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lucky number 13.


how can we be at thirteen craft weekends already?!
each one has been so much fun!



we get the house all set up for our guests to arrive.
we clean… organize… arrange… set out swag from our sponsors… and we get excited!



craft supplies are so pretty!


color is everywhere in the Craft House.


my shop is open during Craft Weekend too… and SOON to be back online.
i have been saying it for a year but for real… it's coming soon!

our guests arrive and kimberlee prepares our meal.
we pass out margaritas while everyeone gets to know each other….have you made these margaritas yet??

steph and daina drove all the way from canada!!
they asked if they could make their special pico de gallo and we let them go crazy.
it was delicious!

after dinner we get right into crafting because really…. why wait?!
it is what we are all together for right?
they begin on their aprons around 7:30…and finished by 2:30 AM.
night owls in this group.  

choosing the fabric is the hardest part of making the apron!


debbie finished hers VERY quickly…a very experienced seamstress! 
and she whipped up her pretty flower too.
she was FAST!  
i LOVE her fabric choices!

kimberlee always makes BIG breakfasts that are beyond delicious.
i am all for chocolate in the morning!  
and frosting on cinnamon rolls…. oh my.

after all 16 of us get ready for the day… that is a lot of women…
we head out for our field trip to our favorite store and the barn.
it's fun to ride ALL together like a school trip.



talby happened to be playing her final basketball game that day in Marion at the same time we were shoppping so i snuck out and cheered her on!  I was so happy to get a peek at my family in the middle of CW.
then i was picked up on the way to the barn.
i can't ever get over how much they have every single month.
i am a junking addict.

Oggie and Dennis run the store and barn and are fun to catch up with every month.
that is Oggie with steph and daina…. what a bunch of characters!

i love sharing my favorite place with all these women!

everyone did a little show and tell when we got back to the craft house.





everyone finds treasures.

i found this.

it was a no-brainer.
when you find something that is this perfectly your style… you almost HAVE to say yes.
yellow? chippy paint? working doors, shelves and drawers? turquoise ON THE INSIDE?
there was no way i was saying no to this.
i can't wait to fill her with craft supplies.
i think i will name her Sunny.

we got on some comfy clothes and got back into crafting.

shannan led a canvas project… we made infinty scarves, wire words, t-shirt flowers and wood bunting.


when they are all working and chatting and creating….this room is A M A Z I N G.
it is such a happy place.




we had A LOT of instagrammers at this craft weekend working the #whatevercraftweekend hashtag.  


this is my canvas project in the middle…. and i actually started this canvas 6 months or so ago with ashley ann.
finally finished it at THIS craft weekend.

all of our girls lined up by their room order…




and all of their beautiful, special and well earned aprons!



their canvases….


thier flowers… so bright and colorful!


some of the girlies in their infinity scarves with their flowers.




another fabulously creative, kind, happy group that we are honored to be able to serve and pamper.

thanks girls for coming all the way to kansas to get crafty.

thanks shannan and taryn for being rock star helpers!

craft weekend has been a complete blessing in every way.
what started as a "let's try it ONE time to see if we like it" has turned into this wonderful, JOYful job
that both kimberlee and i are loving every minute of.
what started as a weekend of making crafts has turned into helping women find their creativity again.
giving them an opportunity to BE CREATIVE… to rest…. to refresh their spirits.

i love craft weekend.


more information on HOW to get to Craft Weekend is all found HERE.





Katie - Oh that yellow cabinet you bought. Wowza!!!

Laurie - Charming shop and fun style! Where is your shop and “the barn”? My parents live in Hutchinson and I’d love to visit both when we go to Kansas in June.

Jamie - Love looking through these pictures every few weeks! 🙂
In love with your black and white striped dress, where is it from?!

Judy P - Meg…Living in Idaho, I’m not sure if craft weekend will ever be a “reality” for me, but I LOVE your posts about craft weekend and I would love, love, love to come someday!!! Your home is so warm and colorful and inviting!!! The weekend and the crafts look SO fun!!!
I love crafts and getting away for a weekend like you have look like such a fun time…I need to start working on a friend or two to come with me and make it happen!! Until then, thank you for your wonderful posts!! :0) Judy

Bugs & Sunshine - WOW, I’ve never heard of anything like this but it’s definitely on my list of things to do!!! What a blessing for women to be able to come and get refreshed. Ya’ll are awesome for offering this! Blessings, Anna

Bugs & Sunshine - WOW, I’ve never heard of anything like this but it’s definitely on my list of things to do!!! What a blessing for women to be able to come and get refreshed. Ya’ll are awesome for offering this! Blessings, Anna

Lori Austin - Fantastic pics from another super fun CW.
Tulips + jar + yellow trivet = LOVE! 🙂
I also love that Shannan was one of your helpers. I started
following her blog thru you some time ago and was pleased to find she
lives in my own state. How fun! Both of your blogs have been such a blessing to me.

Jes - Love these posts! In the picture of the swag there is a print in the back that looks charcoal grey, with a sort of linen looking texture and a bit faux chalkboard like. Would you please tell me where it is from? Thank you!

Michelle from Australia - The star quilt is to die for. I would fly to Kansas just to find one like that!!

Jacci in Ohio - Love it 🙂 The tulip photo actually made me gasp! lol. I love the flowers on your island every single time no matter what they are. And the jar… perfect.
Looks like another super fun weekend 🙂

Kerstie Pederson - Ok…… in LOVE with craft weekend and Sunny too…..!

julia - I’m such a groupie…I was thinking “Hey, that looks like FlowerPatchFarmGirl” and it turns out I was right!

Cindy B. - These are my favorite posts!!! Looks like such a wonderful time. What is the white dish with the chocolate on top? Looks yummy, yummy, yummy.
Cindy B.

Stef - Alright Meg. My 6 1/2 year old daughter {Rachel} is my crafting queen around here. She wants to create and craft and decorate and re-shape everything she gets her eyes on. She even gifts me, her non-crafty Mother, tips on how I can make things and decorate things.
She just saw this blog post and the gasping and oo’ing and awwing and can be heard for miles and miles 🙂
I believe she uttered the words “I wish we lived by her so she could be like my Mom.”
Just thought you’d want to know, you have a little admirer.

Gale - Looks like so much fun!! I feel blessed to have been part of #12! Love LOVE love your cabinet!!

Dawn G - a weekend full of fabulous! thanks for everything – so. much. fun!

DebZorn - You have really found your strength! Craft weekend just looks like so much fun! Your yellow cupboard is spectacular. Thank you for sharing.

Stacy Mc - Love your craft weekend posts. Such a happy place! You and Kimberlee need to do Craft Weekend Book, or at least cook book. Would be a best seller for sure! Even a ebook would be great.
Stacy Mc

Lorie - So blessed to be part of lucky #13! It was such an amazing weekend. thanks for having us Meg&Kimberlee!

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