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throw back craft

i call this a throw back craft because it was based from something my great aunt Liza hung on her wall at christmas time… i don't know where that ended up.
i forgot about it until christmas.
hers was velvet and was covered in pearls and rhinestones sewn to it…in an antique frame.
she hung it above her fireplace.


we created a modern version of liza's tree…using craft supplies she gave to me.
she always sent me home with a box of supplies that she wasn't going to need any more.
she loved to hand sew, preferably with felt, seqins and beads.
i have thousands.

first we painted a canvas all one color. (this is a 16×20 canvas..we used acrylic craft paint)
she had bags of scraps of this puffy bright colored yarn.
so now i have bags of scraps of puffy yarn.
i traced a tree shape (cut from paper) on our painted canvas when it dried
and we hot glued the puffy yarn in the shape.

this big bowl of sequins and beads is a teeny fraction of the stash i have from her. 

then we poured glue into the tree shape.
like…. we used almost the entire bottle of tacky glue.

i poured it out and spread it with a paint brush.
then we dumped the sequins and beads on the glue until every single bit of glue was covered.


the girls were LOVING it!!


it was messy.

but what fun is making art if you can't get messy?!

it's like a game of I Spy.


the gold star sequins were in their own glass pill bottle.
it was the perfect finishing touch.



i hope that we will hang this up every year too…for a long time….and that my girls will remember making it.

it is pretty awesome.

different from liza's but perfect for us.


elma - I love it!!!

Kristen - That is so cute! I bet it was a blast making this with your girls. Messy is always more fun.

Melissa - That. Is. Awesome.

Jen - I agree. That. is. awesome. Want to make one with my girls next year!

Verna Lantz - This is one of the most wonderful things ever! I adore how it turned out. We might have to steal this idea. :)

Kerstie Pederson - Rad!!!! Got my wheels spinning for next year’s Christmas crafts.

Alicia @ La Famille - ok now that is just plain fun! i love every bit. that bowl of randome sparkly things is amazing!! yeah for aunt liza!!!

Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - How fun! And inheriting bowls and bottles of art supplies? Heavenly! Happy New Year Meg:)

donna - that is just too adorable. i love it.

Christy K - Ok, this is seriously the cutest craft EVER! Love the creativity and color involved and I LOVE that you found your inspiration from one of your great aunt’s creations! I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the new year!! : )

Esther - Meg–love it. I think I will do this with my grandkids next year for Christmas, I have to start collecting beads and such–thank you for sharing with us.

April R - Look at that left handed crafting! Love everything about this craft :)
And the gold stars in the star were perfection!
Merry Christmas!

Pat - Meg, I love the craft and will have to do that with my niece next year! Can you (or anyone else out there) please tell me where you got the JOY christmas wrapping paper? It is so cute!

Heather - I love it! I have an 8 yr old girl that is going to love it too! I am putting it on next year’s craft list! THanks! Merry Christmas!

Amy Woods - Uniquelyand wonderfully adorable! Love it!!

Ella - I know exactly what your Aunt had hanging on her wall. My Grandmother had one too that came out at Christmas time & I always adored it as well. I believe hers was on burgundy velvet with lots of “golden” detailing, pearls & some good old fashioned vintage jewels. Loving your modern spin on it and can see doing this craft next year with our youngest one (she’ll be 3 next Christmas)!

Jenny - ThAt is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Happy new year!

Jenn - So fun!!!

Karen - Oh my. That is just awesome!!!!

Kate - I love this

Jen T. - I too know exactly what you mean! Every year I hang up our vintage jewelry tree. It’s made with old vintage earrings and brooches and bracelets and so on placed in a Christmas tree shape. It was created on black velvet in a vintage frame as well. And the finishing touch is my uncle (who made it) drilled holes to string up a short strand of Christmas lights. I love it so very much. Your version is absolutely delightful!

Kelly - Soo fun!!!! Love it. Kelly

Comfypjs - I like it! I just may have to add this to the craft list.

Kizzy - What a wonderful creation, I will be tryjng this with the kids next year, thank you fir sharing.

Meredith - As my kids would say…..totes amazeballs!! As always Meg – fun, imaginative, delightful. Much love and Happy New Year from my family Down Under to yours. Thanks for another year of generously sharing life from your delightful perspective. Meredy xo

Michelle from Australia - LOVE it!! I had never crafted until I ‘met’ you Meg. But your Christmas bauble wreath post two years ago has resulted in me making nearly two dozen baubles wreaths since. And the orders for them just keep on rolling in. I wonder if I do a button tree like yours whether I’ll have people wanting them too?? Thank you for sharing and thank you for helping me find the ‘inner crafter’ in me that I still get surprised by each time I finish a wreath.

Amanda - I love this!!!!!

Sarah H. - I love it! I was hoping after I saw this on instagram that you would give us all the details! How fun! I think we will do this for Valentines Day. My daughter would love it! Thanks for sharing!

Amber - Oh my gosh! Perfect! Pinning it for us to revisit next Christmas!

Jen - P.S. Once again my 8-year-old daughter is dressed just like your 8-year-old daughter. Same red sweater dress. She loves it! I hope you’re having a great day, Meg!

Lisa - This is so fun!!! You will never get tired of looking at it. I wish I had wonderful bowls full of prettiness like that. Maybe I’ll start keeping a jar to drop in leftovers and found pretties, and by next Christmas I can make my own sparkling Christmas tree! Happy New Year!

lorel - I think Liza would love your adaptation. beautiful!

Kerrin Norman - Love it! We are totally going to do this with hearts for Valentines Day! So excited!

Heather - So cute. I wish I had seen this before Christmas. It will be on the mandatory list for next year. Thanks for sharing!!

Janelle - Love this and I already have a canvas painted just like this! Do you add anything once the glue is dry to preserve it?

Lynn - I SPY a jingle bell :) I love this – maybe will try to make one with my boys before they completely lose interest with crafting with me (sigh). Happy New Year.

Prairie Jenn - Love! My girls would flip! We’ve got to make one next year:)

Georgia - Ohhh my god… i had to scroll to the end straight away to see the finished product… its so spangly and amazing… im going to collect buttons etc this year to make it next xmas!
awesome craft! :)

Carol S. - Sweet! Awesome homemade Christmas ARTwork. You will love pulling that out each year. Happy New Year! Just the four of us, board games, tv ball games, movies and munchies…more of same tomorrow. That’s a happy holiday to me. Enjoy.

Gina - Gorgeous!! I want one! Best wishes for a very happy New Year Meg. Thanks for all the inspiration and fun stories!! I always enjoy checking in on your blog!

dee - hi-love this idea and i love that this will be a family heirloom one day with wonderful memories-love dee x

Jackie - Definitely a memory maker!

Danielle - I was hoping you would post this tutorial after I saw it on Instagram! Thank you! Happy New Year! - Love this Idea, I did it with my kids tonight and they turned out adorable!

kristina - Fabulous! Funny thing is that I saw one of these at an antique store yesterday and stared at it forever and thought it was awesome. And look at you making one… I think I have to do this for next year. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie - I’ve been blog-hopping and “Pinterest-ing” today and came to your site. I love this tree. What a sweet memory for you and your girls of your aunt. It’s so pretty! I love all the sequins. :)

Laura - gotta admit, when i saw this on IG, i thought, “Well now THAT will be a huge mess!”
I grew up the daughter of two artists…two artists who are CRAZY CLEAN AND NEAT
when I got spin art for my 8th birthday, my father took it…and I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN
because it would make a mess
i try really hard to allow mess in my home
and this week, i have succeeded
sadly, not because of crafts
just grief and chaos :-)
anyway…i do love this
i think it is beautiful
worth the mess!

Lisa - I love this times a TRILLION! Favorite craft you’ve ever posted.

MissKathy - Very clever use of all those prettys that just can’t be thrown away. I like large scale but I feel inspired to go smaller – would make great personalised cards for family and friends. Sure they would get an extra glow to recieve art made with love.

Mary - totally rad!
i love it!
what a treasure.

Antonette - This is so beautiful. I love the contrasting turquoise. Really makes the tree pop.
You could bag up some of the beads/sequins and sell them on etsy. I’d buy some. :-)

Kris - It’s lovely, what a wonderful idea. What a wonderful memory!

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