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21 day challenge?

OK… i would like you to meet my friend Marta from Haus of Girls Fit Family

for the past two months i have been in a nutritional information group with her.
i have learned so much!
i am greatly encouraged & inspired by her.
she is a mom…. runs a daycare… AND is a fitness specialist!
i feel like when we talk, she can truly understand the hectic pace of my kind of schedule with lots of kids and activities AND work!
not to mention just the everyday wear and tear of womanhood… emotions, hormones & cravings.


Marta comes from a whole family of fitness.  🙂
she and her sisters all lead fitness groups, eat healthy and train others.
their blog is called Four Fit Sisters.
it’s a really cool space!
they each contribute posts about health, fitness and mommy kind of stuff.
but even if you aren’t a mommy or don’t have little kids at home… it is all good stuff.

well… with Marta’s encouragement… i am taking the 21 Day Fitness Challenge.
watch this quick video and see what it’s about.
(side note:  if i ever EVER do an interview in just a sports bra please shoot me)
(not judging her… i just KNOW no matter what… in MY lifetime… bra interview is not happening)

so i am taking the challenge!

WHY NOT right?!!!
it’s only 21 days…. that is only 3 weeks!   (i am a math wizard)

i can do anything for three weeks!
i am so curious so see what i can do in 21 days.
and those people at the end of the video that stick with it… that is RAD!

wouldn’t that be fun to see what we could do together!

(also… the containers are rainbow…. obvious good choice.)

if you would like all the details about this 21 Day Challenge, email Marta at

the program goes on sale on monday and we start on the 10th.
tell me if you are joining in too!

i am pumped!




jennibell - I am joining — thanks for the info!!!

Brandyce - Just signed up 🙂

Kim York - I join! I am super excited!

Pam - I’m in! I’ve never done anything like this before—ready for a challenge!

Kate - I just signed up!

Moriah - I am in! I need a little motivation and this seems great! Just emailed Marta.

tara - you can do it!!!!!
can’t wait to follow along….
and agreed on the sports bra thing.
power to the people who can do a video in a sports bra…but no thank you, i’ll pass.

Melissa Shepard - Love her! Love her!!! I too did a couple of her challenges!! She is amazing. Down to earth… beautiful..talented..kind..encouraging.. funny.. and FIT!! She has got it figured out! I encourage y’all to do it… i lost 11 lbs..and kicked my sugar and soda habit!! Her blog is great.. instar am is so encouraging.. check out her sisters too… precious!! Good luck meg… rock on!

Kristin F. - Don’t you LOVE Marta?! I was in a fitness group with her over the summer (I’m on her Beachbody Team) and I am not ashamed to stalk her virtually :). I can’t wait to try out the 21 Day Fix and I can’t wait to see how great you do!

Saturday reading « Just past the blink blink - […] takes 21 days to change a habit.  Meg Duerksen’s post today was about a 21 day challenge.  The appeal of losing any weight in 21 days is pretty high.  Do I have the guts to commit to […]

Jill - Heading to Hawaii in March – need to up my workout frequency and losing a few lb.’s would GREAT! I’m IN!

Gail - Count me in. Been struggling to be consistent with working out. Need to jump start spring training.

TamiV - Super inspiring! Sent an email to Marta for more details, I want to be in!

Kristin - You can totally do it for 21 days! I am on day 19 of the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day challenge and I never thought I would be a have to work out each day kind of girl but I am getting there. Excited to see your results and will be bookmarking this challenge for after my 90 days is up!

Michelle B. - I’m in. I like the look of the video/eating plan (portions). I also like what I just read quickly at Marta’s blogs.

This is life – I need to get back into it!

Let’s do this:)

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