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21 day challenge?

OK… i would like you to meet my friend Marta from Haus of Girls Fit Family

for the past two months i have been in a nutritional information group with her.
i have learned so much!
i am greatly encouraged & inspired by her.
she is a mom…. runs a daycare… AND is a fitness specialist!
i feel like when we talk, she can truly understand the hectic pace of my kind of schedule with lots of kids and activities AND work!
not to mention just the everyday wear and tear of womanhood… emotions, hormones & cravings.


Marta comes from a whole family of fitness.  🙂
she and her sisters all lead fitness groups, eat healthy and train others.
their blog is called Four Fit Sisters.
it’s a really cool space!
they each contribute posts about health, fitness and mommy kind of stuff.
but even if you aren’t a mommy or don’t have little kids at home… it is all good stuff.

well… with Marta’s encouragement… i am taking the 21 Day Fitness Challenge.
watch this quick video and see what it’s about.
(side note:  if i ever EVER do an interview in just a sports bra please shoot me)
(not judging her… i just KNOW no matter what… in MY lifetime… bra interview is not happening)

so i am taking the challenge!

WHY NOT right?!!!
it’s only 21 days…. that is only 3 weeks!   (i am a math wizard)

i can do anything for three weeks!
i am so curious so see what i can do in 21 days.
and those people at the end of the video that stick with it… that is RAD!

wouldn’t that be fun to see what we could do together!

(also… the containers are rainbow…. obvious good choice.)

if you would like all the details about this 21 Day Challenge, email Marta at

the program goes on sale on monday and we start on the 10th.
tell me if you are joining in too!

i am pumped!




jennibell - I am joining — thanks for the info!!!

Brandyce - Just signed up 🙂

Kim York - I join! I am super excited!

Pam - I’m in! I’ve never done anything like this before—ready for a challenge!

Kate - I just signed up!

Moriah - I am in! I need a little motivation and this seems great! Just emailed Marta.

tara - you can do it!!!!!
can’t wait to follow along….
and agreed on the sports bra thing.
power to the people who can do a video in a sports bra…but no thank you, i’ll pass.

Melissa Shepard - Love her! Love her!!! I too did a couple of her challenges!! She is amazing. Down to earth… beautiful..talented..kind..encouraging.. funny.. and FIT!! She has got it figured out! I encourage y’all to do it… i lost 11 lbs..and kicked my sugar and soda habit!! Her blog is great.. instar am is so encouraging.. check out her sisters too… precious!! Good luck meg… rock on!

Kristin F. - Don’t you LOVE Marta?! I was in a fitness group with her over the summer (I’m on her Beachbody Team) and I am not ashamed to stalk her virtually :). I can’t wait to try out the 21 Day Fix and I can’t wait to see how great you do!

Saturday reading « Just past the blink blink - […] takes 21 days to change a habit.  Meg Duerksen’s post today was about a 21 day challenge.  The appeal of losing any weight in 21 days is pretty high.  Do I have the guts to commit to […]

Jill - Heading to Hawaii in March – need to up my workout frequency and losing a few lb.’s would GREAT! I’m IN!

Gail - Count me in. Been struggling to be consistent with working out. Need to jump start spring training.

TamiV - Super inspiring! Sent an email to Marta for more details, I want to be in!

Kristin - You can totally do it for 21 days! I am on day 19 of the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day challenge and I never thought I would be a have to work out each day kind of girl but I am getting there. Excited to see your results and will be bookmarking this challenge for after my 90 days is up!

Michelle B. - I’m in. I like the look of the video/eating plan (portions). I also like what I just read quickly at Marta’s blogs.

This is life – I need to get back into it!

Let’s do this:)

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Who likes to party?


today i have an idea to share with you.

when i first wrote about renting the Craft House for a weekend i had several people say i would love to but….

“i don’t have that many friends who like to craft.”

“it’s too far for all my friends to come”

“i wish you’d set it up for people to fill spots until it’s full for this kind of weekend.”

well i do not have time to organize something like that.

but Kelli contacted me and asked if SHE could organize something like that!

Kelli Peterson has come up with a FUN idea to rent the house herself and invite you to come hang out with her!

i told her i would ask you ladies if you wanted to join her.

Her weekend is June 27 – 29th.

this is NOT Craft Weekend and has nothing to do with the wait list.  But it IS held at the Craft House.  This is Kelli’s party and she is inviting you.  🙂

email her at to get all the details of her weekend.

You can also find her on her Facebook page too….at Now’s The Time.

it sounds like a lot of fun!



and then also i HAVE to share this goofy video too.
it cracked me up!!

those clothes!!!

Carrie Benson - YEA MICHELLE!!!

Lucky girl! Enjoy!

Michelle Whitlow - What a great idea!!! I would totally jump on that had I not just been picked to come to Craft Weekend!! SO excited!!!!!

Karen Gerstenberger - Thanks for posting this – so funny! It’s good, clean humor, and those guys are all great for being able to laugh at themselves (and their history).

Michelle from Australia - Great idea Kelli!! I’m not Crafty but would LOVE to visit the Craft House and other places Meg takes the lucky Crafters. I am going to be over in the USA in March/April this year. And again in December/January. So your weekend in June doesn’t suit me this time 🙁 But I hope if the idea takes off, I can take a room from you at some stage. And thank you Meg for sharing you, your family, your Craft House and your story with all of us lucky enough to be inspired by you.

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so… i will just say right away… i have a fake identity on pinterest so that you can’t find me.
it is the only place on the internet that i don’t share openly.
i just like having a little place that isn’t WIDE OPEN.
i like planning & dreaming without someone saying “i saw you pinning bathrooms… are you remodeling?”
does that make sense?
keeping it anonymous allows me to dream more freely.
but i do love to share some of my favorite pins i find with you too.

click on the picture to go to the original source so you can pin them too.
and if there is no link it is because the link led to nothing.


hello.  this is brilliant.  B R I L L I A N T!!!






i would LOVE to have this cool walk way in my yard!



stairway to happiness? i think yes.



so simple and so lovely at the same time.



i would like to eat at that table…  yes please.





i like pretty much anything Kal Barteski creates.
she is rad.




i am considering getting on the striped curtain bandwagon.
so striking…. a bold move in any room.




i am not one who loves hearts… but this is super cute.  even if it was just circles it would cute!
and then add in some colors.
yeah… i like this!



that wall is so cool!




white floors make everything better.  true story.




i believe this is a christmas craft but it doesn’t have to be.  this looks like lots of fun!
adding in the straws makes it extra neat.




pink floors?!!!  this room is precious.



i could handle a cup of coffee out here with some lady friends… don’t ya think?




i want to paint ALL the THINGS when i see this.  and then when i went through so many of her paintings i was just bursting with ideas!  she’s awesome!




again… hearts.
but they are RAINBOW hearts.
and i like that.




loving loving loving this print.
love the verse and fonts but also love the painted background.




the gray grout.
and the baskets.
and old wood floors.
this picture gets better as you explore the layers!  🙂

it looks like a movie set.
maybe it is?



i would like this to be my birthday cake.
but no purple flowers please.
more pink and orange would be fine.
and maybe… sparklers.




details like this blow my mind.
this is probably 3 inches wide… seriously.
some people are so uberly creative.
this is gorgeous… and it’s a heart.  HA!




someday… i will put on a sparkly sparkled gown and dance around in the sunset on the beach.
it will happen.




these colors together are lovely.
don’t you love these little scenes people make pulling out all the colors from a picture?
i think it’s awesome.




i don’t want to ever forget.





birthday cake batter cinnamon rolls?  whoa.




i think i am ALL COLOR ALL THE TIME and then i see this door and think “ohhhhhh……”





i have some pretty good friends.
(sadly the link to this is broken so if you know the artist who made this please let me know in the comments)




so cute.




i LOVE this! it would be a blast to make.




white words on a white wall…. genius.




scrap pieces of wood to form a garden path.
it is super…  it is easy…  use what you have… loads of color.
i like it.
isn’t it interesting how just looking at cheerful, light and happy photos can brighten our mood?
if i am feeling a little down and then i jump over to Pinterest or a blog that is positive it really does lift my spirits.
i feel inspired just by looking.
i don’t feel pressure to change my house or MAKE something right then but i can appreciate a project or photo and say “i like that” or “this makes me feel happy” or “this is peaceful” and move on with my day.
i like shopping with people that get that too.  I don’t have to buy it to enjoy it.  i mean… i want to buy things i love but i can live without them.  sometimes i will take a picture of something at a store if i am alone and text it to a friend saying “isn’t this beautiful?! i am not buying it… just sharing my love of it and moving on”

and then a really good friend talks you into buying it over text.
ha ha ha

i hope you have a super day today.


All That Glitters... | Wedding Croissant - […] top left: Sequin Runner / We Heart It, Sparkly Kate Spade Shoes / Couture Events CA, Sequin Dress / Megduerkenson, Sequin Table Number / Dasha Caffrey Wedding Photography, Glass Baubles / Save on Crafts, Glitter […]

Nanette - I always feel that way after reading your blog! Today, in fact, you inspired me to watercolor with my kids! And I am really going to try to do that wood block path with them this summer. Thanks for always inspiring…in lots of ways!

Imogen Eve - Hi Meg, what a lovely blog you have. I love pinterest and I’m loving the straw garland and the cinnamon scroll and the rob ryan papercut.

I wanted to say that I’m touched you like my little heart embroidery up there and I think it is wonderful that you’ve linked straight to my blog, links seem to get lost somehow in pinterest land.

megB - Meg – I’m an avid follower of your blog, but a seldom commenter. I’m coming to your Craft Weekend at the end of February, and I’m so excited about meeting you! I just wanted to tell you – your blog is this for me. I always leave here feeling happy and encouraged – just wanted you to know! See you in a month!

Mindy - I will be pinning some of your great finds – thanks for sharing with us : ) I love that you are secret and kind of wish I had done the same…then I wouldn’t feel so ridiculous pinning things that seems so not me but could be one day, who knows? ALso grinning at your door comment because that is more my color (or lack thereof) palate but when I visit your vibrant colors I am in love with them.

Jessica Johnson - I’m feeling like you secretly heart hearts. And now I want everything striped. And cake batter cinnamon rollllllls. Darn you.

the whyte house - There are so few things left in this world that are private. I wish pinterest would let you decline followers. 🙂 I don’t know how you even come to the big city without running into a reader. I was talking to someone last week about the lack of contentment on instagram and how you(and other well known grammers) can’t even post a photo of a sick day without having someone say, “oh, where did you get…I have to have it!!” I just want to scream “leave the poor girl alone!” Lol. I wonder if anyone else feels that way or if it’s just me? 😉

Trisha - LOVE IT ALL! you have great taste.

Tiffany - isn’t it interesting how just looking at cheerful, light and happy photos can brighten our mood?
if i am feeling a little down and then i jump over to Pinterest or a blog that is positive it really does lift my spirits. – Absolutely!! And your blog is one of those fun places for inspiration.

Linda - I come to your blog to feel happy. Just a moment of sunshine when I need it. You have such a happy vibrant style that I am trying to incorporate more into my own life. “How would Meg do it?” which is a crazy thing to think of a perfect stranger. But you have inspired me so many times in so many ways. Thank you for having this little blog! and I had to go pin that hello shirt!!

Barbara (WA) - Thank you, these pins did brighten up my morning! I sorta want to re-pin most of them 🙂

lauren - that ‘friends’ papercut is by rob ryan – i’m almost sure of it!

Jen - Love the pom pom garland and sparkly dress. I have tried to find you on Pinterest. Now I know why I was unsuccessful. Good call, though. Don’t blame you one bit. Have a wonderful day!

Bethany - It’s fun to see some of what you’re pinning since we can’t follow you on Pinterest. I’m not one who gets depressed by Pinterest either. It’s fun to see other’s ideas and things that just look dreamy and pretty. I consider it like looking at a magazine-I know it’s not all real/realistic and that I don’t need my life/house/wardrobe to look exactly the same.

Hannah King - Hi Meg, thanks for sharing so many inspiring pins! I especially love the Scripture print / photo with the verse from Jeremiah. In answer to your question about the artist who made the papercut art quote about friends overlooking your broken fences, I am almost certain it’s by the British artist Rob Ryan, who makes beautiful papercut artwork:

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - My name is Valerie and i am a Pinterest addict…just kidding, well sort of 😉 loved your fun stuff and those cinnamon cake things look yummy even if it’s 11:00 pm here 😉

Julie - I love seeing some of the things you pin – I have discovered so many new blogs, artists, ideas from these. Good on you for having some anonymity – you share so much of your life (in the nicest way)with us through your blog. Thanks for brightening up my day:)

Laura O - Striped curtains are like MY FAVE! Striped anything really…..
Love those pink floors!! So sweet. Speaking of purple, I saw Jules (joyshope) instagram recently and I had no idea so many people hated purple! I only hate it when it is associated with a wildcat (go jayhawks!).

Kristin S - You’ve shared it before and I absolutely LOVE that you have a secret identity on Pinterest. I mean, you are a famous blogger (you are) so what a gift to have a spot online where you can be anonymous.

These are all so beautiful.

Mitzi - I can’t believe you don’t like hearts!! I love hearts!! Clearly by all your pins, your conscious likes hearts too!!!! lol….

Christi {Jealous Hands} - That last pin is from of my fave blogs – Farmhouse38. So fun!

amy h - fixing broken links in pinterest is maybe a sliiiiiight obsession for me. I feel sad when people don’t get their credit for all their creativity! anyway, it looks like Suzy Taylor is the creative genius behind the paper cutting art. (-:

Kirsten J - Such fun stuff!!! Yep. I slowly let people know I was blogging….and then I got cold feet, worrying about what I was saying….and I fizzled out on blogging. And so I’m on Pinterest, but I don’t know how to use it…#firstworldproblems….

Sarah @ House Made of Marital Glue - Wow – it is so smart to have a private Pinterest account! I am wishing I had done that now, but I do have a few secret boards! I love the left brain/right brain one especially. I am definitely very creative but also very organized, so I appreciate both sides, but I love the right side of that picture! Have a wonderful day!

Gina - I’m not a popular blogger like you and I totally get what you are talking about. I really don’t even want my friends to see what I’m “pinning” sometimes. 😛 I do have three secret boards too. 🙂

Angie Pendley - That whole right brain left brain business…here’s a random fact about me – I have a near complete absence of the septo pellucidum – no division to my brain. I’m whole brained. 😉

Sara - Thanks for sharing these cheerful finds Meg! I love that you are “secret” on Pinterest. I have one secret board I pin to and it is my happiest place to look :). It is fun to have people send me pins though when something reminds them of me! Out of all your ideas I’m loving that scrap wood walk the best. I think I’ll add it to my spring dream list.

Tessa - This is exactly why I love your blog! I love the colorful and inspirational pictures you share … it always lifts my spirits. You see the beauty in so much and then share it with us. How cool is that?

Jena - “if i am feeling a little down and then i jump over to Pinterest or a blog that is positive it really does lift my spirits.
i feel inspired just by looking.”

Your post totally did this for me today! Each of your Bible quotes were exactly what I needed. I am gearing up for a conversation I don’t want to have – but with His words, it will be easier. Thanks Meg!

Sabrina - My cousin has a fake name on Pinterest too. Although, I of course know it because she tells me everything anyway. 🙂 She just likes to have a little bit of anonymity out there in cyber space… I get that!
Great pins BTW! They are lovely!

Kimberlee Jost - That front door is speaking to me.
But you knew it would.

Sharon - That’s why I can’t find you on Pinterest!! I have been looking and looking for you. Your blog makes me happy! I love the colors, the crafts and most of all, I love the chickens! Keep up the good work.

Meg - That hello shirt needs a home in my closet. Definitely.

Jenn - I love Pinterest. I feel exactly the same way. Its just fun and happy. I was totally drawn to the hello shirt. I would so eat at that cafe, the right brain is so me. I’m guessing its so all of us! And I loved the pom pom straw garland. That would be a great craft anytime.

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the ladies.

chickens are super weird.
and also very tame… and enjoyable to watch or interact with.
right now i am trying to introduce them to stanley without him chasing them through the yard.
on this particular day i moved their water to a new spot.
you would think they never had water in their entire lives before this.
so silly.
IMG_1597our black and white chicken is the prettiest but she likes people the least of all of them.
then spanky decided it WAS the best water in the whole world and she had to have some too!
see how tame they are… they share!  🙂IMG_1664IMG_1599IMG_1622IMG_1696IMG_1591
then i was working on tricks… getting them to jump for a piece of food.
so funny to watch!
i posted a video on IG in september of annie doing this trick with them.
for these pictures it was only me outside so while sitting on the step i held my camera with my knees and got the focus where i wanted it and then with my left hand i held the treat in the air and with my right hand i pushed the button to take the pictures when they jumped.
i think the jumping pictures are hilarious!chick4chick7chick6chick3

Josy - So funny! #jumpingchickens should be a new hashtag!

Susan W - Jumping chickens — hilarious! Love those photos! Looks like Spanky wants to be in the Ladies club. So we really can all just get along- why can’t it always be that easy?
Thanks for the smile you gave me and for sharing all that you do!
Your a blessing!

phyllis - hahahaaaa!!!! so very cute!!! I have 11 chickens, mostly bantams and they are my precious babies. We do lots of things but I had not thought of jumping photos! Maybe you can capture a chest bump!

maryp - Here’s something stupid: I don’t like the black and white chickens because I think that they look so pretty and soft and cuddly, which makes me want to hug them for 45 minutes…but I know that they wouldn’t like that and that makes me sad.

I’m full of logic like that.

Karen Gerstenberger - You’re right – the jumping pictures ARE hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Mindy - Oh how I love your “ladies” and the jumping pictures just made my day – fantastic!

Dianne - I laughed way too hard at the jumping chicken pictures. You should put them on a canvas!!!

Julie - Oh, I want some chickens so bad! Our next house is going to be an acreage with plenty of space for roaming chickens! Their poop is perhaps the best part — great fertilizer! My only little hangup is that they always look so mad, what with their down-turned beaks. It makes me a little frightened, they look so feisty all the time. 😉

Michele - I can’t stop laughing at the jumping pictures!!

Jackie - I don’t think I have ever given much thought to a jumping chicken, too funny!

Jan - Chickens are funny. We had them years ago and my son loved to feed them and gather the eggs. Your pictures make me miss them!

Mj - Hilarious! Who would have thought jumping chickens!

Michelle Whitlow - Wow, they have gotten BIG!!! How old are they now??

Ruth - Those pictures are hilarious. But how do you deal with the chicken poop? Does it track in on your shoes? Are your chickens potty-trained? 🙂

Tiffany - I am fascinated. I am a self proclaimed CITY girl (Philly), I now live in the ‘burbs. I an floored that you have chickens for pets. Floored that you own SIX chickens. I am looking at these pictures searching for the buffalo wing parts (sad but true). Wondering what you do with all the eggs? Wondering if they need to be entertained? What temperatures do they like? Do they get cold? What do they eat? Why are they so tame? So many questions. Fascinated I tell you. Thank you world wide web for opening up my little bitty world.

Susan - We had a hen an a rooster raised from eggs (school project) for about 6 months and they were so much fun! Our rooster would sit in my husband’s lap and loved to have under his chin scratched! I miss those days but we live in the city and the neighbors were getting tired of the 5:00 wake up call!

dana - They look like they’re having a tea party at the table. 🙂 What kind is your black girl? Our prettiest chicken is the least friendly, too…until this week when she FINALLY at 9 months old started laying. She saved her feathers by days.

Necole@seriouslysassymama - I love chickens. I am about to go eat some right now. (Sorry, not really funny, but funny just the same.) My husband wants some so bad, but you have to have more than 3 acres where we live to have them, which I think is dumb because people have dogs.

julie - Thanks for my first laugh of the morning! Great shots.!

KirstenP - The jumping pictures ARE hilarious!!!! Thanks for adding a chuckle to my snowy, very cold day!

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