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craft weekend is my fave.

alrighty… i have made it home from Haiti.
it was a super quick trip to meet some of the stove vendors and see how it all is working IN the field.
my trip was lovely.
i will share my pictures and stories at the end of the week.

i stupidly left my phone in the car of one of the girls living in haiti so i am without a phone for awhile.
feels like i am missing a limb.
somehow though i think will survive…. ha! 

and now…. Craft Weekend January 2013!


a new year begins for Craft Weekend.
it is pretty exciting to me.
we have some pretty big plans for the Craft House and Craft Weekend this year.

we brought in a new piece for supplies….it's from the barn.
it is so COOL!  
it was from a post office but i am sure it is much happier living at the craft house now.
it was a pain to clean but i am loving it!
i  want to paint it…. although i never have time.  

(Katie Daisy art is from Pottery Barn Teen)


lindsey helped me set up my shop on the stairway…. so adorable!
she is so good with displays!
and a new/old map is up in the foyer making me happy every time i walk by.



we were ready a little bit early this time (YAY!!) 

our guests arrived and the party was officialy under way!

after dinner we got busy on our aprons.
i am always so interested in watching how they choose.
some are done right away and some are still deciding an hour later.


ironing, hemming, pinning, sewing…almost done.
i love the sounds of 6 sewing machines going at once!


they were all done earlier than any group has been! 
that doesn't mean it was early, but it was earlier than the previous groups.
and i am fine with getting a little more sleep.  

on saturday we took a COLD field trip out to Marion to our favorite shop, Bearly Makin' It.
it was crazy cold.

tere had a jeanne oliver bag!  
so cute.

i always like to see what people gravitate to at the store… the quilts? the books? glassware?
after a sonic break we made it home to get crafty again.
these girls were fast workers!
most of our projects get quite messy.
if you are going to make a mess it may as well be a pretty one right?

i found another 7up crate at the barn (and then quickly got back in the van before i froze to death)

Lindsey led a project that she has posted about on her blog before.
it was so fun to make!! i LOVED it!!

i want to make a huge one now.  :)
joy led a project that let us use hammer and nails for the first time at Craft Weekend!
its fun to get a little noisy!
(actually it was A LOT noisy…kind of unreal how loud it was!)







my canvas before i started with bright colors. 
we used canvases and paint sponosered by DecoART! 
we love thier products!

my friend wendy of blue lily photography came for friday & saturday to take a ton of photos for us.
i was so happy to have extra time with her!
she squeezed us in before she took off her World Tour with Tyler and her kids.  
i am so grateful!
you NEED to get on their schedule …. they go every where in the world!  
check out their dates by you!


roomie pics…..





seriously adorable aprons!
they added flowers and pom poms and really cute trims.


i don't think i have ever been able to pick a favorite.


we made fabric covered button bracelets….. LOVE these!


these are the signs we built with joy.
everyone came up with neat quotes and colors!

our paintings with lindsey!


everyone's was slightly different in the shades they chose.
but i thought they were all awesome!  


what an awesome group we had!
i felt completely relaxed when it was over….love that…how wonderful to finish your WORK and feel great?!
    krista from kansas                                                       erin from kansas
                                                       mary from kansas                                     angie from dominican republic
   katherine from texas                                                    meredith from texas
                                                           dani from utah                                                   tere from washington
   charly from kansas                                                       sara from kansas
                                                                                                                                           gale from kansas
   joy from california                                                       lindsey from california
here's the whole gang!  
such a lovely group of women…. i miss you girls!



kimberlee and i pretty much have the best jobs ever!  
we love serving all these women and guiding them as they create alongside their new friends.
somehow i have no photos this past month of all the YUM-O food she prepared.
i was too busy shoveling it in my mouth apparently.
her meals are just the best…prepared so thoughtfully…taste so GOOD!
i am so grateful for everything she does at Craft Weekend.

but it's really too fun to be called work for us both!

what is your favorite part of craft weekend when you read about it?
i would LOVE to hear that!
happy monday!

Carolyn - What a special time both crafy and in friendship! I just love all the colorful pictures. What a sweet ministry you have there. I follow you on Instagram but didn’t put it together until now! I feel so inspired to get crafty with some girlfriends. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Sara - LOVE those ruffled aprons! Is there a tutorial somewhere for them??

Christine Ishmael - You know what Meagan? I love seeing the craft weekend pictures and always wish I’d been there but you know what stuck out most this time I viewed…EVERY woman you’ve ever had at the craft house have all been so beautiful…all different and unique but each and every one gorgeous…thanks for sharing – Christine

jennibell - I had an extra canvas laying around. . .one I did a background paint on *years* ago and never got around to finishing the project I had “planned”. . .so. . .we’re spending our Friday night making some art 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!!

Amy M. - Every time there is a new Craft Weekend post, I feel like my heart just smiles. I love hearing how this is a ministry for you with people you love. It seriously just gives me joy to know that there are tons of people that seem to “get” what I love. Sometimes you can feel like you are alone on your on craft island. Thanks for the hope and joy and just fun it is to read your posts and see your photos. Oh…and dream about finding a vintage quilt for less than $20! Sweet! Thanks for all you!

Denise W - I am wondering how the picking for the craft weekend spaces goes? My daughter and I were on one of the very first lists and we would still love to come!!! Do the earlier waiting lists get entered for each draw with all the new ones each time? Thank you!

Stacey - Where did you gt your super cute gray boots? Would love to find a pair before winter ends!
I would love to come to a craft weekend, but honestly don’t think I am her crafty enough. Where do I find details on it, though?
You are such a neat person, love reading your blog!

tara - oh my goodness….my little girl looked at this post with me, and she asked why her room couldn’t be as colorful as your house.
think my next project might be getting some more color in her room.

Melissa Davis - I LOVE all the pictures of the craft house…gorgeous colors!

Anessa - Looks like another lovely craft weekend. Just wondering if you were ever planning to put some prints or pillows back in your shop? I would love a print of those paints or the gum ball machine or maybe that typewriter. Anyways, I love them all and hope you open up the shop again soon. 🙂

Jacci in Ohio - My favorite thing about CW posts is your photos 🙂 It’s fun sometimes to see it all through someone else’s lens… but, really, I always like *your* photos best. And although Instagrams are fun and quick to load… I like your big girl camera photos BEST best.
So, thanks for taking the time to shoot them, edit them, upload them, share them. They make me smile and they inspire me 🙂

Laura - I always wonder how the ladies get their crafts and loot from the barn home? Most of them fly, so I was wondering if they ship the stuff home or pay for the extra suitcase to fly it home?

Monica - Love all of it. Love to hear about the food too! I hope I am still on the waiting list. Monica

Karen Gerstenberger - Meg, since you love globes and maps, do you think it might be fun to put push pins in one of them, with flags showing the name & home of each person who has come to Craft Weekend? xoxo

Janna - IT”S ALL my fav!!! But I mostly love to see all the decor in the craft house;) You have my DREAM job! I want to come someday!

Stephanie Talty - Thank you for sharing the Craft Weekend photos with all of us!
I look forward to seeing them each and every time and they amaze me!
The Craft Weekend house has to be like Disney Land for adults!!
It simply looks like the most magical place on Earth.

Jenn - I love seeing the faces of the lucky ladies that get to attend and where they are from. I’ve got to tell you, last month I had a dream that I was selected to attend and I was so excited that I final was going to get to see the third floor of the craft house. Crazy, huh?!

Amy @ Fig Milkshakes - *Squeal*. I feel it takes quite a bit to make me feel jealous – but… JEAAAAaaaAAlouS! What fun ladies! Thanks for the inspiration, I feel like working on my craft room today…

Angela - I love the aprons every time! I can’t ever choose a favorite either. 🙂 And I love seeing pictures of all the Craft House nooks and crannies… what a special place!

shar y - I love them all, but I do love looking at the house photos and all of the crafts ready to go! I also love looking at Kim’s food so missed those this time. The whole thing looks great and so much fun!

Lisa - My favorite thing about this craft weekend’s post is that AWESOME piece of post office furniture! Don’t paint it! It couldn’t be more beautiful than it is right now. All those little nooks filled with colorful ribbons and things. that picture just melted me. Of course, then I saw the picture of those cute button bracelets. Your life must be so satisfying, sharing all that creativity with others and creating such beautiful art of all kinds. sigh…….

Gretchen - Just when I thought I had an original idea … haha! Can you believe that I posted about my geometric art YESTERDAY?! So funny! Great minds think alike! 😉

Melissa - Your craft weekends always look like so much fun! how often do you host them?

Amber - I don’t know if it’s my favorite or my least favorite part when I see things I NEED to own in the background of pictures from Bearly Makin’ It and have to debate the 90 minute drive to pick up something my husband will give me the side eye over.

Southern Gal - I have some empty canvases, I now know what I’m going to do with them! Beautiful.
I love that supply holding piece of furniture. Wow. My daddy worked with the railroad and had a ticket cabinet that I so with I had kept. I think he ended up selling the thing years ago. Bummer.
And I just told my husband and son yesterday that I want a roll up map to put over the chalkboard in our kitchen where we do school most days. Where did you find it?

Heather Crawford - Wondering what letter stamps those are that you used for the lettered signs…all the crafts you made this time are AWESOME!

Georgia - I tried lindseys tutorial and I just cant get the circles to overlap equally lol ahhh if at first you dont succeed….
Georgia x

Su@TheIntentionalHome - My favorite photos is order are
1. pics of the craft house all decorated and ready for guests
2. crafts ya’ll made
3. what everyone bought at the barn
so are those bunting with pom pom fringe next to the pillows in your shop?

Angie - I love your Craft Weekend posts! It always looks like so much fun. I want to be there and create all those amazing projects. I love all of them this time, not sure which is my favorite. Maybe the aprons, they are darling!!!

beckyk - My husband and I live in Scotland but go to Kansas City a couple of times a year and in December we made a trip out to visit friends in Salina. I couldn’t believe he said yes when I asked if we could drive via Marion on the way and visit Bearly Makin’ It and the Barn! It was so fun! The lady there was super sweet and said you had another trip planned for January. Would have been funny to run into you there!

Lisa - Definitely the photos of the charming, magical playhouse for adults! I savor each one! This is such a fairy tale accomplishment for you and Kimberly. See everyone, dreams do come true 😉

cheryl @ a pretty cool life. - I really love the pics of your house. So bright and happy!

Jennifer - seeing the barn and your home so beautifully decorated are my faves. that house looks like the coziest get-away. yes, you guys really have a great job! 🙂

Suzy - I love to hear about it ALL! And I love! I look forward to this post every month! I can’t wait until my name is picked! Every time I see your pics of CRAFT WEEKEND it reminds me of the saying “Do What You Love!”.

Valerie - Oh geesh I just saw that I mispelled rolls…not roles, silly me!!!

Valerie - Wishing that one day I will be able to make one of those gorgeous aprons and eat Kimberlee’s cinammon roles 😉

Lisa M. - i always love seeing all the finished aprons. All that beautiful fabric! And I love looking at the Craft House too 🙂
And I loved seeing the fabric bracelets. So cool! Thanks for sharing.

Momof2 - Love all the pictures!! But my favorites are the crafts that were chosen and what people got at the barn. And then dreaming about what I will get at the Barn when I am chosen to come, ha!! : )

emily - 110% Amazing! So much happiness!

Tiffany - So fun seeing that house again! And all those women you get to bless… lucky them! Glad you and Kimberlee got a nice pic together this time. (Opposed to the SUPER windy one from November.)
I used to love seeing all of the different creative crafts. I still enjoy that, but now I love seeing your smiling faces even more!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - I’m all atwitter.
(LOVE those canvases!!!)

tinaehb3 - looks like another successful weekend 🙂

Jen - Glad you’re home safe.
LOVE your pictures!
FYI…I’ve decided I’m moving into the craft house.

Cindy - It would be a cool idea to have each of your guests mark where they live on your world map! 🙂

Heather Simnitt - Reading about craft weekend makes me wish I was a crafty girl. For real. I love the idea of crafting, but whenever I begin something with my girls I find myself wishing I was just *done.* What’s up with that? So…looking at craft weekend photos makes me feel like I experienced a little crafting and I get to see the end product right away!
Oh – and drooling over all of the bright colors! *LOVE*

dee - I have been following your blog for awhile and you never cease to amaze me.You inspire me to be a better person with all that you do and love- dee x

steph - i love seeing what everyone gets from their antique hunting!
and the aprons are always so awesome to see!
the best part for me though?
definitely that i get to BE THERE in less than 2 weeks doing the same thing!!!!

jenrobburton - I definitely think the color and the happiness shows through in the CW photos. And I’m always jealous of the finds at the antique shops.
I would NEVER paint that post office desk. It has such a lovely patina from years of use. And all your craft supplies just pop against the wood.
Glad you made it home safely.

Charly - This is like my third, maybe fourth time to look at them. I love them all! It was an amazing weekend! Now to send a link of the blog to my family and friends…to show off my five minutes of crafting fame!

happygirl - Welcome home. Talk about getting back into the swing of things without taking a beat. You ROCK!

gale - It was the most fun I’ve had in a LONG time – so glad I got to go – and I would go again in a minute!! 🙂 I loved it all – and thanks for the pictures and post! It’s fun to relive the weekend 🙂

elma - Sigh…… I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those aprons!!!! I so love seeing all the pictures!!!
I would LOVE to come some day!!

Melyssa - I love to see the craft house and The Barn! Also love hearing about how the groups differ. I have my fingers crossed that some day my name will come up and I’ll have enough $$ squirreled away to have the best weekend ever!

Lacy - My favorite part is seeing all the color. Seriously, that much color just can’t help but make a person happy! I also really like the different finds people snag at the barn and the other antique shops. I’m on the list and hope to come someday!
I know you’ve answered many questions before but, I’m curious, how far in advance do you let people know they have been chosen?
Thanks for sharing your “work!”

Kate - You guys are so beautiful! What a very, very happy place – YAY!
Did you know that I didn’t get to go to GoPro 🙁 I broke my elbow – super awesome, huh?
So glad Wendy got to come to the Craft House! I bet she had an awesome time!

Tiffany - My favorite part is the colors & fabrics, and mostly happy (non quarreling) women. Yay! Joy’s project was especially nice to see, the different interpretations from the women. In this “episode”, I really liked the postal desk, every craft piece looks so happy and and the Katie Daisy print – beautiful. You guys do have pretty fun jobs!

Katey Deasy - Welcome home. Glad you made it safely. Can’t wait to read about THAT. I love seeing what everyone bought at the barn! I love seeing the house all set up ready for your guest. One day it will be and my mom you will be waiting on. One day. Thanks for sharing with such enthusiasm.

Tanya - It just feels like a vacay when I get to look at the pics. They’re like my sunny Vitamin D in the dreary winter 😀

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