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i really like my job.
it’s so fun to get the house ready… make it pretty… plan new projects… shop for supplies.
craft weekend is so much fun!




















our helpers this month were Lisa Leonard and Chrissie Rouse.
twin sisters… SUPER women…  i love to spend time with them and as usual it was WAY too short.

Lisa taught handstamping to all of our guests.
it’s addicting.
her shop sells stamp sets so you can make your own too… totally worth it!





i loved how comfortable this group was with each other from the beginning.

they were relaxed, happy and laid back.
i love that!
loved hearing about their lives and their friendships.



we shopped the antique stores finding treasures of all kinds.



for homes, parties AND clubs…. 🙂


mint green milkshake maker?  and juicer (i think) ummmm…. YES please!!

we changed it up this month and ate at the barn this time.
we were hoping for warmer weather but kansas has been freaking out all spring.
so we were chilly but still yummy and fun to snack amoung the antiques.



cupcakes made by Kerry were amazingly good.  i had… three?  i have no control.






this is what i stamped with lisa.
vintage silver spoons that i polished myself… so stinkin’ hard!!
i am thankful we don’t have to polish silver and can just throw everything in the dishwasher in 2013.
technology for the win!


breakfast is special at CW.
because you have a new day ahead… new friends… happiness on everyone’s face.
and kimberlee’s cinnamon rolls.
and coffee of course.
i love the mornings at the craft house!




HAPPY cheerful wreaths with adorable Hellos from the Say Hello Shop. 
i loooooove how they all turn out differently and lovely.



jenny’s necklace that she handstamped… awesome.

we made bunting from Benzie Design felt fetti.
she has THE BEST felt!!
i love crafting with any of the felt from her shop.



pretty aprons all lined up.
and a tote bag from Moxie Clothing Co.  (they are going through some changes but it will be there soon)

Isn’t that the truth… happy girls just radiate beauty everywhere they go.



fabric is my favorite.
some one asked me for a solid fabric last weekend… no pattern.
i said “ummm…. i don’t buy solid fabric.”  ha ha ha

it’s all pattern all the time at craft weekend.  🙂



roomates for the weekend…..







                    SUCH A FABULOUS GROUP!!!

kimberlee and i just love craft weekend.
love to meet so many A W E S O M E women.
love to take care of them… help them get a break and go home REFRESHED.
it’s such a joy.

i can’t believe we have hosted 15 already!!


if you would like to get on the wait list for future Craft Weekends…

first READ THIS: Craft weekend Q&A

and then get on the list!!




Jen - I’m in!!!

Kerry @ Made For Real - That is unbelievable …first I’ve seen of it!! What a fab weekend that would be : )

tiffany day - 🙂 I am on the list – and keeping my fingers crossed that all works out when I get the “call”
Would be wonderful to attend – and so good for my soul!
P.S. My son just turned 15 too on May 11th!

katie - reunion is seattle? i don’t have a craft house…but i have a crazy house 🙂

Andrea - I agree with the patterned fabric. I had to make myself buy some plain linen. So glad I did! Just two weeks later found some gorgeous vintage fabric yo-yo’s and quilt pieces. Sewed them on to the linen to make some handbags. Of course, just the flaps are made of the linen with the vintage embellishments, the rest of the bags are patterned fabric.

kim - Oh, Meg, I LOVE your job too! How fun!!
I’m on the list, and still hoping it works out for me to come sometime soon!
I love what you do–keep it up–you’re so inspiring. (=

misty - I want to come to a CW so so bad! The craft house looks amazing! LOVE LOVE that striped floor.
I am commenting to tell you, next time you’re in Tulsa, Ok- if you go to 61st street & highway 169, there is a QuickTrip gas station. {coming from 169} you turn right onto the road with the stoplight right before the QT. Follow that little road around about a 1/2 block & on your left there is a building that says HEART in bright red neons. {it’s a little church} By their front door, they have a MASSIVE GIANT DINO sized heart shaped rock & as soon as I saw it I thought omgosh Meg needs a pic with that rock! It’s pretty awesome & every time I see a heart shaped rock I think of your blog 🙂

Julie - Hello Meg. Huge follower of your blog. In regards to craft weekend, I was wondering if you kept track of how long people have been on the wait list and if so, if you could perhaps choose a craft weekend to pull names from the early people like me whose names have been gathering dust on the ol’ waiting list. Just a thought! I’ll love you regardless!

denise@victory rd. - every bit of this is cheery.
i am thrilled that lisa is sharing her stamping secrets with us. i want to get a kit and get to work on my silverware, too!
and those “hello” wreaths! WANT.

Lisa Dick - So much yummy eye candy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I cant wait to get the chance to go to a Whatever Craft Weekend!!!

kerry - looks like you had an amazing time as usual, your house is SO well put together, bright, colourful and happy happy happy!! Are Lisa & Chrissie twins??!? They are SO alike! Kerry x

Sara Torbett - Happy, happy, happy post! So inspired by you and Kimberlee following hard after Jesus and listening to your hearts. Imagine the lives that are refreshed because of it! 🙂 As soon as my newest baby is weaned (6 more months!) I’m adding my name to the email list! Attending Craft Weekend is on my list for turning the big 3-0.

Tiffany - I’m always amazed that you find new ways to make the craft house even cuter! Those cupcakes… I would have been right there with you eating several! Blessing those women… You and Kimberlee have such a gift. XX

Linda - Looks as fabulous and happy as ever! Maybe someday….

Gale - So happy I was part of #13 – would love to come back even though my hubby said, “Can’t you just make bunting at home?” Duh! Of course – but it wouldn’t be as fun!!
Glad ya’ll had a great time!

Mary - hi meg! this looks so great!
i totally want to come one day! 🙂
i’ve been trying to find your email to inquire about donating spome ‘swag’ from our shoppe!
could you let me know if that is possible and how that all works?
thank you so much!
my daughter and i recently opened a shoppe and would love to share it with you and your ladies.

Shelly Massey - OHHHHHH… the drooling that went on while I perused through this post. Just the kind of colorful happiness that I love. Rock on, Craft Weekenders!!! P.S. Congrats on your marathon run! Yay you!

Jenn - This just looks like heaven on earth to me. What fun! One day, I’ll get that email that says I’ve been picked. I just hope its sooner than later 🙂

Megan Jewett - Yeah!!! Thanks Meg.
I have been eagerly awaiting this post. It was so nice to look back at these and remember the weekend. I miss you, Kimberlee, Chrissie, Lisa and my fellow crafters so much. Can we have a “Craft Weekend 15” reunion? Just looking at this made me smile and will make my afternoon brighter. I’m slowly incorporating the crafty goodness into my home. I also can’t wait to share this with all my friends and family who asked, “what the heck is Craft Weekend?”

Allison - I wish I had a vintage store near me that sold globes. I was trying to explain to my girls that their grandparents were visiting Germany this week. It’s so hard to show them on flat paper how far away that is. I always look forward to your craft weekend posts, so much color, so much fun and so much craftiness!

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