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Craft Weekend #14…lovely ladies!

our group came from california, texas, colorado, maine, virginia, nebraska, connecticut and arizona.
it’s super fun to get to meet and host so many wonderful, creative women every month.

we made ruffley aprons.    we got to know each other.    we ate kimberlee’s YUMMY food.    

we drank margaritas.    we ate cheesecake.   we had coffee at night.   we stayed up LATE.    

we went to a barn sale at a dairy farm.    we shopped for antiques and junk.  

we had show-n-tell.    we made fun new craft projects.   

we ate pasta with creamy sauce and dipped our garlic bread in the extra sauce (i did at least).

we crafted some more.   we ate bread pudding with carmel sauce. it was CRAZY GOOD.  

we went to bed even later.   we ate incredible cinnamon rolls for breakfast with our antiques deliveryman.    

we took pictures.   we gave hugs.    we dropped off 11 of our 14 guests at the airport.

it was an AWESOME weekend!


i will blog about our amazing sponsors soon!  these girls had super fabulous swag this month!

we spent some time at my friend Kerry’s barn sale and ate a tasty meal… with cupcake!!!



PicMonkey cw14I

i always take pictures of all the aprons and this time… i forgot!!!
all these late nights are getting to me i think. 🙂


from left to right:
back row: Pam… Kimberlee… Kristen… Amy…. Laurel… Julie…. Heather…. Mique….

middle row: Liz…. Sally…. Lindsay

front row:  Meg…. Sandy…. Kristi…. Ashley…. Amy


would you like to come to a Whatever Craft Weekend?

all the information is HERE.


click over, read the info and sign up to get on our wait list.  🙂


thanks for coming ladies!! kansas misses you already!



Kelly - Do you have a pattern for the aprons? I really want to make one but need a pattern and can’t find one!!

heather - Meg & Kimberlee-
I can’t thank you enough!! You girls are amazing and I will remember my Whatever Craft Weekend experience forever!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Mhairi - Ahhh! I love that you are already on CW 14!! I took a peek back at your first CW post, and wow! What changes since then! 🙂 I’m also one of the masses who can’t wait to get that e-mail! 🙂

sara @ it's good to be queen - oh i love it, i love it.
so dreamy as usual.
i adore all of the vintage loot.
the fabrics look amazing.
so fun to see my dear friend mel’s JOYN business represented at the barn sale!!!
thanks for sharing. 🙂

jodie - All those great, bright, fun photos – looks like a blast!

Lavender Dreams - How wonderful! You sure had TONS of fun! We would ALL love to be there next time!

Valerie - Would so love to be able to come!!!!

Heidi Jo the Artist - Fun! Love all the photos. 🙂 And 14, holy cow!

Katey - Love all your pictures. Great layout of all of them!! Looks amazing every time!!!

Joy McLaughlin - Looks like another great craft weekend!

Michelle from Australia - I’m going to be positive and say WHEN I come to Craft Weekend, I’m going to go CRAZY buying quilts. Quilts are not as popular in Australia as they are in the USA but I’ve always LOVED them. So I may have to pay a lot in excess baggage getting my treasures home but wow, what amazing memories of a superb adventure they will be. Being positive works doesn’t it??

elz - Oh man, I can’t WAIT until it is my turn. When is it my turn?!

Tiffany - Whenever you post CW pics, I like to plop myself in those photos chatting around the kitchen and pretend I’m back there. 🙂 I find it so cool that you continue to find fun new crafts. I especially enjoy seeing how you use old materials or scraps. Teaching my students about Earth Day coming up, and you are a perfect example. 🙂

Liz - Thank you for the best weekend ever. Love the pix.

Jamie - Oh those quilts from the place that is basically Heaven on Earth look FABULOUS!! Maybe I could convince some future craft weekender to pick one up for me… 🙂

Julie - What a pity New Zealand and Australia are so far away – both my sister and I would love to attend one of these weekends. Never mind the photos are always worth the wait and are very inspiring to us. We love the use of colour that is always demonstrated.

Sheena - I just sent my email to get on the wait list and I am so excited at the future opportunity to be apart of this AMAZING experience!!

Ko. S - What a gorgeous fun sun filled weekend! I’ve been on the waiting list for a bit now, each craft weekend that passes just keeps looking better and better!

julia - holey smokes…i want one of those bikes

Jenn - Oh I want to come! I’m (not so) patiently waiting for that email. I’ve already decided I’m driving.

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