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the 2oth Craft Weekend All Stars!
A wonderful group of women from all over the map… crafty ladies through and through.
helpers20col2IMG_0166IMG_0271they had each finished their aprons and were in bed before 12:30 on friday?!!
how did this happen?  it was awesome.IMG_0270spoolswe made the cutest bunting with baker’s twine, washi tape, old spools and felt ball from our super cool sponsor Felt Foxes.
col2020col420col320col710907484316_79e920ccc4_bIMG_0204IMG_0207i reeeeeeeally wanted this buffet to come home with me.
the horns…no.   but the buffet… YES!
i love the big chunky glass knobs.
and you know that i would paint it… of course i would!  🙂jennyIMG_0222IMG_0200IMG_022520col6IMG_0235we worked all saturday evening on fun projects that used lots of decoupage and glitter.
glitter is so fun.
i don’t care how messy it is.
everything is happier with glitter.
IMG_0257IMG_024710894669503_efc09825f4_h10894413216_68eef1deb3_h10899589165_4e6185fab1_h10899743154_62de4b51c1_hfeltIMG_0256IMG_0254we made the wrapped wreaths again with the hellos from the Say Hello Shop.
everyone makes such neat and unique combos.
you can see their personality come out on these projects.IMG_0251IMG_0267IMG_1177IMG_1184IMG_1169IMG_1232IMG_1239IMG_1233IMG_1237
what great women!!

our helpers this month were Jenny & Rachel.
Rachel is Kimberlee‘s cousin and came last year.  So fun to see her again!
Jenny is a friend of mine that i met WAY back in 2010 at the Coca Cola Social Media Trip.
Jenny has a great blog and i do mean G R E A T!
watch her videos… she is hilarious.IMG_0286

I was so happy to have met all these girls.
so glad we could get crafty… eat yummy food… shop for treasures… and laugh together.
there is not a happier group than the ladies at Craft Weekend.

if you want information on Craft Weekend and how YOU can come to one… click on the Craft Weekend box at the top of the blog.
You can read about it and sign up to be on the wait list to get picked.


jennibell - I made Pam’s Cheesecake for the first time (I KNOW, you’ve only been talking about it for YEARS) for my son’s birthday and it was an absolute HIT. My husband loved it so much that he went out and bought all the ingredients for a second one over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I over-baked it and it wasn’t *as* good but since we know how good it CAN be I’ll try again soon. A new family “special treat” for sure. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jenna - I want one of the rainbow necklaces … And I’m going to shop the soaps for a gift!

Amy B - I plan to order from Barn Owl Primitives. I love their signs!

Kristi - I love the You Are My Sunshine plaque! I love the bright yellow and have always loved that saying. Such great items!

Stephanie - LOVE the JOY craft. Where did you get the large letters from??

Friday Favorites » Between You & Me - […] Meg knows how to color her world happy. Not everyone can do this. She has mastered it. […]

Charla - Rachel P. is my dear friend. Don’t you just adore her? If she comes again to help you I’m planning on hiding in her suitcase! I’m going to har house tomorrow night for a craft night and hoping we’ll get so make some of your cute projects. Fun fun fun!!! Love your blog, Meg. It’s a slice of happiness every day!

Sara - Okay, last comment, I promise. Marion Ogden from Bearly Makin’ It had that coffee can in the mail to me within 10 minutes of my phone call. That is crazy awesome! And he’s just trusting me to send him a check. I’ll be sending him a check WITH a thank you note. He was so nice and funny. Unbelievable customer service. Is that a Kansas thing? 🙂

Sara - I lucked out and found the name of the antique store in an older post of yours and a link to it. I just called and they’re shipping a Fleming’s Flavor-Rich Coffee can to me in Virginia. So fun! I feel bad for asking them to ship out a $6 item, but the man was very nice about it and laughed when I told him I saw it on Meg Duerksen’s blog. He figured. 😉 I am so excited to give this to my friend named Fleming!

Sara - I tried eBay and Etsy for a Fleming’s flavor-rich coffee can but there are no current listings.

Sara - Hi Meg, talk about merry and bright! You do color the world with rainbows and glitter and brighten everyone’s day.

Could you PLEASE tell me the name and location of the antique store you took the crafters to? I would like to get in touch with them and see if they would ship an item to me. I *need* that Fleming’s Flavor- Rich Coffee can from the antique store pic. I want to give it to a friend named Fleming (!) who took pics of my baby girl as a gift to me. Thank you so much!!!

Jen - What fun!

Laura - I think the craft house has made you and Kim look YOUNGER
how is that possible?

going to e mail ya…thinking about renting your craft house for a project! But if I do, you KNOW …you will have to visit…and hang out…and make margaritas….


kerry - oh it all looks amazing as usual! oh how i wish i didn’t live across the seas! :)) jenny is super sweet and super funny, it made my heart SMILE to see her with you. glad you all had a fab time. much love, kerry x

Linda - Can you tell us about the green and white wood panels over the fireplace? It looks so amazing! What is it? I don’t even know what it is but I think I need one!!

stephany - I spy a lot of changes in the craft house…beautiful changes, but I am glad that I was there when some of your old “family home” was still there too.
Looking forward to seeing all of the new things in store for the 3rd floor and the rest of the house!
So exciting!

Michelle Hunt - What an amazingly relaxing, fun weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever been told before then “You are not allowed to clear the table”. Super cute crafts and everyone’s turned out great! Meg is as adorable and sweet in person as you would think she would be. What a special weekend we all had 🙂

Rach - Agreed. Such a great group of women. I had so much fun and all of the crafts I brought home are such a nice reminder of the weekend!

No group picture this time? Were we all making silly faces?? 🙂

Thanks again for inviting us into your home. It was one of the highlights of 2013.

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