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today is my birthday.


a list of a few things about me right now on my 38th birthday.

* these are my new favorite jeans…. Legging Jean at the GAP
i probably won’t wear them with heels too often…. but occasionally maybe.

* talby wants me to learn how to do hair like this video.  i promised i would try.


* the best book i read this summer was Tattoos on the Heart.
it has a little bit of foul language but i still LOVED this book… SO MUCH. It changed my heart.  i saw some things differently.


* i prefer to eat cake cold out of the refrigerator… frosting that is cold? YES!

* i absolutely LOVE to take a hot bath… in a BIG deep tub.

* coconut is top of the list for smells & taste.  it love coconut dessert!  and the smell… YUM.
the best lotions, shampoos & soaps are coconut.

* i want to see Gravity (clooney… duh) and  i am scared to see Prisoners.  Are you going to see either?

* i think of my dad every time i hear the song Werewolves of London (which is surprisingly often!) because he used to play it for us when i was little.

* i am hooked on the series Homeland


* my most used app on my phone (besides Instagram of course) is Afterlight.  i use it 90% of the time as a photo brightener.


* the top 30 played songs on my iTunes right now




* i am going to the Lumineers with Mr. Duerksen this week!!

* i like this bedding.


but i would probably lean towards this style if i was actually buying new bedding. and i would buy it from target…not Anthro.


* i want to go to a party like this.  someone do this and invite me to it ok?

* this movie is going to be so good.

* after i watched that trailer i got sucked into watching movie trailers 30 minutes!

* these are some pretty sweet running shoes….



* i don’t like to eat breakfast.  i would prefer two cups of coffee and nothing till lunch. i know i am supposed to eat breakfast… and i do.  but i don’t want to.

* i dream about painting.  about being “a painter”.   i do.   but i never ever make time for it.  i should change that.  (someday…)

* my favorite drink at Starbucks in the warm months is a Trenta (XL) ice coffee/4 pumps SF vanilla/extra skim milk/no sweetener

* my favorite drink in the cooler months is a grande skinny peppermint latte (or caramel)

* all of this fabric just came to my door.  (I ordered from Hawthorne Threads.)  they are ALL so beautiful!


* i am going to buy some pumpkins & mums with my little girlies today.

* this list has become too long.



shirin - today is my bruthday!

Shellie - If you love coconut, you’ll love almond too. Everything almond smells yummy!
Prisoners is scary, I didn’t sleep after I saw it and my kids are 20 and 15. It was too real. It was a really good movie though.

Mindy - Happy belated Birthday! What fun favorites in this post – I share many of them and there are a few I need to check out. Hope your special day was great : )

amelia - it’s my birthday today

tracy fisher - i love cake out of the fridge too!!!!!! i can’t wait to meet you one day. 🙂 -tracy

Breeanna - Happy birthday! Mine is coming up too! I’ll be hitting the new decade of 30. I’m really looking forward to my 30’s. Hope you had a great birthday!

Wendy - Happy birthday! I love your list. I am always writing down books from blogs and I now have some of your playlist playing. I promise I am not a stalker. just like to “hang” out with those I want to be like. You rock! happy birthday!


Lemonade Makin' Mama - Happy Birthday sweet thing! I turned 38 earlier this month. GOod month.. better year! 🙂

Love so many of these same things. And coconut? LOVE!!

Hope your day is extra sweet.

Ana - Megan, you are such a blessed person that I admire so much.
God was really inspired when He created you.
I wish someday I really can meet you in person.

Lindsey - Happy Birthday! I love the list!

Sarah - Happy Birthday!!

Katrina - Hope you had a fabulous b’day. I did leave you a message on facebook 🙂
What did you do to celebrate?
Love your list.
Wait till you hit the fab 40’s in a couple of years. It’s a great place to be.

Alicia @ La Famille - oh so much to say here….gravity?? maybe. prisoners? i’m too scared. my worst nightmare actually. (making the sign of the cross)

I love your play list….somebody likes the Avett Bros 🙂

happy birthday!!!

love those shoes.

And those sheets.

jodie - i like you meg.
i think we will be friends in heaven, because unless you come to canada, or i go to kansas, i might not meet you in this life time except through your blog….and blogs aren’t really real exactly true meetings, are they?

Melody - Happy belated birthday! We are the same age but I see how much you’ve accomplished and am amazed at all you do… I know you visit Sonic for their happy hour quite often – I was just in Colorado for a visit and stopped at Sonic to try a ‘Dirty Dr. Pepper’ – something I’d seen on-line and was curious to try – it’s Dr. Pepper with the white coconut syrup added…have you ever tried one? It would be my new drink of choice if I had easier access so I think it’s a good thing they don’t have Sonic where I live! If you love coconut, I bet you’d love a Dirty Dr. Pepper!! 🙂

Marli - love these random bits posts. they are such fun to read. thanks for keeping up such a bright and cheery blog. i enjoy reading it.

Mia - Happy Birthday! May the year ahead be full of all those colorful moments that make our lives full.

tonya - hope your birthday was fantastic, meg!

Laura - well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet friend.
I am older than you.

that book has me intrigued…looks like Our Lady of Guadalupe on the cover, she is dear to my heart……AND foul language??? Perfect!

love you
love that you were born
you are wonderfully made!!!!


Maclaine - My college age son saw Prisoners. He loves suspense and horror movies and is an all-around tough guy. His review: “Mom, it’s disturbing. You should not see it.” And I pass that on to you. If you decide to see it let me know if he was right! lol

Tanya H - Happy birthday! I agree. 🙂 on a lot. And this is a fun idea! 🙂

Rachel S - Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a wonder-full day! And if you get invited to that party, I want to come too. 🙂

Charly - Now I can’t wait to see Saving Mr. Banks! Looks so good!
I clicked on your book link because I knew I had heard of it before…this is why…the author is coming to where I work!
Thought you might want to know about that… 🙂
Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J., founder of Homeboy Industries
(Special Events)
The Gerber Institute, in conjunction with Newman University’s Traditions and Transitions program, is very pleased to welcome Father Gregory Boyle, S.J., founder of Homeboy Industries – the most successful community re-entry program for gang members in the U.S.- to the Newman University campus on Thursday, October 10, at 7:00 p.m.
Father Boyle’s lecture, which is free and open to the public, will take place in the Performance Hall of the De Mattias Fine Arts Center at Newman University.

Tracy - Happy Birthday (one day late)!!!!!! Hope you had a great one 🙂

I LOVE coconut too!

Jenn - I cannot wait for Saving Mr. Banks! I get chills. A good movie, no junk, just good stuff. We need good stuff right now. Hope you had the best birthday ever!

Jessica - Happy Happy Birthday!

LeeH - This list is just right!
This is a lovely insight into you, it feels like you’re a friend.
Thanks for sharing.

Kristen - Happy birthday, Meg. a) Lumineers are GREAT live. You will have a blast. b) I went to art school when I was 39. Best thing I ever did. c) I’m going to pick up the Tattoos book. Thanks for the recommendation.

lynette - Happy Birthday!!!

Lisa Q - Happy Birthday Meg! Hope it’s a great one…and that the year to follow is overflowing with God’s mercies! Thanks for all the inspiration!

april r - Happy Birthday 🙂

the list was just right

heidi maggard - Happy Birthday Meg! You are amazing!

Jen - Okay-just read my last comment, which sounded totally whiny, so I wanted to be sure to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was very special. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedding (but not Anthro prices!). A friend just sent me the link to Homeland so I need to get on that! Not a big fan of cake (give me pie!) or coconut (I prefer cinnamon!) and I don’t do baths AT ALL (don’t enjoy sitting in dirty water! HAHA) but I LOVE those running shoes and all those fabrics too! And fall is my very favorite-with mums and pumpkins and cornstalks! It doesn’t get much better! Happy day after your birthday! 🙂

Jen - Okay-this may be too personal so feel free to ignore me but how in the HECK does anyone buy clothes at GAP anymore? First, their sizes are crazy (once I found the signs that helped a bit!) And, anyone that’s had FOUR (me) (or, in your case, FIVE!) babies isn’t welcome there anymore! I was just there on Saturday and it was DE. PRESS. ING! None of the jeans had zippers longer than 1 inch and they were all so short! Now, granted I’m tall (5.10″) but I’m thin and I’ve had four BIG babies! And some of that tummy ain’t ever going away! Now, I was looking for cords, not jeans, but I was really bummed. Gap used to be my “go to” store and now it’s not cuttin’ the mustard! 🙁

alexis - Prisoners was beyond scary and disturbing for me. BUT I still really liked it…the story, the acting, the twists, the suspense.
Probably the scariest movie i’ve seen ever. But i don’t see many.

I want to see Gravity so badly!!

Michelle from Australia - Oops. I messed up. I meant YESTERDAY was your birthday in Australia. I knew what I meant even if my fingers didn’t type it properly!

Michelle from Australia - Happy Birthday Meg. Today was your birthday in Australia 🙂 But you can have it again in America today. Don’t you love the craziness of time zones like that??

Call Me Maybe? I love, love, love that song. No matter how many times I hear it or how many times I hear a take off of it, I still love it.

And coconut. YES PLEASE. In any shape, way or form. When we were in the USA in 2012, I wasn’t able to eat a piece of coconut cream pie. And Australia doesn’t have coconut cream pie. So I’m hoping for a Stateside trip in 2014 (all on my own – NO FAMILY COMING WITH ME – TAKE ABOUT A DREAM COME TRUE FOR THIS MAMMA!!!!!!) ….that will include a pie of coconut cream pie somewhere on my travels.

Kirsten J - Happy Birthday Missy!

Melissa Lewis - Happy Birthday Ms. Meg! Love your list, if you get invited to that party I wanna come!

Karen Gerstenberger - Happy Birthday!

Rach - You will love Lumineers. Just saw them on Saturday. The opening bands are pretty fun too. Enjoy!!

Tamra - Oh. My. Goodness. I commented before I watched the trailer. Had never heard of the movie and wasn’t sure if it would be about mary poppins which was my first thought when I read the title. Watched the trailer and am IN LOVE!! Can’t wait until I can see it! Thanks for sharing..

p.s. Happy Birthday!

Tracey - Happy Birthday to you!!!! Today is my birthday too. I turned 34. I had a less than subpar birthday today (dropped my sweet 3 year old in the tub on accident and spent way too much $ on food that wasn’t even good to name a few…) Do you think all of 34 will be this way? I sure hope not. I’m looking forward to 37. I’ve been reading your blog for the last year and I have to say you’re one of my absolute favorites. I just love you, your family and the way you “do” life – Such an inspiration! Thanks for being awesome! 🙂

Tamra - I’ve tried the hairstyle on my girls. so easy!! You’ll rock it! Love lists like these because I always find new things to buy or try. =)

Paula - Go see Prisoners. I was afraid to see it but something made me go. It is not scary as much as it is INTENSE. I do not like scary movies at all so did not think I would like Prisoners…but I must say it is good and I do recommend it.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have a great day!

ashley - happy birthday!
i’m looking for your website almost tiwo years.
however i’m writing down first time now.
i always want to say thank to you.
when i read your website you’re inspired me and let me know God’s love.
sometimes life is very hard.
but we still live our lives because God is loving us and with us.
thank you.
and God bless you!

Heather S. - Happy Birthday! I personally adore Bux, but can’t handle the SF syrups. I’m all non-fat milk and no whip….but if I’m having a sweetener, it has sugar. I’ve tried before and blech – give me my money back! My hat is off to all who can order a skinny drink! LOL

Saving Mr. Banks looks great – what’s up with being PG-13? Sure would be nice to have a family film come out about Disney around Christmas. Oh well – that’s Hollywood!

Hope you had an awesome birthday!

Amy - Happy birthday to you!! You and the blog are such an inspiration. Wishing you many more joy filled years!

Magnolia Mom - WOW!! So I was surfing through pinterest and came across someone who pinned your blog. I decided to stop by and was surprised to see your post from today. Happy birthday! It’s my 38th birthday today, too!

Kristin S - Not too long at all.

Happy Birthday!

Those jeans scare me. I have “athletic” calves. I love that new name for those of us with heavy extremities no matter how hard we work out. Sigh.

Carrie - Happy Birthday. My birthday is on Saturday, I will be 37! I guess I need to make a list like that.

The bed has the headboard I have been looking for, for my oldest daughter- except I want it in white!

Carol S. - Enjoy your special day. Enjoyed your fun facts. Thank you for entertaining us all!!!

Kathy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! OK you are one of my fave bloggers and now I know why, I love so many of the SAME THINGS! woohoo …. have an awesome birthday!!!

Caroline - Happy birthday!! Today is my birthday too:) It’s a great day!

Maria - Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you have a great day!

Linda - Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a wonderful day!

katey deasy - Happy Birthday. I love your list. Have a great day!!!!!!

Lora - happy*happy birthday.

Go see Prisoners. It’s SO good!!

Southern Gal - Happy Birthday, Meg! I can’t wait to see that movie. Movie trailers drag me in, too, especially Thor 2. 😉

Dana - That fabric!! Oh my….does fabric make you happy like it does me?!? Sometimes i just walk through fabric stores when I’m in a bad mood…it always brightens my day! (Weird…I know!) Hope you had an awesome, blessed Birthday!

Patty - Happy Birthday, Meg! Love your list…I can identify with almost every single one.
Enjoy your day and I hope you get to eat coconut birthday cake.

a-m - Happy birthday Meg! I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s made me so happy, I thought it was about time I gave you a big wave on your big day! Hope you have great fun! a-m x

Amanda - I absolutely love posts like this. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now. Realistically, I’ll probably never meet you. But I feel like I know you from reading your blog. These are such fun little tidbits of Meg information that i’d probably never know if you hadn’t shared it. So fun!

Rachel B. - Birthday Blessings to YOU!

kimmie - My daughter Haleigh and I wish you a most awesome BiRtHdAy EVER!!

Kristin - Not too long, and happy birthday!!

Amanda - A very happy birthday to you! May all of your wishes come true.

Tracy - Happy Birthday!! Today is MY birthday, too!! (except I’m 7 years older than you. boo.)
I adore the scent and smell of coconut, too (coconut lime is a fabulous combination!) LOVE coffee (with real cream and sweetened with xylitol. yum!) and long for a nice hot bath (this house has a crappy tub. Sometimes I think all of my troubles will disappear when I finally have a comfy bathtub again 😉
I’m far too fat to wear those awesome jeans ~ but I am working hard to lose weight, so, maybe on our NEXT birthday? and you can just go on ahead and forward that package of fabric right to my door 🙂

I hope your day is fabulous and filled with color!!


Welcome to the 38 club!!


Jen - Happy birthday!!!

Stacy P. - Happy Birthday! You make 38 look fabulous!

stephanie - Happy birthday to you! Yours and Anna Maria Horner’s are about the only blogs I read. I am glad to see that you seem happy about the day. I turned 38 this year too. It’s almost surreal as I still see myself as a new high school graduate. Now with teenagers of my own, its as if life is repeating itself. Have a happy and blessed day!

Laura H - Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family and friends!
I just checked out season one and two of Homeland from my library. I can’t stop watching it!!!! I am completely HOOKED!
Love that Claire Danes! Love every episode! Staying up very late at night because I need to know what happens next….totally addicted!
Love your blog! Enjoy YOUR day!

Tiffany - Happy Birthday!! Listen to the Stevie Wonder version of that song, it’s fantastic. And I LOVE the GAP, been loving them since I was a teen, they make jeans/pants for Moms like me, not too flashy, not too Mom-like. Regular everyday jeans;) Hope you eNjoY yOuR dAy!!!

Jill - Happy Birthday to a favorite blogger! Make sure to have some wonderful coconut treats for your special day. 🙂
I bet you look awesome in those Gap legging jeans. I’m excited for the Tom Hanks movie too.
Thanks for sharing this fun list!

Colleen - Happy, happy day to you! Hope you get coconut cake! I, too, read Tattoos on My Heart this summer. Great book! I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an inspirational read. Can’t wait to see your mums and pumpkins.

Cindy - Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday today too!
On coconut…have you tried the Chobani greek yogurt Flips? They have a coconut flavored one that you flip dark chocolate and almonds into it…YUM!
Hope you have a great day! Love to read your blog!

Lisa - Happy birthday! OMG. I adore the Lumineers! Enjoy and tell us about it, please. I’m going to see Pink in December with my daughter. Can’t wait.

Random, but the other new Tom Hank’s movie, “Captain Phillips,” is a true story about a ship captain who is highjacked by Somali pirates. The real Captain Phillips lives down the road from us. It looks so scary, but amazing.

Kristin F. - Happy Birthday! I’m going to see the Lumineers in 10 days and I can’t wait. Such a fun birthday surprise :).

Bethany - Happy Birthday!!! Hope it’s a wonderful day!

It’s always fun to read random bits about favorite bloggers. I want to go a party like that too! So cute! The Tom Hanks movie looks great-hadn’t heard about it. I love the fabric…now I’m going to head to Hawthorne Threads to “window shop”.

Melissa - Happy Birthday!!!!!

beth ann - happy birthday!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - After seeing this list….I feel like we should be friends.


I have a million things I want to comment on, but mostly, I DID throw that party…and it was inspired by “that” exact photo…It was for Sarah’s wedding shower, back at the farm. Everything was great until Ralph (the cat) jumped on the cake table THEN killed a baby bird. Some girls cried.

I’m terrified of that space movie.

I like those jeans. (Still mad that G discontinued my size…)
And love the bedding. And coconut.

But not coffee. Or baths.

This comment better post. It’s THAT important.

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