!I like very much this post and i would like to forward this to my friends to visit this page.Thank you lot.
gotowe prace dyplomowe

Amy@littleforalittlewhile - So much awesomeness in this post I don’t even know where to begin! You are gorgeous and your hair is rockin in these pics!

Donna R - Fantastic! Great pics of an awesome weekend. You were a great sport to get pummeled with paint!

Kelley Wenzel - Such an awesome weekend all around. Loved the shot you got of the fox yawning and the cougar over Wendy’s head as it was being carried around. Enjoyed Sunday morning getting to know you better, as well as the drive back to Denver. Thanks for sharing so many of your pics!

Ashley F. - Seriously awesome weekend, I don’t think I fully appreciated it until seeing it all laid out like this! I am SO happy to have met you and discovered your awesome blog. I have pictures to send you. 🙂

Lisa - The paint picture of you is seriously amazing. What an awesome thing to be a part of.

Tiffany - The paint war looks like a blast! And you look adorable all paint splattered! I recently got word that I’m going to Craft Weekend, and I can hardly contain my excitement! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and following you on instagram, and love it even more knowing that I will actually get to meet you soon! Is that so strange, having a total stranger so excited to meet you? I told my husband it’s like I’m getting to meet a celebrity! 🙂

Flower Patch Farmgirl - 1. I am so stinking fascinated by that striped shirt with the orange lace up top. Yum.
2. You have good hair and look beautiful with paint splatters.

Tiffany - That photo of u after the paint war is full of color! Its a great shot. This post was full of encouragement, go big or go home!

jackie grandy - What an amazing weekend and those photos totally rock! I especially love the ones of the fox (so cool) and the one of you covered in paint is a keeper. Maybe you should get it framed and hang it up. It has tons of color and it’s so modern looking! I’m being serious here!
I need to work on taking more photos of people. I’m taking way too many shots of food and not enough of my family and friends. I have been trying to change that and my kids are like “get that camera away.”
I think I may have to look into a weekend photography course!
Jackie 🙂

Karly Shelton - Reading your blog ALWAYS makes me smile and think of all the good things there are in life! Beautiful pictures and I want to do a paint war soooo bad!

Agnieszka - Just a word of caution about wild animals that are not afraid of humans. Sometimes it means they are infected by rabies. Apparently that’s one of the symptoms. And they may look fine otherwise. Keep it in mind for the future.
Looks like you had sooooo much fun! I’m jealous, especially of that last shoot 🙂

Lisa M. - Oh Meg, it looks like you had such an awesome time! I love the paint war!! Wish I could get some of my friends to participate with me in somehting like that!! 🙂 Blue Lily is coming to a town near me, but it is unfortunately about 2 hours away and we are already so full of obligations that day, but I’m trying to work it out!! I love their work and it would be such a privelage to have them photograph me and my family.
Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Kati - Love the masks and the color paint throwing!! So much fun!

Brooke - I have ALWAYS loved Blue Lily…back before you could “pin”, I had one of their photos bookmarked and I have always thought back on it when I am taking photos of people. I’m saving up for one of their workshops…but honestly…saved up for craft weekend first… 🙂 So glad I’m coming that in just a couple weeks!
I am dreaming of a paint session with friends of mine this fall…I”ll have to get all the deets about how that went down. It looks super fun. I was thinking of having a canvas that the whole family could paint on during the session (as they are throwing paint), so that they have something to hang on their wall afterwards.
in other news…those masks are AWESOME.
Your friend in the blue/white stripe shirt with the orange lace…I WANT TO OWN THAT SHIRT….can you hook me up with her? Her info?

Lori Austin - Had to show my hunter husband the animal pics. He said “that mountain lion
probably cost about $4,000 – sure hope they didn’t drop it!” Ha! 🙂
My little guy LOVED the fox pics.
Fun weekend.

happygirl - Love the pics after a paint war and those masks are adorable. What a wonderful experience this looks to be. Good for you for pursuing your passion.

Jennifer - LAUGHING OUT LOUD! WHAT fun?!! Those masks! HILARIOUS!

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